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Welcome new visitors! September 30, 2017

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Good Morning

As we bid goodbye to September, I welcome all the new (and old) visitors to this blog.

Wow – yesterday (Sept. 29, 2017) this blog had 49 visitors with 51 views of posts, and today (Sept. 30, 2017) as of 9:00am Eastern USA time, this blog had 34 visitors with 38 views of posts. I don’t know why the spike in visitors – I suspect from my recent comment on my sister Gert’s blog post — or perhaps Joan Mary Wheeler, now known as Doris Michol Sippel, in an internet post that I am unaware of (so far) has been telling her adoptee cronies to come and spam me again.

Well, whatever prompted you all to come – welcome, Welcome. Feel free to look around and read and read and read. That’s what a blog is for — for people to read. 

lol – one time Joan/Doris was bitching and complaining because she realized that I was reading her blog. Well, what the f? If someone puts out a blog on the public internet, it is reasonable to assume that people are going to READ IT. (duh!)

And she reads this blog as well, even though she’ll tell you she doesn’t. Because I’ve noticed several times in the past, I’ll write a post, and a few days later, Joan/Doris will write something on her blog, or elsewhere, and a tell-tale phrase will show up – a phrase she lifted from my blog. ha ha ha. 

I haven’t been as active on this blog as before – even though I’ll have been retired 23 months now — I find that I still don’t have enough time in the day! I’ve so many things going on – archiving my old vinyl record albums and cassette tapes. Archiving photos and papers (scanning them into the computer). Trying to get my house clean and in order — I was working 12 hour shifts for a few years before I retired. When you work 2 or 3 12-hour shifts in a row, there’s not much time to ANYTHING. Then on your days (in my case, nights) off, you’re too damn tired to do anything. 

A couple of months ago, the gas company found a small leak in the pipe near the curb in front of my house. They had to dig that up and replace it – part of my garden got ripped up – and I’ll have to re-do it next year. But I’ve got all new pipes and a new meter! So that’s a bonus. It’s always good to get new stuff for the house. In recent years, I’ve gotten new water pipes, telephone wires, electric wires (and new meter and circuit breaker box) – even a new telephone pole out front with new electric and telephone wires for the whole street! yay! 

Personally, I’m losing weight, and getting into shape. I’ve begun a long time dream of mine – learn Latin. Once I master that, I’ll move on to French, Greek and Tolkien Elvish.

I’m also writing a Star Trek fan-fic story (fan-fiction). Who knows? It might be get published as a Star Trek novel. Even if it doesn’t, it will be good enough for me to read. ha ha.

I’ve also been stepping up into my latest hobby – ghost hunting. Yes, I’m now a paranormal investigator. (7 years now). I’ve also been getting back into my Tarot Card lessons.

So many things that I’ve wanted to do for years, but couldn’t because of my job. Now that that stage of my life is over – it’s time for ME. 

I’ve spent 43 years taking care of the sick and dying as a nurse aide, then PCA (Patient Care Assistant) in a major hospital. It was very rewarding for my soul. Even though most times, I felt (and knew) that I was not appreciated, there were times that I was.

In going through my old papers, I found a few ‘thank you’ cards and notes I’ve gotten through the years – from patients, patient’s family members, co-workers, and managers at work. 

Through the years, I’ve also been verbally appreciated, again from the above list, and even from some physicians and nurse practitioners. One nurse practitioner, Karen, started teaching me to read EKG patterns. As a PCA, one of my duties was to perform EKG tests on patients. – just hooking them up to the machine and pushing the GO button. Karen wanted me to learn the patterns that I was getting down. Because she said “Ruth, you have the brains to find abnormalities that I need to know about it. The others (other PCAs) don’t.” oh dear! lol. 

Well, there were bad times at my job as well. Like when a patient dies. Especially when that patient has had a chronic condition and you see them year after year, and they become ‘friends.’ That’s not to say we health care workers don’t feel for all our patients, we do, (why else would we be in that job), but sure, when you get to know a person, their passing is going to affect you. 

So, to reiterate, I found my job rewarding, but, I don’t miss it. It was very hard work – on my feet most of the time. Encountering rude, disrespecting, and sometimes abusive (verbally and physically) patients, heavy lifting, being overworked and shortstaffed, under pressure — nursing is not a job for the faint-hearted or the weak (in body and mind). 

And now it’s time for ME.  

I’ll do some blog posts when I have the time — and right now – I’ve got to get moving. I’ve got two burner plates soaking in the kitchen sink! My husband of 30 years treats me like a queen – he does all the cooking. But oh my gosh! He’s such a slob! Spills things and is obvlious to it. So the stuff gets cooked on to the burners and stuff. And who gets the glamorous job of cleaning it up? – yeah, me.

Well, now you know what occupies me. If you want to know more, come visit my facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/RuthSippelPace 

You’re all more than welcome to come and visit. And read all that you want on this blog.

And everyone – have a happy day. And pray or donate, call your senator/congressman to help the people in Puerto Rico. I can’t believe what is happening. so sad. so sad.


1. gertmcqueenSeptember 30, 2017

Excellent post!

Generally, our blogs receive a fair amount of viewings…and just recently it has been pointed out, our reputations are ‘known’…whether that is favorable or not really doesn’t matter to Ruth and I.

We don’t write to be ‘known’, we write to right the lies spoken and written against us and our family.

We are ‘known’ because we speak out against Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.

Once in a while we ‘hit a nerve’ and that accounts for the increase in views…great! The more people that get to see our blogs the better, for that means that we are doing our jobs…exposing the rotten things that Joan/Doris has done to families, both the birth and adoptive! She has crossed many a line! She has caused a lot of pain to those that LOVED her! Her worst mistake was to put her lies out in PRINT! For that she will have us around her neck for EVER!

I rather enjoy the opportunities that writing about Joan/Doris has given me, as I age. The use of critical thinking, writing, research, technical skills and more, certainly help keep my mind active and functional. I really don’t spend a lot of time on her or writing about her; a little here, a little there and I have a blog post! Winters where I live are long; this activity helps pass those long nights.

Not that I need something to do! Heavens NO! As Ruth has stated, she’s busy…so am I!

I’ve been retired now for over 10 years! My life is my own and I get paid to have that life! Joan/Doris is but a fraction of my life…so don’t think that I’m obsessed with her, as she is with her ‘sisters’. NO NO NO We have a life, she doesn’t!

I have a very active life; walk, bike, gym, yoga, tai-chi. I maintain two homes; my own apartment in a small village and I share, with my partner of 19 years, his country home! We have over 4 acres with a medium size veggie garden, multiple flower gardens, several mini-forests of pine, birch, maple, oaks. We built a labyrinth. We read under the shade trees; both our libraries are extensive. I belong to a book club. We both cook! We have a large circle of friends!

Life is very good, I’m lucky and fortunate! I don’t whine and cry over life’s hardships…I HAVE A LIFE and I LIVE MY LIFE.

But…I shall ALWAYS find some time to work on exposing the dirty deeds and words of Joan/Doris…because she did the worst thing…she DISHONORED and EXPOSED and EXPLOITS our parents, ourselves and every one of our families. She is a disgrace!

So by all means keep coming back and visit us, here’s links to check out.
https://gertmcqueen.wordpress.com/ this blog is titled Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

https://gertmcqueen2.wordpress.com/ this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.

Also see this Facebook page

In addition…see the ‘discussion’ forums, on Amazon, for two of the books. The first book has one review and several comments related.

Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption forum

Joan Mary Wheeler forum

review of first book and 4 comments



New interview about the Vulcan Travel Guide. August 4, 2016

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Ruth here: – off blog topic – but this book is fantastic! A travel guide to my favorite planet Vulcan. Don’t let a Vulcan’s cool logical demeanor fool you – Vulcans enjoy nightlife activities as much as any other species in the quadrant. I for one, dearly want to visit Okona’s Outrageous Emporium. Sounds like a real fun place!
here is the post from the author, Dayton Ward:

Yes, summer is winding down and kids will soon be heading back to school, but there’s still time left to sneak in one last quick vacation. Why not head to Vulcan? (Insert joke about Vulcan be…

Source: New interview about the Vulcan Travel Guide.

Why hasn’t Joan Mary Wheeler announced her legal name change? May 15, 2016

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Well, here it is just 3 days shy of one month that Joan Mary Wheeler appeared in Erie County Surrogate’s Court and had her name legally changed to the name she was given at birth: Doris Michol Sippel. Why hasn’t she made a formal public announcement of it? She says nothing about it on her facebook page, nor on her blog. – by the way, this name change is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD – it being recorded in Erie County’s PUBLIC records. So it is not against any law that I blog about this. As a matter of fact, when one seeks to legally change their name, an announcement of such is PUBLISHED in TWO (by law) publications. Usually they are published in legal newspapers, and the person changing their name has to pay for that.

On her facebook page, she made her cover picture a closeup of her original birth certificate showing her birth name. Her facebook page shows her name Joan Mary Wheeler, and in paranthesis Doris Michol Sippel. But she did that quite a while ago. On her blog she has her name as: Doris M Sippel – – – adopted as – – – Joan M Wheeler – but does not say anything about having her name legally changed. 

Why does she not want anyone to know of this name change? Wouldn’t this be counted as a major coup for an adoptee to reclaim their original name, their original identity? Why does Joan not want anyone in the adoption reform world to know what she has done? Was she not very happy on April 18, 2016 to have her legal name back to her birth name/identity? Was she not floating on air? Was she not full of victory and pride? So much so that she would want the whole world to know? To throw back her head in success and roar to the world: “I WON! LOOK AT ME – I DID IT!”  And to give hope to all those hopeless adoptees that a major success CAN BE ACHIEVED!  

For some reason, Joan doesn’t want anyone to know. WHY? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Joan Mary Wheeler has legally changed her name to Doris Michol Sippel May 12, 2016

Joan Wheeler talks the talk, but can’t (fully) walk the walk. November 23, 2014

Legal Notice by Ruth B. Pace (nee Sippel) concerning Joan Mary Wheeler’s legal name change to Doris Michol Sippel May 12, 2016 

As of May 15, 2016, 3:56 pm, see date and time in the lower right hand corner of this screenshot) Joan Wheeler has NOT yet made the announcement to the world of her legal name change via her very important blog, about her very important achievement. So I did if for her. You’re very welcome Joan.

joan blog


UPDATE SEPT 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m (Gert) updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism‘ was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and rewrote and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!


this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.



Refuting a Book of Lies – Forbidden Family by Joan Mary Wheeler May 8, 2016

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easier to fool people

seeking truth walter cronkite

BLOG DISCLAIMER…Whenever one writes a public article, on any Internet site, and/or comments on a public article, or writes a comment on a PUBLIC Facebook account that is plainly labeled as a PUBLIC post, there is NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY OR THEIR NAME NOT BEING REVEALED. – in other words – you put your name out there on the internet and your name is OUT THERE. Anybody who has been named in this blog – don’t worry, I have put your name to your own words.

new posts: 

Welcome New Visitors (new post – click here) September 30, 2017

Doris Michol Sippel fka Doris Michol Sippel engages in an unprovoked ATTACK on me and my family on the facebook page ADOPTION SUCKS. (what a nice grown-up name there). July 30, 2017

May 7, 2017 — Doris Michol Sippel fka Joan Mary Wheeler was recently in a depressed state for some time (as per own admission) and WHAM! came out of it into a full-blown manic episode and foaming at the mouth over her anti-adoption and her hatred of her birth sisters.

