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Refuting a Book of Lies – Forbidden Family by Joan Mary Wheeler May 8, 2016

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easier to fool people

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BLOG DISCLAIMER…Whenever one writes a public article, on any Internet site, and/or comments on a public article, or writes a comment on a PUBLIC Facebook account that is plainly labeled as a PUBLIC post, there is NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY OR THEIR NAME NOT BEING REVEALED. – in other words – you put your name out there on the internet and your name is OUT THERE. Anybody who has been named in this blog – don’t worry, I have put your name to your own words.

new posts: 

Welcome New Visitors (new post – click here) September 30, 2017

Doris Michol Sippel fka Doris Michol Sippel engages in an unprovoked ATTACK on me and my family on the facebook page ADOPTION SUCKS. (what a nice grown-up name there). July 30, 2017

May 7, 2017 — Doris Michol Sippel fka Joan Mary Wheeler was recently in a depressed state for some time (as per own admission) and WHAM! came out of it into a full-blown manic episode and foaming at the mouth over her anti-adoption and her hatred of her birth sisters.

A call to Doris Michol Sippel fka Joan Mary Wheeler to step up to the plate and use her activism skills for something worthwhile. February 12, 2017

Doris Michol Sippel fka Joan Mary Wheeler just CAN’T keep her mouth shut about me. She gets shot down on Huffington Post, and brings me into it – even tho I was OUT of it (Jan, 2017).  posted on February 11, 2017

Joan Mary Wheeler, aka Doris Michol Sippel gets two of her clueless friends to put new reviews of her book on amazon – January 21, 2017

Some adoptees just can’t GET IT that others are NOT interested in their politics and don’t know when to shut the f… up! January 19, 2017  

gods, nutty people are everywhere. MMD, former friend of Joan Wheeler/Doris Sippel has some growing up to do January 15, 2017

 Joan Mary Wheeler aka Doris Michol Sippel has her very first book signing and blows it by screaming at another author there, then calls for other adoptees to harass the woman AND publishes the woman’s phone number on social media. January 3, 2017

Con Artist Joan Mary Wheeler, now known as Doris Michol Sippel strikes again by peddling to an unsuspecting public a book with a new title, a new author-name, BUT THE SAME CONTENTS INSIDE. September 24, 2016

Joan Mary Wheeler and Brian T. Maloney – get out of my life before I have the authorities MAKE YOU LEAVE. August 2, 2016

Joan Mary Wheeler’s puppet for her dirty work Chimp Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville is stalking me again. July 31, 2016 (with screenshot of him doing it)

Update: Monday, May 16, 2016 about the post about the anal-retentive and argumentative person who got his panties in a bunch when Gert and I rebutted his review on amazon dot com of Joan’s libelous book (see link further below) — on amazon this morning, I see that Mark had hastily reviewed 7 books. lol. – Reviewing a bunch of stuff a week after you’ve said you’ve reviewed things doesn’t show intelligence Mark, it shows someone who was caught in the act and now desperately trying to cover up his lies. — yes readers, because I had pointed out in this blog that Mark LIED in his answer to me and Gert (about never having been “attacked’ for his reviews) – I had checked his reviews – he had only reviewed ONE – Joan’s book, then hastily added a second review of another book a couple of hours later – and then yesterday, he went and added 7 more reviews of products. This really shows that critic’s emotional intelligence is at “play” again. Grow up Mark – grown men don’t play at such things. And don’t forget Mark – dates and times of reviews show up on amazon. Your review of the book on John Lennon showed you wrote that review AFTER you said you had other reviews – but you didn’t – at the time you whined about “being attacked about your reviewS” – you only had one review up. I’m not stupid Mark. Not at all.

update – Sunday, May 15, 7pm – interesting – this old post was looked at in the last couple of hours. Speaking of reviews on amazon dot com by personal friends of Joan Wheeler: 

