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First Sibling to Die and 30th year of reunion…the next chapters in Forbidden Family to be explored May 6, 2015

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this has not been seen in quite a long time…always good to recall the contents of that libelous book

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Joan Wheeler continues her melodramatic piece of lying crap in chapter 32 and 33 of Forbidden Family
If people have forgotten the libelous book that Joan Wheeler wrote…here we are AGAIN. Oh yes, there is more of that book so let’s continue on, shall we!
This blog essay was written Sept 30, 2010 and has been revised here now November 2011
Always in need for the continuation of drama, Joan Wheeler continues her melodramatic piece in chapter 32, called the First Sibling to Die and chapter 33 called the 30th Year of Reunion.
Melodrama: sensationalized dramatic or literary work:a dramatic or other literary work characterized by the use of stereotyped characters, exaggerated emotions and language, simplistic morality, and conflict
Cattle die, kinsmen die, you too will one day die, all that will remain, is your refrain!            …Havamal: Words of the Wise One. Germanic…

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