A call to Doris Michol Sippel fka Joan Mary Wheeler to step up to the plate and use her activism skills for something worthwhile. February 12, 2017

Doris Michol Sippel fka Joan Mary Wheeler just CAN’T keep her mouth shut about me. She gets shot down on Huffington Post, and brings me into it – even tho I was OUT of it (Jan, 2017).  posted on February 11, 2017

Joan Mary Wheeler, aka Doris Michol Sippel gets two of her clueless friends to put new reviews of her book on amazon – January 21, 2017

Some adoptees just can’t GET IT that others are NOT interested in their politics and don’t know when to shut the f… up! January 19, 2017  

gods, nutty people are everywhere. MMD, former friend of Joan Wheeler/Doris Sippel has some growing up to do January 15, 2017

 Joan Mary Wheeler aka Doris Michol Sippel has her very first book signing and blows it by screaming at another author there, then calls for other adoptees to harass the woman AND publishes the woman’s phone number on social media. January 3, 2017

Con Artist Joan Mary Wheeler, now known as Doris Michol Sippel strikes again by peddling to an unsuspecting public a book with a new title, a new author-name, BUT THE SAME CONTENTS INSIDE. September 24, 2016

Joan Mary Wheeler and Brian T. Maloney – get out of my life before I have the authorities MAKE YOU LEAVE. August 2, 2016

Joan Mary Wheeler’s puppet for her dirty work Chimp Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville is stalking me again. July 31, 2016 (with screenshot of him doing it)

Update: Monday, May 16, 2016 about the post about the anal-retentive and argumentative person who got his panties in a bunch when Gert and I rebutted his review on amazon dot com of Joan’s libelous book (see link further below) — on amazon this morning, I see that Mark had hastily reviewed 7 books. lol. – Reviewing a bunch of stuff a week after you’ve said you’ve reviewed things doesn’t show intelligence Mark, it shows someone who was caught in the act and now desperately trying to cover up his lies. — yes readers, because I had pointed out in this blog that Mark LIED in his answer to me and Gert (about never having been “attacked’ for his reviews) – I had checked his reviews – he had only reviewed ONE – Joan’s book, then hastily added a second review of another book a couple of hours later – and then yesterday, he went and added 7 more reviews of products. This really shows that critic’s emotional intelligence is at “play” again. Grow up Mark – grown men don’t play at such things. And don’t forget Mark – dates and times of reviews show up on amazon. Your review of the book on John Lennon showed you wrote that review AFTER you said you had other reviews – but you didn’t – at the time you whined about “being attacked about your reviewS” – you only had one review up. I’m not stupid Mark. Not at all.

update – Sunday, May 15, 7pm – interesting – this old post was looked at in the last couple of hours. Speaking of reviews on amazon dot com by personal friends of Joan Wheeler: 

My letter (Jan 18, 2011) to Nicole S. Urdang, therapist, who thought the trash book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler was a good book, but then pulled her review of it off amazon dot com. May 15, 2011

note – May 15, 2016 – Joan Wheeler has moved her blog at least 3 times since my writing this letter and this blog post. Her newest version of her blog does not have her blog post, “angry adoptee rant” – archives of December 2009: https://forbiddenfamily.com/2009/12/page/2/ — because Joan Wheeler is a sneak, a liar, and a backtracker. When her lies are uncovered, she hastily removes traces of her lies. With no apologies or explanations.

note: older posts contain links to Joan’s old blog location. Since 2008, she has had 4 blog locations and every so often changes websites of her blogs and keeps moving things from one blogsite to another. So some links in older blog posts here will not work. She also likes to copy and paste contents from a blog post and hide them in other posts. She’s sneaky like that. Me, I don’t play games – what you see is what you get.


here are links to two on my blog wherein we have all that Joan wrote



Sunday, May 15, 2016, new post – see link just below. And updated the post about the idiot reviewer on amazon (Mark K.) – see link below.

The title of this blog is quite clear – refuting the lies told about me and other members of my family in her book Forbidden Family. Because some fools are taken in by lies told by another fool.

“Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool that follows?” – Obi Wan Kenobi

recent posts:

Why hasn’t Joan Mary Wheeler announced her legal name change? May 15, 2016

related post: Joan Wheeler talks the talk, but can’t (fully) walk the walk. November 23, 2014

Legal Notice by Ruth B. Pace (nee Sippel) concerning Joan Mary Wheeler’s legal name change to Doris Michol Sippel May 12, 2016

Joan Mary Wheeler has legally changed her name to Doris Michol Sippel May 12, 2016

A truly anal and argumentative person reviews Joan Wheeler’s trash book on amazon and can’t stand to have opposition viewpoints May 8, 2016

A timeline of abuses that Joan Mary Wheeler has done to me. May 8, 2016

2016: a new year and I’M BACK! to blog about Joan Mary Wheeler’s lies in her Forbidden Family trashbook. January 3, 2016

here are the court documents that prove that Joan Wheeler is a liar January 17, 2013

Joan Mary Wheeler blames ‘adoption’ for her crappy life. Since we started our blogs in 2009, to refute her lies aobut us and our family in her ‘autobiography’ (published in 2009) and answering her comments on adoption forums and other internet sites, we have learned that there are many self-labeled “angry adoptees.” These are usually adoptees who have suffered mental and physical abuse, sometimes sexual abuse from the family that adopted them. They feel as tho if they lobby and whine and fight and kick and scratch against the institution and the idea of adoption and fight to actually abolish adoption altogether – it will make their crappy childhood better. I know for a fact that Joan had been mentally abused by her psycho adoptive mom, I witnessed it. I never saw witnessed physical abuse (Joan was 18 when we were reunited), but I believe she was. AND I truly believe, tho Joan has never said so – that she was sexually abused. – The signs are all there of an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

ALSO – Joan hates her birthsiblings – us – because we were not adopted out, but she was. So she is out to punish us for that, and the whole world for her adoption.

She has tried in the past many times to destroy my life, my career, my marriage – for more than 25 years I’ve been her main target of harassments. This blog tells the tale of those many harassments – with documents to prove what I say – actual police and court documents pertaining to the times I’ve hauled her in front of weak judges who dismiss the charges – even though proof is presented of her harassments. This blog also contains scans of numerous letters that Joan Wheeler has mailed to me – in her own handwriting. And letters she wrote to my husband via his mother’s house in efforts to break us up.

She admits to calling my job multiple times in 1994-95. She did it again in 2012, claiming that I was committing computer fraud on my job. My employer investigated me, and exonerated me. I had a meeting in Human Resources. I was told that I was found innocent, because they can track every keystroke I do.  Joan also bragged about that deed on the internet! (Huffington Post). I submitted a screen shot of her bragging and the judge dismissed the charges.

So this blog not only refutes the lies told about me in her book, but her lies about me on the internet, and all the harassments that I have endured from this sick woman the past 25-plus years. Joan whines on the internet that I, and my other sisters ‘bother’ her – yet she never shows or gives proof of such. Only fools and ignorant idiots believe a liar when no proof is given of their claims, yet refuse to believe a court document that show that their ‘hero’ is in fact a liar. 

karma is a bitch – lesson for Joan Wheeler’s latest puppets – Laura Stickney-Heath and Thomas D. Heath October 7, 2013

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so sorry to hear that a former cow-worker’s husband had a silent heart attack around September 26, 2013 and then surgery on October 2.

Hope he pays more attention to his own affairs, especially his health, instead of spying on women he doesn’t know.

Following someone on facebook, three years after that person had a small spat with their wife sounds a bit like stalking. Peeping toms need to peep at their own lives. And leave stranger’s lives alone.

After the spat, which was hardly anything, I rarely heard of, nor thought of the cow-worker. Never met her husband. Now I know that I am an interesting person, but WHY would he follow me on facebook? And as soon as I discovered it and publicized it on facebook, 24 hours later, he “unfollowed” me. Seems to me that if he had the balls to follow me to find out what I am up to, he would remain a follower of me. But, the little coward put his tail between his legs and ran! And then when I publicized the whole back story and why I am suspicious of his peeping ways, he blocks me on facebook.

I always find it humorous that people can’t take the heat of their own wrongdoings and try to backtrack.

well, I hope that tomcat has learned his lesson. Heart surgery is a serious thing. And Tommy boy now has more serious things to think about. Instead of trying to peep on women he doesn’t know.

My life and my family problems are not your concern Laura Stickney-Heath, Thomas D. Heath. Stay out of my life, and my business. What goes on between me and my sister is between us, it is not your business.

You got more important things to think about now. – good luck.

ps – all information harvested from public internet – facebook – if it’s out there on public internet – it’s out there for everyone to see and read and make their own conclusions. – If you don’t want your husband’s medical condition made public, don’t put it on the internet.

for more information, see post “I am outing Thomas D. Heath and Laura J. Stickney Heath as stalkers and troublemakers. August 5, 2013”

And Laura, be sure to get all the facts of a situation before sticking your nose into it. I told you late 2009/early 2010 that Joan’s book was full of lies. I sent copies of actual court documents and copies of actual letters to Trafford Publishing, who published Joan’s book. Their legal department compared the paperwork I sent them to what Joan wrote in her book and said when she signed the contract with Trafford that what she said in the book was truthful. Because I proved that she lied, Trafford pulled the book from publication on May 11, 2011.

And you Laura, have the nerve to message me on facebook after I booted you off my facebook page and insinuate that I have mental problems? on no, sweetie – it is Joan who has the mental problems. And I have to wonder about you and your husband. Three years later, with no word or contact between you and me, and you get your husband to follow me on facebook? Won’t that look good in a court of law! Is your life that boring that you have to stoop to spying on someone you haven’t seen or communicated with in three years? Move on little girl!

Who is harassing whom? – Well, now you’ve got something to concentrate on – your husband’s health and well-being. And yours too! Unless you want to be the next heart attack victim. Pay attention to your own household and stay the fuck out of mine. You and your Tomcat should take your Coenzyme Q-10 for your heart health. That he survived is a warning – he has a second chance – and he and you better take it. Life is short little girl, get your priorities straight. Your health and your own family’s health is more important than me and Joan.

I am outing Thomas D. Heath and Laura J. Stickney Heath as stalkers and troublemakers. August 5, 2013

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in my recent posts about Thomas David Heath and Laura Joan Stickney Heath sticking their noses in my business – I forgot to put up the screenshots of Tom’s peeping tom bullshit on me. So here they are on the end of this post.

On the morning of July 16, 2013, I was on facebook – around 7:30 am. As I was writing, I was getting pop-up updates, “so and so replied to your comment” and “so and so shared your photo.” I usually ignore those pop-ups, because they are so annoying! Especially when you’re busy typing. So when I was done typing, I went to my update tag to see all my updates at once. 21 minutes after he did it, I found out – that Thomas Heath was now following me.

“Who the hell is Thomas Heath?” I asked myself and clicked on his name. Well, he is a facebook friend with another former employee of Buffalo General Hospital, Denise, who I knew was still facebook friends with Laura Heath. So I immediately smelled rotten fish. I don’t know if Denise is pulling shit – I’ve never had a problem with her. And I sure hope she isn’t pulling any shit. – Anyways, yes, a quick look at Tom Heath’s friends list confirmed what I had guessed – this was Laura’s husband. Several of his friends had the last name Stickney – Laura’s maiden name. And I saw their grown kids there. I couldn’t see Laura’s name on his friends list, because I had blocked her three years ago.

Which begs a question – WHY would the husband of someone I blocked three years ago suddenly come to my facebook page and follow me? Anyway, I immediately outed Thomas Heath as a spy for his bitch wife Laura. and blogged about it in this post:  Joan Wheeler has a couple of new puppets to spy on me – Thomas Heath and Laura Stickney-Heath – roflmao! July 17, 2013

So what happened? Fast forward 24 hours to the morning of July 17. I’m on facebook again around 7:30 am. I had checked my followers list. yep – 18. With Tom on the top. BUT a half-hour later, my list had dropped to 17. I checked – Tom removed himself. lol.

