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Fantasy and Reality; HOW DOES #Joan Wheeler (#forbiddenfamily) construct her world and is it healthy? October 21, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

When one lives their entire life, from a ‘internal dialogue’ point of view, and does NOT compare, contrast, alter, nor question that ‘internal dialogue’, along side, and with the standards, of acceptable views, of others, in the greater world, can they be considered sane, reasonable, rational or just living in some self-created ‘fantasy’ and/or insanity?

What part does fantasy and imagination have on a person’s world view? Sure we all have imagination and fantasy; that’s part of being alive; its creative at best, but at it’s worst, quite dangerous. I think there’s a lot more, here, than meets the eye; for to have a fantasy of life or an imagination, that doesn’t fit the known world, one could be living on a ‘invisible’ edge and that can and does lead to very strange behavior.

When I come across something, in my vast realms of reading, that illustrates, what I…

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