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Welcome new visitors! September 30, 2017

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Good Morning

As we bid goodbye to September, I welcome all the new (and old) visitors to this blog.

Wow – yesterday (Sept. 29, 2017) this blog had 49 visitors with 51 views of posts, and today (Sept. 30, 2017) as of 9:00am Eastern USA time, this blog had 34 visitors with 38 views of posts. I don’t know why the spike in visitors – I suspect from my recent comment on my sister Gert’s blog post — or perhaps Joan Mary Wheeler, now known as Doris Michol Sippel, in an internet post that I am unaware of (so far) has been telling her adoptee cronies to come and spam me again.

Well, whatever prompted you all to come – welcome, Welcome. Feel free to look around and read and read and read. That’s what a blog is for — for people to read. 

lol – one time Joan/Doris was bitching and complaining because she realized that I was reading her blog. Well, what the f? If someone puts out a blog on the public internet, it is reasonable to assume that people are going to READ IT. (duh!)

And she reads this blog as well, even though she’ll tell you she doesn’t. Because I’ve noticed several times in the past, I’ll write a post, and a few days later, Joan/Doris will write something on her blog, or elsewhere, and a tell-tale phrase will show up – a phrase she lifted from my blog. ha ha ha. 

I haven’t been as active on this blog as before – even though I’ll have been retired 23 months now — I find that I still don’t have enough time in the day! I’ve so many things going on – archiving my old vinyl record albums and cassette tapes. Archiving photos and papers (scanning them into the computer). Trying to get my house clean and in order — I was working 12 hour shifts for a few years before I retired. When you work 2 or 3 12-hour shifts in a row, there’s not much time to ANYTHING. Then on your days (in my case, nights) off, you’re too damn tired to do anything. 

A couple of months ago, the gas company found a small leak in the pipe near the curb in front of my house. They had to dig that up and replace it – part of my garden got ripped up – and I’ll have to re-do it next year. But I’ve got all new pipes and a new meter! So that’s a bonus. It’s always good to get new stuff for the house. In recent years, I’ve gotten new water pipes, telephone wires, electric wires (and new meter and circuit breaker box) – even a new telephone pole out front with new electric and telephone wires for the whole street! yay! 

Personally, I’m losing weight, and getting into shape. I’ve begun a long time dream of mine – learn Latin. Once I master that, I’ll move on to French, Greek and Tolkien Elvish.

I’m also writing a Star Trek fan-fic story (fan-fiction). Who knows? It might be get published as a Star Trek novel. Even if it doesn’t, it will be good enough for me to read. ha ha.

I’ve also been stepping up into my latest hobby – ghost hunting. Yes, I’m now a paranormal investigator. (7 years now). I’ve also been getting back into my Tarot Card lessons.

So many things that I’ve wanted to do for years, but couldn’t because of my job. Now that that stage of my life is over – it’s time for ME. 

I’ve spent 43 years taking care of the sick and dying as a nurse aide, then PCA (Patient Care Assistant) in a major hospital. It was very rewarding for my soul. Even though most times, I felt (and knew) that I was not appreciated, there were times that I was.

In going through my old papers, I found a few ‘thank you’ cards and notes I’ve gotten through the years – from patients, patient’s family members, co-workers, and managers at work. 

Through the years, I’ve also been verbally appreciated, again from the above list, and even from some physicians and nurse practitioners. One nurse practitioner, Karen, started teaching me to read EKG patterns. As a PCA, one of my duties was to perform EKG tests on patients. – just hooking them up to the machine and pushing the GO button. Karen wanted me to learn the patterns that I was getting down. Because she said “Ruth, you have the brains to find abnormalities that I need to know about it. The others (other PCAs) don’t.” oh dear! lol. 

Well, there were bad times at my job as well. Like when a patient dies. Especially when that patient has had a chronic condition and you see them year after year, and they become ‘friends.’ That’s not to say we health care workers don’t feel for all our patients, we do, (why else would we be in that job), but sure, when you get to know a person, their passing is going to affect you. 

So, to reiterate, I found my job rewarding, but, I don’t miss it. It was very hard work – on my feet most of the time. Encountering rude, disrespecting, and sometimes abusive (verbally and physically) patients, heavy lifting, being overworked and shortstaffed, under pressure — nursing is not a job for the faint-hearted or the weak (in body and mind). 

And now it’s time for ME.  

I’ll do some blog posts when I have the time — and right now – I’ve got to get moving. I’ve got two burner plates soaking in the kitchen sink! My husband of 30 years treats me like a queen – he does all the cooking. But oh my gosh! He’s such a slob! Spills things and is obvlious to it. So the stuff gets cooked on to the burners and stuff. And who gets the glamorous job of cleaning it up? – yeah, me.

Well, now you know what occupies me. If you want to know more, come visit my facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/RuthSippelPace 

You’re all more than welcome to come and visit. And read all that you want on this blog.

And everyone – have a happy day. And pray or donate, call your senator/congressman to help the people in Puerto Rico. I can’t believe what is happening. so sad. so sad.


1. gertmcqueenSeptember 30, 2017

Excellent post!

Generally, our blogs receive a fair amount of viewings…and just recently it has been pointed out, our reputations are ‘known’…whether that is favorable or not really doesn’t matter to Ruth and I.