The next few days, I was busy, but on July 21, I clicked on Tom’s name in my notification list – to find that he had blocked me. Guess he didn’t like my outing him as a spy and stalker and it made him do some backtracking. What an ass. Well he blocked me, but not before I copied the url to his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.heath.79

I mentioned Tom and Laura have kids – two grown kids. One is in college, the other, from what I gather recently married and moved to El Paso, Texas.

Did you not think of them Laura in your zeal to stab me in the back? Did you not think that these innocent people would perhaps google their parents names and see the shit that they have done? You not only put yourself in a bad light, but you have embarrassed your kids.

And WHY? I want to know WHY? What the fuck did I ever do to you? NOTHING! As a matter of fact – did I not load onto your flashdrive a total of almost 700 songs for you to listen to on your IPod?

Why did you act like a 10 year old because all I did was boot you off my facebook AFTER you disrespected me?

And you never met Joan Wheeler – EVER – you only knew her from that stupid libelous book she wrote, that I brought to work and was bitching about.

THAT BOOK AND JOAN WHEELER WAS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS LAURA. This is a family matter – Joan is MY sister, and if I want to bitch about her – and her book, THAT IS MY BUSINESS – NOT YOURS. That book contained falsehoods about me – Joan committed slander and libel and I provided documents that were sent to the publisher of the book and got the book pulled from publication – because just like I said late 2009/early 2010 – that book contained lies about me. I provided actual court documents and actual hand written letters from Joan to the publisher and they agreed that Joan presented falsehoods about me and on May 11, 2011, they pulled the book from publication – because Joan violated the contract she signed with them. She said that everything in the book was true and that she was the sole copyright holder of the book and all its contents. Well, MY childhood picture on the back of the book, was published WITHOUT MY CONSENT and that was another reason Trafford Publications’ legal department deemed that Joan Wheeler signed the contract under false pretenses. – Why don’t you contact Mr. Eugene Hopkins of Author Solutions and get the facts Bitch Laura? I told you late 2009/early 2010 that Joan lied about me. You owe me an apology bitch.

And then Laura, why did you stab me in the back in a childish act of “revenge” – Yes, readers, two weeks after I booted her off my facebook page, Laura goes on facebook and seeks out Joan Wheeler and sends her a friend request. And Joan accepted it! Obviously Laura sent Joan a private message telling her (Joan) that she worked with me. And Joan just jumped at the chance to get to know someone who would gossip to her about me.

YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO STICK YOUR NOSE INTO MY FAMILY BUSINESS LAURA. And I found out some shit about you honey, that I’ve been sitting on for three years. I never said anything – because I could care less if you are friends with Joan Wheeler – you two are losers of the highest degree and deserve each other.

Since all that happened three years ago, and I have not seen nor barely thought of Laura. It was over and done with. It wasn’t a big deal – it was a small spat – I moved on. Apparently Laura did not. Asshole. So Laura gets her husband to spy on me via facebook.

Now Laura, since you decided to stick YOUR nose into MY business – like I mentioned above, I know some shit about you. Like you’re raising your biological-granddaughter and passing her off as your daughter. — yeah, I found that little tidbit out from her birth mother’s myspace page, where she was looking for her daughter. And she was being kept away from her daughter. What? Joan – you didn’t know this? Well, you do now. Yes – that is LAURA’S bio-daughter that she had when she was 16, and Thomas ADOPTED her – BUT then when her own flesh and blood was 7 years old, LAURA KICKED HER OWN LITTLE GIRL OUT OF THE FAMILY!

Oh? What’s that Laura? You don’t like it that I know about YOUR family? Then you should have stayed out of MY family. This was a matter between me and Joan – you should have stayed out of it. And you should have left me alone.

I do not believe for one minute that Laura has a connection with Joan about adoption – she never told Joan about Laura’s grand-daughter’s real parentage. Because if she did – do you think Joan would still be friends with her? NO, the connection was, and always was – Laura is a vindictive bitch, who as I said on my blog, when we had a spat, she goes running to my enemy.

Oh, and Joan – Laura’s daughter – the 32 year old – and the REAL Bio-Mom of Laura’s grand daughter, who she is passing off as her daughter – is Native American. yes, one of your pet issues! Transracial adoption and child trafficking – because grabbing another woman’s child and passing her off as your own daughter is child trafficking.

Laura J. Stickney-Heath voluntarily inserted herself into MY family business. Then three years later, her husband Thomas D. Heath voluntarily inserted himself in my business. THEY made the conscious decision to do this. They wanted to be in this mess, now they are. As for my revealing what I know – turnabout is fair play Laura. What makes you think you can butt into my business and not have the same done to you? And I never met Tom – who the hell does he think he is spying on me?

AND any info I have is from public internet. If it’s out there – it’s out there not just for me to see – but the whole world to see.

Here are the screenshots I made of Tom’s peeping tom business on my facebook page. First up – the update/notification from facebook that Thomas Heath was now following me. The original screenshot, and closeup.

notification that Thomas Heath is following me

notification that Thomas Heath is following me 2

And here is my list of followers, with Tom Heath right on the top, The original screenshot and closeup.

thomas heath in list

tom heath on my followers list 2

and here is Laura’s facebook page, showing she IS friends with Joan M. Wheeler, the subject of this blog, – first the original screenshot, captured on July 23, 2013, 5:15pm (lower right hand corner) and the closeup. (click on the picture to see it fullscreen) And this screenshot was taken just 3 hours after Joan LIED in court that she had NO connection with ANYbody from Buffalo General Hospital – and while Laura no longer works there, she WAS working there when she and Joan became facebook friends in June 2010. Both Laura and Joan are lying bitches.

laura heath 3

laura heath 2

now if you notice, Joan has a “denied” red sign across her face – that’s because angry adoptees are pissed because they are denied their original birth certificate.  – here is a screenshot of Joan’s facebook page:

joan fb page 1

Joan’s facebook cover photo is a portion of her original birth certificate with her original name: Doris Michol Sippel. And here is a picture of her and me – taken from her facebook page. She whited out the top part of my face. But this is us as sisters – MY family, MY business, Laura – get the fuck out of MY business!

as to this picture, reading Joan’s description – she never gets anything right. This is NOT an original ape from Planet of the Apes – it was another convention goer, dressed in a COSTUME patterned after the Planet of the Apes. – When you see anything written by Joan – you really need to pay attention – because she never tells the truth. Also, she makes a big deal that we have our hands behind our backs. WTF – I started doing that because I patterned myself after Mr. Spock on Star Trek – and it is basic military at ease position. Since Gene Roddenberry, an old swabbie himself patterned Trek’s Federation after the US Navy, he had the characters doing and speaking Navy terms and customs. Why is Joan standing there with her hands behind her back? Probably because she was imitating me.

joan fb page 2

but Laura, if you want to stay connected with Joan, and be linked to a terrorist wannabe – go right ahead. Here’s a screenshot of her twitter page from April of this year:

joan wheeler tweet 03

other posts that are related to Tom and Laura are: starting with my original post three years ago about Laura, in which, I did not mention her full name. But because she wouldn’t let the issue rest, because she simply HAD to be a bitch and bring her fucking nose and her husband into MY life and MY business again, three years later, yeah, I’m outing her as a  bitch, and naming her full name, her husband’s full name and everything else. It is on HER – if she had just left it alone, she wouldn’t be outed now as a bitch!

A Lesson in Life: Duplicitous People are All Around You – Trust Your Instincts. and – Joan Wheeler jumps at the chance to try to stick it to me the beginning of June 2010. July 23, 2010

Joan Wheeler perjures herself TWICE on the stand today, July 23, 2013

notice to Joan Wheeler, Tom and Laura Heath, and others – you haven’t won anything. ha ha ha! July 29, 2013

notice to Joan Wheeler, Tom and Laura Heath, and others – you haven’t won anything. ha ha ha! July 29, 2013

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This blog is my INFORMED opinion on the lies that Joan Wheeler has spread about me, and my telling the truth about those lies. Because those lies were/are about ME and MY life. Hey – it’s MY life – and since it is MY life – I dam well know the truth of it!

I have a good buddy over at Facebook – and he is my mentor. Author David Gerrold, whom I have admired since 1967 – from when he wrote the widely popular Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles.” I frequently quote him on my facebook page, and have quoted him here on this blog. (with his permission, so don’t even try it Joan).

Here’s what he just wrote and I think it applies to me as well:

“Let me say it in plain English.
I will never apologize for exercising my Constitutionally guaranteed right to express my opinion.
I refuse to be intimidated. I refuse to knuckle under to threats. I refuse to cooperate with self-appointed censors. … Anyone who knows me well, knows that I cannot be bullied.
Do your worst. The universe has already done its worst to me. I’m still standing. You can’t touch me.”
So I apply that to Joan, Brian, Russell, Tom and Laura Heath, and anyone else who thinks they can bully me. I won’t be bullied. I’m still at my job. I’m still in my own house. I’m still in my mini-van, and I’m still married to John Pace. All the little schemes and lies that Joan has tried to ruin my life, my career, my relationship with John (and others) have FAILED!
Isn’t there a song by Elton John that has a line – I’M STILL STANDING!
assholes, you will never beat me down. I thumb my nose at all of you.
I have also succeeded in getting Joan’s libelous book pulled from publication and have outed her as a liar time and time again.  WINNER!

Update on Court Proceedings of May 15, 2013 – Ruth Pace vs. Joan Wheeler May 15, 2013

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First, my lawyer must have been caught up in his other case. He did tell me that he would be in Family Court today on another case and would try to get to me. But he didn’t make my case. So we went into the court room and I told the judge this. Joan’s lawyer asked that today’s proceedings be dismissed on the grounds that my complaint was made against Brian Maloney, and Joan is not responsible for his actions. The judge agreed, but did give me some advice that I could press criminal charges on Brian in regular city court since Brian is not a family member. I will keep this in mind.

So – what does this mean – it means that via her lawyer, Joan Wheeler has denied any relationship to Brian Maloney, that he does NOT speak for her. Her lawyer put forth that Joan was not in violation of the order of protection and that Brian Maloney was responsible for what Brian said. This means that Brian is indeed subject to criminal charges for further attacks, slander, threats, stalking of me and my family. Also, I would take it to be implied that Joan is disavowing ANY relationship with ANY “champ” or “defender,” which includes Russell Thomas. Looks like you guys got thrown under the bus.

Now, Brian himself, was NOT in court today.Why not? Isn’t he Joan’s “great defender” and “Champ”ion? He did say back in January that he didn’t want to get involved, then when I brought to public Joan’s tweet about her fantasizing about “blowing up government offices” she must have called him in to be her “champ”ion. And boy did he come running. And tried to enter the court room on April 17. The bailiff told him to wait outside and I chimed in that he had no business in the courtroom. And because of my standing up for MY rights and making it clear that this outsider, this interloper had no business in MY case, he resorts to attacking me on the internet again. But then, doesn’t follow thru with his grandiose interference in a matter that DOES NOT CONCERN HIM.

OR – perhaps Joan’s lawyer advised her to cut ties with Brian – or told Brian to butt out. Which is what I would expect a good lawyer to do. Because despite Brian’s claims to be Joan’s good friend and defender – he is actually hurting her case.

Joan did have another man with her. I don’t know who he is. Never saw him before. Don’t know his name. He looks rather pleasant, like a nice guy. Well, you know what they say – nice guys finish last.

This is all very interesting. Brian, for some reason, could not or would not come to support Joan. And lo and behold! Another of Joan’s “good buddies who are ready to don shining armor and take on big bad Ruth” – Russell Thomas, comes out of the woodwork the other day. We haven’t heard from this worm for over a year, and now all of a sudden there he is! BUT he doesn’t show any inclination of wanting to get involved in a matter that is none of his business. Wise move Russ.

