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#adoptees want their voices heard #flipthescript but don’t want to hear about the harm done to others, when blaming adoption for their ills! December 14, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor


Desperate people say & do desperate things! But, it can change if and when a person CHANGES their mindset.

If you feed your mind and heart with garbage, junk, hatred, anger … all you will ever FIND and HAVE in your life is garbage, junk, hatred, anger and more of the same. It’s the WAY the UNIVERSE works!

It’s too bad that Joan Wheeler can’t, or won’t, CHANGE her mind and heart set. It doesn’t take much to turn a life around. She doesn’t want to change a thing! She’s a permanent victim! And she likes that!

Joan is NOT the only person that has had any long-term unemployment, medical conditions and no ‘benefits’ or ‘help’. Joan ‘could’ have foreseen many potential problems DECADES ago if she wasn’t so stupid, full of hate and always looking for SOMEONE to rescue her!

Yes, I realize that many have NOT had, and…

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