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Doris Michol Sippel fka Joan Mary Wheeler was recently in a depressed state for some time (as per own admission) and WHAM! came out of it into a full-blown manic episode and foaming at the mouth over her anti-adoption and her hatred of her birth sisters. May 7, 2017

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Joan/Doris came across a website by a couple looking to adopt and made a blog post bitching about them on April 30, 2017. I was alerted to her new blogpost via my email because I subscribe to her blog. Not that I’m really interested in what that nutball has to say, but I ‘monitor’ what she writes. I have said in the past that I keep an eye on her online activities to be alerted to when she says shit about me. She calls my ‘monitoring’ her as CYBERSTALKING AND CYBERBULLYING. No, I call it monitoring to see what she says about ME. Keep your mouth shut about me Joan/Doris and then you won’t have pissed me off again. DUH!

So, yeah, I ‘subscribe’ to her blog and when I get an email notification of a new blog post by her – I go check it out. And yep, she did it again! — For a couple of years now, she has actually been posting her anti-adoption stuff (yawn) WITHOUT mentioning her birth sisters – ALL OF SUDDEN, SHE DRAGS US INTO HER SHIT AGAIN. And being spectacularly STUPID in her jab against us. Here’s the quote from her post: “I have had absolutely no contact for nearly 40 years with the sisters who found me. I want it that way. Not because I am against reunion, but because they are cruel, insanely vicious people. “

Let’s see, this is the year 2017 – minus 40 years – that takes us back to 1977. Um, Joan, asshole, did you forget I was one of your fucking bridesmaids when you got married in 1983? WHO drove you and your newborn daughter home from the hospital in 1986? And in your idiotic book you did mention that you and I used to be close, going to the beach together with your kids in 1989. Were you having a Donny Trump incoherent moment there? Listen, sweetie, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to get your math and facts correct – And I am NOT going to deal with “alternative facts” concerning MY life. Don’t forget, you filled your book with ‘alternative facts’ but – my sending the actual police and court documents to Trafford Publications is what counted – the real facts, baby, the real truth of what happened, and because you tried to pull a fast one, lying to Trafford that everything in your book was ‘factual and true,’ MY truthful documents got your book pulled from publication.

Also on facebook, when Joan/Doris shared her blog post to the facebook group “Adoption Sucks” she calls us “evil” – so, I am an evil cruel, insanely vicious person? Really Joan? really? Hows that again where in 2012 you called my job with lies to get me fired? And then you were on twitter dragging me into something I didn’t know anything about and accusing me of doing something, while I was sleeping. — I had no idea what she was talking about until I called a cousin to find out that another cousin’s husband had died, and I was NOT to arrange an adoption of her little girl. -????? newsflash – I’ve never been in the adoption industry.

Well, let’s talk about EVIL here.

 EVIL – calling your sister’s workplace with lies to get her fired. — that’s what Joan/Doris did to me in 1994-95 and 2012.

 EVIL is writing a letter to your sister telling her that her husband got the next door neighbor pregnant – and the house was vacant – that’s what Joan/Doris did to me in 1997.

 EVIL is scamming your sister out of $700.00 – that’s what Joan/Doris did to me in 1989.

Get your ‘evil sister’ straight Joan/Doris.

Let’s talk about LIES Joan/Doris –

Joan/Doris also said on the “Adoption Suck’s fb page that she figured out how to stop us from commenting on her blog. – um, nope, we never commented on her stupid blog. And she said she can’t stop me from liking her latest blog post – um, no, I never “liked’ her latest blog post. — here’s what she said: “Just a reminder, folks: please, let’s have more comments on this over at my blog! I finally figured out how to block my evil sisters from commenting. But I could not blocked them individually from the “Like” Button, so that is why I didn’t activate one. So please, head on over and fill up the comments! Thanks!”

Joan/Doris apparently was also ‘sanctioned’ by facebook because — she was willfully engaged in calling for CYBERSTALKING the website, the private email, and the public facebook page of the couple who were looking to adopt.

May 2 at 11:37pm — Doris Michol Sippel Hmm… I was punished by Facebook and blocked from posting for several days. WHY? Because I posted the contact info for J. HUH? THEY posted it on their blog and Facebook page! Well, I have it on file! Still gonna educated these morons!

UH, Joni/Doris, — maybe you should stop cyberbullying people. Oh? What’s that you said about me CYBERSTALKING AND CYBERBULLYING you when I freely admit to ‘monitoriing’ what you say about me? — Yes, another example of Joan/Doris doing exactly to people what she bitches about people ‘doing’ to her. What a fucking moronic hypocrite.

Now, let’s talk about Joan/Doris deigning to EDUCATE people. — “Still gonna educated these morons!” — she was foaming at the mouth at the couple who want to adopt because they said the wrong word. By the way, the past tense indicated by the d at the end of ‘educate’ was by Joan/Doris herself – the great, the all-knowing, the wonderful heroine of all adoptees. (yeah right). (Joan, dear, if you want to ‘educate’ people, be sure you are using correct grammar and spelling.)

Last time she ‘educated’ someone in ‘proper adoption terminology’ was in November 2017, at her very own first (and probably her last) book signing! She attended a group book signing for local authors sponsored by a local museum and she struck up a conversation with the author to her right, and then when the woman used ‘improper adoption terminology’ – Joan began yelling and screaming at her. No, I wasn’t there to witness it. How do I know what happened? JOAN/DORIS HERSELF POSTED ABOUT IT ON FACEBOOK!!! — Yes, JOAN/DORIS WAS ACTUALLY PROUD OF HERSELF FOR ACTING LIKE A BITCH! I doubt very much that she will have any book signings in the future.

Well Joan/Doris — I will use the adoption terminology that I always have and what YOU yourself always have — we are BIRTH-sisters. NOT sisters at all. YOU gave up the right to call yourself my sister when you finagled that money out of me, reneged on your promise to repay me, and started on your hate-filled harassments of me. Want a refresher Joan – read about your fucking EVIL AND VICIOUSLY CRUEL THINGS YOU DID TO ME – right here on this page of this blog: What is Demanded from Joan Wheeler (click here to be directed to new page–— who’s the EVIL one Joan? YOU ARE.

And as for ‘educating’ people, why don’t you educate your fellow angry adoptees on — infertility, that YOU boasted to me on the phone in 1987, saying “I know more about infertility than you think I do.” — no, bitch, you know nothing. And talk about evil and cruely vicious – THREE FUCKING TIMES I TOLD YOU DURING THAT PHONE CONVERSATION THAT I DIDN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT MY MISCARRIAGE AND YOU KEPT YOUR FUCKING EVIL CRUEL MOUTH GOING UNTIL I SLAMMED THE PHONE DOWN.

You had given birth to two beautiful children by then, you knew that I had been trying to get pregnant for years, you were at the hospital while I was in surgery to repair the damage from my ectopic pregnancy. But YOU ‘knew’ more about infertility than me? I don’t think so bitch.

Here – why don’t you go educate your fellow angry adoptee who left this evil, cruel and vicious comment to the couple you attacked on April 30,. 2017. “my advice is to just keep fking , one of the little buggers will do the job eventually!”

Joan/Doris, you claim to be an expert in genetics, baby-making, sperm and egg stuff, sperm donors, etc., and with your extensive list of ex-boyfriends, you have the knowledge to educate that particular moron. Not only in how a sperm and an egg might meet or might not meet but in your extensive knowledge in men. You must know more positions that are in the kama-sutra!

aw, was that last paragraph evil and viciously cruel of me? TOO BAD. You asked for it bitch – next time, don’t drag me into your anti-adoption stuff.

But let us continue talking about evil and cruelly vicious people- Remember that time you were part of that discussion group Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change and you ‘angry adoptees’ were pissed at actress Edie Falco being an adoptive mom? And one bitch in that group said “Would someone stuff a sock in her (Edie Falco’s) mouth, soak it in gasoline and set it on fire?”

You, Joan/Doris and all your ‘angry adoptees’ buddies are all a bunch of sick assholes.


gertmcqueen – May 8, 2017 

excellent post! The reason that Joan/Doris was PUNISHED by Facebook was NOT because she published someone’s phone or personal info (which was posted via them on their page) but BECAUSE J/D WILLFULLY cyber-stalked, harassed and called for OTHERS to do the same and then contact FB that the page was spam! J/D did the same thing to that author in Buffalo last Dec. Ruth and my comments are still on the FB page AGAINST J/D’s actions.


She thinks nothing of destroying other people if they DON’T do as she says! She has done this ALL her life! If anyone really WANTS to know about her just read Ruth and my blogs and the back and forth comments on Amazon for her 3 lying books and the forums on Amazon. Sure that would be a LOT of work, but with OUT THE KNOWLEDGE of J/D’s CHARACTER and her past DEEDS AND WORDS, no one can counter her. In other words…if you are HER VICTIM you must take actions against her. How? Spread the words about her to your friends and your agencies, PRIVATELY. Here’s what you NEED.

The first book ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism’ was published in 2009 but then was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011, for libelous material within the book. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and rewrote and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!

https://gertmcqueen.wordpress.com/ this blog is titled Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor


 this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.

Also see this Facebook page…which is a STUDY of the books.


 In addition…see the ‘discussion’ forums, on Amazon, for two of the books. The first book has one review and several comments related.

 Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption forum


 Joan Mary Wheeler forum


 review of first book and 4 comments



Why hasn’t Joan Mary Wheeler announced her legal name change? May 15, 2016

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Well, here it is just 3 days shy of one month that Joan Mary Wheeler appeared in Erie County Surrogate’s Court and had her name legally changed to the name she was given at birth: Doris Michol Sippel. Why hasn’t she made a formal public announcement of it? She says nothing about it on her facebook page, nor on her blog. – by the way, this name change is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD – it being recorded in Erie County’s PUBLIC records. So it is not against any law that I blog about this. As a matter of fact, when one seeks to legally change their name, an announcement of such is PUBLISHED in TWO (by law) publications. Usually they are published in legal newspapers, and the person changing their name has to pay for that.

On her facebook page, she made her cover picture a closeup of her original birth certificate showing her birth name. Her facebook page shows her name Joan Mary Wheeler, and in paranthesis Doris Michol Sippel. But she did that quite a while ago. On her blog she has her name as: Doris M Sippel – – – adopted as – – – Joan M Wheeler – but does not say anything about having her name legally changed. 

Why does she not want anyone to know of this name change? Wouldn’t this be counted as a major coup for an adoptee to reclaim their original name, their original identity? Why does Joan not want anyone in the adoption reform world to know what she has done? Was she not very happy on April 18, 2016 to have her legal name back to her birth name/identity? Was she not floating on air? Was she not full of victory and pride? So much so that she would want the whole world to know? To throw back her head in success and roar to the world: “I WON! LOOK AT ME – I DID IT!”  And to give hope to all those hopeless adoptees that a major success CAN BE ACHIEVED!  

For some reason, Joan doesn’t want anyone to know. WHY? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Joan Mary Wheeler has legally changed her name to Doris Michol Sippel May 12, 2016

Joan Wheeler talks the talk, but can’t (fully) walk the walk. November 23, 2014

Legal Notice by Ruth B. Pace (nee Sippel) concerning Joan Mary Wheeler’s legal name change to Doris Michol Sippel May 12, 2016 

As of May 15, 2016, 3:56 pm, see date and time in the lower right hand corner of this screenshot) Joan Wheeler has NOT yet made the announcement to the world of her legal name change via her very important blog, about her very important achievement. So I did if for her. You’re very welcome Joan.

joan blog


UPDATE SEPT 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m (Gert) updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism‘ was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and rewrote and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!


this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.



Joan Mary Wheeler decides to step in (unwanted and uninvited) to help Laura Ruffino adopt the four daughters of her late best friend Elizabeth Diamond and blabs confidential information about the family on her facebook page. August 7, 2015

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“When Elizabeth Diamond was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer in 2014, the single mom was deeply concerned about what would happen to her four young daughters after she was gone.   But Diamond, who died in April at the age of 40, needn’t have worried. Her best friend, Laura Ruffino of Orchard Park, New York adopted the four girls.”

So starts the article on this adoption (with a bit of help from me on that last sentance) on the Huffington Post, published on July 23, 2015. You can see the original Huffington post here:


Well, it turns out that as the most supreme adoption expert out there, Joan Mary Wheeler decided to step in and give UNWANTED advice to Laura Ruffino via a mutual friend. Er, um, that is Joan WANTED to contact Mrs. Ruffino and advise her. I don’t know if Joan ever got to meet Mrs. Ruffino and tell her how to run her own life. But we have Joan’s full comment that she wrote on both the Huffington Post and on her facebook page on July 23, 10:04 pm. 

A friend of mine is a close friend of the deceased mother, Elizabeth Diamond. When she told me of the mother’s death and the impending adoption, I volunteered to help in the only way I knew: to give advice against the adoption. Why? Because I didn’t want the girls’ true identities to be sealed and then falsified by new birth certificates as this is what adoption does. Using my own life story as proof, I explained that I was given up to a closed adoption one month after the death of my mother from cancer. I was only three months old when my mother died. My father relinquished me to a closed adoption and kept his four older children. My adoption not only took away my family, but took away my birth certificate and gave me a completely new identity.

 I did not want the same thing to happen to these girls. I did not want them to lose their true identities in order to have a home with their mother’s best friend.

 I explained that legal guardianship would be a better choice, that Elizabeth Diamond’s best friend, Laura Ruffino, and her husband, Rico, could be legal guardians as opposed to adoptive parents. Guardianship, I explained, would preserve the four girls’ birth certificates, preserve Elizabeth Diamond’s place as their mother, and at the same time, give the four girls a stable home. Info was transferred to the attorney.

My friend later told me that the adoption was a necessary legal action to protect the girls. There are private, extenuating circumstances concerning the girls’ father. That is why he is not mentioned in the article.

 It was determined that the girls would, indeed, maintain their own birth certificates in this adoption: their birth certificates would not be sealed and no new birth certificates would be made implying that the new adoptive parents gave birth to these four girls.

 For that, I am grateful. These girls lost their mother in April. They did not need to lose their identities upon adoption on top of losing their mother.

The general public needs to know that there are other alternatives to adoption. Promoting adoption, and only displaying the happy side of adoption, is very misleading. The finality of adoption, the striping away of a child’s identity, the sealing of birth certificates and the automatic issuance of a new birth certificate upon adoption are all aspects of adoption that need to be pointed out as unnecessary and harmful to all adopted people.

Now go back up 4 paragraphs and re-read that sentance again and I repeat it here for emphasis: THERE ARE PRIVATE, EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES CONCERNING THE GIRL’S FATHER. THAT IS WHY HE IS NOT MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE.

