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Why would any publisher put #JoanWheeler’s pulled book, for libel, in a bibliography? #flipthescript December 5, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Because they are NOT a quality ethical publisher and are just self-serving and stroking their egos!

Joan had shared a link of one of Lori Carangelo’s book to which Lori said…

On November 13, 2014

Lori Carangelo Thanx Joan — I included your book, “Forbidden Family,” in the Bibliogaphy for the forthcoming print edition of “The Ultimate Search Book.”

Okay!…since I had had some communications with Lori, back in 2011, I decided to check her out again.

I present here the websites of Americans For Open Records and the ‘blurb’ that Lori Carangelo placed about Joan’s pulled libelous book AFTER the communications we exchanged. After that I present a few links to blog posts that Ruth and I published about Lori and ‘needed’ information about the demise of Joan’s libelous book!

General overview:     http://www.amfor.net/

Where blurb of Joan’s book is    http://www.amfor.net/acs/

Lori states:
In “FORBIDDEN FAMILY” (currently out of…

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1. Ruth - December 5, 2014

why? because they are delusional. Most “angry” adoptees are so into their anger, they fail to use logic and see the world for what it is – they also think that other “angry” adoptees are always telling the ‘right’ and ‘correct’ stories. Even when confronted with black and white PROOF of Joan Wheeler’s lies (scans of actual police and court documents, and letters in Joan Wheeler’s own handwriting that are posted on our blog) – they are too blinded by their “loyalty” to other angry adoptees, that they show the world what delusional sheeple they are.

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