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off blog topic – a Tribute to Leonard Nimoy February 27, 2016

Posted by Ruth in Dreams, Inconsistent Angel Things.

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It is one year since Leonard Nimoy has passed away. It is so hard to believe that he is not with us anymore. My loss is from a fan’s point of view. My personal life goes on, pretty much unaffected. His family and friends, of course have a different loss. And I extend my good wishes to them.

Now everyone knows I have a raging fantasy crush on the fictional character Mr. Spock. But I have also always had a deep admiration for the man behind the ears, Leonard Nimoy. Since August 1966, when I first saw a commercial for “the new and exciting science fiction show, Star Trek, coming this fall on NBC,” and I saw Mr. Spock – my heart just went pitter-patter.

As the show’s episodes aired, and we viewers saw more of Mr. Spock, and the man Leonard Nimoy became known to the public, I was hopelessly and still am, in “crush” with the two. I have no answers as to how and why a 14 year old girl falls in “love” with a fictional character that isn’t even alive.

After Star Trek, Mr. Nimoy joined the TV show Mission Impossible, and then started to do some movies: Catlow, Baffled, Assault on the Wayne, and others. In the early 70’s his hobbies came to the fore, with him publishing his photographs and poetry. He wrote a one-man play “Vincent,” about the life of artist Vincent van Gogh. Also in the 70’s, he hosted a syndicated show called “In Search Of,” about unexplained phenomena. He also did regional theatre, playing Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, and King Arthur in Camelot.

In the 70’s I became a member of his official fan club, The Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans, and through the club, I purchased a few of his photographs that he matted and signed for us fans. Those and his books of poetry are among my most treasured possessions.

I was fortunate to meet and speak with him a few times. He was always so warm and gracious. The last time was May 19, 2003, when he was doing a book tour of his book Shekhina. My late friend, Michelene Biber and I, ran a small Star Trek discussion group, The USS Ari, at the time, and we presented Mr. Nimoy with a “Friends of the Ari” certificate that Michelle put together. He got a kick out of it.

Leonard Nimoy was much more than Mr. Spock of Star Trek. He was an actor, a photographer, a poet, a writer, a musician, a singer, he directed and produced some movies. He was also a deeply spiritual man.

When I spoke to him in May 2003 I told him how much I admired the quote he chose as the foreword to his Shekhina book. He said (paraphrase) “Isn’t that the most profound and beautiful thing you ever heard?”

That quote is: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience,” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

 Mr. Nimoy left us a year ago today to continue a new phase of his spiritual journey. Godspeed Mr. Nimoy.

–Ruth Pace, February 27, 2016


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