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In every life, including anti-adoption #adoptees, like Joan M Wheeler, some humor must fall… November 29, 2015

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

…for without humor the follies of humans, and/or their complication of relationships, would be too much to bear!

Recently I heard a ‘novelty’ song, with quite an interesting tale. Wanting to know more about it, I found the following information and lyrics.


I’m My Own Grandpa” (sometimes rendered as “I’m My Own Grandpaw“) is a novelty song written by Dwight Latham and  Moe Jaffe, performed by Lonzo and Oscar in 1947, about a man who, through an unlikely (but legal) combination of marriages, becomes stepfather to his own stepmother — that is, tacitly dropping the “step-” modifiers, he becomes his own grandfather.

In the 1930s, Latham had a group, the Jesters, on network radio; their specialties were bits of spoken humor and novelty songs. While reading a book of  Mark Twain anecdotes, he once found a paragraph in which Twain proved it would be possible for a man…

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