So Russ and Brian could not or would not come and hold poor Joan’s hand today, so she got somebody else. You know, if she’s big and brave enough to talk shit on the internet about me – if she’s big and brave enough to contact my employer with false accusations via an anonymous letter, then be big and brave and BRAG on the internet about contacting my employer – why is she NOT Woman enough to come to court and stand on her own two feet?  She can talk the talk, but can’t take responsiblity for her talk. And there would be NO need for this – if Joan would learn to SHUT HER MOUTH ABOUT ME AND MY FAMILY AND TELL THE DAM TRUTH! – in other words – STOP LYING ABOUT ME AND CAUSING TROUBLE!

And the funniest part of today – after we left the courtroom, I had to use the ladies room. Joan and her new “champ” were standing talking to her lawyer. I walked past them and went to the bathroom. When I came out, at the other end of the corridor, I see Joan and her new “champ” walking towards me. The elevators were between us, but I moved to the opposite wall – as a courtesy – to let Joan and “new champ” pass me. I intended to keep walking and let them go for an elevator first. As they passed me, I looked directly at them, not in any antagonistic way, but a direct look. Joan lowered her head and looked at the floor. And I noted she was holding “new champ’s” hand. They walked past the elevators to the ladies room, where Joan entered and “new champ” took up guard outside the door.

OH PU-LEAZE! Did she think I was going to jump on her and beat her ass in a public courtroom where there are sheriff deputies all over the place? Well, violence DOES occur in court buildings, but this was just total nonsense! Look Joan, YOU are not worth MY going to jail over – I am not the one who breaks the law – YOU are.

So now we wait til our regularly scheduled court date of July 23, 2013 for Joan to answer charges of harassment and slander due to her contacting my employer with false accusations.

As to Brian – and his threat of blackmail over me – his threat to expose my “dark dirty secret.” Let it be known here and now, that I have NEVER spoken to Brian T. Maloney – he does NOT know me. I do not recognize any attempt of extortion or blackmail in this threat to expose anything about me. I challenge him to go right ahead and let out this “dark dirty secret” that he thinks I have. BUT BE WARNED BRIAN – since you are a stranger to me – and have never met me, don’t know me, never spoken to me – whatever you put out on the internet can and will be considered slander, libel, harassment and cyber-bullying and you will be subject to criminal charges of harassment, threatening me, slander, and libel.

As I warned Russell yesterday – I only have to pay my lawyer once – and that’s been done. Joan has a lawyer – she has a legal “champ” now.


. gertmcqueen – May 15, 2013 [Edit]
As I said the other day to Russ, when he ‘requested’ that we refrain from using his name…sorry…Russ and Brian…by their own free will did come and create blogs against the characters of 3 women they do not know, except via what Joan Wheeler told them! And now that the heat has been turned on, with COURT, both Russ and Brian are bowing out and Joan has indicated, via her lawyer, that she did NOT ask them to speak for her. That means…that if either one speaks again against us three birthsiblings, that would be HARASSMENT…they have been warned!

It is unfortunate that this case continues to have delay upon delay, but eventually it WILL BE HEARD! In the meanwhile we continue on REFUTING THE LIES AND RECLAIMING OUR PERSONAL AND FAMILY HONORS.

If Joan wants to be left alone…she ought to have thought about that BEFORE she wrote a libelous book against the birth family and us individually. She has that dead book hanging around her neck and it shall stay there until she comes clean and acknowledges that she did wrong, apology for all she has done, takes down her hate blogs against us and ALL references to us and STOPS talking about us, in any form. Until she does that, she just has to live with the BIRTH SISTERS in her face everywhere she is. She wrote the book ABOUT us and we shall continue to tell the world all about it.

3. PaulaMay 15, 2013

Cowards! They are pathetic cowards. Go, Gert!


4. PaulaMay 15, 2013

Go, Ruth! :)


RuthMay 15, 2013

thank you Paula – and yes – they are ALL cowards.

gertmcqueen – May 16, 2013
thanks Paula!
our day will come!

6. RuthMay 16, 2013

not only is Brian a coward, but I have to ask – does he have a life? I mean, how much time and energy has he spent devoted to bullying and harassing a woman he doesn’t know? I’m talking about mainly me, but he has also insulted Gert. But I seem to be his main target. WHY? Now, I have devoted time and energy to this blog, because I have been slandered due to Joan’s book and internet activities – but I must question WHY is Brian so damned concerned with MY life and what I do? And it isn’t because he wants to “defend a friend.” That’s so bullshit – because he has spent little time in actual defending Joan – most of his “defenses” has consisted in talking about ME. A defense is a defense – consisting of talking about the person to be defended. Brian instead has taken to “offense” – attacking me and threatening me. This will not look good in a court of law. Being the son of a highly successive attorney doesn’t seem to have helped Brian very much. I suggest that he pay less attention to Ruth’s life, who has a successful career, and pay attention to Brian’s life, which seems to be lacking in – hell, I don’t know – why DOES he need to come sniffing at my life? He needs a hobby.something to occupy his mind. sigh, perhaps I should be flattered that he keeps showering me with so much attention.

7. RuthMay 16, 2013

it occurs to me, that the police, law enforcement agencies and a court of law will also be questioning as to why a man has devoted so much time and energy to a woman he doesn’t know, never met, nor ever spoken to. They will wonder why he “knows” a “deep dirty secret” of that woman and why he is threatening her to expose it. Brian is skating on thin ice – this is called stalking and harassing.


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altho this is a family matter between Joan and me, and really not anyone’s business – it was JOAN who first went public with our family story and naming the Three Sippel Sisters on the internet in Sept. 2008. Then in Oct – Nov 2009 on the ABC news website article “Adoptees face sting of discriminiation.” In several comments to that article, Joan LIED about circumstances involving the Sippel family, of which SHE IS NOT A LEGAL MEMBER. Within weeks of that – she published her book – which not only contained many slanderous statements about me – but she left MANY clues as to MY identity. – These points were all discussed on this blog and I won’t get into here. –

Since JOAN first brought a private family matter into the public arena – I decided to erect this blog – once Joan wrote that book and went on several websites to promote it – she left herself open to full disclosure.

It has been said that there are two sides to every story – Joan told her story in her book, on her website, and on many other internet sites. This blog, is my side of the story. I back my side of the story up with actual court and police documents – I provide proof of what I say.

I am a human being. If someone tells a lie about me, or threatens me in any way – I have the right to defend myself. – Joan has done this. She has lied about me in that book – the book that she maintains is the truth. I have submitted the actual court documents that proved that what Joan put in the book was false. I did not need to pressure the publisher – Joan signed a contract with Trafford, saying that what was in the book was the truth. I submitted court documents that showed she signed the contract under false pretenses. Hence her book was killed. That’s not my fault – that’s Joan’s fault. If her little freinds want to keep on believing her lies – that’s ok with me. BUT – her little friends have no right to bully me. Now go away- as I said – this is between Joan and me – you have no business commenting on MY life. I never met you Russ or met Brian – don’t know you guys. WHY are you commenting on MY life? You guys stuck yourself into my life – I didn’t ask for you to – but I am telling you now – GET OUT – YOU ARE NOW CONSIDERED AS TO BREAKING THE LAW BY HARASSING ME, THREATENING ME.

ONE OF JOAN’S FRIENDS IS NOW TANGLED UP IN THE LEGALITIES OF THE SITUATION REGARDING A VIOLATION OF THE ORDER OF PROTECTION THAT WAS GRANTED TO ME BY THE FAMILY COURT OF BUFFALO ON JANUARY 24, 2013. Does the other buttinsky want to get involved in the court case? I only have to pay my lawyer once – and that has been taken care of.

1. rus623May 14, 2013

Ruth I have not commented on your life or mentioned you in over a year.  Please remove my name and let this matter between me and you to rest.



RuthMay 14, 2013

it does not matter whether you have commented on my life or mentioned me via THIS blog in over a year – your bullying blog is still in existence – that means that every second of every hour of every day for the past year you HAVE been mentioning me. Remove the blog and yourself from my life. no more comments from you will be accepted – I have set my spam filters to reject you. I don’t want to see your name. I want only your COMPLETE withdrawal from this – which means TAKE DOWN YOUR BULLYING BLOG.


8:55pm – just got up from my nap and I see my stats up, up, up. Glad to know you’re reading Joan, Russ and Brian. have fun. for myself – I’m going to watch Dante’s Peak – Pierce Brosnan is so much more handsomer than Russ or Brian. And my hubby is waaay more interesting than the 3 of you combined. Have fun kiddies!

Knowledge or Ignorance? It is YOUR responsibility to find out the truth of something. April 24, 2013

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“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Professor Stephen Hawking

It has been said that there are two sides of every story. If you are going to take for truth and fact only ONE side of a story, you under the “illusion” of knowledge and allowing yourself to be ignorant.

All of those sheeple that take for truth Joan Wheeler’s stories of how her birth sisters are always the bad guys are just that – sheeple. baa baa sheeps that have no brains to think for themselves, to ferret out the details, to find out the truth of something. If they don’t take the responsibility to find out the facts and truth of a situation or an anecdote – they cannot be trusted.

Grow some brains and use them.

what you post in social media on the internet is public domain. lesson for Joan Wheeler April 22, 2013

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This morning, I was relaxing on my couch, sometimes snoozing, sometimes awake and paying attention to CNN. There was a discussion about the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing that occured last week. Apparently, the dead suspect, had posted some terroristic videos on his youtube channel. The reporter didn’t say if he made those videos himself or merely harvested them from somewhere else and put them on his channel. (youtube calls a user’s page their “channel”).

I didn’t pay much attention to what else the reporter said but she did say something that clicked in my head – she called postings on social media sites as being “public domain.”

I just did a little bit of research. Now I’m not talking about copyrighted materials, I’m talking about general social media postings and general blog postings.  And public and private websites.

Joan Wheeler in the past has gotten her panties in a bunch because I have read her blog. – So what? It’s out there on the public internet right? Is her site private? No. Is my name mentioned on her site? Yes it is. In a post she made in December 2009. Is MY mother’s name on her site? Yes it is. Is MY mother’s picture on her site? Yes it is. Is MY picture on her site? Yes it is. IF MY MOTHER’S NAME AND HER PICTURE IS ON JOAN WHEELER’S WEBSITE THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO VIEW JOAN’S BLOG. IF MY PICTURE IS ON JOAN’S WEBSITE THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE HER SITE. Does Joan Wheeler talk about me and my childhood on her site? Yes she does. IF JOAN WHEELER IS TALKING ABOUT ME THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE HER WEBSITE.

Joan has also gone on other websites and talked about me and my father. IF SHE IS TALKING ABOUT ME OR MY FATHER THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE WHAT SHE IS SAYING ABOUT ME AND MY FATHER. – remember people – once Doris Sippel was relinquished to adoption, once my father signed those papers, once her adoptive parents signed those papers, once the judge approved the adoption and legally changed her name to Joan Wheeler, she CEASED TO BE A LEGAL MEMBER OF THE SIPPEL FAMILY. She has no legal right to be writing about the Sippel family and she must cease to do this. AND she had no right to pull that little stunt after MY father died – because of her disrespect to him, my father REMOVED Joan from his papers – which included his own self-written obitiuary. He had her included in his papers, not because he was of any legal obligation – but because he wanted to do it – from his heart. Once she stomped on his heart one too many times – he removed her. What does Joan do? She contacts the Buffalo News and submits HER OWN OBITIUARY OF MY FATHER, naming herself as his daughter. What kind of crap is that? Gross disrespect of the Sippel Family – of which, I will say again – SHE IS NOT A LEGAL MEMBER OF.

