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What’s in the book? Besides personal propaganda BS, deliberate exploitation and exposure of two families? Another discussion topic! November 29, 2015

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duped by adoption & an woman's Struggle for Identity, a book study

Joan M Wheeler’s latest ‘revised’ nonsense titled, ‘Forbidden Family, My life as an adoptee duped by adoption’ is available on Amazon, in both e-book and now printed format. Big Deal! Neither will make Joan famous or rich. Why? Because she writes in a trashy manner and will only attract people who are into ‘reality type programing’. Real people can see right through the BS and see the trashy side of this person. That’s why there are ‘reviews’ and ‘comments’ to reviews and discussion topics. I do my best to tell the world about what’s IN THE BOOK.

These books also will NOT change anything in adoption reform! Why? Because they have NOTHING to do with any form of adoption reform or birth certificates.

Her continuation of publishing books has EVERYTHING to do with Joan’s personal hateful campaign against EVERYONE in both families! Joan hates adoption because she was adopted.


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