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So there’s this news story… December 15, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

about a retirement party for one, among several in a group, that have helped those in the adoption triad. Joan Wheeler commented on it, in her ‘nice voice’ that presents herself as the ‘voice of reason and compassion’, to others in a field that she only can DREAM of ever belonging to!

I find it a bit strange that an ‘adoptee’ can ALWAYS speak about their experiences with adoption BUT the experiences of family members, at the hand of the adoptee is NEVER EVER ALLOWED. And, in particular when a family member (me), who is also an adoptive mother, was treated wrongly, whom OUGHT to be given the same courtesy as GIVEN to others, in that triad, is NOT because I dared to speak of the deeds and words DONE TO ME by the ADOPTEE.

Okay, fair is fair, I don’t know the woman, or the group, but whenever Joan…

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