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Chapter 15, of Joan Wheeler’s, now dead book, full of personal psychodrama and lies; part 1 June 13, 2015

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always and forever Joan Wheeler’s behavior is known because she herself writes about it, while she lies about others

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

It is always a good practice to revisit and learn more about Joan’s behavior. You never know when you’ll need to be prepared! And that garbage book is a wonderful source to know all about Joan; it’s her own words!

As time passes, new developments and insights can highlight things that have been obscured by much double-talk that Joan is good at. As well as Joan’s many attempts to shut the birth sisters down, by sending angry militant adoptees, with crude vile hateful messages, or her boy-friend, Brian Maloney who created a blog dedicated to insulting, browbeating and other ‘manly’ traits of bullying women! He is an example of ‘violence against women’! Makes you wonder though, who is the dominant one in that relationship, Joan or Brian? No matter.

My blog posts of 2010 were written, as I read the book, and long before we finally were able to get the…

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