Her reason for writing about MY family was not to promote any kind of adoption reform, but it was a hate manifesto against anyone in Joan’s life who ever disagreed with her. She claims that her book was her personal memoir – then why was MY miscarriage in that book? And her disrespecting the death of my son by saying “it’s just as well she couldn’t get pregnant.” That book was nothing but an exploitation of MY family – an attempt by Joan to garner “fame and fortune” on MY family. I repeat – Joan Wheeler is not a legal member of MY family.

And if she is writing this stuff on the internet – she is putting it all out there for the entire world to see and she needs to stop whining that “my birth sisters are reading my blog.” Like I said, if she is talking about me, I will be reading it. And once she published her book and once she started promoting that libelous book, she opened herself up to full disclosure. If she can write about MY childhood and MY life, and MY family on her website, then I can do the same. It works both ways. If Joan writes a comment or posts anything on the public internet – that comment is subject to review and rebuttal.

Now, back to my research – I found this from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fl. It is their social media policy for students. You can find the entire page by visiting this link. But I just want to quote something. And Joan Wheeler needs to learn it.

“Social media postings are in the public domain. This means anyone in the world can see your posts, and your posts can impact you and the university. Social media are public channels and are searchable via standard Web browsers – despite your privacy settings. You are responsible for any and all content and exchanges occurring within the pages/tools under your purview. Treat online comments the same way you would at a public forum.”

Joan writes inflammatory things on The Huffington Post, her website, other websites, even to the point of saying she wants to blow up buildings on her twitter page (April 14, 2013). One of these days, she’s going to find herself using a public computer in the library of a prison.

OMG! I was on amazon.com site! quick Joan Wheeler yell it from the rooftops and tattle-tale on me – Ruth the Horrible was on Amazon! April 21, 2013

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  1. Ruth Herr Sippel Pace

5 hours ago via Twitter

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace

I just bought: ‘Star Trek The Next Generation – The Complete Third Season’ by Patrick Stewart via @amazon http://t.co/Sa9Cw9fwjZ

Star Trek The Next Generation – The Complete Third Season

amazon.com    26 episodes on 7 discs: Evolution, The Ensigns of Command, The Survivors, Who Watches the Watchers, The Bonding, Booby Trap, The Enemy, The Price, The Vengeance Factor, The Defector, The Hunted, The High Ground, Deja Q, A Matter of Perspective, Yesterday’s Enterprise, The Offspring, Sins of the F…

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace oh gee wow! wonder if the Nameless One will start some more whining because I was at the amazon.com site. what an ass!

  • Ruth Herr Sippel Pace I do have a credit account at amazon – and I will continue to use amazon for my DVD and MP3 needs – and write a review or rebut a review. If Joan Wheeler doesn’t like that – she can just stuff it.

the above was from my facebook – — back in November 2012, Joan Wheeler got her panties all bunched up because I dared to rebut a review of her stupid book – the one that got pulled from publication due to her lying about me in it. The book was pulled from publication in May 2011. A review for a book that is no longer available? Silly, silly. So as my right – I rebutted the review. The review was written by one of Joan’s adoptee buddies. She and Joan didn’t like the fact that me and Gert rebutted the review. So what was Joan’s solution to the problem? – go and write an anonymous letter to my employer and tattle tale on me that I was on amazon! BUT she LIED (oh, what else is new?) and said that I was using hospital computers to do it.

NO – I was at home when I did it. And my employer investigated the charge of computer fraud/misuse and found me innocent – because they track every key stroke I do. So Joan’s little plot to get me fired went boom in her face. But then two months later, she couldn’t stop yakking mouth, er, typing fingers, and bragged on The Huffington website that it was she who sent that lying letter to my job.

well – what did she accomplish? Let’s see. I’m still employed at the same place that I’ve been at for the past 40 plus years. I’m still shopping at amazon – and I filed harassment charges on Joan. Next court date is in July 2013 and there is currently a restraining order against Joan.

oh shoot – poor Joan – she can’t do ANYthing but stew about the fact that I bought something on amazon this morning.

If Joan Wheeler wants a sugar-coated truth – she won’t find it here on my blog April 19, 2013

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ruth truth

My blog is not a bakery. I don’t sugar coat anything. Joan Wheeler and other adoptees are always screaming for the “truth.” And that is what I deal with here in this blog.

Don’t be mad when it’s not what you want to hear.


truth honesty respect

and don’t forget – “two wrongs don’t make a right.” – If you feel you didn’t get truth from your adopted parents. If you feel that the adoption system wasn’t honest with you – if you feel that you were disrespected – don’t go around lying, being dishonest and show gross disrespect to other people.

I was disrespected by Joan Wheeler. I was lied to and about by her. She was never honest in anything she ever did with me, even to the point of stealing, trying to destroy my reputation, my career, my marriage. But she failed. My reputatioin and my career are intact and my marriage? Well that’s the funny thing. We weren’t even married when Joan was trying her soap opera tactics trying to break us up. We are married now – 10 and a half years and still going strong.

She keeps on trying to bring me down, and it never worked in the past, and won’t work – ever! Instead of fixating on MY life and how to destroy it, she would do better to concentrate on her own life. Like learning not to be dreaming of blowing up government offices. That’s the kind of dreams that get a gal locked up!

Legal Notice to Joan Wheeler, (Forbidden Family) Brian Maloney and Russell Thomas, April 18, 2013 April 18, 2013

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In the matter of the Order of Protection that was granted to me by the court- Joan Wheeler has been ordered to:

Refrain from communication of any other contact by mail, telephone, e-mail, voice-mail or any other electronic or any other means with Ruth Sippel Pace and respondant (Joan Wheeler) shall not contact petitioner’s employer.

Refrain from assault, stalking, harassment, aggravated harassment, menacing, reckless endangerment, strangulation, criminal obsgtruction of breathing or circulation, disorderly conduct, criminal mishief, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, forcible touching, intimidation, threats or any criminal offense against Ruth Sippel Pace.

This is quoted from the actual correspondence that I received dated March 19, 2013 and again dated April 17, 2013. Both orders of protection are backdated to include the original temporary order of protection that was issued on January 24, 2013 which included the phrase “through third party.”

This means that Joan canNOT use a third party to intimidate me, harass me, communicate with me AT ALL. This includes her little Champ Brian Maloney and Russell Thomas

I suggest Brain and Russ take down their lying bullying and intimidating blogs against me. And refrain from slandering and harassing me further – because that is a direct violation of this order of protection – which could result in Joan Wheeler being placed under immediate arrest and serving up to seven years in jail. – information taken directly from the order of protection.

These two bullies will have their names made known to the judge as Joan Wheeler’s henchmen in her harassment of me, as they are working as HER mouthpiece.

 Ruth B. Pace – April 18, 2013, 10:30am

addendum – April 20, 2013, 2:29pm:

When I say that these two men are Joan’s “mouthpieces” I mean just that. Last summer, Brian Maloney – whom I have never met – gets on the internet and starts throwing in my face some old “gossip” about an Arab lady whose name starts with an S. – Back in the late 1970’s this girl (and she was 17 when I met her) and I did not get along and we did have several fights. By 1984, it was all patched up and she showed me much grace and love in 1985 after I miscarried my son, and to this day, I still have the get well card she sent me. And in July 2009, Shadya and I had a private dialogue on facebook. As I said, I have never met Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville NY – yet he is throwing in my face 33 YEAR OLD GOSSIP! Now WHERE did he hear this old untruthful gossip? FROM JOAN WHEELER!

When Brian Maloney, or any other third party, especially a third party WHO HAS NEVER MET ME, is taking about MY life, things they were told by Joan Wheeler – they are acting as a mouthpiece of Joan Wheeler. Therefore, if this continues, Joan Wheeler shall be considered as contacting me – which is against the order of protection. And I shall alert the authorities that the order of protection is being violated.

 I have already posted on this blog that greeting card from Shadya – and here is the beginning of my conversation with her on fb on July 9, 2009 – I have whited out her last name and have not included PRIVATE things we spoke of. This should put to rest any LYING gossip about Shadya and me. People really need to shut their mouths about things they know NOTHING about.

shadya fb 01

shadya 02

shadya 03

comments to this blog post:

gertmcqueen – April 18, 2013

and that THIRD PARTY means all other angry militant adoptees…such as those that harassed you and me on Huffington Post…namely those from BASTARD NATION which is a militant angry adoptee organization

3. RuthApril 19, 2013

angry adoptees – stay OUT of my life and my family’s business. same thing to Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville New York and Russell Thomas of Wilson New York. I don’t know you two men. You are nothing to me. Stay out of MY business and MY family’s business. Your involvement with Joan Wheeler gives you NO right to stick your nose into MY life. Joan Wheeler is not a legal member of my family. She has broken the law in the past and is currently doing it again.

Update on today’s (April 17, 2013) court proceedings in my harassment case against Joan Wheeler April 17, 2013

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Because of Joan Wheeler contacting my job with false accusations of computer fraud, via a letter geared solely to get me in trouble with my employer, I had filed charges with the police in January 2013. The letter was received by my employer in November 2102. I was investigated, and found innocent by my employer. All keystrokes that I do can be traced. On January 22, 2013, Joan stupidly bragged on The Huffington Post website that she was the one who sent that letter. She made a further false accusation of me – that I have made phone calls from my employer to her house to make medical appointments for her. Which is impossible for me to do. I work the night shift, am not in the building until after 6pm, well after outpatient departments are closed. Also there are security cameras thru out the hospital and I do not appear on any camera in ANY department in the daytime, making phone calls.

After a couple of adjournments in the court case, we reported today to the court house for our scheduled appearance at 2pm.

I was there about 1:30 and was working on a story that I am writing when I looked up and saw Joan coming into the communal waiting area with her “Champ” Brian Maloney. I mentally noted them both and went back to my writing. Around 2pm, my lawyer came and I showed him the printout of Joan’s tweet from April 14, 2013 about her fantasizing about blowing up government offices, in particular, Vital Statistics Offices that holds original birth certificates (OBCs) of adoptees. Because Joan HATES adoption and wants to eradicate the whole system of adoption, this is her solution to the problem. Never mind that if an office containing an OBC is blown up, the OBC is destroyed, and NObody is going to obtain it. (DOH!) see my blogpost “Joan Wheeler is now fantasiszing/threatening to blow up government buildings. Is she looking for a pair of handcuffs April 14, 2003,” which contains a screen shot of her foolish tweet.

Several minutes later, my attorney had a conference with Joan’s attorney and I saw my attorney show Joan’s attorney the printout that I made of Joan’s tweet.

As I have been the victim of various harassments from Joan over the course of more than 25 years, and having had the “pleasure” of Joan asking around for a hitman to take me out (1998), when I saw Joan promoting violence (blowing up buildings) on the internet, I became alarmed and frightened. If Joan hates me as much as she hates adoption, (and I know she does), and she has made one death threat against me – is Joan fantasizing about blowing up my house?

And we know that Joan ACTS on her misguided fantasies. Somehow, somewhere, she fantasized my then-fiance (now husband) having an affair with my next door neighbor and sent me a letter telling me this in 1999. She also said that they had had a baby girl. The house was vacant and since I have lived in my house from the end of May 1987, I know all persons who lived in that house – and the only two babies born to women living in that house were boys. Where she got the idea of a baby girl – I don’t know – she FANTASIZED this – then ACTED on her fantasy – sending me that lying harassing letter.

Now I’m sure Joan had a print out of my blogpost of yesterday “Joan Wheeler “social worker” (yeah, right), adoptee rights activist says she wants to blow up buildings. what an ass April 16, 2013” and showed it to her lawyer. And I am equally sure that she did NOT show him the tweet she wrote about fantasizing about blowing up buildings.