Following her posting this on her facebook page, was a discussion between Joan and her anti-adoption friends and one of them asked about the biological father of the four girls and Joan wrote this the following day on July 24 at 5:33pm:

“I was trying to get this family to go for legal guardianship as the father is a s********… that is why the family went for adoption – to keep him away from the girls.”

But less than 24 hours prior, Joan was saying that it was a PRIVATE circumstance about the bio-dad. So who the HELL does Joan Wheeler think she is to BLAB that PRIVATE information on her very PUBLIC facebook page, or ANYWHERE or to ANYONE?

This is coming from someone who keeps saying she is a social worker? No, she is not – she went to COLLEGE for social work, but she has NOT WORKED ONE SINGLE DAY AS A SOCIAL WORKER! And if she WAS a social worker, to breach the confidentiality of a current or prospective client is a a breach of the code of ethics of professional social workers. And there are ways for people to file complaints against a social worker and get their license pulled and censured and terminated from their place of employment. But Joan doesn’t work for ANYONE – she is on Social Security Disability. For her mental problems.

Think I am making this up? here are the screenshots I took of the comments that I quoted above as they appeared on Joan Mary Wheeler’s facebook page. I whited out that information that Joan Wheeler blabbed.

 joan reveals 2

joan reveals 1

Joan Mary Wheeler violated the privacy of people she doesn’t even know and I hope they go after her with a lawyer. And Laura Ruffino – if you read this – I would find out WHO that close friend of yours is that blabbed this information to Joan Wheeler in the first place.

Read Gert’s blog post about Joan’s sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong here: https://gertmcqueen.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/when-others-adopt-joanmwheeler-volunteers-to-advise-them-against-doing-so-why-because-shes-been-dupedbyadoption/

UPDATE, APRIL 2016, as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. In this ‘version’ called ‘duped by adoption’ she has increased her exploitation by including PICTURES and REAL NAMES and much more personal information violating again the families. Joan has no decency NOR shame. There is NOTHING in this book for adoption reform. She is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…



Joan Wheeler talks the talk, but can’t (fully) walk the walk. November 23, 2014

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In this video, that Joan posted on youtube today, November 22, 2014, Joan burns her “amended” birth certificate. Or rather a COPY of her amended birth certificate. “Symbolically” she says, because she needs the original as her proof of her legal identity.

Oh come on now Joan – back in the 60’s Vietnam War protesters didn’t burn copies of their draft cards – but burned THEIR ACTUAL DRAFT CARDS – knowing that doing so, would subject them to arrest, prosecution and jail time.

If you believe in your heart in something – don’t do it halfway – do it ALL THE WAY!

1. RuthNovember 23, 2014

if she wants to be known legally as Doris Sippel – there is one solution – get her name changed legally from Joan Wheeler to Doris Sippel. Costs about 4 – 5 hundred dollars. and it’s a fairly easy procedure. She still won’t be a legal member of the Sippel family – nor morally, either – because of her rotten misdeeds and lies she has told about her blood kin – but at least she can answer to the name of Doris. I’ll still refer to her as Joan the Liar.

2. gertmcqueenNovember 23, 2014 [Edit]

Gert here..
yep legally change her name and be done with it, then.

3. gertmcqueenNovember 24, 2014 [Edit]

I asked a friend to look at the vid with me so I could get their impression. They said that, outside of the politics of the issue, just her presentation, after awhile she would get on a person’s nerves. I asked, do you mean her pedagogical skills, (teaching skills) and they agreed also saying she appears to be abrasive.

Looking at it myself for the second time, I did note her body/facial language shows that innate ‘meanness’ she has and that pointing of the finger! And that statement ‘I’m not happy about that’ and her stopping , the action (to start the burning) to make yet another comment.

On the politics of the issue, my friend said, that not ALL adoptees would be burning their birth certifications because there is NO SENSE TO IT. If certain adoptees want changes they have to go to the lawmakers. NOT all adoptions are bad.

I did leave a comment on the YouTube. I said ‘very good’. My reason for doing so is…I DO agree with the politics of open medical records and amended birth certificates. Also, upon reflection, I realized that our father would have done and said the same thing!

 4. RuthNovember 24, 2014

oh – you’re friend pegged her right – that whole finger pointing thing – and her saying, “I’m not happy about that.” is how she talks to you even when you’re having a regular conversation with her – she has a way of belittling a person!
For example, once in the early 80′s – she was at my house, looking through my belly dance scrapbook and she made a comment about one of the dancers’ costume – “I don’t approve of that costume.” – I remember bringing my head up sharply, and thinking “who the hell asked YOUR approval?” – I didn’t verbalize my question, but the feeling of inadequency washed over me – because – as a belly dancer myself, I would wear such a costume – and – and – SHE wouldn’t approve of it. – not that I need HER approval – and I DO have the self confidence to pooh-pooh such statements from such small-minded people – but this is how she is.
And she knows it – but doesn’t care! She said so in her now-dead book – she routinely talked down about people who “don’t get it about adoption” and admits that she did talk down to people.


Gert here…May 13, 2016…comments are closed so I’m adding an update 

UPDATE MAY 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor!



IN ADDITION I want to share this new update…



UPDATE NOVEMBER 2016; as older posts are being seen I, Gert, am updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism published in 2009, was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011 due to libelous material in it. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’, being her own editor and owner. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and reedited and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!


this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.




Another Chapter in Joan Wheeler’s Revisionist History – how her 9/11 experience changed from a ‘truthful’ account in 2009 to a lie in 2014. September 19, 2014

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Or was it a lie in 2009, and now it’s the truth in 2014 – and will there be another version of the the facts down the road?

 Joan Wheeler says she’s been revising her book Forbidden Family since it’s been pulled from publication in May 2011 for her violating her contract with the publisher – for signing a statement that the book was truthful. And I sent documents to the publisher that proved she lied in the book. — But she’s been revising it – I have asked in the past, how does one revise the truth? Oh, that’s real easy, when you’re Joan Wheeler. Let’s check this out.

 From “Forbidden Family,” page 372, published November 2009, pulled from publication, May 2011.

  “Then came September 11.

  I was working at a crisis center for two years when terrorists attacked our country. I called Mom shortly after 9A.M. and went back to work. My daughter was in school. How would the high school handle this? I thought of my son. he was one month away from home in Navy Boot Camp. Was he safe?

  I put in ten hours of work that day as a crisis counselor. The director found a small black and white TV set with an antenna. She put it on a table in the front of the phone room for the phone counselors. We watched the news with a fuzzy picture, or even just the sound. When calls came in, we helped callers cope with the unfolding tragedy. Toward the middle of the afternoon, we were flooded with calls from people wanting to donate blood and to organize a drive to Ground Zero. I was frightened, tired and ached for my mother and daughter who were alone in the house. When I arrived home, we cried together.”

 Hmmm, a pretty good narration there. A straight-forward account of where she was when the attacks occurred, how she found out about it, and her reaction to the attacks. But let’s see how she narrates that awful Tuesday morning on September 11, 2014 on her facebook page. –

  “On this day 13 years ago, I went to work at Buffalo’s Crisis Services as a telephone crisis phone operator. The day started as usual. We huddled together for morning chats. I broke away to gather up my cup of coffee from the kitchen. As I approached the Phone Room with my coffee, a small crowd of social workers gathered in the hallway. They were crying. One of our own workers had received a call from her brother. He worked on one of the lower floors of the World Trade Center. He escaped. We knew SOMETHING was wrong. We went to work.

  As the morning progressed, we sat at our posts, taking calls. But the Buffalo community was strangely silent. Not many knew what was happening.

  Our two directors scurried around the main office to find a TV. We had an old black and white TV, not cable ready, and placed it in a small table at the front of the room. No picture. Only sound. Sound muffled through the static. We heard the morning progress, but could not see the News unfold.

  When the plane hit the Pentagon, the Phone Room Director came in, stood in front of us, and declared, “This country is under attack!”

  At once, a feeling of shock and horror swept over me. A brief accounting of my immediate family entered my mind: my aging mother at home, my high school age daughter in school, my son in his first month of Navy boot camp.

  But I was at work.

  Whoever sent those planes could target Buffalo: the three bridges to Canada, the Electric Power Plant — WE COULD BE NEXT.

  I suddenly snapped into a crisis-team mode. Straightening up in my chair, I listened to our Directors give us a breakdown of predictions for the morning. Community could call in, frantic, but many will not know as they call in with their own personal crisis. We prepared for blood donors to call. We prepared to set up volunteer groups to assemble. But the morning was slow as calls surprisingly did not come in. Perhaps the city was glued to their TV sets. We had our usual repeat callers. And dead space.

  I called home to tell Mom to turn on her TV. I told her to sit tight and that I’d be home after my shift. But that shift turned from an 8 hour day to a 10 hour day. The afternoon turned to evening. Weary and nervous, I wanted to go home. But I volunteered to stay to help the shift change.

  I worked 10 hour days for the next two weeks.

  When working in a Crisis Center, staff must go through planned de-briefings. We who were on the front line taking in calls, and those who were in Outreach teams sent out in the community, we needed counseling ourselves to center ourselves, find peace, find a way to gather up courage.

  Only one of those people with whom I worked on September 11, 2001, is a Facebook friend today. I honor my dear friend, Michael O. who worked with me and about 8 other Phone Room counselors that first morning shift.

  May we all find peace, somehow, and remember those who died today, 13 years ago.”

 Joan mentions her friend Michael who replies to this facebook post:

Michael O. – “Funny thing about that day…I remember it being fairly quiet on the phone lines.

 Ahh, a more detailed, and REVISED account of what she put forth in the 2009 book, and I suspect this is a passage from her REVISED book-in-the-making. AND this revision contains a very important contradiction. AND quite a lot of extra DRAMA, verbiage, and exaggerations of some quite simple things. I like the one about they were preparing for blood donors to call – um, Crisis Services does not deal with blood donors – the Red Cross does – everybody knows that. Maybe some people would call the Crisis Center to inquire where to donate blood – and wouldn’t they have information about that already on hand – they would have a directory of handy and important community phone numbers and contacts for people and would have the Red Cross info already – so what’s to prepare?

Let’s talk about the added drama – oh, the DRAMA —

  “When the plane hit the Pentagon, the Phone Room Director came in, stood in front of us, and declared, “This country is under attack!”

  At once, a feeling of shock and horror swept over me. A brief accounting of my immediate family entered my mind: my aging mother at home, my high school age daughter in school, my son in his first month of Navy boot camp.

  But I was at work. — and WE COULD BE NEXT!!!!”

 Yes, Buffalo is 20 miles south of a major power plant located in Niagara Falls, NY – but really. I was attending additional training at my employer when the attack happened and left for home around 12:30pm. I will admit to having had some trepidation going down into the subway system, but I’ve always had the attitude that ‘hey! we’re all going to die. I could get killed crossing the street – a car could come out of nowhere and squish me. So, why worry?’ As to my reaction of the attacks – hell, of course, I was shocked and I cried. But I certainly didn’t carry on like Chicken Little. When I got home, my husband had only just gotten out of bed (yes, he used to sleep in on his days off from work, and now that he’s retired, he sleeps til noon. Because I am a night shift worker, and sleep during the day, he keeps the same schedule that I do – so we can be together. But we’re not talking about me – we’re talking about Joan, so let’s get back to her newly revised version of September 11. Let’s see, what point did I want to bring up next? Oh yes, the extra verbiage!

 Extra verbiage – people were gathered in huddles. Joan straightened in her chair. Joan SNAPPED to crisis team mode. People SCURRIED AROUND to find a TV. They must have looked like hamsters or gerbils with all that scurrying.  Compare the two descriptions of watching the news on a older TV set after a set was found after much scurrying:

The 2009 description:“The director found a small black and white TV set with an antenna. She put it on a table in the front of the phone room for the phone counselors. We watched the news with a fuzzy picture, or even just the sound.”

The 2014 account:“Our two directors scurried around the main office to find a TV. We had an old black and white TV, not cable ready, and placed it in a small table at the front of the room. No picture. Only sound. Sound muffled through the static. We heard the morning progress, but could not see the News unfold.”

 Wow – not only did the director increase herself to two people, (The director found a small black and white TV … 2009) (Our two directors scurried around the main office to find a TV …. 2014), but the TV reception changed from being a fuzzy picture or no picture but with sound – to NO picture, only sound in 2014. AND the extra verbiage – Sound muffled through the static. We heard the morning progress, but could not see the News unfold.” – but, but, didn’t Joan say this in 2009? – “We watched the news with a fuzzy picture, or even just the sound.”

 So which is it Joan? Did you WATCH the news or not? Okay readers, this may seem like a really small point here, that I’m nitpicking about – but I’m setting this up – so you can see how Joan CHANGES THE FACTS AROUND TO SUIT HER. AND DEPENDING ON WHO SHE KNOWS IS READING WHAT SHE WRITES — AND I’m preparing you for the biggest contradiction of all –

from the 2009 version of the FACTS:
Toward the middle of the afternoon, we were flooded with calls from people wanting to donate blood and to organize a drive to Ground Zero.

 from the 2014 version of the FACTS:

But the morning was slow as calls surprisingly did not come in. Perhaps the city was glued to their TV sets. We had our usual repeat callers. And dead space.

 Okay, she says the morning was slow, but in the 2014 version, she does not even mention the afternoon. Hmmm, I wonder why? Because she says so – right on Facebook:
Only one of those people with whom I worked on September 11, 2001, is a Facebook friend today.
Joan KNOWS better than to play fast and loose with the FACTS with someone who was there that day – someone who is A PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR. And he confirms the 2014 version –

Michael O. – Funny thing about that day…I remember it being fairly quiet on the phone lines.

 But – there’s still that 2009 version of the FACTS – which are quite different than the 2014 version – so that means that JOAN DID INDEED LIE IN HER 2009 BOOK AND THAT IS WHY THAT BOOK IS DEAD.- Because she said in 2009 that they were FLOODED WITH CALLS – but Michael says it was fairly quiet on the phone lines.


page 372

Joan 911a

joan 911b




.1. gertmcqueenSeptember 19, 2014

Gert here…excellent presentation of evidence
I would also point people’s attention to the first paragraph of the copy from the book…Joan’s self assessment of her symptoms of mental illness! If she was trying to prove something…that adoption caused her life to be a torment…why did she WRITE about it? Where were all those mental health experts she KNEW and went to? Didn’t anyone every HELP her? No…because Joan is an exaggerator and a manipulator and a liar!





no, Joan Wheeler and friends, you can’t argue against or about facts. May 15, 2014

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I found this meme on facebook – and it fits right in this blog.


so – have I ever been in this kind of debate? – absolutely – with those friends of Joan Wheeler who simply cannot think that Joan lies about me – despite me posting actual court documents that prove that she did lie. I call those people ASSHOLES. Assholes like Mara Rigge, Brian Maloney, Dana Sielhan, Lori Corangelo, Russell Thomas, Heather Holmes.

