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Joan Mary Wheeler, duped by adoption, and being a life-long victim, would like to know where her relief, from long-term abuse, is; what is that remedy she’s looking for? November 29, 2015

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duped by adoption & an woman's Struggle for Identity, a book study

But as always she’s looking in the wrong places! Here, I present three wrong places.

There certainly are real problems with prolonged stresses of all kinds. It certainly takes a long time to get to a stage where healing can happen. But, a person must truly want the relief, for the remedies to work. Wishing and hoping and praying (something she doesn’t do) will NEVER be enough. A person MUST do concrete actions in order for the remedies to bring the relief.

One of the first things a person is told, when they are overwhelmed with troubles, is to STOP engaging in any and all news stories. Then they are told, and taught, how to relax and get in touch with their bodies so that the body can began to heal. Relaxation then allows the negative feelings to dissipate and be replaced with positive healing feelings/energies.

Joan knows this! She’s…

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