Since this was all new to her lawyer, I suppose he needed time to figure out how he was going to handle this. So a postponement was called and we have to appear on July 23. AND the temporary restraining order that was placed on Joan (to leave me alone) is extended until that time.

So I’m thinking what happened is that Joan read my blog post either last night or this morning and called in her defending Champ. Sorry, there is NO defending calling someone’s job with a false accusation. At one point, while I was sitting with my lawyer, I had looked up and saw Brian standing up. I did look over at him to get a good look at the great “defender.”

I then told my lawyer that I did not want him present in the court room, as he has NOTHING to do with the proceedings. My lawyer said he would take care of it. When the bailiff called us, Brian did move to enter the courtroom and the bailiff told him that he would have to wait outside in the waiting area. I then said (although it wasn’t necessary) “That man is NOT a family member, I want him OUT of this court room.” By stating that firmly, I let everyone know in no uncertain terms, that I may be a slightly overweight petite woman with glasses, but I will not be intimidated. Chimp can stay out in the holding area and hold Joan’s hand. But that’s as far as he goes.

So that’s where we stand.

gertmcqueen – April 17, 2013

If I may…Joan’s tweet was not foolish….
it was dangerous, demented and illegal!
and I’m sure that not only does her lawyer, which is paid for by the citizens of New York State, cause Joan is disabled and gets free lawyers, where Ruth must PAY for her lawyer, cause Ruth works…but…her lawyer did NOT know of the additional crap that Joan did since last date!

Joan doesn’t need her defender Brian…he’s irrelevant, a no body, she already has a LAWYER. But like all idiots, these types think that their ‘mouth pieces’ are a help, when they are just stooges! Marley G of Bastard Nation tried recently to be Joan’s ‘lawyer’ on Huffington Post against me and where did that get her? NO where and the thread as stopped dead in it’s tracks!
Brian, stay home! Joan likes to talk, let her! Do yourself a favor and get out of the way!

2. RuthApril 17, 2013

when I said Joan’s tweet was foolish, I meant that she was a fool to put that on the public internet for all to see. And as I am law-abiding citizen of the country that I love, I have a right to inform the government (or anybody else) about possible terrorist threats. Instead of mocking me in her book for being a neighborhood activist, trying to improve quality of life issues in my community, Joan should have been paying attention. I headed up a block club under the direction of the Newburgh Coalition of Block Clubs. And Joan’s slanderous and libelous harassment letters to the mayor of Buffalo and otherr elected officials (1995) did not detract from my having a dialogue with the mayor and others regarding my block club work. Joan seriously needs to get a life. She has waaaay too mucy time on her hands. stupid stupid stupid

Joan Wheeler is now fantasizing/threatening to blow up government buildings. Is she looking for a pair of handcuffs? April 14, 2013

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from Gert’s blog

April 14, 2013

Home Land Security where are you? Joan Wheeler is threatening to blow up government offices

by gertmcqueen

I just can’t believe how down right stupid some people are!   the following was posted, according to twitter, about nine hours ago, by my clock that was around midnight or so April 14, 2013, from some computer that Joan Wheeler was using at a adoption conference where…I can’t really remember, Cleveland? Doesn’t matter if I don’t know where, cause on the tweet, the address is there @aac1978 and I’m sure authorities can find out.   this nonsense, this bad behavior, this utter crap, this dangerous life-threatening activity by a sick person must be seen and stopped, not only has she continued to lie about family and condemn family to others who then come and attack us because  we refute her lies, NOW she wants to blow up government offices because they will not give them (adoptees) their original birth certificates!!!   people BEWARE…I’ve been warning you about this idiot for years!   Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily9h   @aac1978 we #adoptees fantasize abt blowing up Vital Statistics Offices. Some adoptees OBCs are filed with false info from maternity homes..

Ruth here

– I also canNOT believe how stupid some people are, but then again -we’ve been saying for more than 3 years now what a dangerous person Joan Wheeler is. I don’t care if she used the word “fantasize” – Joan ACTS on her fantasies.

Joan SPECULATES and FANTASIZES that I use my employer’s computers to harass her. Joan SPECULATES and FANTASIZES that I have called her from my job to set up doctor appointments for her. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO!

Joan than ACTED ON those FANTASIES by sending an anonymous letter to my job in November 2012 to tell them of her fantasies! I was investigate and found innocent. Then Joan goes on Huffington Post and BRAGS that she was the one who sent that letter (January 22, 2013). click here to see those bragging harassing comments of Joan’s and my replies – you will have to scroll down a little to get past a couple more recent comments. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/forbiddenfamily?action=comments

Joan is now following the classic dangerous mode of killer psychopath – SPECULATE, FANTASIZE, ACT AND BRAG!

Here is what she tweeted around midnight April 13 – April 14.

joan wheeler tweet 03

joan wheeler tweet

RuthApril 15, 2013

I ws just thinking – they need to put Joan Wheeler and all those other stupid “militant” adoptees who want to blow up the vital statistics offices on the tv show “The World’s Dumbest Criminals” Why? These idiot adoptees are wanting their original birth certificates. These birth certificates are kept in the Vital Statistics Offices. They blow up the office – they have blown up their birth certificates. THEY WANT TO BLOW UP AND DESTROY THE VERY THINGS THEY ARE TRYING TO GET. roflmao! Oh my god – these people are so damn stupid. And Joan is even stupider to put their plan on public internet where all can see. Can we say STUPID?

Update on court case against Joan Wheeler – March 19, 2013 March 19, 2013

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To bring people up to speed – back in November 2012, just after Thanksgiving, my employer’s Human Resources department received a letter falsely accusing me of computer fraud, involving my employer’s computers and computer system. My employer investigated me and found me innocent. Their computer security systems can trace and track every keystroke that I do.

I was not informed of the letter or of the investigation until January 2, 2013, by my immediate supervisor. I was told that a meeting had been set up on January 4. I was told the reason for not telling me sooner was so that I could enjoy my holidays, and the meeting was NOT disciplinary, but for my information.

On the afternoon of January 22, 2013, Joan Wheeler, while shooting her mouth off on The Huffington Post, – (click here to see her comment that contained false accusations against me, and see note below before going to Huffington Post) admitted to being the one who sent that lying letter. Further, she falsely accused me on the internet of calling her house FROM MY EMPLOYER to make appointments for her. (what a crock of shit).

Seeing as she admitted to the CRIME of harassment online, (and further making false accusations of me – making appointments for her) I immediately filed harassment charges on her.

So after a couple of delays, we got in front of the judge today in Family Court, where I was granted a temporary Order of Protection against Joan Wheeler. The terms are that she not contact me in person, or by mail, telephone, email, voice-mail or other electronic or any means and “RESPONDANT (Joan Wheeler) SHALL NOT CONTACT PETITIONER’S (me) EMPLOYER.

We have a new court date next month for Joan to stand trial for her crime of harassing me. The temporary Order of Protection is in effect until that date.

As routine, I filed one copy of the Order of Protection with the Buffalo Police Department. I have a copy for myself that I must carry with me at all times, and was instructed by the police that if the order is violated, I should call 911 immediately.

My attorney advised me to make a photocopy of the one that I have and file it with my employer, to keep them abreast of the situation.

And that’s how it stands as of today. As I always have, I stand up to bullies, liars and intimidators of all kinds.

Ruth’s note about Joan’s comment page on The Huffington Post. Since Joan made that libelous statement on January 22, 2013, she has made several more comments about adoption and birth certificates. So you will have to scroll down to see the stupid comment she made about me and my sisters – even accusing me of starting my twitter account solely to bother her. really. I took her to task on Huffington – refuting all her bullshit lies there. All her stupid libelous comments AND my replies – with the TRUTH – are all there in one spot. You just have to scroll down a bit.

As to her recent activity on Huffington – with her discussions about adoption and birth certificates – THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN TELLING JOAN TO DO FOR MORE THAN THREE YEARS NOW – have your debates about adoption and birth certificates all you want – we don’t care – JUST LEAVE US THE HELL OUT OF YOUR DISCUSSIONS! AND STOP LYING ABOUT THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF YOUR ADOPTION.

It seems as though Joan is quite capable of discussing her adoption activism WITHOUT DRAGGING US INTO IT OR DISRESPECTING OUR FAMILY after all. Because I have not one single problem with what she has been saying recently on Huffington.

She even FINALLY acknowledged that the natural family relinguished her because there was no other choice. Which actually is a direct contradiction of what she keeps harping about – she keeps saying she is 100% against adoption, and keeps promoting kinship and guardianship care. Which was NOT a viable option in our family.

We’ve told Joan before – if you want to engage in your anti-adoption activism, LEAVE US OUT OF IT. By continually dragging us into it – she opens herself up to our rebuttals.

All she has to EVER say is, “I was adopted when my birth mother died. Due to lack of options of child care, my birth father relinguished me for adoption. My adoptive parents lied to me. I was found by my birth siblings in 1974. A few years later, personality conflicts between us resulted in us not having a relationship.”

That’s all she has to ever say about us. Since she keeps lying about us – we keep telling the truth about us.

Joan Wheeler has the flu (sniffle, sneeze) – the weather is crummy – and I got a great story to finish reading anyway! March 13, 2013

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So today, Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 2pm,  I was supposed to be in court to do battle with Joan Wheeler. I filed harassment charges against her back in January because she contacted my job with false accusations of me committing computer fraud. Then she brags about this criminal act on Huffington Post.

Well, I just got a call from my lawyer – we have to postpone because Joan “has the flu.” oh dear! This is why they give out free flu shots. I got mine the first week in January.

Listen, the flu shot will NOT “give” you the flu. You might have a slightly sore arm – just take some tylenol and move the arm to distrubute the vaccine. And time it right. I got my shot just after work one morning, knowing I would be off the next 3 days. And with no immediate plans to go anywhere or do anything, I just rested and watched some DVDs.

So now I’m free for the day. The weather is rather dull and crummy. Gray and dreary, cold with a few snowflakes. Who wants to go out in that kind of weather? I got some housework to do. But first — I have something to do.

Yesterday, I found a GREAT fan-fiction story of the meeting and budding romance of Sarek and Amanda – the parents of Mr. Spock of Star Trek. It is called The Vulcan’s Wife.” click here to get to the story.   The author only gives the screenname of Aphrodite420. She is a great writer. This story will have you laughing, almost crying. The whole gamut of emotions – of which, we know Vulcans DO have, they just suppress them.

So yesterday, I only got to chapter 30. And now I can go and finish it.

If any of you readers are Star Trek fans, go check out the story – you will love it. There are some sex scenes, nothing really too explicit or smutty. But you will enjoy it.

To whet your appetite, here are a couple of pictures of Sarek and Amanda as they appeared in the original Star Trek series, (Mark Lenard and Jane Wyatt) and the 2011 movie (Ben Cross and Winona Ryder). I also found some fan paintings on the internet. Enjoy!

Sarek and Amanda TOS

ben cross - sarek

winona ryder - amanda

amanda and sarek by ayumi lemura

sarek and amanda share a kiss by kyuketsuki vain-

1. gertmcqueenMarch 13, 2013

Our Day Will Come!! she can’t hide forever, she has to appear in court to answer the charges against her, she did the crime, she’ll have to do the time!