People – FACTS ARE FACTS AND CANNOT BE CHANGED, NO MATTER HOW MUCH A PERSON LIES ABOUT THEM. And if you can’t figure that out – I call you a delusional asshole.

And I see I titled this post wrong because, Joan and your idiot friends – you can’t argue AGAINST facts. Facts are facts. Two plus two equals four. Joan Wheeler is the evil person, NOT her birth sisters. If you can’t accept the facts and the truth that Joan Wheeler is a liar, a thief, a bitch, a trouble-maker, a filthy gossiper, you are delusional idiots.

That last frame – where the guy gives up – that’s what Joan does to a person – she will harp and harp on you, scream at you, wear you down, until you fucking give up – because she’s a dam control freak. But she doesn’t control me. After more than 25 years of being silenced by her – my truth – THE FACTS OF WHO HARASSED WHOM AND WHAT WAS DONE AND WHO THE REAL FUCKING LIAR IS – is coming out via this blog. Joan Wheeler can’t silence me anymore. And she can’t stand that. oh too bad.

1. gertmcqueenMay 16, 2014

Gert here…I wrote a four parter on Facts are Stubborn Things…they are here on Ruth’s blog on Nov 10, 2010


The enemy of my enemy is my friend Joan Wheeler and Laura – snakes. April 4, 2014

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Joan’s buddy Laura somehow gained custody of her grand daughter, and is now raising her, as her own daughter, not grand daughter,AND REFUSES TO LET THE CHILD’S REAL BIO-MOM NEAR HER.

And because Joan actively remains Laura’s “friend”she is condoning the very behavior of bio-moms who destroy their children’s lives, by adoption, lies, deceit. Which shows that Joan is a hypocrite.

 “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”oh so very true when it comes to Little Girl Laura Stickney-Heath, who for some reason, when she was a fellow nurse’s aide with me a few years ago, took a dis-liking to me. No skin off my back. But what mystifies me is WHY she would actively go out of her way to do things to me. When it became apparent that Laura was NO friend to me, I booted her off my facebook page –which I have EVERY right to do so. Within two weeks, Laura, who only knew of Joan because of my bitching about her at work, and showing that libelous book around, actively sought out Joan on facebook and the two agreed to be facebook buddies. Occasionally Laura will make overtures to Joan about “going out to coffee”but I rarely see evidence that the two actually DO go out. If they do –that’s their business and since they are both snakes, they have every right to twine thier little girl gossipy forked tongues together.
I just think it
’s fucking funny that these two bitches have NOTHING in common except their dislike of Ruth.
And back in July 2013, Laura had her husband Tom come creeping around on my facebook page and I outed them in this post:

I am outing Thomas D. Heath and Laura J. Stickney Heath as stalkers and troublemakers. August 5, 2013


And because of that post, Laura’s first biological daughter contacted me and gave me the skinny on Laura –but I knew part of the story anyway. Seems as though Laura is raising her biological granddaughter. AND IS PASSING THAT GRAND DAUGHTER OFF AS HER OWN DAUGHTER LYING TO THE GIRL. Now, isn’t this what anti-adoption people like Joan are against? Joan herself has gone on and on CONDEMNING GRANDPARENTS WHO ADOPT AND PASS THEIR GRANDCHILDREN OFF AS THEIR CHILDREN! Joan has gone on record that she HATES people like that yet, hypocrite that Joan is, she remains “friend”with Laura Stickney-Heath.

AND since I’ve seen the birth certificate, um amended deceitful birth certificate that is of Laura’s first born daughter –I know the shit that Laura did.
When Laura was 16 years old, she got pregnant with an older Native American man and had a daughter. A couple of years later
Laura marries Tom. Tom legally adopted Laura’s first child. The girl’s birth certificate (amended, deceitful one) says that she is the birth daughter of Laura and Tom. Laura and Tom did EXACTLY what Gert and her second husband did adopt Gert’s own birth son as their own –an event that Joan was all up in arms about! But Joan is NOT condemning Laura for this? Why not? oh yes, because Gert is one of Joan’s birth-sisters. And EVERY thing Joan’s birth sisters do is bad, evil, and worthy of contempt. But – let someone else do the very same thing that Gert did – and Joan says nothing. WHY IS THIS? Because Joan HATES us – because SHE was given up for adoption and WE were not.

Anyways, back to Laura and Tom’s sordid house –When Laura and Tom had a daughter together, they placed the first daughter in a foster home. She was 7 years old and was kicked out of the family. Why? Because Laura claimed the girl “ruined her life.”Later, when the first daughter had a child, Laura somehow (and I’m not sure what happened), gained custody of her grand daughter, and is now raising her, as I said above, as her own daughter, not grand daughter, AND REFUSES TO LET THE CHILD’S REAL BIO-MOM NEAR HER.

What a sordid mess. And it’s really none of my business –but since Laura seems to determined to be in MY life, via Joan, then turn-about is fair play.

And because Joan actively remains Laura’s “friend”she is condoning the very behavior of bio-moms who destroy their children’s lives, by adoption, lies, deceit. Which shows that Joan is a hypocrite.

a post that never made it to the blog: Little Things from a Little Mind – Joan Wheeler continues bashing her birth sisters on the internet on October 17, 2010 March 17, 2014

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A goodie from the past – I was cleaning up some old files on my portable external hard drive and came across this. I wrote it, intending it to be a blog post, but somehow, it fell by the wayside. Well, better late than never.

Back on October 17, 2010, when Joan was a member of the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change forum, she wrote the following response to another whiny adoptee.

“Yeah, same thing happened to me. I felt like a circus act with people saying “you sound like this one” and “you look like that one” and “you walk like this one”. I was on display for their amusment and amazment, but no one asked me about my life,, what I lived, what I felt. One or two aunts and a few cousins but not even the siblings who found me could care less about the life I had led while separated from them. My father asked a few basic questions about my likes and dislikes, then it became a thing of concentrating on the here and now, which was good to a certain point. We did get to know each other a bit,, but in recent years he’d rather talk about his grandchildren from his step kids than to be involved in my kids’ lives. I do know what you’re going through.” 

This was my initial note on her comment:

well, this is just like her – and what does she mean her siblings could care less about the life she led – another contradiction- because does she not say that she shares 1. a love of Egypt with Gert – 2. a love of England with Kathy – 3. a love of Star Trek with Ruth. more fodder for another post!

 I typed this up intending to put it on the blog, but apparently I never did. But here it is:

 Little Things from a Little Mind – Joan Wheeler continues bashing her birth sisters on the internet on October 17, 2010.

Little minds just CANNOT stop the bashing, even after telling her puppet troll that she wouldn’t bash her sisters anymore. What did you expect from a chronic liar like Joan?

On October 17, 2010, on the internet, Joan says the following concerning her reunion with her birth family in 1974: ” I felt like a circus act with people saying “you sound like this one” and “you look like that one” and “you walk like this one”. I was on display for their amusment and amazment, but no one asked me about my life,, what I lived, what I felt. One or two aunts and a few cousins but not even the siblings who found me could care less about the life I had led while separated from them.”

oh, but in her book, she goes into great detail of how much she had in common with The Three Sippel Sisters, including a love of Ancient Egypt with Gert, a love of England and folk songs with Kathy, a love of Star Trek and The Beatles with Ruth. How in the world did we find out that she loved these things IF WE DID NOT SHOW AN INTEREST IN HER LIFE BETWEEN 1956 AND 1974? Joan also goes into great detail of 1974-1975, how she and I went to disco bars, a television taping of Dialing for Dollars to see actor Keir Dullea, to go see Beatles, and Pink Floyd movies, etc. etc.

Seems to me I remember sitting on her bed in her adoptive parents house and listening to her gush about Herman Hermits, her meeting of Leonard Nimoy in 1971 or 1972, her prom, her showing me her prom dress, looking at pictures of her while she was growing up, seeing a beautiful Native American shawl that she weaved, learning of her dancing in the Native American dance group and going to the Museum of Science to see her dance with her troupe .(by the way, in 1974 or 1975,  I went with my father, Gert, and Gert’s kids to see her dance AND in 1985, went to a Native American dance circle with her – so much for her birth family not being interested in her hobbies and life.

 How the hell did I know she went through Catholic grammar school and Catholic high school – guess I consulted a Ouija Board to learn all this information (and more) about her life prior to our reunion in 1974.

I can’t comment on any conversations that Joan had with Gert and Kathy, as I wasn’t there. And I can’t really remember much else about her life prior to 1974, and have forgotten some things about her life after 1974 – because if it didn’t involve me – I put it out of my mind – because I did, I really did try to forget I ever knew such a nasty person. If it wasn’t for her stupid book containing so many dam lies about me and my family, I would have been happy to never mention her disgusting name ever again. But that all came about because of Joan’s own behavior towards me.

so once again, we see that Joan Wheeler has simply GOT to paint her birth sisters in a bad light. Gee Joan, can you NEVER say anything nice about us? Nope, Little Minds know how to do only ONE thing: LIE about everything and everybody.

– Here it is, two and a half years later, and Joan is still making up falsehoods about her birth sisters.

1. Ruth

well, I guess I had a senior moment – because I just used the search function of my blog and typed in “little things from little minds” and I see that I HAD posted this – on November 3, 2010. oh well. I never said I was perfect.

Joan Wheeler goes from manic state to depressive state awful fast over her latest FAILED romance. December 31, 2013

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Joan Wheeler goes from manic state to depressive state awful fast over her latest FAILED romance. – all information and quotes are from what Joan Wheeler herself has put out on public internet for all to see. remember – if you don’t want people to read it – don’t put it on the internet.


In a mess that SHE herself created, Joan first rants and raves about a guy she met at a bar back in June 2013. Within two weeks, marriage plans are made. What stupid idiot meets a guy and within two weeks makes plans to marry this total stranger? Joan Wheeler, that’s who. So she goes to New Mexico with the guy in August and the truth comes out. He’s an alcoholic (so is Joan, but she won’t say so in conjuction with this stuff – but did admit to it in her book), he got caught driving drunk and was thrown in jail for 30 days, (my, my, my), his family decided to do some background checking on Joan (wise move considering we’ve got two people who within 2 weeks of meeting want to get married – doesn’t matter if he’s 63 and she’s 57 – they are both thinking like 13 year olds), the family apparently googled her, came to this blog and saw the truth about her – then so did he. Apparently there were words between everybody, and Joan came home, and cried all through September.

Last week, her website got a hit from New Mexico. Never mind that there are tons of people living in New Mexico and any one of them could have gone to her website, and never mind that Gert has personal friends living in New Mexico and it could have been them – Joan sees the hit, ASS-umes that it’s the boyfriend and/or his family and goes off on a bitch fest – a real rockin’ psychopathic rant! Insults the guy – mocking him for his PTSD (and using the tired old stereotype of the crazy Vietnam Veteran – for shame, Joan) AND DRAGS ME AND GERT IN ON IT. (but she’s always bitching that we won’t stay out of her life – and when we are not – she drags us into it!). I say ASS-ume because when you assume something without real evidence, all you do is make an ASS out of yourself – which is what Joan does all the time. She sees or reads something, and right away ASS-umes things about people.

Here are blog posts that Gert and I did about this mess that Joan HERSELF created:

Another one bites the dust! Joan Wheeler, ‘fiancé’ break-up! Gosh, we told you it would happen! by gertmcqueen on December 27, 2013

Joan Wheeler drags me into her f’ed up love life – then bitches about me being in her life. uh, what? December 26, 2013

would somebody please lobotomize Joan Wheeler? December 27, 2013

 Joan Wheeler has the nerve to say she had done no harm. December 27, 2013

Joan Wheeler can now see 2400 miles and “know” what people are watching on their TVs. OMG! December 28, 2013

SOOOO after all that ranting and our blogging, Joan read Gert’s blog and sees Gert’s statement: “DOES Joan have any positive things going into her life? She never tells us anything that is positive in what she does. Nothing about good eating, sleeping, exercise, meditations, readings, etc…she boring! Once in a while is posts some feel good quote, but she doesn’t live it!”

And knowing that Gert takes Zumba classes (my, are we STALKING Gert now, Joan?) Joan all of a sudden says that she’s “getting healthy, being more positive, is thankful for her female friends and taking Zumba classes).

In the evening of December 30, 2013, she’s on the downside of manic depression – she’s on a downer, and lamenting the loss of her latest romance. I didn’t see the garbage until I woke up about 11:30am December 31, 2013. The time frame that Joan wrote her latest stuff – I was busy with my life – doing housework, then watching the special features on the DVD of John Carpenter’s The Fog. (btw, Joan put me down in her book because I collect movies. So? Who the hell is she to comment on how I spend my $$ or my life? She does so, because her life is so miserable, she looks at me and sees my full life, and she can’t have it, so must debase it).

And I can comment on Joan’s life and this mess because SHE DRAGGED ME INTO IT. SHE DELIBRATELY WROTE A TWEET ABOUT THIS FUCKED UP SITUATION THAT CONTAINED A REFERENCE TO HER BIRTH SISTERS (me and Gert). Therefore, we EARNED the right to write about it.

So I get up and meander over to twitter to see what’s up with a couple of tweets I had exchanged with Luke Evans (Bard the Bowman) – o gods! not only is Ruth collecting movies, she’s communicating with people who are acting in them! Quick now! Get the noose and string Ruth up!

So I see what Joan writes and I wanted to puke. I then go over to facebook and see that Gert also had seen it and this is what we say about the pukey shit:

facebook exchanges: from Gert to Ruth Herr Sippel Pace the idiot is crying in her beer…around midnight she says..

