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It boggles the mind…Joan Wheeler hates her blood family yet uses the dead members of the birth family and another dead person to HIDE behind and ATTACK the living birth members! May 27, 2015

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Joan’s deeds and words shall always be remembered

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

UPDATE May 27, 2015

recently Joan mentioned on Facebook,  the name H. Phelps Clawson, a person she met when she was young, he was a famous Egyptologist. What she FAILED to mention is that she ONCE had a blog on this named individual in which she USED the site as a COVER and MEANS to PUBLISH her hate blogs against us birth siblings. I am reblogging this post with this update for the continued benefit of all to KNOW the true extent that Joan will go to. NEVER forget her dirty deeds and words.

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Joan Wheeler is a sneak, working under various covers, as she continues to use people, living and dead, to promote her hate campaign against blood relatives! Joan goes by several internet names; 1adoptee, legitimate bastard, halforphan56, forbiddenfamily, Joan Wheeler born as Doris Sippel and probably a couple I haven’t really seen…yet…

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