Ruth here – Right Gert. meanwhile, I forgot to put this picture up – It’s a family portrait of Sarek, Amanda, and their young son Spock – who must be forced to exhibit a smile for the camera:

sarek, amanda and spock

2. PaulaMarch 13, 2013

She probably did get a flu shot. She’s either lying or the Universe is trying to do away with her sooner rather than later. :)


3. RuthMarch 14, 2013

I don’t know Paula – she may be telling the truth – or not. That’s the trouble with habitual liars – you don’t know when they ARE telling the truth. As to your statement that the universe is trying to do away with her — you may be more right than you know. — She’s ALWAYS sick with something or other. Because she doesn’t take care of herself. And I don’t just mean physically – I mean spiritually! Hanging on to so much negativity just drags a person down. She even says so in her book! She describes how she was so full of self-loathing she was drinking, doing drugs, driving drunk, not eating, not bathing, not washing her hair, not cooking for her kids. (what a life those poor kids must have had). She’s been in therapy for more than 30 years and STILL hasn’t gotten any better. Why? BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T WANT TO GET BETTER. She wants the attention. She craves the sympathy. If you REALLY look at what she says and writes – it’s ALWAYS “poor poor pitiful Joan. Woe is me. I had a fucked up life – feel sorry for me. ” And when you don’t feel sorry for her – beware – you are placed on her list of people she will get back at.

When my lawyer told me yesterday she had the flu, I didn’t say it to him – but in my mind, I said, “yeah — right.”

But hey! Like I said above – I really really didn’t want to go out yesterday. It was cold, windy. Downtown Buffalo gets the wind right off Lake Erie – I was NOT looking forward to it. – and today is less windy, but still cold. And I already informed the hubby we are NOT going shopping today. – it will wait until tomorrow. I have to go out tomorrow evening anyway – going ghost-hunting! Got my digital recorder ready. – Buying a digital thermometer and a K2 meter next month. Then I’ll need a spirit box and an Ovolus – these are devices that actually let the ghost “speak” to you using electronics.

And tonight – tonight I will finish up reading the Sarek and Amanda story. — oh, can’t wait!

–Ruth here again – speaking of Amanda – I was watching an old VCR tape this morning while I was working out – the 2009 Halloween Ghost Hunters Special. I had used an old tape that had several episodes of Hercules the Legendary Journeys. (I have the entire Hercules series and entire Xena series on DVD, so I taped over some of the episodes) One of the episodes that didn’t get erased was called Prince Hercules and guest starred actress Sam Jenkins. As I watched Sam – I realized that she is how I imagine the young Amanda Grayson to be. Here is Sam in her role in the episode Prince Hercules. She came and guested in another couple of episodes — and lucky girl — she married the star of the show Kevin Sorbo. I’ve included a picture of them on their wedding day. – In fact, I just finished Kevin’s book “True Strength” – chronciling how he suffered a stroke just 3 months before they married. And how Sam fought for him to find the strength to fight for his health. She is a remarkable woman. – just like Amanda.

Sam Jenkins ph  sam and kevin

Ruth here again – talking Trek – why do I imagine Sam as the young Amanda? Why not Winona Ryder? Because I think of Beetlejuice when I see Winona!

I couldn’t accept her as Amanda in the 2009 movie – I could accept Ben Cross as Sarek. That was hard enough to accept anyone other than the late Mark Lenard as Sarek. But I have gone on record stating that I do NOT accept the new Star Trek. Chris Pine is good as Kirk, Bruce Greenwood as Pike, and Karl Urban as McCoy. As much Zachary Quinto resembles Nimoy – his Spock is too stiff. Nimoy’s Spock flowed with natural energy. And I hated a skinny fashion model as Uhura. They should have gone with Sanaa Lathan (Aliens vs. Predators) to portray Uhura. And I cannot accept a love affair between Uhura and Spock. 

 JJ Abrahms – the producer of the new Trek – has gone on record saying he is NOT a Trek fan. Then why is doing Trek? — He has killed Star Trek for me.  – At least any new Trek. I still have the entire original series and animated series and Star Trek Enterprise on dvd. As well as all the movies (yes, even this hated one), and several seasons of Next Gen, Deep Space 9 and Voyager on dvd. Am working on completing my collection. I also have an extensive library of Star Trek novels, magazines and fanzines.

And keeping with my love of Trek, I head up a local Star Trek fan-group, The USS Ari – a starship – of which I am the commanding officer – rank: Captain. – and will be working on our newsletter next week for our meeting next month – the first since the onset of winter.

Joan Wheeler is starting her lying false accusations again – calling my job to make trouble January 6, 2013

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First, let’s take a look at a couple of tweets I found – from Joan herself:

Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily to @slyoung50 Hi! Received a Direct Mess from you about a link; it was spam. I s your accounthacked? IF you get spammed by my sisters, tell me

Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily:  If anyone receives any tweets from my sisters, please let me know. They love to cause troublefor me. I am not in their lives at all.

So I answered:

@ruthsippelpace riiight- so why did she call my job after Thanksgiving false accusing me of computer fraud on my job same shit she did in 95

Ruth Pace‏@ruthsippelpace @ruthsippelpace said I using BGH computers to visit Amazon – she don’t work there in the middle of the night – how does she know what I do

Ruth Pace‏@ruthsippelpace @ruthsippelpace Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily is a liar and a troublemaker – called my job AGAIN to make trouble –   Ruth Pace‏@ruthsippelpace @ruthsippelpace Joan Wheeler called my job in 1995 almost everyday for months to get me fired – she’s at it again. lying troublemaker   Ruth Pace‏@ruthsippelpace @ruthsippelpace hospital adminstrators investigated Joan’s latest false accusation – found me innocent AGAIN give it up asshole Joan

So what is going on? I will tell you: Back in December 2009 when I first started this blog, Joan was having conniption fits because I was daring to stand up to her bullying lies contained her trash book. I had at the time, a desktop computer, a Dell with Windows 2000 on it. I bought it in 2006 from a used computer store. In September 2009, I purchased an Acer Aspire One notebook – because I do a lot of typing, – I write a lot, and listen to music. I have over 850 albums/cds of music digitized.

When I used to take the bus to work, I would get to work 45 minutes before my start time. So I had time to go to the medical library and use the complimentary PUBLIC computers there. We can access the internet, play games on Pogo.com, shop, do anything. Prior to getting my own home computer, I used those computers to type out the bi-monthly newsletters for my Star Trek group, save it to disk and have Michelle, our group’s organizer print them out at her house. I had to do most of the typing and help with the printing and collating and stapling because she has MS. When I got my own computer, I didn’t have to rely on the computers in the medical library anymore. And the little Acer was perfect for me – I would get to work early and work on the newsletter, or on my lunch break, and listen to my music too! And yes, during my OFF WORK hours I accessed the internet. and by the way – this is all sanctioned by my employer.

So what does Joan do? She’s sees me on the internet in the middle of the night on Facebook and right away ASSUMES that I am using my employer’s computers for fooling around. WRONG.  I take my lunchbreak at 2am. And I wrote about this nonsense  back in 2009! Joan even said on her website that I am “using hospital computers to access websites that I shouldn’t be going on.” – Oh? Does Joan work at my company? Does she make the rules there? What an ass. NO, idiot, I was on MY  PERSONAL MINI LAPTOP! I blogged about it in this post: defamation of character December 11, 2009
This wasn’t the first time Joan had accused me of computer fraud. Back in 1994 – her hospital bill got mixed up with someone else who had a similar name. She right away calls my job to say that I did it. They traced it down to a typo that was made at 4pm. – I work the night shift – I am not in the building at 4 in the afternoon. And my employer  knew I didn’t do it. But Joan wasn’t going to have it. She just KNEW I did it. Never mind that my employers themselves explained to Joan that I didn’t do, couldn’t do it. The computers we had in 1994 were DOS computers. All employees had a signon name and a password, same as today. In my job function as nurses aide, I signed onto the computer, and the ONLY PROGRAM THAT I HAD ACCESS to was to type in a patient’s temperature and blood pressure. In addition: THE COMPUTERS AT THE NURSE’S STATION WERE NOT EVEN HOOKED UP TO THE BILLING COMPUTERS! The billing computers were in a locked office – where I could not get to. HOSPITAL SECURITY CAMERAS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE AND THE COMPUTER SECURTIY SYSTEM, NOW, JUST LIKE IN 1994 CAN TRACE EVERY KEYSTROKE YOU DO.

I was investigated in 1994. AND FOUND INNOCENT. But as I said, Joan wasn’t going to have it. She called my job nearly every day for six months trying to get me fired. She also wrote a three page letter to the director of patient finances – this letter was scanned and posted on this blog in this post: Guessing Game Time – What year did that child abuse call against Joan Wheeler really occur? 1993? 1994? 1995? 1996? Joan has reported all 4 years! -why can’t she make up her mind? November 19, 2010 – so go and read an actual letter that Joan Wheeler wrote to my employer in 1995 to see her exact words – which are a bunch of harassing lies – AND she is telling this guy – a stranger to me – personal and medical information about me. Which has what to do with an accusation of computer fraud?

I also blogged about the whole incident in this post: Ruining someone’s personal and professional reputation December 12, 2009

So last week, January 4, I had a meeting with adminstration – someone wrote a letter to my employee back in November 2012, just after Thanksgiving, which was on Nov. 22, saying that I was “using hospital computers to access websites that I shouldn’t be going on.” – the exact same words Joan said back in 2009. And again, using their computer security systems, they investigated me and — FOUND ME INNOCENT!

Well, Joan also said that I was going to Amazon.com – SPECIFICALLY NAMED AMAZON.COM. I do have an account at amazon, and an amazon store card – just last week I placed an order – I ordered Kevin Sorbo’s book “True Strength” and the second season of Star Trek the Next Generation dvd set. I never did any online banking or shopping prior to having my own computer – because using “shared” computers is a security risk.

But what is interesting about specifically naming Amazon – it was just at that time, we found an adoptee puppet of Joan’s – Heather Holmes of the UK had put out a second book review of Joan’s lying book. Gert answered that book review, as was her right, with a rebuttal review. And she shared her review on twitter, which is also her right. Gert was following some adoption sites, as was her right, and her post was retweeted by someone and the tweet showed up on Heather’s newsfeed. Heather immediately got whacked out of shape and accused us of stalking her. I tell the story on these two blog posts of November 23 and 24. — The internet, social media and Twitter newsfeed and people getting all bent out of shape over nothing. geez! November 23, 2012  and People who put out too much personal information on the public internet and then bitch when people see it – dey be LOSERS!

So IMMEDIATELY AFTER I BLOGGED THESE POSTS, Joan fires off a letter to my employee accusing me of computer fraud. My employer takes this stuff seriously, so they investigated it. AND FOUND ME INNOCENT ONCE AGAIN. Now, I was on my Yule vacation from December 11 to December 28. I was not told about this stuff until January 2 when the meeting was set up. Why? Because I was told they wanted me to enjoy my holiday. At the meeting, I was not accused. I was informed as to what was going on. They said that I was investigated and found innocent. So my employer has my back. They know damn well I am innocent. And they know that someone is fucking with me and they will know that that person is a liar, a troublemaker and an asshole.

