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The browbeating skills of #JoanWheeler #forbiddenfamily upon folks that #adopt Let’s #flipthescript February 16, 2015

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making sure that the world knows

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Browbeating, insulting and condemning people, for the choices they make in THEIR life, will NEVER eliminate the institution of adoption. When a person (Joan) browbeats, insults, and uses other unsavory tactics, she has LOST them. They turn her off. They see her for what she is, a hater of adoption. Joan never wins!

This example, of Joan’s way of ‘educating’ people, is found at this Huffington Post link;


First, let’s look at how Joan beats her drum on Facebook…

Joan says…

So this adoptive father says in the comment section:

“Henry Farkas · University of Maryland
Here’s what my daughter, the lawyer, thinks about this issue:

I don’t think the issue of whether or not all adoptions should be open adoptions should decided made based a devotion to the sanctity of legal documents. The decision about whether to permit adoptees or the general public to have access to the…

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