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#JoanWheeler contradicts herself as she attempts to rehabilitate her image! #flipthescript January 13, 2015

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ever mindful of her basic character traits

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

A leopard CAN NOT change his spots! Neither can Joan! She is what she is. She can’t help it. Neither can anyone help what they are, at their ‘core’. So, it behooves us all to do our research on who we shall believe. A person’s previous behavior patterns give excellent insights.

Joan is a master manipulator! It is my contention that she ‘learned’ it, her manipulation in all their forms, from the adopted parents. We all learn much of our behavior from parents and others that we are in contact with in our very early lives. Joan’s birth siblings learned how to treat each other, our parents, grandparents, anyone in the family and anyone who was older than us, with respect. We were not allowed to speak loudly and argue with our parents and elders; period!

We, the ‘reunited’ birth family, were the second ‘family’ that got fooled by Joan…

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