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#Adoption NEEDS TO BE ERADICATED FROM THE PLANET #flipthescript December 22, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

…yep that’s what Joan Wheeler’s mission is!

In this post I share two separate stories about how one woman saved children from death; most were adopted and another woman who wants to eradicate adoption on the planet and will do anything to do so!

In response to the topic…Is Adoption Trauma? Joan Wheeler left NO DOUBT about it. Her hatred stems from the two people who adopted her! A much older couple (than birth parents), woman was infertile and possessive and they were Catholic.

It is a personal thing with Joan! Her mission in life! Of course she will FAIL but before she’s done, she’ll just keep on browbeating and insulting and using people.

She doesn’t understand that she is making herself look like a complete idiot as she insults people’s intelligence right and left! Oh sure, she’s part of a group of adoptees that are not only mean but down…

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So there’s this news story… December 15, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

about a retirement party for one, among several in a group, that have helped those in the adoption triad. Joan Wheeler commented on it, in her ‘nice voice’ that presents herself as the ‘voice of reason and compassion’, to others in a field that she only can DREAM of ever belonging to!

I find it a bit strange that an ‘adoptee’ can ALWAYS speak about their experiences with adoption BUT the experiences of family members, at the hand of the adoptee is NEVER EVER ALLOWED. And, in particular when a family member (me), who is also an adoptive mother, was treated wrongly, whom OUGHT to be given the same courtesy as GIVEN to others, in that triad, is NOT because I dared to speak of the deeds and words DONE TO ME by the ADOPTEE.

Okay, fair is fair, I don’t know the woman, or the group, but whenever Joan…

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#adoptees want their voices heard #flipthescript but don’t want to hear about the harm done to others, when blaming adoption for their ills! December 14, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor


Desperate people say & do desperate things! But, it can change if and when a person CHANGES their mindset.

If you feed your mind and heart with garbage, junk, hatred, anger … all you will ever FIND and HAVE in your life is garbage, junk, hatred, anger and more of the same. It’s the WAY the UNIVERSE works!

It’s too bad that Joan Wheeler can’t, or won’t, CHANGE her mind and heart set. It doesn’t take much to turn a life around. She doesn’t want to change a thing! She’s a permanent victim! And she likes that!

Joan is NOT the only person that has had any long-term unemployment, medical conditions and no ‘benefits’ or ‘help’. Joan ‘could’ have foreseen many potential problems DECADES ago if she wasn’t so stupid, full of hate and always looking for SOMEONE to rescue her!

Yes, I realize that many have NOT had, and…

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Joan Wheeler – what is your solution for kids languishing in orphanages and NO family members are taking in? December 10, 2014

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Joan Wheeler hates the institution of adoption so badly that she wants to eradicate adoption from the entire planet of Earth! What an unrealistic idea. But then, Joan has always been unrealistic in her thoughts, deeds and goals. 

Joan’s “brilliant” solution for a replacement for the act of adopting an orphan is kinship guardianship. Well, that’s all well and good on the surface – but – what if there is a child who HAS no family left at all? Like a child who’s whole family is wiped out by war or an act of nature (earthquake, flood, etc.) – and there ARE many such babies and children who have experienced this. 

OR – as in the case of MY family – when MY mother died, and my father was left with four young children, aged 3 years to 9 years and one three month old infant – extended family members TRIED to help out.  

What does Joan propose for a family such as ours? FORCE an aunt or uncle to raise that infant? I believe that is what she wants – because she forced ME to provide Christmas 1989 for HER kids when I did not give birth to them, nor their legal parent or guardian – explanation: Joan stole money from me in the summer of 1989. In September 1989, she agreed to repay me, we were expecting refund checks from a lawyer for his fee (long story) – Joan agreed that when her check came, she would cash it and turn the entire amount over to me to go towards what she owed me. But, the little lying snake that she is, she called me early December 1989 and informed me (did not ask, but INFORMED me) that she was KEEPING all the money to provide Christmas presents for her kids. Never mind that her husband had a job, was working and SHE refused to get off HER ass and get a part time job to provide for her own kids. NO, she saw $$$ that her sister (me) had coming, but her sister (me) was in a two-income relationship, and her sister had a well-paying job, and therefore her sister’s money should be redistributed to JOAN AND HER FAMILY. So, yeah, money was stolen from me, and then never repaid, because JOAN made a decision on how to spend MY money, therefore I was FORCED to provide Christmas for her kids. 

Here’s a picture of an orphan child:

 adopted kid

What is Joan’s solution for this child?

She wants to eradicate adoption – she thinks that every child should be raised by other family members – um, there were none for this kid – so according to Joan Wheeler, he should stay in the hospital, being raised by nurses until he becomes an adult.  

Good solution there Joan Wheeler. – Totally illogical, stupid and inhumane.

illogical and stupid

1. gertmcqueenDecember 10, 2014

Gert here…good points…as we have said so many times, ADOPTION is here to stay as long as there are HUMANS IN NEED of it.
And Joan thinks NOTHING of interfering in other members of the family for her OWN purposes. Been There, Done That, and she will NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

She violated my parental rights BECAUSE she knew better than me how to raise my children. She called in 2 false child abuse reports on me saying I was UNFIT…SHE did NOT pass the HOME STUDY that I requested on her.

She didn’t do her OWN children any good either…besides MOVING BACK home to her adoptive mother’s home, with her children…where Joan STILL LIVES…she had that mother TAKE CARE of her children while she went off to get another DEGREE PAID FOR BY THAT MOTHER. Then Joan WROTE in a book about how she treated her children, documented CHILD ABUSE SHE did, how she BURNED her children’s stuff, how she attempted SUICIDE in front of her children.

Why would any publisher put #JoanWheeler’s pulled book, for libel, in a bibliography? #flipthescript December 5, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Because they are NOT a quality ethical publisher and are just self-serving and stroking their egos!

Joan had shared a link of one of Lori Carangelo’s book to which Lori said…

On November 13, 2014

Lori Carangelo Thanx Joan — I included your book, “Forbidden Family,” in the Bibliogaphy for the forthcoming print edition of “The Ultimate Search Book.”

Okay!…since I had had some communications with Lori, back in 2011, I decided to check her out again.

I present here the websites of Americans For Open Records and the ‘blurb’ that Lori Carangelo placed about Joan’s pulled libelous book AFTER the communications we exchanged. After that I present a few links to blog posts that Ruth and I published about Lori and ‘needed’ information about the demise of Joan’s libelous book!

General overview:     http://www.amfor.net/

Where blurb of Joan’s book is    http://www.amfor.net/acs/

Lori states:
In “FORBIDDEN FAMILY” (currently out of…

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