Deep pain in knowing it is over. My love. New Year will be better for us both.  I release you, my love. Good bye my Darling. May you find your true love. She lies within. I move on

after all that ranting and raving and saying she’s DONE and getting on with her life and he was a loser…this is so typical of Joan Wheeler!

from Gert Mcqueen so I added a comment on the blog post and incorporated Ruth’s comment and mine into the body of that post and retweeted it…I can’t believe it, YES I can cause this is HOW joan operates, she doesn’t get her way, she throws fits, gets kicked in the face, bitches and screams cause no one loves her, she rants and raves that they are bad and mean to her, then she gets sympathy from others and says oh I’m ok and then in the dark of the night she crys for what she lost asshole

from Ruth Herr Sippel Pace omy god I want to puke with the saccharine fakeness of it all.

and notice now how she’s going out of her way to list different world cultural dances that she’s learning in Zumba class. She’s reacing out to her birthsisters again, albeit in a round-about way. As you noted yesterday, how she’s obviously reading the blogs – after bitching and raving, her tweets turn 180 degrees on how she’s getting healthy and going to Zumba – a clear IMITATION of you. Now, the “world culture” dances – a clear imitation of ME. Because of my past experiences of being a Middle East (belly dancer). She never cared about dance before – only her Native American dances she did as a teenager and in early 20s. And don’t forget – she put me down in her book FOR being interested in the Arab culture. Now SHE is “embracing” other cultures. What a fucking hypocrite!

she goes from calling him a “stalking obsessed creep” to ” My love. New Year will be better for us both.  I release you, my love. Good bye my Darling. May you find your true love. She lies within. I move on” – she said she “moved on” the other day – if that was so – she shouldn’t be going back to write this stupid shit.

Gert Mcqueen yep…I WAS DOING zumba 3 years ago! I had to stop due to medicals reasons and turned to biking instead…but I NEVER mentioned that ONLY my yoga, bike, gym…which she NEVER picked up until just now BECAUSE I made a point of saying she’s boring, unhealthy and never speaks about what good in her life. And if she loved native dance WHY hasn’t she been doing it all along? If you love something, you DO IT. she only talked about it because of the SUGAR DADDY like I said, she was crying in her beer…that’s what she does…she can’t get her way, throws a fit, the other person tells her get lost, she gets insulted, finds things to bitch about and then says she’s done with them, and then when the night is dark and she’s alone she laments her LOSS that she created.

end of facebook exchange.

I am not only wanting to puke, but I see the hypocrisy of it all – having been dragged over the coals in her book for MY interest in other ethnic music and dance – to see this bitch now saying it’s the best thing in HER life! As I said above – she looks at her miserable life, finds it lacking, then looks at MY life, debases it – YET COPIES ME! And Gert!

Now I want to examine this statement made by Gert: “then she gets sympathy from others and says oh I’m ok and then in the dark of the night she crys for what she lost asshole” – when she was ranting and bitching about the boyfriend on Twitter, she made statements that she was “afraid of him.” “leave me alone.” called him a “stalking creep” “obsessive” – and a twitter friend of hers up in Toronto says, “been reading your feed, are you okay?” this lady sees what Joan writes and becomes genuinely concerned for Joan’s safety! And what does Joan say? “oh, I’m all right. He’s 2500 miles away.”

WHAT THE FUCK?  If she’s “all right” and he’s “2500 miles away” WHY IS SHE WRITING THAT SHE IS AFRAID OF HIM? This is what she does – she EXAGERATES things and puts her whiny little “woe is me, poor, poor pitiful me” routine and manipulates people into feeling sorry for her.  So LOOK at what she said about the guy – she’s afraid of him, he’s a stalking, obsessive, alcoholic drunk driver, and he’s coming to get her. – and chances are – he’s probably a sweet guy with a drinking problem. But according to Joan – he’s a monster. AND THIS IS WHY PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT ME AND GERT ARE BITCHES – BECAUSE THEY READ JOAN’S SHIT AND BECAUSE SHE’S A MASTER MANIPULATER AND LIAR – AND SHE CAN TURN THE TEARS ON AND OFF – THEY CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HER CRYING IS ONLY AN ACT! – People – she’s a socio-path and knows how to turn the waterworks on. And before anybody recommends that she call the police – please – The Town of Tonawanda (where she lives) already are aware of her and her antics.

Before anybody condemns me for “putting down the mentally ill” and lectures me that I “should have compassion,” – been there, done that. Unless you have been the harassed victim of a mentally ill person – you will not understand. see the home page of this blog. and the page What is Demanded of Joan Wheeler.

Don’t judge me for my anger of Joan Wheeler – until you know all the facts and the hell she has put me through and is STILL doing it – by harassing me by calling my employer a year ago with false accusations designed to get me fired – and just the other day by daring to drag me into her fucked up love life.

And again, we see a mess that Joan herself created. Gert and I had nothing to do with this latest boyfriend, yet Joan drags us into it. So we gave it right back to her. We didn’t start it, but we damn sure finished it. We didn’t ask to be in it, but once we were in it – we went all out. And the mess is all on Joan – I don’t want to hear a word from her that we “interfered” with this shit – IT WAS JOAN HERSELF WHO BROUGHT US INTO IT!

1. gertmcqueen

Gert here…Perfect assessment of the conditions that Joan does to herself and everyone. There’s nothing more for me to say, but…this is the real Joan Wheeler and if you don’t believe us…get in a REAL PERSONAL relationship with her, NOT on the internet, BUT IN REAL TIME AND PLACE, interact with her in the FLESH and within 2 months you will KNOW.

UPDATE January 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version.



 end of update info


Joan Wheeler drags me into her f’ed up love life – then bitches about me being in her life. uh, what? December 26, 2013

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oh brother – here we go again. Despite Joan Wheeler’s lamentations and bitching that we, her birth sisters “interfere” with her life, she keeps dragging us INTO her life.


In the wee hours of December 26, 2013, – 1:00am to be precise, Joan was on Twitter, going off on her ex-boyfriend. Apparently her website’s locale spotter showed a hit from New Mexico. Where the ex lives. So? It’s the public internet – Joan has a website for the purpose of people reading it. If the ex wants to read her website/blog – well, it’s a damn free country.

So Joan is accusing him of stalking her and she tweets that he should leave her alone, she’s now afraid of him, he is a bad person, she stuck by him when he was in jail, blah blah blah.

THEN she drags US into it. Take a look-see:

Joan Wheeler ‏@forbiddenfamily

And now, you’ll continue to obssess about me. I know you’re not on Twitter. But my stalking sisters are. They’ll make sure you can read this

EXCUSE ME! We don’t even know this guy. And look what she wrote: “I know you’re not on Twitter.” – so, we establish he’s not on Twitter. “But my stalking sisters are.” – yes we are. “They’ll make sure you can read this.” – HOW? she just said he’s NOT on twitter!

so I replied these to that particular tweet:

Ruth Pace ‏@ruthsippelpace

@forbiddenfamily uh – WE DON’T KNOW HIM OR HIS FAMILY – DON’T DRAG US INTO YOUR F’ED UP LOVE LIFE! leave US alone.

Ruth Pace ‏@ruthsippelpace 

@forbiddenfamily this tweet – dragging us into your silliness – proves YOU won’t leave US alone.

Ruth Pace ‏@ruthsippelpace

@forbiddenfamily  just how will I do that? when I don’t know him, + as you say, he’s not on the internet? why are you dragging me into this?

Ruth Pace @forbiddenfamily

we “MONITOR” you to catch you in stuff just like this: WE DON’T KNOW YOUR EX OR HIS FAMILY, LEAVE US OUT OF IT.

Then she tweets this:

Joan Wheeler ‏@forbiddenfamily 

Run scared. I know you will be. Because I Tweet about our breakup? Too bad. No one knows your name. No one. Don’t like being talked about?

and I reply:

Ruth Pace ‏@ruthsippelpace  

@forbiddenfamily that’s right – we don’t know him – now leave us OUT of your f’ed up love life! why are you pulling us into it?

By the way – she dragged HIM into MY life – in July, 2013, by dragging this guy to Family Court when I had her up on harassment charges- cos she contacted my job AGAIN with false accusations of computer fraud – trying to get me fired. WHY was he there? This was FAMILY COURT – he had no business, him being a stranger to me – to be where I was – taking care of a FAMILY matter.

So what is going on in this latest chapter of the soap opera, The Joni Show?

It appears a few months ago, she met this dude – and she was gushing all about him on twitter, that he’s half Mexican and half Native American, and because of her “knowledge” and “love” of Native Americans, she’s all starry-eyed.

She knows this guy FOR TWO WEEKS! And they’re making plans to get married! WTF! Where are their brains? So when my godmother dies, she drags this stranger to her funeral. I could only attend the wake, as I had to work the day of the funeral, but he attended both. WHY? He doesn’t know my godmother. Whatever.

At the wake, Joan tells one of my cousins that she is going to go New Mexico for a few weeks. And they have to decide where they will live once they get married.

Now, I laid eyes on this guy twice. Once in the waiting room at court, the second time at the wake. I never spoke to him, nor did I approach him. He seemed quiet, nice. Another cousin told me that he sat with Joan at the church at the funeral, and didn’t really say much.

Which belies this tweet about him:

Joan Wheeler ‏@forbiddenfamily  

I should have left that day you freaked out when my aunt died. You made it about your grief over Vietnam, over your Mom’s death in 2010…

He didn’t look like he was freaking out to me.

But dayam – that tweet is sure rotten! As are these:

Joan Wheeler ‏@forbiddenfamily  

I comforted you, you creep. I needed comfort, but you demanded I comfort you. I should have kicked you out then.

Joan Wheeler ‏@forbiddenfamily 

But my aunt died in early August. Instead of comforting me, you attacked me. Lunged at me with your PTSD and how deathy (sic) affects you.

WELL! We see what a great “social worker” she is!

Doesn’t she know as a “social worker” that people grieve differently than others? And where does she get off attacking a Vietnam Vet? Who has PTSD? As a “social worker” – that is a no-no! And to attack someone who is grieving their MOTHER???!!! She died in 2010? That’s only 3 years ago! My mother-in-law died 10 years ago, and my husband and I still get choked up about her. Where the hell does Joan get off AS A SOCIAL WORKER and AS A HUMAN BEING to belittle someone’s grief?

As the wife of a Vietnam Veteran, I went to our local Veteran’s Resource Center  in 1988 for counseling – to learn about PTSD that ALL Veterans may suffer from. I learned about the history of Vietnam, and the war. I learned about the aftermath of the war – both to the peoples of Vietnam AND our returning vets. I learned WHY my husband does certain things. And in doing so, we became strong together.

If Joan can’t handle being with a Vietnam Vet, fine, but don’t fucking attack him. Yes, many Vets, (of all wars) do suffer from PTSD and unfortunately do abuse alcohol and drugs (thank goddess my husband does not) – and that is a real concern. Joan reports on twitter that he was driving drunk and spent a month in jail. That would be a challenge to any relationship, and for speaking for myself, I would not be involved further with any man who does this (drives drunk and get thrown in jail). I am absolutely dead-set against drug and alcohol abuse.

But Joan is one to talk! She chronicles in her now-dead book that she herself was an abuser of drugs and alcohol and drove drunk. She showed up at my house once in 1991 at 5am drunk out of her mind!

So her little quickie romance is all busted up! She’s blaming his family for that. Apparently they went on the internet to check up on her. And I don’t blame them. They did what HE should have done. They were probably thinking “just who is the woman who knows our loved one for only a couple of weeks and thinks she ‘s gonna marry him? Is she the genu-wine article, or she just a gold-digger, looking for a sugar daddy to get her hooks into?”

Well, I say to them: “Good Job!”

So back to Twitter-dom: she also tweets this little gem:

Joan Wheeler ‏@forbiddenfamily 

I know what he’s still doing: checking the weather channel for weather in my city, thinking of where I am: the Y, music shows, plus ….

OH MY GOD! Joan – are you for real? Do you have the capability to see what channel is on this guy’s TV? To see the weather reports in Buffalo? and music? YOU FREAKING INSANE PARANOID IDIOT!

She also reports that she is now afraid of him. uh, duh – he’s 2500 miles away! But she told that lie on the stand in court about me in July 2013 – that she is “afraid” of me. WELL IDIOT! STOP DOING THINGS TO PISS ME OFF! — LIKE DRAGGING ME INTO YOUR FUCKED UP LOVE LIFE.

1. Ruth

by the way – as I understand the politically correct terminology – they are not “Indians” they are “Native Americans.” And they are not “Spanish” they are Mexicans. When she first tweeted about her new romance she called him Native American. Now she calls him Indian. Last week she was blaming the “Spanish” culture for her breakup. As I understand it, some like to be called Hispanic, or Latino. I think it depends on the region. I don’t know. That’s why I don’t call anybody anything unless I know what they like to be referred by. Most of the time, I just call them people, unless I’m talking specifically about the country they come from or if their ethnic background is an important issue with what I’m writing about. As we see, Joan is a bigot. She gushes that in her youth, she had a love for Native Americans. She points that out in her book. But she also pointed out in her book that my first husband was Arab, and goes out of her way to say that I “became fully immersed in the Arab culture.” – no, I did not. I embraced many Arab people as my friends. And what did that all have to do with HER adoption anyway – the purpose of her writing her stupid book in the first place. Who I claim as my friends, have nothing to do with her adoption.

2. gertmcqueen

Gert here… Joan says NO ONE FROM NEW MEXICO should be reading her web blog! What?? hey I KNOW people in New Mexico…been there, speak to them on phone, email. So it could be MY PEOPLE checking Joan stuff! Joan needs to stop browbeating everyone up who think about or does anything related to ADOPTION cause that is where her pains are coming from. She needs to accept that she’s adopted and let people alone. How many men does she have to go through before she learns that NO ONE wants to hear her bitching and screaming. If she still wants to live her life the way she does then she needs to learn that MEN (together or not) don’t want to listen to a bitch scream and rant. Every man I know that has seen or hear anything about Joan says that they would not put up with her for one minute…she’d be history! and the next book that Joan writes WILL have a chapter on this guy from New Mexico cause that what Joan does…she writes lies about every person that DOESN’T AGREE WITH HER. So if I was this guy from NM, I’d keep close tabs on what Joan puts in print or on the internet as she JUST DID on twitter…the guy may not have twitter but I bet he could find someone who does.


well said Gert – and if I were that guy – or his family – I would most certainly keep close tabs on what she writes about him and pull her into court for harassment, slander and libel.

UPDATE January 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version.





2ND edition of Forbidden Family? If it contains ONE lie, I’ll see you in court Joan Wheeler November 12, 2013

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In recent months, Joan Wheeler has been working on a “second edition” of her “autobiography” Forbidden Family.

The first edition was yanked from publication because of the serious LEGAL problems with it – slander and libel; unauthorized use of somebody’s picture. Her lame attempt to disguise my name, while publishing her own adoptive and birth name, my mother’s real name, my father’s real last name and publishing the name of a publication and an article (written by Joan in the early 1990’s) that had my real name in it. Much of the first chapter of her book was taken from this article.