My letter (Jan 18, 2011) to Nicole S. Urdang, therapist, who thought the trash book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler was a good book, but then pulled her review of it off amazon dot com. May 15, 2011

note – May 15, 2016 – Joan Wheeler has moved her blog at least 3 times since my writing this letter and this blog post. Her newest version of her blog does not have her blog post, “angry adoptee rant” – archives of December 2009: https://forbiddenfamily.com/2009/12/page/2/ — because Joan Wheeler is a sneak, a liar, and a backtracker. When her lies are uncovered, she hastily removes traces of her lies. With no apologies or explanations.

note: older posts contain links to Joan’s old blog location. Since 2008, she has had 4 blog locations and every so often changes websites of her blogs and keeps moving things from one blogsite to another. So some links in older blog posts here will not work. She also likes to copy and paste contents from a blog post and hide them in other posts. She’s sneaky like that. Me, I don’t play games – what you see is what you get.


here are links to two on my blog wherein we have all that Joan wrote



Sunday, May 15, 2016, new post – see link just below. And updated the post about the idiot reviewer on amazon (Mark K.) – see link below.

The title of this blog is quite clear – refuting the lies told about me and other members of my family in her book Forbidden Family. Because some fools are taken in by lies told by another fool.

“Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool that follows?” – Obi Wan Kenobi

recent posts:

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related post: Joan Wheeler talks the talk, but can’t (fully) walk the walk. November 23, 2014

Legal Notice by Ruth B. Pace (nee Sippel) concerning Joan Mary Wheeler’s legal name change to Doris Michol Sippel May 12, 2016

Joan Mary Wheeler has legally changed her name to Doris Michol Sippel May 12, 2016

A truly anal and argumentative person reviews Joan Wheeler’s trash book on amazon and can’t stand to have opposition viewpoints May 8, 2016

A timeline of abuses that Joan Mary Wheeler has done to me. May 8, 2016

2016: a new year and I’M BACK! to blog about Joan Mary Wheeler’s lies in her Forbidden Family trashbook. January 3, 2016

here are the court documents that prove that Joan Wheeler is a liar January 17, 2013

Joan Mary Wheeler blames ‘adoption’ for her crappy life. Since we started our blogs in 2009, to refute her lies aobut us and our family in her ‘autobiography’ (published in 2009) and answering her comments on adoption forums and other internet sites, we have learned that there are many self-labeled “angry adoptees.” These are usually adoptees who have suffered mental and physical abuse, sometimes sexual abuse from the family that adopted them. They feel as tho if they lobby and whine and fight and kick and scratch against the institution and the idea of adoption and fight to actually abolish adoption altogether – it will make their crappy childhood better. I know for a fact that Joan had been mentally abused by her psycho adoptive mom, I witnessed it. I never saw witnessed physical abuse (Joan was 18 when we were reunited), but I believe she was. AND I truly believe, tho Joan has never said so – that she was sexually abused. – The signs are all there of an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

ALSO – Joan hates her birthsiblings – us – because we were not adopted out, but she was. So she is out to punish us for that, and the whole world for her adoption.

She has tried in the past many times to destroy my life, my career, my marriage – for more than 25 years I’ve been her main target of harassments. This blog tells the tale of those many harassments – with documents to prove what I say – actual police and court documents pertaining to the times I’ve hauled her in front of weak judges who dismiss the charges – even though proof is presented of her harassments. This blog also contains scans of numerous letters that Joan Wheeler has mailed to me – in her own handwriting. And letters she wrote to my husband via his mother’s house in efforts to break us up.

She admits to calling my job multiple times in 1994-95. She did it again in 2012, claiming that I was committing computer fraud on my job. My employer investigated me, and exonerated me. I had a meeting in Human Resources. I was told that I was found innocent, because they can track every keystroke I do.  Joan also bragged about that deed on the internet! (Huffington Post). I submitted a screen shot of her bragging and the judge dismissed the charges.

So this blog not only refutes the lies told about me in her book, but her lies about me on the internet, and all the harassments that I have endured from this sick woman the past 25-plus years. Joan whines on the internet that I, and my other sisters ‘bother’ her – yet she never shows or gives proof of such. Only fools and ignorant idiots believe a liar when no proof is given of their claims, yet refuse to believe a court document that show that their ‘hero’ is in fact a liar. 



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I have two new sites…since Joan M Wheeler revised and self-published the lying book…check them out



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