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#JoanWheeler has a new business & is asking for submissions! Here’s mine! #flipthescript March 10, 2015

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the true story versus ‘from adoptee’s view’
which is tainted with her hate and anger

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

She sure wants to jump on the bandwagon of adoptee written stories and books! She had a book ONCE but it was libelous and therefore no longer! Wonder how many submissions she’ll get. How many people are going to be WILLING to have their DOCUMENTS AND NAMES printed in a book published by a KNOWN libelous writer? Still wondering how she will get anything published, printed and shipped out. What about NYS SSI? Will she keep them informed? For sure I’m keeping my eyes on this one.

On Twitter.  Joan Mary Wheeler @forbiddenfamily · Feb 15


On WordPress….Introducing Identity Press and Their Call For Submissions http://wp.me/p1v46a-10W 

For our forthcoming book – FORBIDDEN AND CREATED IDENTITIES:
Adoptees Speak Out on Sealed and Falsified Birth Certificates

Identity Press will publish this book as a tool to educate the general public – especially policy makers – on the realities of the sealed and…

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