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A lesson on Amazon’s automated printing & pricing via ‘my life as an adoptee, duped by adoption’ November 12, 2015

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duped by adoption & an woman's Struggle for Identity, a book study

Yep that’s Joan M Wheeler’s latest title of the same old story of her garbage life. Which, by the way, has NOTHING to do with adoption reform or activism. Whatever WAS related to those IMPORTANT topics, for adoptees, that was in the first edition of ‘forbidden family’ are now GONE from this new and improved… is there a barf bag handy?…story of her life! That means both the e-book and the printed versions of her hate-manifesto are just her narcissistic ramblings.

And as we know…that’s why NO MAINSTREAM ADOPTEE BOOK LIST HAS HER BOOK. She’s doing this all on her own.

But this post is about HOW Amazon’s automatic system works to get people to BUY a PRINTED book.

I purchased the printed book on Nov 5, 2015. Once my payment authorization, for the ‘store card’, was approved, (that took a bit of time) I noted, on the Amazon’s site…

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