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happy birthday Joan M Wheeler January 7, 2016

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list of IMPORTANT BLOG POSTS January 6, 2016

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please follow links to my, Gert’s, blog, Duped by adoption.. to see all…thanks


2016: a new year and I’M BACK! to blog about Joan Mary Wheeler’s lies in her Forbidden Family trashbook. January 3, 2016

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update – February 3, 2016

Still haven’t had time to really sit down and make a new ‘front page’ for this blog. But just want to share links to my social media sites. Feel free to come visit me.  —-   Facebook  —-  Pinterest  —-  LinkedIn  —-  Twitter  —-  GoodReads

Happy 2016

Ruth’s note: January 4, 11:17pm EST. I corrected a couple of typos and grammar mistakes. Yes, even moi, the Queen, makes mistakes. lol.
January 8, 11:00am EST. lol – I found a couple more little mistakes and corrected them. I think I finally got this post done right. (need more coffee).

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve done any blogging. I’ve done a couple of posts here and there, but for about a year and a half, I haven’t done a darn thing. I’ll be revamping the home page of this blog in a week or two. But for now, I wanted to get this update posted.

Why haven’t I been blogging? Well, in the summer of 2014, I pulled my shoulder out assisting a patient into bed. She started slipping and rather than see her drop to the floor, I held onto her, and lifted her up. POP went my shoulder! Fortunately I did not tear my rotator cuff, but I had to go to physical therapy 3 times a week, then down to 2. My doctor ordered me not to use my left arm, Worker’s Compensation told me to go on “light duty.” So I was assigned to man the registration desk in the emergency room. THAT was quite an experience!

Also, back in 2011, we were forced to change from 8 hour work shifts to 12 hour shifts. The whole summer of 2014 consisted of: working, sleeping, physical therapy, doctor appointments. Then in January 2015, I get out of my van in a parking lot and started slipping on the ice. I still had hold of my van door and prevented myself from falling, but I twisted my right knee, pulled the thigh muscle, and hip joint. Back to the doctors! Because I could barely walk, this time, I was put out on temporary disability. More physical therapy. And cortisone shots in my knee and hip.

I returned to work in May, and was pretty much okay, except for the fact that my employer, as with many health care institutions, don’t want to properly and safely assign nurse to patient staffing. And that goes for ancillary staff, like me, who as a Patient Care Assistant (formerly known as a nurse’s aide) was assigned one night in September to 21 patients. It is physically impossible for one PCA to properly care for that many patients and with my arthritis, it was a night from hell.

My plans were to retire in 2018 when I reached my full retirement age of 66, but on the night of October 26, I made the snap decision to simply end it. My husband, who had retired 3 years before, and I had discussed the deteriorating conditions of my job and we agreed that if I couldn’t handle it anymore, I would simply hand in my resignation. Which is what I did at the end of my work shift, 7am, October 27. I went to Human Resources and told the receptionist (who had just walked into her shift) that I wanted to file for retirement. So she gets the papers, and I said, “I want to retire now.” She said “NOW?” And I said, “Yes, this minute.” And that was that! I got a box and then went to my locker and packed up my stuff and left.

Hold on – nothing is quite as easy as it looks or sounds! I have spent the last two months in paperwork HELL! Papers to be filed about my pension, my group life insurance, my health insurance, my husband’s health insurance (he already has Medicare, but his main health insurance and dental was under my plan from work). Dental – I had to secure that for us too. Fortunatly, our coverage was through my labor union, whose post employment COBRA rates are actually lower than what the main HMOs offer.

Phone calls, physical appointments to Independent Health and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Because I’m not 65 and not eligible for Medicare, I had to get full coverage for myself. I got a good plan with a good rate through BC/BS. And supplemental insurance for my husband through Independent Health.

I thought I was doing good. I got stuff accomplished! Then I got two letters. The first one from BC/BS – I hadn’t listed a primary doctor. UH, yes I did, I saw the representative enter his name in her computer. Well, so, I had to fill that form out. I opened the next letter from Ind. Health. “It appears that John (my hubby) has not had prescription coverage since January 2013.” Do people in these offices ever LISTEN to their customers? The very reason we were in the office to secure prescription coverage for him was BECAUSE I JUST RETIRED AND HE LOST THE COVERAGE HE HAD THRU MY FAMILY PLAN AT WORK! So I filled that form out, put stamps on the envelopes and mailed them out.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for my first pension check and it comes on December 3. Because the first payment is always a little late says the lady on the phone. WHY? If you had all the paperwork in place since the beginning of the second week of November (I called to check) you could have gotten it to me two days prior. Then I noticed, no taxes were withheld. So I call them up. And she asks for my PIN number. Uh, I don’t have one. We mailed it to you. Uh, I don’t have it. So I ask her, well, I got you on the phone, can we just do the business? No, you must have the PIN. So I wait for the PIN and call back. She will send me the forms. To change a 3 to a 2. As of this writing, January 3, I still don’t have the forms. And my pension check that was direct deposited on Friday, January 1, did not have taxes taken out.

Then there’s Social Security. I called their 800 number at 7am the morning of October 28. He said that I could file over the phone, but I need an “phone appointment.” The next available one was December 18. I’m like, are you fucking serious? So I said, okay. At 8:45 I left my house and went to our local SS office. Took a number and sat down. Waited only about 20 minutes. The guy on the other side of the bullet proof plastic divider looks at his computer and said, “You have a phone appointment on December 18.” I said “Yeah, I know, but that’s too long.” And he tells me that they can’t see me without an appointment and they are all bogged down. He told me to keep the phone appointment. Which went very well. I spoke to someone for all of 10 minutes, and four days later, got my first Social Security check.

