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A closed mind is a dangerous mind; more on #JoanWheeler’s take of guardianship versus adoption #flipthescript May 15, 2015

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

I saw the following blog post, with comments, including one from Joan. As usual, she gives her closed mind opinion. Two people commented, to her, pointing out flaws in her argument and then nothing more, from Joan! I prepared a comment but it has not been posted, probably will never be posted; that’s why I have a blog!

I am not presenting all of the article and comments here, if you need to see the full thing the address is… http://www.rebeccahawkes.com/2013/03/we-can-do-better-call-to-move-beyond.html

We Can Do Better: A Call to Move Beyond Adoption as We Know It

There was a time in history when children without parents or extended family members to care for them ended up in poor houses, orphan asylums, or baby farms, all of which were pretty horrid places. One could certainly argue that the societal shift from viewing unattached children as potential sources of labor, as in indentured…

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