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Joan Mary Wheeler, always the suck up, tries to gain the attention of a true ‘founder’ of adoption reform! July 24, 2015

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

People really don’t know Joan Wheeler, let alone understand her. We, the birth siblings, have known and seen the real Joan, we were her FIRST victims! And because we share the same parents we are forever her VICTIMS!

Joan works herself up over the ‘visions’ she has of becoming a world renown ‘adoption reform activist’. She claims she is, a reform activist, but in really she just is a hateful person that hates adoption, going after anyone who adopts. Is that what adoption reformers do?

She thinks that she can gain ‘national’ attention by sucking up to others, hanging on their shirt tails and eventually taking over. Oh mark my words! She will use anyone for her own parade! Be watchful…all you adoption reformers…whether you pay attention to Joan, know her or not…SHE WILL USE YOU and then toss you away the second you disagree with her.

Joan never thinks…

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