I want to know what the hell happened in the past 3 years since my husband retired back in 2012!  He was still working and went downtown to only get some information, and my phone rang. “Babe, the lady here says I should retire. Do you mind?” I said, “Why should I mind? Go for it.” – as with my decision to retire, we had discussed his plans some years before. We are both supportive of each other’s decisions. So he retired that day in May 2012, and one week later got his first check.

Now that my payments are coming in, and even figuring in the taxes needed to be deducted from my pension check, I’m actually bringing home more money than I was when I was working and drawing a paycheck. I’m still not rich, but comfortable, always was somewhat comfortable and now more so.

So that’s what’s been happening in my life the past year and a half. I’ve been keeping an eye on Miss TroubleMaker though. My sister Gert McQueen has been busy keeping up the blog writing and wrote the following post to answer Joan Mary Wheeler’s  “Crappy Christmas” blog post. Joan Wheeler must have had a lousy Christmas for she sure needs attention.

to which I left this comment:

 “Joan Mary Wheeler is wondering where I am – I have not been blogging for a long time. from summer of 2014 – I’ve had some medical issues (pulled shoulder, then a twisted knee) – many sessions with physical therapy. Work-related stress, then my quick retirement which resulted in more stress and tons of paperwork, phone calls, and appointments.

 Joan is missing me, so she writes a new blog post, baiting me.

 Like I said several times, why does Joan keep whining to her buddies that her birth sisters keep bothering her? I haven’t done a damn thing for a year and a half! Isn’t that what she wants? My silence?

 No, she WANTS to keep up the interaction between us. Why else would she write her latest garbage lies about me and my family?

 Just like when she called my job with lies about me in 2012 to get me fired and then whines to the judge in the courtroom when I filed harassment charges on her – “I’m afraid of Ruth.” — well, if she’s so afraid of me, WHY DOES SHE KEEP DOING THINGS TO PISS ME OFF?

 okay, Joni, little girl, you wanted me back in your life after me not being in it for a year and a half — YOU GOT IT.”

So yes, I’ll be back to blogging. I’m retired now. I got lots of time. Of course, I’ll be busy doing other things too. Like getting back into shape. And getting back to my dancing.

And now that I have retired, I have taken away Joan’s toy. Her favorite source of amusement was to call my job with lies to try to get me fired. Oh, dear, Joni, whatever will you do now? You can’t do a damn thing. And really, you never could. All those phone calls and letters to my employer in 1994 and 1995 and recently in 2012 did nothing! ASSHOLE.


1. PaulaJanuary 3, 2016

Congratulations on your retirement! (And thanks for making me laugh with your last word above.) I’m sure your body is already thanking you. I can’t wait to read your upcoming posts. 🙂

RuthJanuary 4, 2016

thanks Paula. oh yes – I’m already feeling a lot better. And once I get into a full exercise routine and get my stamina up again and lose some weight, I’ll be taking dance lessons again. I’ll need a refresher course, as I haven’t danced in 19 years. And there’s a lot that I never learned. I’ve already found a local dance studio that specializes in Middle Eastern dance and some of the students are Sage Women like myself.
I already have an idea on the direction I want to take my dance. Let’s face it, at 63, I’m not going to be like those sexy young ones, (even if I can do 95% of what they can do). Rather, I’m going to explore the more spiritual side of the dance, and design my costumes to reflect that. And I always did favor the folkloric dances anyway. – as in the picture of me in that purple caftan and balancing a cane on my head.
I’ll also be working on my garden. Last year I started an herb garden on the one side of my porch. This year, I’m ripping out the entire lawn, putting down fresh topsoil and a walkway of decorative stones – and I’ll have no front lawn — instead, I’ll have a whole garden there.
My husband and I will also be landscaping the backyard and putting in veggie gardens. We’ve already decided that while that will take us a couple of years, we can get started this spring by clearing a small part and begin with planting some corn.
And in the spring, I’ll be getting some new furbabies. My kitty of 17 years, Pippin, went to kitty heaven 2 years ago. I was too heartbroken to get any new pets and lately, my house has been too empty and lonely. So I’m ready for new kitties.
And I’ve been busy doing reading and researching the past few years – writing some Star Trek fan fiction. And I’ll also have more time for my other interest – ghost hunting.

PaulaJanuary 4, 2016

Wow! I love that you already have a plan and are busy doing the things you love the most. I especially love that you and your husband are doing some of it together. I really can’t wait to read about your garden, dance lessons, and the new additions to your family!!

RuthJanuary 4, 2016

lol. I’ve been planning these things for a long time anyway. There’s so much in life to do and explore, I simply could never understand people who say they’d be bored if they hit the lottery or when they retire. – oh, did I mention the housework? omg I’ve got a ton of housework to do. Cleaning out and degreasing the kitchen cabinets for one thing. The exterior window frames have to be painted, my sewing/craft room is a mess! Things just got thrown in there several years ago when we had to empty out the attic storage room when our new roof was put on. And our front room needs remodeling.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I think of what needs to be done. But I love my house and being a homeowner. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Oh yes! We have friends who recently moved to Wisconsin. They gave us a 50 gallon aquarium. I used to have a 20 gallon years ago, and when I got rid of it, I kept some things. But I’ll have to buy all new equipment. I went to Pet Smart and priced it already. Shit! That stuff’s expensive! But it will be worth it in the long run.

2. gertmcqueenJanuary 3, 2016

Ruth…well it’s about time! I’ve been holding the fort and reblogging my posts for, my gosh that LONG!, doesn’t matter…working and then retiring are not easy things….something that Joan doesn’t understand, seeing that she doesn’t work and will NEVER RETIRE…oh well…glad that you are back…we have lots of work to dork

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