And apparently last October, she took in a tenant, who promptly moved out a week later! I received a private message from him telling me this and that Joan is a LIAR – AND MENTALLY DERANGED. His initials are D.K. I do not this person. Never met him. Don’t know how he got my name – obviously from Joan who keeps spreading shit lies about me. But says on twtter last night that she is not in my life.



breaking news and a warning to authorites about Joan Wheeler, who I believe is a menace to society August 1, 2012  and  New whine by Joan Wheeler – and how she shifts the blame off herself onto other people. September 15, 2010

Gert’s tweets about this latest attack on us:

gert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen

@slyoung50 Hi! Received a Direct Mess from you about a link; it was spam. Is your account hacked? IF you get spammed by my sisters, tell me

gert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @ruthsippelpace good question!! she must NEED ATTENTION again, she wants us out of her life, she needs to take DOWN the hate blogs

27mgert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @ruthsippelpace yes joan wheeler is at it again, making false statements against us, she is in our lives with her/boyfriend’s blogs

31mgert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @gertmcqueen @slyoung50 don’t know what joan wheeler thinks, she most certainly IS IN OUR LIVES she has hate blogs against us

32mgert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen@gertmcqueen @slyoung50 this from joanwheeler forbiddenfamily, we sisters are not doing anything, joan is paranoid and starting trouble

33mgert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen If anyone receives any tweets from my sisters, please let me know. They love to cause trouble for me. I am not in their lives at all.

gert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @ruthsippelpace Joan does NOTHING in the open, she only operates under falsehoods & uses others to attack us

22mgert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @ruthsippelpace this is ALL on my blog for the entire world to see, joan & brian need to get a f…ing life and stay out of ours

23mgert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @ruthsippelpace so joan &brian insult, harass, accuse us AGAIN over our negative reviews on amazon uk and heatherUK and them plot against us

24mgert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @ruthsippelpace joan & brain maloney &heatherUK are pissed cause we wrote a negative review, heatherUK accussed me of stalking her here

gert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @ruthsippelpace joan wheeler wrote to my daughter asking her to commit crime in 1998, letter is on my blog, ALL evidence is on our blogs

16mgert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @ruthsippelpace joan believes everyone is as stupid as she is, WHY is joan writing to anyone’s job? because joan is a trouble maker

20mgert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen  @ruthsippelpace joan wheeler forbiddenfamily is a fool has a long history of this kind of shit & her hencemen are fools to believe her

gert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen @slyoung50 if you NEVER got a spam from me, better tell forbiddenfamily joan wheeler to take a hike, she is trouble I just followed @slyoung50 ..NEVER did before, but looks like if I’m accused of something better follow the trail

comment by Gert
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Joan really must have gotten off her depression and is now on her manic side! Right after Joan writes to Ruth’s employer, she also placed a comment, without her name of course, on Brian’s blog and he answered it, they are a tag team you know, see it here

Brian Maloney, of Williamsville NY, continues his hate speech against the birthsiblings of Joan Wheeler!
by gertmcqueen on December 29, 2012

I will try to get the above as a link… done…see link…

gertmcqueen – January 6, 2013

I just re-read these letters of Joan’s to Ruth’s employer years ago, I had forgotten how disgusting there were…and it amazes me that people DON’T see how fucking sick she is…Brian Maloney are you listening? All these adoptees hate us birth siblings but NONE of them are willing to look at the documented evidences of Joan Wheeler’s actions, in print. And the way that Joan describes these things in that dead book are totally contradictory to what is in the evidence…Joan Wheeler is a sick sick person.

3. RuthJanuary 6, 2013

here we see what goes in Joan’s little bitty mind: as always – whenever something happens – it’s her birth sisters’ fault.  She is ALWAYS accusing us of something. This woman, SLYoung gets her account hacked. Joan right away accuses US of doing it.

This is what Joan has done all her life – blame other people for everything. Especially Ruth. Joan gets a cold? Ruth must have sneezed and gave it to her. Never mind that Ruth is nowhere near her. Joan gets a flat tire on the New York State Thruway? Why, that sly little devil Ruth must have known Joan was coming on that particular stretch of road, drove over there, and put broken glass there. SHUT YOUR MOUTH JOAN AND GROW THE HELL UP. HOW OLD ARE YOU NOW? YOU’RE GONNA BE 57 YEARS OLD TOMORROW? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL ACTING LIKE A FRIGGIN 10 YEAR OLD?

4. RuthJanuary 6, 2013

what was it that Joan wrote on twitter to S.L.Y.? – “Received a Direct Mess from you about a link..” Direct Mess? Direct MESS? oh you got that right Missy Joanie – you made a damn mess of it – opened your stupid mouth and started some shit. GROW UP.

5. kimberlyhardingJanuary 6, 2013

This is just such an amazing scenario, it’s hard to believe.

It is hard to believe Kim – but this is what this little brat has been doing for years! what asshole keeps calling someone’s job with the same stupid false accusation and sees that the worker is STILL working there? And we have the proof of the twitter episode right there – everything was copied and pasted right off Joan’s own twitter profile! ok, my little stories about her getting a cold or a flat tire being my fault was a bit of playful exagerattion – but I tell you the truth when I say that Joan blames ME for just about everything bad in her life. Or if not me, my other sisters, our dad, our family, our friends, her ex-friends, her ex-landlady, her ex-husband, and on and on and on. It’s ALWAYS the fault of someone else! And her mouth just kees on running like the Energizer Bunny! case in point: In November 2009 I called her up to tell her a family member died. She didn’t like the fact that my father gave me her phone number. So she starts yelling at me on the phone – screaming obscenities at me. I drive to dad’s house – she had called him and did the same to him. When I got home, there was a message from Town of Tonawanda police that Ruth, Gert and Kathy are not call Joan again. um, it was RUTH who called, not Gert, nor Kathy. Gert called the police to tell them this, and they said, “don’t worry about it, we know all about her (Joan)” – so even the police know what an ass Joan is.

7. RuthJanuary 6, 2013

oh I found that S. Young – she lives in Texas. She’s got a kind face. She was forced to give up her child for adoption in 1967, a coerced young girl. So that’s how Joan latched onto her – Joan makes a big show how she feels sorry for unwed teens forced to give up thier kids to adoption. But I guess S.Y. sees what a roitten person Joan is now. Joan is just as bad as those who coerced her back in 1967 – these anti-adoptees don’t care about S’s feelings – they see her and those like her as pawns to use in their campaing against adoption – Joan USED this person in an attack on us – Joan has no shame. – no hacking needed – S.Y. put all this stuff on public internet.

8. Nancy – January 7, 2013

Wow really? Is this the same person who made enough trouble in the past years? I thought it was all over and done, Iam so sorry Ruth, Gert for the harrsing and taunting you two ladies had to go through. Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand the meaning of ” Stop” Leave us alone” Leave me alone!! Or just STOP!! Sometimes they dont understand their bounderies. So Iam assuming this is what she is not understanding with you. So my advise is since you was always found inocent with your employers as well the lies were discovered by this women. Change your feelings towards stupidity. By not replying nor posting reply’s back to her. Because what is happening here, is she is feeding off the attention. She is an attention whore..Pardon the word, but this is what I call rampaged attention whore!! Not the type to find men and climb with them, but women who are bored with their lives as well have nothing to do with it. So, they find a thrill seeker for spauning like trout or samon in cold water. Trouble makers. Let them find somewhere else to haunt. I promise if you just let her continue to fake her crap, and post what ever lies she posts. People will ignore her and she will basically find somewhere and someone else to haunt. Sorry ladies, she would just be wasting my time. And my time is tooo presious. Good Luck Head Hunting!! Love ya Madamstar )O(

I posted a new post: Exactly what is the purpose of our blogs against Joan Wheeler – find out here January 7, 2013  which addresses the questions Nancy has raised.

 10. RuthJanuary 7, 2013

Last night, Gert went into that lying book and quoted a few sentances where Joan discusses her first attempt in accusing me of computer fraud. She accused me, they investigated, found me innocent, but SHE WOULD NOT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT I WAS INNOCENT! SHE DID NOT WANT TO ACCEPT THE REALITY THAT RUTH DID NOT MESS UP HER BILL! Gert tweeted these actual sentances from the book:

gert mcqueen‏@gertmcqueen – pg332/333 of joan wheeler’s hate book she details ‘her story’ of how she believed it was Ruth who was getting into her medical records

gert mcqueen‏@gertmcqueen quoting Joan ‘I called the head of the billing dept & told him everything that had been going on….’

gert mcqueen‏@gertmcqueen quoting Joan ‘letter arrived saying error was a computer glitch & my sister wasn’t involved, I wasn’t convinced’

gert mcqueen‏@gertmcqueen quoting Joan ‘I called the billing department where (Ruth) worked’ lots of drama then ‘called for an investigation to put a stop to it’

bottom line: Joan’s calling my job was not for any kind of concern of me accessing medical records or abusing hospital computers – her motive for calling my job is retaliation – pure and simple hatred and troublemaking. Will she never grow up?

Classic narcississtic behavior of a public figure and how many many people can get sucked into it December 10, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates.
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I am big fan of the new fad of “ghost hunting.” Well, not so new, many people of the Spiritualist movement in the late 1800’s were into it. And I learned many of the techniques shown on TV – way back in the early 1980’s. Since September 2010, I’ve been involved in local paranormal investigation groups and am now a paranormal investigator myself.

The current ghost hunting fad (as opposed to the fun movies Ghostbusters), began in 2004 when Sci-Fi channel began airing a reality show called Ghost Hunters. One of the crew, Brian Harnois, quickly became a fan favorite with his antics and foils. As time went on, it became clear that his antics were getting out of hand and bordering on the stupid. The founders of the TAPS Team (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson began catching Brian in lies. Equipment was missing, tension was developing between Brian and other team members. Brian was fired. He was allowed to return on a limited basis, and even became part of the Ghost Hunters International team.

In recent years, Brian has come forth and admitted to having bi-polar disease and said that he was getting help. When I joined facebook in 2009, I became an FB friend of many of the TAPS team, including Brian and his wife Michelle. While I don’t know Brian personally, I’ve had several nice chats with him. He is a funny guy. He likes Star Trek, Star Wars, science fiction and horror movies and is the biggest Buffalo Bill’s fan outside of Buffalo.

I’ve also had some chats with Michelle. She’s a sweetheart. She and Brian have two little girls. But, unfortunately, they got divorced. Brian started slipping into the classic narcississtic manipulations and other upheavals of life. Losing jobs, not paying child support, among other things.

Yesterday, Sunday, December 9, 2012, Brian left what appeared to be a suicide note on his facebook page and went missing. Michelle was frantic. She posted on facebook what happened. I found out about it in the afternoon. All through the night, while I was work, I would check facebook to see if there was any news. After I woke up today at 2pm and went on facebook, I learned that Brian had been found today, safe, and on his way for treatment.

I wrote the following for my facebook page and shared it with Michelle, and now want to share it with my blog readers:

Brian Harnois has been found safe and is on his way for mental treatment. Let’s hope he gets the help he needs and more treatment. Let’s hope he gets the help he needs and more importantly – that he sticks to the medical plan. Because if this was just a narcississtic joke – he’s going to be in hot water if he ever does this again.

I feel bad for the guy, and for those with mental illness, but sometimes you have to draw a line with these people and when that line is crossed, and YOUR life and pursuit of happiness becomes jeapordized, you canNOT get sucked into their illness and plots for sympathy.

While I can’t speak wholly for Brian’s situation, I can speak about the situations of my sister Joan Wheeler and my ex BFF – while I feel some compassion for any traumas that they endured,  and their illness – they both crossed the line when they began harassing me and making MY life a living hell.

Anyone living with a person with addictions/substance abuse knows what I’m talking about.

Don’t fall for the tired old line “They didn’t chose to be ill.” Maybe they didn’t, but most of the time, they chose NOT to get the help they need and take their medications.

Don’t fall for the tired old line “You should feel sorry for them.” – because in February of this year, my ex-BFF called my job – told my boss, “Ruth is my friend and I love her.” Then proceeded to accuse me of going into the hospital computer to access her medical records. This is a violation of a federal patient privacy law, subject to immediate termination of my job, possible jail time and monetary fines. My employer can track every keystroke that I do. And why would I want to jeapordize my 40 year career on a crackhead, when I know every thing about her anyway? – I’d known her since 1978! Yet while she was trying to get me fired, she was telling my manager that she “loves me.” – No, any amount of sympathy I had for my friend for what she went through in 1996 – and any love I EVER had for her has been destroyed. Even my husband, who had great love and admiration for her, has been sickened by the events of the past two years and of October of this year.

When their illnesses begin to threaten YOU, (physically or mentally) it’s time to cut the cord and walk away. Don’t be fooled by these people. They know EXACTLY how to manipulate you into feeling sorry for them.

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