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#JoanMWheeler was ‘spared from living in an American orphanage’! Her siblings were NOT as lucky. #flipthescript February 12, 2016

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

That’s correct a year AFTER she was placed into adoption, due to death of mother, five children (4 birth-children and 1 step-child) were placed in orphan and foster homes due to illness of step-mother. Joan NEVER tells the truth and leaves MUCH vital information OUT. Joan rarely tells about the second marriage of our father and how that second wife REFUSED to take and raise the infant (Joan). There was NO other option but to place the infant (Joan) into adoption. There was NO family to KEEP her in. Our father said, if he could not raise her, NO ONE in the family would!

Her placement in adoption had NOTHING to do with the church or what a priest said or didn’t say. Sure our father sought out advice but the bottom line is; the second wife REFUSED the infant! Joan can NOT accept the fact that our father’s second…

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