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How the sneaky dangerous #adoptee Joan M Wheeler, Duped by Adoption, operates, be it on public platforms, behind the scenes or in libelous and slanderous ways. … with apology from Gert for my ASS U ME (my assumption was wrong) August 4, 2015

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

I do apology for my lack of judgement when I stated that the screen name of ‘Denied My Rights’ was Joan M Wheeler. See comments below from Denied My Rights and my apology and explanation of events of why I assumed what I assumed.

We all know that Joan’s first book was pulled for libelous contents. She then started working on a 2nd edition and created another site; http://identity-press.com  Fine, knock yourself out.

I found the new version, in e-book format, in June 2015. It was published and placed on Amazon in May 2015. Ruth and I have been going over it and will address it as we did in the first one. We were WONDERING why she hadn’t announced it! Well she had a plan, but first she had to make a power play. Only time will tell, but my bet is on ‘she’ll lose’ cause she…

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