Joan writes on her website that her book is “truthful.” Yet her book contains bold-faced lies. Lies that are proven as such by actual Buffalo City Court documents, and hand-written letters by Joan herself.

The court documents were sent to Trafford Publications and in May 2011, Trafford’s legal department ruled that Joan VIOLATED her contract with them: mainly that she said her “truthful” book was the truth and that she was the sole copyright of the book and all it’s content. Since my documentation proved she committed libel and used my photograph without my knowledge or consent, her book was pulled.

I cannot believe that Joan’s second edition will be an improvement. Because if she changes anything, it will contradict her statement that the first edition is “truthful.” Because the truth can NOT be changed. Anybody who thinks the truth is changeable is an out and out asshole.

Does Joan think her second book is going to pass my scrutiny? Because if I find even ONE lie in it about me, I will be suing her ass. And I will view any further lies as an act of harassment against me, and I will file harassment charges against her again.

And now I have a foot in the court door Joan – you may have gotten away with calling my job with false accusations about computer fraud because the judge basically pooh-poohed it. (July, 2013). But this time honey – the proof will be on the pages of your lying book. I WILL SEE YOU IN COURT JOAN WHEELER! AND THAT’S THE TRUTH.

1. gertmcqueen

gert here…and I SECOND this! Any and all materials that Joan Wheeler writes about OUR FAMILY will be looked at with a fine-tooth comb and magnifying glass! We OWN that first libelous book and we will OWN anything else that she writes that is not 100 percent truth…NOT HER VIEWPOINT but the truth. A person does not get the right to write anything, from their point of view, their feelings, etc, against REALITY AND TRUTH. so be VERY VERY CAREFUL JOAN WHEELER.

 2. Ruth

Joan certainly is a glutton for punishment. If she is looking for a beatdown, then she’s got it. And that is no threat to any physical beating – it is not a threat at all. It is a PROMISE – of a legal beat down and this time, I will sue her for everything she has – I will own her house. And once I do – I will evict her. She tried in the past to destroy my life – my career – my marriage – and she failed every time. She even failed in her last attempt to fuck me on my job – because stupid bitch forgot that my employer’s computer security team could check what I do. Her stupid and false accusation of computer fraud and misuse (November 2012) was checked and I was found innocent.

Make no mistake Joan – I own you. And you gave yourself to me with your ridiculous lies and schemes.

from facebook:

Gert Mcqueen – her sugar-daddy must have some kind of influence/$$ for her to think that she can get another book on us

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace – don’t know about that – all I can see is her fucking delusions surfacing again. SHE is going to put out HER book and to hell with us. That’s how she is thinking. But this is going to blow up in her face.

that book has nothing to do with adoption reform at all – her motive for it, was the intentional trashing of anyone in her life that ever pissed her off. Her continued attempts to fuck with me – calling my job repeatedly in 1994-95, calling child abuse on herself, posing as me, writing letters to John at his mom’s house telling him to leave me – are all indicative of this. She hates me and her book is nothing but a way to get at me. But she has failed and this is another example of her mental illness.

Gert Mcqueen – her delusions are surfacing because she’s got a sugar-daddy! personally I’m not too concerned about this cause I know that I’M NOT DONE EXPOSING EVERYTHING I have on her…in fact I got to finish up a draft to get it on the blog…tonight! She not only has delusions, she is delusional…NO PUBLISHER will print from her…and unless she’s willing to really self-publish it ain’t going to get done, but then again, if she did self-publish it…the range of media EXPOSURE from us will still do the same as we did already.

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace – exactly Gert – even if she cons another publisher, that publisher will hear from us – and the outcome will be the same as it was for the first book – the complete pulling of the book. Amazon.com already knows about the “problems” with this author – and any website that would carry it will be notified that the book is libelous. Any publisher will also be held liable by me for publishing any lie about me – I stand to make a lot in monetary damages.

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace  – as to the sugar daddy – I think he may be gone – because her attention seems to be focused on me and bitch Laura is feeding her shit. That’s all right. Laura is an ass – is inconsequential to me, and I dismiss that little child.

3. RuthNovember 12, 2013

I want to extend a hearty thank you to Joan – for her stupidly handing me this to me on a silver platter.
Joan, you foolish child – by calling my job in November 2012 with a false accusation of computer fraud/misuse, you gave me the opportunity to file charges on you.
The judge pooh-poohed it because he thought it was silly nonsense. However, the publication of a libelous book is a different matter.
Many people who put out libelous material get sued. Your continued lying about me will show the judge that you are, and have been engaged in a smear campaign against me and my reputation. Your admission to calling my job back in 1994-95 and the letter that I have that you wrote to Mr. Peter S. (then director of patient accounts) will show that you have indeed been engaged in a 20 year smear campaign against me.

The judge dismissed my charges against you in July 2013. BUT if you publish a book after that date, that contains lies about me, my lawyer and I will be able to show the judge that you are still harassing me in print.

Hold on your socks and pull!

Joan Wheeler condemns people who adopt their grandchildren and raises them as their own children, yet stays good buddies with a woman who did exactly that. November 5, 2013

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In Gert’s new blogpost, “Joan Wheeler, angry adoptee, is a glutton for punishment, she seeks it out! Then whines when she’s called-out!” Gert outlines Joan Wheeler’s continued paranoia against us, and Joan’s accusations of harassment to her by us, when we are merely exercising our constiutional right of free speech to offer our opinion on any subject we want. It was in an internet article about a man who was adopted and raised by his grandparents, and passed off as the SON, not grandson of the adopters. And of course, Joan spoke out AGAINST that situation. To see the link to the original article go to Gert’s post.

I am not going to post Gert’s entire blogpost, only my comment to Gert’s post, because it is a blogpost in itself.


and speaking of attacks: Joan Wheeler actively engages in attacks on ME! A year ago, November 2012, I visited amazon.com – on my home computer in my home. I work the night shift – 7pm to 7am. On my nights off, I keep that same schedule. I go to bed at 6 or 7am. so if I’m posting somewhere on the internet at 4am, does not automatically mean I’m at work. BUT Joan, in a repeat of what she did to me in 1994-95, in trying to attack me and get me fired from my job – writes a letter to my job, accusing me of computer fraud and misuse. The letter arrived just after Thanksgiving, 2012. I wasn’t told about it until January 2013. In the meanwhile, my employer’s computer security team investigated me, and EXONERATED ME. However, Joan, in her stupidity, goes on the internet (Huffington.com) and admits to being the one who sent the letter. I immediately charged her with harassment. After several delays – we finally battled it out in court on July 23, 2013. Unfortunatly, the judge, as with so many other court officials, pooh-poohed the severity of my enduring 25 years of harassment from my own sister. They have the mindset that sister’s should get along. They have their heads up their asses and this is why some bullies get away with their shit year after year. We are all aware that mentally ill people have more rights then the rest of us, and my harassment charge was dismissed. But Joan LIED on the stand and I detail those lies in this post: “Joan Wheeler perjures herself TWICE on the stand today, July 23, 2013.” 

Now, a week before we went for that final court date, I was “followed” on facebook by a Thomas Heath – who after I investigated him, and outed him, UNfollowed and blocked me. Tom is the husband of a former cow-worker, Laura Heath, with whom I had a small spat with back in May 2010. Laura, being the little idiot that she is, runs immediately to Joan’s facebook page and becomes facebook friends with. Never mind that she never met Joan, and only knew of her thru my bitching about her and her now-dead lying book. (“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”) In three years, I had barely thought of Laura, then all of a sudden her husband comes into my life – just a week before Joan and I go to court? And there’s evidence on Joan’s facebook page that Laura and Joan are planning on going out for coffee?

So when Joan herself is not actively attacking us, she lies to other people, whines to them, shed tears, that her rotten birth sisters, Ruth in particular, is HARASSING HER. And these stupid brainless people just melt at the sight of Joan’s tears and willingly go along with harassing me.

Brian Maloney for one. Actually threatens on HIS attack blog against us, to expose a dark dirty secret that I have. When he did that, I filed an extension harassment charge, in conjunction to the one I had going against Joan, but the judge (the same one who has been overseeing the case since January 2013) said that Joan was not responsible for Brian’s action and that I could pursue criminal charges against Brian on his own actions. When I informed Brian of this, via my blog, I told him that I will not be held to emotional blackmail and that if he knows my dark dirty secret to spit it out. BUT I warned him – the police and the courts will not look kindly on a strange man telling a woman’s secrets on the internet. What those secrets are, I don’t know. I don’t have any. Brian is a stranger to me because he never met me, nor spoken to me face-to-face, and relys only on Joan’s lies about me. And this my friends, is a continuing ATTACK of Joan – against me. Lies to a strange man and tells him Ruth’s “secrets” and then Ruth gets threathened with blackmail. Cries to Laura that Ruth is taking her to court and all of a sudden, Laura’s husband gets involved in Ruth’s life. Never mind that Ruth has never met Laura’s husband. see my blog post “I am outing Thomas D. Heath and Laura J. Stickney-Heath as stalkers and troublemakers.”

I’ve also been in facebook contact with Laura’s biological daughter, (a Native American) that she had before she married Tom. Tom adopted this girl when she was 4 years old. At the age of 7, Laura put her in a foster home. She herself had a daughter, and Laura got custody of that little girl, who Laura is now raising, keeping her away from the child’s real bio-mom, and is passing her off as her daughter, not her grand-daughter. And Joan is going out to coffee with Laura, plotting with Laura to attack Ruth, but Laura is doing the very same thing that Joan is speaking out against in this NPR article – people adopting their grandchildren and passing them off as their own children. AND Tom and Laura did the same thing that Gert and her second husband did – ADOPTED the stepchild/bio-child. Why does Joan condemn Gert for that in her book, but actively hangs out with Laura and Tom? Because we see that even Joan’s zealous hatred of anything regarding adoption and child trafficking goes out the window when it comes to attacking Ruth. HYPOCRITE – if you’re against adoption – then be against it – ALL THE WAY!

ps – how I got in contact with Laura’s daughter – because Laura and Tom are keeping J.’s daughter away from her – J. routinely googles Laura and Tom’s name – J. lives in another state and doesn’t even know where her 13 year old daughter lives. She came upon my blogpost two weeks ago, and sent me a facebook friend request. But I knew about J. three years ago – from J.’s myspace page – where she putting out messages – looking for her daughter.

How could you Joan, how could you? Be active friends with a woman (Laura) who keeps a child away from her own bio-mom? Isn’t that the crux of your hatred of adoption? ISN’T IT?

Joan Wheeler perjures herself TWICE on the stand today, July 23, 2013 July 23, 2013

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Joan Wheeler perjures herself TWICE on the stand today, July 23, 2013

addendum to this post  keep reading for explanation – Joan testified that she has NO connection with anyone from Buffalo General Hospital – I mentioned that she is facebook friends with one Laura Heath – Laura J. Stickney-Heath, whose husband Thomas D. Heath was caught redhanded “following” me on facebook on July 16, 2013. Laura is a former cow-worker of mine, who after I booted her off my facebook page, went seeking out Joan on facebook to friend her to — what? Combine forces with Joan to do shit against me? Anyway – Laura has listed on her facebook page many current and former Buffalo General employees – so tell the court again and perjure yourself again Joan – how you have no connection with anybody from Buffalo General – you’re a fucking liar Joan. And both you are Laura are shit trouble-makers. Grow the fuck up – both you bitches.

So we get to court today for Joan to answer criminal stalking and harassment charges for contacting my employer with false accusations.

I was sworn in and my lawyer asked me some questions to lay the basis of my charges against her. One of the questions was to what my online screen name was and did I know Joan’s online screen name. I answered truthfully that my screen name is LadyMoondancer and Joan goes by several, forbidden-family is one of them.

My lawyer then submitted into evidence the screenshot and printout that I had made of Joan’s admission to contacting my employer with false accusations.

Joan’s lawyer objected because we did not establish a foundation that my employer was contacted and that I was reprimanded.

To remind readers, – my employer, Buffalo General Hospital, received a letter in Nov. 2012 that stated that I was using their computers to harass Joan via the internet – by reading her blog. Sorry toots – your blog is out there FOR people to read. And the medical library has computers for public use – we even use them to play games at pogo.com – ON OUR OFF DUTY HOURS! So if I’m using those computers on my lunch break – sorry Joan – I haven’t broken any rules laid down by BGH. Joan also said that the Kaleida IP address showed up on her website tracker. So? What does that prove? Kaleida’s complimentary WI-FI service is used by literally thousands of people everyday by staff, patients and visitors. And how do I know that Joan herself didn’t drive to BGH, park on the street, access the BGH WI-FI with a laptop and go to her blog to make it look like I did that. She has done underhanded shit before to make it looke like I did stuff – namely like call child abuse on herself using MY name. Yes, in December 1994, she called the child abuse hotline and said she was me and named my fiance as an abuser. – Like I’m going to give out my real name and name my own fiance as a child abuser – oh grow up Joan.

So back to 2012/2013 – When BGH received the letter – they investigated me and found me innocent. So much for Joan’s trying to make trouble for me.

But my lawyer argued that the internet message was proof enough that Joan was harassing me and the judge allowed the message to be entered into evidence.

I left the stand and Joan took the stand and was sworn in. My lawyer showed her the printout I had made of her internet  post and asked her to read it. She started to read it out loud, but then was told to read it to herself. When she was done, she looked up at my lawyer. He asked her point-blank if she had written that post.

She looked him right in the eye, moments after being sworn in to tell the truth and LIED – she said, “no. I didn’t write that.”

My jaw dropped open! Then my lawyer said something else (I don’t remember what) and asked her again if she had written the post.

Joan cocked her head to one side, then the other, very jauntily, then said rather cockily, “Yeah, I wrote it.”

OH! But did she not just say she DIDN’T WRITE IT? Perjury and contradicting herself! – so what else is new? Joan is such a pathological habitual filthy liar – that she automatically LIES!

My lawyer then brought up the second part of her post – the false accusation that I had “called from my employer for me to make appointments at your place of employement.”

First, before we go further – the wording she wrote on Huffington – she said that I had called FROM MY EMPLOYER. – but that’s not what she said in court.

Okay, I’m going to paraphrase here and this is the cock and bull shit stupid story she said.

