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Another Adoptee Gone Stupid – Turns to Grave-robbing! April 10, 2015

Posted by Ruth in mental illness.


He says he went to his birth father’s grave many times but still needed more – so he dug up the man’s ashes (BUT he dug up the wrong ashes). What an asshole! My maternal grandmother Gertrude Stoll died before I was born – should I go dig up her body to get my identity questions resolved? My mother died when I was three years old, I have no memories of her. Hey! I need ‘closure’ – instead of placing flowers on her grave like I do frequently, I will dig her body up. 

wtf IS it with these adoptees? – and no, I’m not buying the cop-out that adoption causes the depression, which causes the bad behavior, etc. etc. etc. We all have bad things in our lives, bad childhoods that need resolving, but we all don’t make bad decisions and play the blame game.

How about taking responsibility for the wrong decisions you make in your life? And stop blaming it on everything and everybody else? Maybe, the kid is mentally ill – hope he gets the help he needs and doesn’t turn into one of those nutty angry adoptees like Joan Wheeler!

disclaimer – and apology – I don’t mean for it to look as though I am singling out adoptees and bashing them – and yeah, I get it, they’re hurt, and many have issues to work through. Especially when their adoptive parents may not have done right by them. It’s just that I am the main target of one angry adoptee (Joan Wheeler) who is so angry that she was adopted, and is now spewing that anger-turned-to-hate onto the world — and me, for the most part. Being the victim of constant harassment from one angry adoptee and seeing a whole bunch of bad behaviors from these self-labeled “angry adoptees” has made me very wary of anybody who makes bad decisions in their lives, but won’t accept responsibility for those decisions.


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