Sometime in January of this year (2013) she received a phone call from Buffalo general’s cardiac department. (and she kept switching from saying the call came from the cardiac department to the imaging department and back again to the cardiac department and then back to the imaging department). Anyway, supposedly – whatever department (make up your mind Joan) called her on her unpublished phone number to remind her to make an appointment for an echocardiogram. Then a few minutes later, when she said the call came from the imaging department – the apppointment was supposed to be for a mammogram.- Guess what people? – The EKG/EEG  (echocardiogram) and mammograms are done in TWO DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS! Which is why she couldn’t keep her story straight – and kept bouncing from one department to another. She also said that 30 years ago I worked in the cardiac department. WRONG! I have NEVER worked in the cardiac department. I have always worked on the nursing units – from 1972-1985 on a general med-surg nursing unit. From 1985-1990 I worked on a nursing unit that took care of cardiac – mostly angiology patients. Big difference baby. From 1990-94, in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. From 1994-2000 a floor that was GYN, had 7 hospice beds, two lead shielded rooms for nuclear med patients, from 2000 to present in the kidney transplant nursing unit/renal nursing unit. Why the fuck don’t you do your research babe? AND  I worked 1972-1976 night shift – 11pm-7am. 1976-1980 day shift, 7am-3pm. 1980-2011 night shift – 11pm-7am. 2011 to present, night shift – 7pm – 7am. Now get your false accusations lined up to my correct hours and duties, idiot.

She said that she doesn’t go to BGH for anything and she just KNEW the call had come from me.

My lawyer asked her to explain. She said, the call from BGH was a message left on their answering machine for them to call Joan and remind her to call to make an appointment. My lawyer asked her what steps she took to make sure it was Ruth who made the call. Did she ask BGH to play the recording for her so she could listen to the voice? Joan said she had asked them that, but they had erased the message (how convenient). My lawyer asked her something else, then she said, “well it is my SUPPOSITION that Ruth made that call.”


I was trying very hard not to laugh out loud.

Then Joan further perjured herself by saying that I am the only person she knows that works at Buffalo General Hospital. And she has NO CONNECTION WITH ANYONE FROM BUFFALO GENERAL HOSPITAL.

OH REALLY? On Joan’s facebook page, she is freinds with a Laura Heath – yes the very Laura J. Stickney-Heath whose husband Thomas D. Heath was caught red-handed last week following me on my facebook page and I wrote all about it in this blog post – “Joan Wheeler has a couple of new puppets to spy on me – Thomas Heath and Laura Stickney-Heath – roflmao! July 17, 2013”

Joan and Laura became friends in June 2010 after I booted Laura off my facebook for disrespecting me. Laura got into a hissy fit and ran off looking for Joan on facebook and friended her.

Laura quit working at BGH about a year ago but that doesn’t mean anything – Joan said she has no connection with anyone from Buffalo General Hospital – a former employee is FROM BGH. and how do I know that LAURA didn’t make that call to BGH to make it look as though I did it.

And really, how do we know that ANY call was ever made? Joan makes up stories as she goes. Where is her proof? If I don’t have proof that a letter was received by Buffalo General Hospital accusing me of stuff, what proof is there that a phone call was received by BGH? and here’s something – because Joan had called child abuse on herself in 1994, posing as me, how do we know that she herself didn’t make this phone call to BGH? mmmm? food for thought. Like I said before – Joan makes up shit and lies and makes up little scenarios and little schemes.

Now here is the contradiction about this supposed phone call that BGH received – the message on Huffington Post said that I “have called from your employer for me to make appointments.” BUT in court she said that I placed a call TO BGH and THEY called her.

God dammit Joan – MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

So the judge actually dismissed it because we hadn’t proved that a letter was received by BGH and that Joan had written it and blah blah blah. I had asked Human Resources to give a copy of the letter, but their legal department wouldn’t give it to me – and without it, my lawyer couldn’t prove “proper foundation.”

I am not upset – because – my lawyer is going to get the transcripts of today’s proceedings and when I get them – I will have them notarized and scanned and post them to this blog so everyone can see for themselves how Joan committed perjury!

So I don’t think of today’s dismissal of my charges a defeat – oh hell no – I think of it as a victory – cos Joan got caught in a lie and I will post the proof of the lie when I get the actual court transcriptions.

I wanna see her worm her way of that!

And by all means, Joan – keep on calling BGH with your foolish phone calls. And keep on telling your asshole lies – because all your bullshitting has accomplished – NOTHING! I’m still working there baby. I go in at 7pm – do what I supposed to do and leave at 7am.

BGH is quite aware of your harassment of me – your lies were investigated and I was proven innocent. – Your reputation in BGH is now like it is on Huffington and various other internet sites – a stupid lying idiot.

You tried back in 1994-1995 with multiple, multiple phone calls and letters to Buffalo General Hospital, and it got you nowhere. Keep it up baby. Because one of these days, Kaleida’s legal department might just rear up and start a harassment charge of their own against you because you keep calling them with stupid nonsense.

And whatever will you do when I retire? Oh no – I will have taken away your plaything. Well, hell, I took it away already. Your name is on file at BGH as a crackpot.

And I’ve blogged about Laura J. Stickney-Heath and her husband Thomas D. Heath’s trying to worm their way into my life last week. Now, I’m only basing this on my SUPPOSITION that Laura had anything to do with this mess – but by god, if she did – she’s going to find herself in a heap of trouble. Because even being a former employee of BGH, causing trouble for an employee – oh – that don’t look so good.

Have fun kiddies!

1. RuthJuly 23, 2013

oh – I forgot – I’m not sure why she said this, to answer a question – I was jotting down some notes – but she did say that she is afraid of me.

Again, I tried very hard not to bust out laughing. What the fuck is she afraid of? That I will beat her ass? Look bitch, YOU are not worth me going to jail over. I don’t HAVE to beat your ass. I beat you in ways that are far worse. I was successful in getting your precious BOOK pulled from publication when I proved to the publisher that you slandered and libeled me in it. AND I ruined your credibilty in the adoption reform movement when I outed you as a liar. (of course I had the help of my sister Gert McQueen in doing this). You tried to ruin my reputation by stating in that filthy book that I have a criminal record and I proved you false. You tried in the past to ruin my relationship with my husband by writing me a letter saying he got the next door neighbor pregnant – and that didn’t work. You’ve tried in the past to get me fired and you tried it again. And it still hasn’t worked.

You are afraid of me? Well, why do you keep doing things to piss me off? Did you ever think of that? But like I said, as much as I would like to smash you – I won’t lay a hand on you – I don’t have to. I’ve hurt you far worse – and you have only yourself to blame. That’s what you get for lying.

2. RuthJuly 24, 2013

when Joan originally lied about having written that damning statement on Huffington – she hesitated a second. – but let’s back up. When I was on the stand, her lawyer objected to having that statement placed into evidence on the grounds that there was no proof that the statement actually came from Joan.

I was asked another question, and I said that the posting was done through Joan’s account on Huffington, and the accompanying profile picture is that of Joan.

When Joan lied on the stand, I think she was going to try to squirm her way out of by trying to claim that her account was hacked.

Too late for that Joan – because that posting and my accompanying answers have been on Huffington for all to see for six months now and I know you’ve seen my comments – cos they are all here, along all of YOUR damning comments.

She hesitated for a second, then denied writing the comment. And then a minute later admitted to writing it.

Too late Joan – I don’t think the judge caught it, but I did – and when the transcripts are posted on this blog – the whole world will see it and know what I’ve been telling the world for going on 4 years now – that Joan M. Wheeler is a LIAR.

To see the Huffington comments go here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/forbiddenfamily?action=comments – you will have to scroll down a bit – but you will see it. The comments are in reverse order, but you will see how I answer her and show the whole adoption reform world what a liar she is by giving out pertinent FACTS – and since that time, she has been upbraided on several adoption boards, her adoption buddies are running the hell away from her.

This is what I meant when I said I’ve hurt her far worse than laying hands on her. Her credibility is ruined. But that is not my fault. To keep one’s credibility intact and squeeky clean, one must tell the truth always. And not continuously make false accusations about people, and not target one person over and over.

Joan does not tell the truth. She continuously targets me with false accusations and slanted gossip.

If she has “fear” – it is her own conscience telling her that she is living her life wrongly.

3. gertmcqueen – July 24, 2013 [Edit]
Gert here…my comments to this post are in my new blog post..

Has Joan Wheeler learned any lessons from the past 3 years? NO, she still thinks she’s gotten away with something!
by gertmcqueen on July 24, 2013

4. RuthJuly 24, 2013

getting back to that phone call that BGH “received” from me. What other steps did Joan take to determine that it was indeed me who made that phone call (if there ever WAS a phone call). Joan, why don’t you get your lawyer to subpeona BGH’s phone records? IT’S CALLED CALLER ID BABY! All incoming calls to whatever department – imaging, cardiac and ALL departments have caller ID AND the hospital’s central phone system has records to ALL calls – incoming and outgoing. And I promise you – MY home phone number and my cell phone number will not show up on those phone records to either the cardiac department OR the imaging department. Why? BECAUSE I NEVER CALLED THEM. I also don’t have my medical services done at BGH, so there. MY home phone or cell phone only shows up to the floor that I work on or the nursing office. Because those are the only numbers that are pertinent to me. And don’t even try to pull another prank with BGH involving my floor or nursing office – because I am well known and well respected in that hospital. So take your stupid childish pranks elsewhere. Way to go Joan. Buffalo General Hospital is in the business of taking care of sick people and saving lives – do you have no respect for that? We don’t have time for you asshole pranks. Grow the fuck up.

And another thing – I don’t have your unlisted phone number. But I know who does – LAURA J. STICKNEY-HEATH. – yep. I saw a facebook exchange in October 2012 between the two of you – planning on going out for coffee. I wonder if HER phone number will show up on BGH’s phone records as the originator of the call.

6. RuthJuly 24, 2013

sick and frail – yep that’s Joan. When I first saw her in court, (five months ago) she came shuffling in. head bent down, oh, the weight of the whole world was on her. But she looked sort of healthy. a little too thin, but healthy. Yesterday, while I was on the stand, I looked at her and almost gasped out loud – she is nothing but skin and bones. I saw a three-quarter turn of the left side of her face. Her jaw bone sticking out. Her lips thin and pinched in. Gert suggested dental problems. I said no. This was different. My husband suggested something else —

That horrible horrible picture that is seared into my brain – because it was so awful – of Rock Hudson before he died. 30 years later and I can’t get that picture out of my head.  Joan is not that bad – but I’m left wondering.

I’ve got my health problems, yes. I’ll be 61 in a couple of weeks. I got those rotten hot flashes. I got arthritis. I was born with a slight case of scoliosis. I am 30 pounds overweight. And due to thyroid issues, I have thinning hair. But on the whole – I’m a dam healthy new senior citizen. under my tummy fat, I got abs that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger jealous – I can feel them on the sides. When I work out – I lift weights and I shadow-box. I’m a former professional dancer – and I do heavy lifting on my job. I started a diet in January and had lost 15 pounds by June. Then I went on a picnic and then the Fourth of July came around, and I gained back 5. When I go on vacation soon – it’s back to the diet and working out.

Joan needs to pay more attention to herself and eat. Stop the dam bar-hopping and trying to be a teenage groupie in the local music scene. Cause honey – you look ridiculous. The long gray hair framing a too-thin, too pale, face just makes you look like a washed up old hag. And please stop wearing dark clothes. so depressing. I came to court, dressed casually, but respectfully. With pink trousers and a blue tank top that had a lace cutout over my cleavage. (I like to dress in bright, but pastel colors). And my dusting body powder that you need in this heat – has glitter in it. Joan – get out the night time bars and drinking so much – get out into the daytime sun and live!

Joan Wheeler keeps playing fast and loose with the facts and her little buddy thinks that’s just fine. April 30, 2013

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Joan Wheeler keeps playing fast and loose with the facts and her little buddy thinks that’s just fine. – Sorry Charlie, the FACTS and the TRUTH are never to played around with, because those little FACTS and TRUTHS will come up and bite you in the butt!


Gert wrote a new blog post – “Bigotry at its best! Joan Wheeler, adoptee extraordinaire, has out done even HERSELF! with updated comment”

at the end of her post, Gert comments that she found a passage in Joan’s book – which Joan keeps insisting is the absolute truth – that is different from what she says on another person’s blog. This is something we noticed about Joan – she writes different things on different internet forums. For example, she will change dates around, years get changed – events get changed. She said on Huffington in January 2013 that there was an agreement between her and me to stay away from each other and that she abided by that – but she said that agreement was from the early 80’s! But in her book she does admit that I was one of her bridesmaids in 1983 and told about summers at the beach with me in 1988 and 1989. – Joan is constantly playing fast and loose with the facts! In Gert’s closing comments she says: “Clearly, Joan Wheeler knows NOT what she speaks or writes and her stories change at whim.”

To which I replied: “Oh, but Gert – remember it was just thrown in my face that Joan can tell her story any way she sees fit. And if that means changing the facts around to suit her, or tell her story a different way every time she tells it, then, that’s ok too by the idiot who said that.  And make no mistake, anybody who thinks that a “truthful” story can be told 10 different ways, isn’t playing a full deck. MY story, doesn’t change from day to day, because I tell the truth. AND I have provided irrefutable proof of it – via actual court documents and even Joan’s own handwritten letters. For being the son of a prominent lawyer not to know this, shows me what a koo-koo he is!”

Joan Wheeler “social worker” (yeah, right), adoptee rights activist says she wants to blow up buildings. what an ass April 16, 2013

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This post is not going to be a pretty one – so you have fair warning right now.  

see end of post for UPDATE INFO

First off – I am disgusted and disturbed and angry over the bombings yesterday in Boston.  I hope whoever is responsible fries in an electric chair. 

Okay, now I want to turn attention back towards Joan Wheeler’s tweet the other night about her and other adoptees “fantasizing about blowing up vital statistics offices.” 

I wrote about this in my blog post “Joan Wheeler is now fantasizing/threatening to blow up government buildings. Is she looking for a pair of handcuffs?April 14, 2013”  I included a screen shot of Joan’s actual tweet. and here it is again:

joan-wheeler-tweet-03 Joan Wheeler’s tweet on April 14, 2013

Okay Joan – and all you stupid adoptees who want to blow up buildings – take a cold hard look at your televisions and see the damage done by bombs in Boston – no wait – photographers on the scene showed that they are human beings and did not photograph the gruesomeness of what happened. 

Want to hear about it? Let’s see – blown up body parts laying in the street. One woman had most of her jaw blown off. And an 8 year old child was killed! A child for god’s sake! 

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT BLOWING UP A BUILDING MEANS JOAN WHEELER? My god, you heartless bitch. Even if the building is closed for business there are probably other workers in there – cleaning personell – other workers. Innocent bystanders walking on the sidewalk next to the building. Innocent bystanders that may include children. And when a building is blown up – that means the people who work there are out of a job. This is what you stand for Joan? If it is, I’ll say it again – you’re a cold heartless bitch. 

And you call yourself a social worker? Who the hell do you think you are fooling? You have the picture of an abused child on your twitter page, yet advocate BLOWING UP BUILDINGS? You are a two faced lying hypocrite! You are evil.

Do you advocate terrorism Joan? Because your tweet says that you do.

 But then yes, you and all the other “angry militant adoptees” ARE fucking idiots and dangerous ones at that. I hope the FBI is watching your crazy little asses. 

Now I’m not saying that Joan or some other angry adoptee had anything to do with the bombing in Boston – but if they did – they are in a shitload of trouble. And even if they didn’t – to want to do something like that shows the whole world what rotten people they are. No respect for the sanctity of life. To want to destroy life and property. Sick little bastards – as they are proud to call themselves. 

Oh and Joan – just how do you think your fucking little tweet is going to look in court tomorrow? You can drop your poor little meek and mild down-trodden little act right now. The first day you had to report to court – you came in, looking down at the floor, walking oh-so-slowly, like you had the weight of the world on you! The little act you were trying to portray yourself as just a little old beaten down thing. The whole world is beating you up, and you’re so sad, so tired of the whole thing, oh, look at me, just taking slow little steps, cos I’m so pitiful. I’m so meek and mild, and sweet, and I wouldn’t hurt a fly. 

BULLSHIT! Your own tweet says the truth about you. And I will make damn sure the judge sees that stupid tweet of yours. 

And don’t forget stupid – making terrorist threats is a federal offense – I hope they put you away for a long long time sweetie. 

godzilla smashe building

is this your problem Joan – well you will have plenty of time to think about when you are sitting in a jail cell.

For myself – I will be heading over to the Red Cross tomorrow to donate blood to help the victims of the Boston bombing.

gertmcqueen – April 16, 2013

Excellent post Ruth!

Totally disgusting what happened in Boston…it’s looking more and more like a deed of DOMESTIC violence…terror by any name is still terror. And yes of course, NO ONE KNOWS who did that deed, but the anti-terrorist people are very good at their jobs and the doer will be found!

At this point in the history of the USA it is disgusting that anyone, let alone a SOCIAL-WORKER would put on a social NETWORKING site…for the entire globe to see…that she and other ADOPTEES want to blow up government OFFICES because they are MAD. Hey if you are mad sign yourself up in an institution and let the rest of the country be free from your assholeNESS.

I don’t care what side of the adoption issue anyone is on …but it’s past time for EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER HEARD OF JOAN WHEELER to silence the bitch! Do you people think that the government is going to GIVE YOU YOUR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES just because Joan Wheeler and friends think that blowing up the offices of VITAL STATICS will do the trick?

Hey, I worked for the military and I know just HOW SERIOUS the government is about terror and those that do it, talk about it, advocate it, etc. Joan Wheeler calls herself a MILITANT ACTIVIST and will work till the day she DIES for EVERYONE to get an OBC…and the hell with anyone else.

these types of idiots are disgusting


UPDATE OCTOBER 2016; as older posts are being seen I, Gert, am updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism‘ was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and rewrote and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!


this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.



It seems that Joan Wheeler CAN do the right thing when she wants to. But she still will have to pay for the times she went out of her way to lie about her birth sisters March 20, 2013

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 About Joan’Wheeler’s comment page on The Huffington Post.–

Since Joan made that libelous statement about me and admitting that she wrote that libelous letter to my employer (Nov 2012) on January 22, 2013, she has made several more comments about adoption and birth certificates. So you will have to scroll down to see the stupid comment she made about me and my sisters – even accusing me of starting my twitter account solely to bother her. really. I took her to task on Huffington – refuting all her bullshit lies there. All her stupid libelous comments AND my replies – with the TRUTH – are all there in one spot. You just have to scroll down a bit.

As to her recent activity on Huffington – with her discussions about adoption and birth certificates – THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN TELLING JOAN TO DO FOR MORE THAN THREE YEARS NOW – have your debates about adoption and birth certificates all you want – we don’t care – JUST LEAVE US THE HELL OUT OF YOUR DISCUSSIONS! AND STOP LYING ABOUT THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF YOUR ADOPTION.

It seems as though Joan is quite capable of discussing her adoption activism WITHOUT DRAGGING US INTO IT OR DISRESPECTING OUR FAMILY after all. Because I have not one single problem with what she has been saying recently on Huffington.

She even FINALLY acknowledged that the natural family relinguished her because there was no other choice. Which actually is a direct contradiction of what she keeps harping about – she keeps saying she is 100% against adoption, and keeps promoting kinship and guardianship care. Which was NOT a viable option in our family.

We’ve told Joan before – if you want to engage in your anti-adoption activism, LEAVE US OUT OF IT. By continually dragging us into it – she opens herself up to our rebuttals.

All she has to EVER say is, “I was adopted when my birth mother died. Due to lack of options of child care, my birth father relinguished me for adoption. My adoptive parents lied to me. I was found by my birth siblings in 1974. A few years later, personality conflicts between us resulted in us not having a relationship.”

That’s all she has to ever say about us. Since she keeps lying about us – we keep telling the truth about us.

1. gertmcqueenMarch 20, 2013

It’s so simple to just tell the truth without harming others!

RuthMarch 20, 2013

absolutely Gert – Joan needs to learn that when she lies, she not only hurts others, she hurts HERSELF as well! By lying on Huffington about me – by writing a lying letter to my employer, SHE has hurt herself. Now she goes on trial for that. Idiot. We’ve been saying on our blogs for over three years to Joan – STOP LYING. JUST TELL THE DAM TRUTH AND STOP TALKING ABOUT US. cos when you tell the truth – you don’t get in trouble. Joan creates the very situations she bitches about. Because she’s a fool.

RuthMarch 21, 2013

let me clarify the title of this blog post. When I say “But she still will have to pay for the times she went out of her way to lie about her birth sisters ” – that is not a threat. It is a fact. If you do somebody wrong – it’s gonna come back to you in some way. Karma baby – it’s called KARMA. It’s called paying for your sins. Somehow, someway, you will reap what you have sown. If you treat people like dirt, the way Joan has treated me and members of my family, someone is going to treat Joan like dirt. It’s the law of the universe – cause and effect. Like I said – it is Joan herself creating the situations she is bitching about. NOBODY TOLD HER TO TELL LIES ABOUT ME. SHE MADE THE CONSCIOUS DECISION TO TELL THE LIES. Now, with her lies exposed, she has to deal with the consequences of her actions and words.

Joan Wheeler just got caught in another blatant lie, March, 2013 March 18, 2013

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I am copying and pasting Gert’s latest blog post and my comment here in it’s entirety- because it shows – proof positive – that Joan cannot stop LYING and making herself out to being oh-so-very-important. This is a classic case of resume padding.

Here is Gert’s post of March 18, 2013, “A single cow, in the cattle drive, is just another cow! Nothing special!”

While taking a look at Joan Wheeler’s website yesterday I noticed something NEW. And yes I look at her web page. She looks at mine! She has been ‘resume padding’ again! Under the topic/tab ‘author’ we find the following paragraph:  

‘Joan Wheeler has been interviewed on radio in Erie, Pennsylvania, 1975; Liverpool, England, 1976; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1977; Buffalo, New York, 1980, 1982, 1986, 1995 and 2007; and Internet Radio via phone-in to Fall River, Massachusetts, 2006 and 2007. Joan has also appeared on local Public Television in Buffalo, New York in 1980 and short TV interviews by local channels from 1980 to 1982. She was an un-paid extra in the movie The Natural, 1983.’  

‘un-paid extra’….translation…a unrecognized face in the crowd!  

Joan Wheeler really NEEDS to be recognized, no matter how tiny a role!   Well, let’s see what she says about this in her book, Forbidden Family. She changed her husband name to Randy. In 1983 she was pregnant. On Page 236;  

‘When we returned home, we….because Randy went straight to work on a movie set. Just a few weeks before….we watched as a Hollywood movie company came to Buffalo…for ….film, The Natural. Randy and I joined thousands of others in the cattle call. When I heard that they had a maternity ward scene in the movie, I thought for sure I’d get in, but it wasn’t me the casting director wanted. It was Randy. ‘  

‘When they got done with him he looked like a different person. Randy worked with the movie crew for two days…crew worked strange hours…I was jealous and anxious to be a part of the action. When they called for an open casting call, I showed up wearing a light colored maternity dress and waddled through the crowd. I couldn’t visit with my husband for very long because they chased me back up to the distant seats of the old baseball stadium, along with the thousands of others who wanted a chance to be in a movie. Randy and company sat close to the action and…’  

That’s all folks! What does that have to do with her adoption reform movement? How does that help with her experience? She was just another cow in the cattle drive! No experience needed!

My comment:

Ruth   I printed out her recent “resume” padding – which is a direct contradiction of her so-called “truthful” book. Why not make it easy on yourself Joan? Stop LYING. Did you lie in your book? Or are you currently lying here in your new “resume?” – Either way – it shows people what we’ve been saying all along – YOUR A DAM LIAR!


Lies, bullying, false accusations, interfering with my life – recent activities and misdeeds of Joan Wheeler February 7, 2013

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On Wednesday morning, February 6, I was on Twitter and saw a suggestion that Twitter put out – to follow motivational speaker  and life coach Anthony Robbins. Having purchased his original Personal Power program (and learning a great deal from it) back in the early 90’s – I am an admirer of Tony. So I “followed” him.

After John and I took care of some business downtown, had lunch and did some shopping, I came home and went to twitter and I find about 3 “life coaches” following me. So I blocked them and wrote the following tweets:



Then the following tweets naturally flowed:

3. at least I didn’t automatically ASSUME that somebody hacked my account. – ARE YOU LISTENING JOAN WHEELER?

4. nor did I automatically ASSUME and FALSELY ACCUSE someone of doing something they didn’t do. – are we learning Joan Wheeler?

5. SICK + TIRED OF BEING FALSELY ACCUSED OF THINGS I DIDN’T DO-Joan Wheeler-get all the facts before you runs your mouth


7. I STAND UP TO BULLIES AND LIARS. Don’t lie, and don’t bully me and we’ll get along just fine.

Lies and bullying – that’s what Joan Wheeler does best. Last month Joan was on a bullying streak and accusing me of things I didn’t do. From hacking into people’s Twitter accounts, to the crazy ASSUMPION and ACCUSATION that I started my twitter account “solely to stalk and harass” her. —  I really hate to bust her ego-bubble, but no, I joined Twitter because an fb friend of mine, a cast member of Ghost Hunters International on SyFy channel invited me to. One night/early morning in July 2012, he talked me through (via facebook) setting up my twitter account and he was my first twitter person to follow, and he was my first follower. I even wrote for my first tweet “well, this is my first tweet and I don’t know what to say.” And he wrote back “very well said Ruth.” Was I thinking of Joan during all that? oh hell no, I was thinking “how cool is this? A gorgeous hunk and cast member of a tv show is talking me thru setting up my twitter account.” – sorry Joan – Robb is just way more cuter than you.

So last month Joan also admitted to breaking the law! Just after Thanksgiving 2012, a letter arrived at my job – accusing me of computer fraud and calling from my job to set up phony appointments for her. This is not the first time she’s done that kind of crap. She’s been contacting my employer about me for bullshit personal reasons and false accusations before. And she’s posed as me on the phone before as well. And by the way – as in the past (1994 and 1995) and now in the present – my employer investigated me. Their computer security system is tight. They can monitor every keystroke I do. In 1994 and 1995 and in December 2012 – I WAS INVESTIGATED AND FOUND INNOCENT.

Then on Saturday, Jan. 26, a family member died. I didn’t know about it – I was working. (I work the overnight shift and sleep in the day and at 2:00am Tuesday I was injured slightly when an elevator dropped several floors and came to an abrupt halt, jarring me. (only muscle strains, thank goodness – a couple days of motrin, muscle relaxer, heating pads and Ben-Gay and I am OK!). After a visit to the ER and getting home at 4am – I go to bed and when I get up – here’s Joan speculating about me and accusing me again of doing something I didn’t do – using the death of a family member as a way to “bother her.” Then she starts her lies about my relationship with this “family group” saying crap like they don’t want me around – which is a laugh because they just invited me to, and I attended, a family get-together brunch on Dec. 23, 2012 – an event that JOAN was not wanted to be at and not invited to.

So I’m just waking up and drinking coffee to find out that while I’ve been sleeping I doing all these things. Things that are imagined and coming out of Joan’s bat-shit crazy head. So I call my cousin Nancy and ask who died in the family. Then I call another cousin to get all the details.

So here’s the thing: Joan is always yakking on the internet that she is not in my life, nor is she interfering with my life. Really? By writing a letter to my job she INTERFERED WITH MY LIFE. By her continous falsely accusing me of doing things I’m not doing, JOAN WHEELER IS INTERFERING WITH MY LIFE. By ASSUMING and ACCUSING me of joining Twitter just to “bother her” JOAN WHEELER IS BULLYING ME AND TRYING TO DICTATE TO ME WHAT INTERNET SOCIAL SITES I MAY JOIN.


Now that she has written a letter to my job accusing me of something I didn’t do and admitting to that on public internet (on the Huffington Post) Joan can no longer whine and lie to her adoptee pals or whine to anybody in her life that she is NOT intefering with my life. — Because she just did.

and I just love how on Huffington she says that we all agreed to stay out of each other’s lives 30 years ago. Well 30 years ago takes us back to January 1983. But in May 1983, I was one of her bridesmaids.(which she admits to in her book). In 1985, she drove me home from the hospital after I suffered a miscarriage. In 1986, I drove her and her newborn daughter home form the hospital. (she doens’t mention these things in the book – because they were nice things about me).  — She does admit in the book that in the summers of 1988 and 1989, I and my fiancé John Pace were very close to Joan, her husband and their children. She mentions that because she wanted to show how close John was to her and was against me. (but somehow we got married and are still together). In the book she says in 1989 she borrowed money from me and I was angry because she didn’t have any money to repay me. Her twisted lies of what really happened: Joan and her ex-husband STOLE hundreds of dollars from me. She made promises to me to repay me, and then left a message on my answering machine saying me that she changed her mind about repaying me, (December 1989). I called her back and that I told her that I wanted nothing more to do with her and told her to get out of my life.

It was because of that theft and her refusal to admit that the theft hurt me that I turned my back on her. I still hadn’t turned my heart against her and tried several times throughout the years to reach out to her,and be nice to her-  even calling her on the phone in November 2009 to inform her of a family member’s death. For which I got repaid with a barrage of obscenties and her calling the police on me! And more lies! I received an email that our Aunt Doris had died. I called my father and told him. Knowing that he too had finally reached the end of the rope with Joan and he had kicked her out of his life some months before, I asked him if he still had Joan’s phone number. He said yes. I told him Joan should be told of Aunt Doris’ passing. I meant for HIM to call Joan. But he was tired, and told me to call Joan. So I did. And after yelling at me – she called him up and yelled at him – an 89 year old man! So how does Joan relate this on the internet? I’m going around asking family members (plural) to get her phone number to bother her.

But it was when that filthy book came out – with the slander that I have a criminal and arrest record – her mocking me being infertile and her mocking my miscarriage – my heart turned black against her. It is because of Joan’s conscious decisions to slander me, falsely accuse me of things I haven’t done, steal from me and lie about it, mock the death of my son, write me a letter telling me my husband got the next-door pregnant when that house was vacant,  and many other harassments – that I have finally removed her from my heart. In 1974, when we were re-united, I welcomed her into my life and my heart. I told her in December 1989 to get the hell out of my life and she refuses to do so. I have suffered now TWENTY-THREE YEARS OF HARASSMENT AND LIES FROM HER. It is Joan’s own actions and words that have killed any love I ever had for her or sympathy I ever had for her “traumas” suffered because of her adoption.

oh – one last word – remember – whenever Joan has ever said that Ruth did this, or Ruth did that – she has NEVER offered any proof! She likes to say that she’s had “mulitple orders or protection against me, dating from the 1980’s.” – but offers no proof. I, on the other hand, have offered ACTUAL COURT DOCUMENTS that proof what she says is a LIE. The one and only order of protection she ever got against me was for six months in 1993 – dated August 9, 1993 to February 9, 1994. She never got any restraining orders against any other family member. Joan and I have not been in court “multiple times” either. There were THREE cases – in 1993, 1995 and 1999.

Also in December 2004, I was behind in my property taxes due to loss of income when my husband had open heart surgery. My house was being foreclosed. I swallowed my pride and wrote Joan a nice letter to BEG her for money – she still owes me for all that money she stole from me in 1989. I asked her for even TEN lousy bucks. And she threw me to the curb! She had the nerve to file harassment charges against me. But the court refused to hear it because the letter was not threatening. But she reports that in early in 2005 the judge “dismissed the charges because the courts were tired of it all (the Joan-Ruth feud).

Wait til I get my scanner working again – and I will scan the paperwork from that incident as well!

Remember – what you read on this blog is the truth – and I back up what I say with actual court documents. Because my name is Ruth – put a T in front of it and what do you get – TRUTH.

Brian T Maloney and Joan Wheeler now drag an innocent person – my niece into his bullshit drama January 25, 2013

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Apparently somebody recently left an anonymous comment on Brian’s blog. They said that what Joan’s sister and brother are saying on this blog are lies.

First – there is NO brother here. Never was. My brother died in 2003. This blog was started in 2009. My step-brother is not involved in this, neither is my younger half-brother. go thru any post on this blog and do you see them writing anything? NO!

The comment also says that Joan’s daughter is a “hand-full”

This “anonymous” comment is clearly a set-up –

I KNOW who wrote that comment – JOAN WHEELER HERSELF! – Think I am crazy? She USED her children before! In 1993, I recieved a letter. The envelope was in Joan’s handwriting and addressed to me. Inside was a letter to my husband John. Supposedly written by Joan’s then-10 year old son. The letter was NOT written by her son, but by JOAN HERSELF – simply to piss me off. Why put MY name on the envelope if the letter was to go to JOHN. Joan sent that letter baiting me to call her on the phone and when I did she said “just a minute.” click. I call back, same thing. I call again, same thing. She then reported me to the police for prank calls and took me to court where she got a SIX MONTH ORDER OF PROTECTION AGAINS ME. So to bait me – SHE USED HER OWN SON!

I blogged about it in this post: Did Joan’s 10 year old son write that letter I got in June 1993? Or did Joan herself?December 12, 2009

And here is the graphic..

dennis letter handwriting comparison

Joan’s son always referred to John as UNCLE John – but the word Uncle is not here. Compare Joan’s writing that is on the bottom to what is supposedly my nephew’s writing. – too many similarities to be pawned off as “familial handwriting similarity.” The J in the word John is written AS Joan makes her J’s – then crossed out and another style J is substituted. Come on.

In 1995 I TOOK JOAN TO COURT FOR HARASMENT – on our first visit there, Judge Margaret Anderson told everyone NOT TO BRING CHILDREN TO THE COURT. The second time we were there – Joan did bring her kids. They stayed outside the courtroom with Joan’s friend Bonnie Warren. They NEVER ENTERED THE COURT.

The case that I brought about in 1995 was because of Joan’s letter writing to my job, the mayor of Buffalo and others. and a false child abuse call that I supposedly made – but it was JOAN HERSELF! She called the child abuse hotline and said she was Ruth Sippel (me) and that Joan and my fiance John were having sex in front of her children. yeah right, I’m going to child abuse – give out MY name and accuse my own fiance. This was simply a set up to get John to leave me, because Joan then wrote to John at his mother’s house asking him when he was leaving me. That letter is right here.




Joan also wrote to the Child Abuse Center in Albany NY and said that she knows it was me because I have had in the past harassed her (the phone calls from which she got the 6 month order of protection) and she told the people in Albany that I HAD BEEN PLACED ON PROBATION! – She USED her children to make that false child abuse call to break me and John up and defame my character in Albany NY.

IN HER LYING BOOK – Joan says the child abuse call took place in 1993. It did not. It took place in Dece. 1994 and I filed charges on her in February 1995. We appear for one 15 minute session in front of the judge. A date is set for the actual trial. We come back in April 1995. We appear in front of the judge for another 15 minutes and the case is adjourned for another date in May 1995. Then Judge Margaret Anderson dismisses my charge saying “sisters should get along.”

But in the book, Joan says that SHE took ME to court in the summer of 1994 and that it was three month court battle! And her kids were on the stand! THEY WERE NEVER ON THE STAND! NEVER IN THE COURTROOM FOR A FICTICIOUS COURT CASE IN 1994. WHAT KIND OF MOTHER USES HER OWN LITTLE KIDS LIKE THIS?

The charges were dismissed.

Our court cases in fact:

1. June 1993 – Joan takes me court for annoyance phone calls. – result: Joan is granted a SIX-MONTH ORDER OF PROTECTION AGAINST ME (NOT PROBATION) from Judge Robert Russell.

2. February 1995 – I take Joan to court for harassment – Judge Maragret Anderson dismisses the charge.

3. Februrary 1999 – I take Joan to court for harassment – Family Court Margaret Szcur grants me a one year order of protection against Joan.

There were no other court cases.

Given Joan’s history of USING her own children as pawns against me – tell me that Joan didn’t write that comment.

And the writer is objecting to my pictures of us ripping up that hateful filthy book? A book that contains hate towards her own children? And calls those pictures disgusting?

No, by gods the disgusting person is JOAN and the other disgusting person is BRIAN for USING my niece – Joan’s daughter to further his sick involvement with Joan.

1. RuthJanuary 25, 2013

I furthermore, will NOT read anymore bullshit from Brian – nor respond to him. He and Joan are clearly writing this shit to piss me off and deter me from my present mission. BUT IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN – BECAUSE I ALREADY DID WHAT JOAN DOESN’T WANT ME TO DO AND FEARS THAT I WILL.

Your oh-so-clever idea to pull my attention and my focus didn’t work Brian. I told you yesterday you were dismissed. I wrote this post to not showcase YOU specifically, but to showcase JOAN’S ABUSE of her own children.

So I must thank you Brian for giving me this opportunity to do so. You are such a child. You are not equipped for this game of chess. You checkmated yourself. BY THINKING YOU WILL USE MY NIECE AS A PAWN – YOU HAVE SHOWN THE WORLD WHAT YOU ARE – AN ABUSER. GOODBYE.

2. RuthJanuary 25, 2013

oh – in 1999 Joan, in another attempt to break me and John up – sends me a letter saying that John got the next door neighbor pregnant – and the house was vacant! roflmao! what a f’ing dipshit!

and by the way – John and I are STILL together – we’ve been best friends since 1978. We became romantically involved in 1986 after we both became available. We moved in together in 1987. We bought our house in 1996. We became married in 2002. And we are STILL together. He is my rock – and I am his. – yes, we had some rough spots, but our love overcame that. Joan is just jealous because I have a happy life – and she is simply miserable. oh well.

Joan Wheeler shows evidence of her mental illness. Delusional person that she is. January 15, 2013

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In Gert’s latest blog post “More attacks upon birthsiblings by Joan Wheeler on Huffington Post January 2013” by gertmcqueen on January 15, 2013 

Gert relates more garbage posted by Joan on the Huffington Post. Gert copied and pasted the actual dialogue from that site. On statement from Joan is so laughable – I love the line from Joan where she says: “Your complaints were baseless; POD publisher a scam. ” – No, the complaint I sent Trafford Publishers contained ACTUAL CITY COURT DOCUMENTS that proved that what Joan said in the book was libelous, incorrect and a LIE! 

Joan can continue to believe that her book contained the truth – that is her right. But it shows EVERYONE what a mentally ill person she is. On page 330 of her book she says “Mom and I were granted an order of protection against (Ruth) in the summer of 1994. It was good for one years.”  WRONG! – 1. She relates in the book this order of protection was from a false child abuse call against her. 2. The child abuse call was actually made in Dec.1994 – so how could we have gone to court in the summer of 1994 over a call that wasn’t made yet. 3. On my blog I have posted the actual order of protection that was granted to Joan – dated on August 9, 1993. It was in effect until February 9, 1994. That’s SIX MONTHS – not one year. 4. On Dec. 31, 1994, Joan wrote to Albany, NY complaining to the State Board of Child Abuse about me – and stating that the child abuse call WAS made in 1994. She also lied to them saying that when we were in court in 1993, I was sentanced to probation. 5. on my blog I have posted that letter

 So I have provided on my blog – UNDISPUTABLE evidences – City of Buffalo court documents and a letter written by Joan Wheeler herself – that dispute what she wrote in the book. Here again is the PROOF that Joan is a liar.

This is the closeup of the dates on order of protection:

dates 01

here is the full document: click on it to see it.

rest order aug 9 93 - Feb 9 94

and here is her letter to Albany NY – notice where she says I was sentanced to probation – when in actuality an order of protection was placed against me. What delusional asshole thinks an order of protection is the same as probation? What delusional asshole writes to New York State government to lie about her sister? – JOAN WHEELER – that’s who!

Joan's letter to Albany Dec 31, 94 privacy

oh – by the way – the child abuse call? It was made on Dec. 22, 1993 – the caller identified themself as Ruth Sippel – that’s me – my maiden name. The caller said that MY fiance, John and Joan are having sex in front of Joan’s children and abusing them. Riigghht – I’m gonna call the anonymous child abuse center, leave my real name, name my own fiance and risk him going to jail. – roflmao! This was all Joan’s attempt to break me and John up. Because shortly after that – she wrote him a letter and sent it to his mother’s house! And in it she’s saying “John are you leaving Ruth?” Do you see what we’ve been putting up for 30 years? A fucking nutcase!

 Joan further says in her book that I was arrested – WRONG – that is a lie. I have never been arrested in my life. I do not have a criminal record. I never made a child abuse call about Joan. And I sent those documents to Trafford Publishers and they agreed that when Joan wrote that bullshit in her book – SHE VIOLATED THE CONTRACT SHE SIGNED WITH THEM. WHERE IT SAYS THAT LIBEL WILL BE COMMITTED. Also the guidelines for authors furnished by Trafford – and it’s right there on their website – says: “If you write that a person has a criminal record and they do not, you can be sued for libel.” 

Why don’t we hire a lawyer and sue Joan? Why should we? And what would we get out of it? She has nothing in monetary value. And we would have to pay a lawyer. And if we got to court, who would know about it? Just the people in that courtroom. 

NO, this way, by having our blogs, we are having our “trial” out in the open – on the world-wide internet – where Joan can’t lie about it. Well, of course she’s STILL lying about it – but people are seeing her lies – and seeing our documented proof. 

Joan keeps accusing us of doing this or that – but stop and ask yourselves – does she ever back up her statements with undisputable PROOF? NO, she never does. Because it is not OUR complaints that are baseless – but JOAN’S. 

WE have provided the undeniable proof to back up OUR statements. 

Joan is mentally ill. A delusional idiot. For anyone to say an order of protection was for one year and was issued in the summer of 1994 – when the ACTUAL COURT DOCUMENT has the dates of August 9, 1993 to February 9, 1994 – that person is in definite need to be locked up in the psych ward.

 1. gertmcqueenJanuary 15, 2013

Gert here… Note what Joan says here “Your complaints were baseless; POD publisher a scam. ”

Joan NOW believes that POD, that’s print on demand publishers are scams! Blame everyone but herself.

No print on demand MEANS, that the publisher GETS A PRINT READY MANUSCRIPT…no NEED to READ IT, it’s ready to PRINT. The author, in this case Joan, SIGNED A CONTRACT with the publisher, Trafford Publishing…it is no scam…Joan paid ONLY FOR PRINTING no editing or reading by Trafford.

The only time these publishers READ THE BOOK is if they get a complaint AND THEY GOT IT and then they READ THE BOOK AND SAW THE EVIDENCE and then their lawyers made the decision that Joan Wheeler VIOLATED THE CONTRACT she signed with Trafford that THERE WAS NO LIBEL AND OTHER THINGS, as stated in their contract.

Ruth and I personally had email exchanged and phone calls with 3 employees of Trafford including the HEAD OFFICER. IF Joan Wheeler would get her head out of her ass and get with the program called REALITY she would not be in the messes she is in

Every communication I had with Mr Eugene Hopkins of Trafford Publishing is on our blogs. Joan herself spoke with the man but REFUSED to believe what he told her…that the book can not be reprinted due to violation of her contract with us. She was in denial for a long time…the book was only sleeping…

It wasn’t until her asshole defender BRIAN Maloney came to attack us…on another public forum and then create a blog to attack us, that they SAW the pictures of what we did to our copies of the book. and Joan went NUTS…NOW blaming it all on the publisher and that our claims are baseless.

Who the fuck is in charge of Joan Wheeler’s brain. No one is there! Go ahead and TRY to get the book republished…for no one will do it cause once they ask WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FIRST BOOK and Joan can lie to them and herself all she wants, but the fact remains…she wrote a libelous book…

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