We don’t write to be ‘known’, we write to right the lies spoken and written against us and our family.

We are ‘known’ because we speak out against Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.

Once in a while we ‘hit a nerve’ and that accounts for the increase in views…great! The more people that get to see our blogs the better, for that means that we are doing our jobs…exposing the rotten things that Joan/Doris has done to families, both the birth and adoptive! She has crossed many a line! She has caused a lot of pain to those that LOVED her! Her worst mistake was to put her lies out in PRINT! For that she will have us around her neck for EVER!

I rather enjoy the opportunities that writing about Joan/Doris has given me, as I age. The use of critical thinking, writing, research, technical skills and more, certainly help keep my mind active and functional. I really don’t spend a lot of time on her or writing about her; a little here, a little there and I have a blog post! Winters where I live are long; this activity helps pass those long nights.

Not that I need something to do! Heavens NO! As Ruth has stated, she’s busy…so am I!

I’ve been retired now for over 10 years! My life is my own and I get paid to have that life! Joan/Doris is but a fraction of my life…so don’t think that I’m obsessed with her, as she is with her ‘sisters’. NO NO NO We have a life, she doesn’t!

I have a very active life; walk, bike, gym, yoga, tai-chi. I maintain two homes; my own apartment in a small village and I share, with my partner of 19 years, his country home! We have over 4 acres with a medium size veggie garden, multiple flower gardens, several mini-forests of pine, birch, maple, oaks. We built a labyrinth. We read under the shade trees; both our libraries are extensive. I belong to a book club. We both cook! We have a large circle of friends!

Life is very good, I’m lucky and fortunate! I don’t whine and cry over life’s hardships…I HAVE A LIFE and I LIVE MY LIFE.

But…I shall ALWAYS find some time to work on exposing the dirty deeds and words of Joan/Doris…because she did the worst thing…she DISHONORED and EXPOSED and EXPLOITS our parents, ourselves and every one of our families. She is a disgrace!

So by all means keep coming back and visit us, here’s links to check out.
https://gertmcqueen.wordpress.com/ this blog is titled Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

https://gertmcqueen2.wordpress.com/ this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.

Also see this Facebook page

In addition…see the ‘discussion’ forums, on Amazon, for two of the books. The first book has one review and several comments related.

Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption forum

Joan Mary Wheeler forum

review of first book and 4 comments



off blog topic – a Tribute to Leonard Nimoy February 27, 2016

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LN 01

It is one year since Leonard Nimoy has passed away. It is so hard to believe that he is not with us anymore. My loss is from a fan’s point of view. My personal life goes on, pretty much unaffected. His family and friends, of course have a different loss. And I extend my good wishes to them.

Now everyone knows I have a raging fantasy crush on the fictional character Mr. Spock. But I have also always had a deep admiration for the man behind the ears, Leonard Nimoy. Since August 1966, when I first saw a commercial for “the new and exciting science fiction show, Star Trek, coming this fall on NBC,” and I saw Mr. Spock – my heart just went pitter-patter.

As the show’s episodes aired, and we viewers saw more of Mr. Spock, and the man Leonard Nimoy became known to the public, I was hopelessly and still am, in “crush” with the two. I have no answers as to how and why a 14 year old girl falls in “love” with a fictional character that isn’t even alive.

After Star Trek, Mr. Nimoy joined the TV show Mission Impossible, and then started to do some movies: Catlow, Baffled, Assault on the Wayne, and others. In the early 70’s his hobbies came to the fore, with him publishing his photographs and poetry. He wrote a one-man play “Vincent,” about the life of artist Vincent van Gogh. Also in the 70’s, he hosted a syndicated show called “In Search Of,” about unexplained phenomena. He also did regional theatre, playing Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, and King Arthur in Camelot.

In the 70’s I became a member of his official fan club, The Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans, and through the club, I purchased a few of his photographs that he matted and signed for us fans. Those and his books of poetry are among my most treasured possessions.

I was fortunate to meet and speak with him a few times. He was always so warm and gracious. The last time was May 19, 2003, when he was doing a book tour of his book Shekhina. My late friend, Michelene Biber and I, ran a small Star Trek discussion group, The USS Ari, at the time, and we presented Mr. Nimoy with a “Friends of the Ari” certificate that Michelle put together. He got a kick out of it.

Leonard Nimoy was much more than Mr. Spock of Star Trek. He was an actor, a photographer, a poet, a writer, a musician, a singer, he directed and produced some movies. He was also a deeply spiritual man.

When I spoke to him in May 2003 I told him how much I admired the quote he chose as the foreword to his Shekhina book. He said (paraphrase) “Isn’t that the most profound and beautiful thing you ever heard?”

That quote is: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience,” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

 Mr. Nimoy left us a year ago today to continue a new phase of his spiritual journey. Godspeed Mr. Nimoy.

–Ruth Pace, February 27, 2016


Resistance to facts is futile.If you can’t accept the facts about my life, then by all means – leave this blog. September 7, 2012

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“As I have said more than once, my postings are an invitation to understand, not an invitation to argue” – David Gerrold.

Saturday, September 8, is the 46th anniversary of Star Trek. But this post is not about Star Trek, only in passing.

I had the pleasure of meeting David Gerrold and getting his autograph at one of the first Star Trek conventions in New York, either 1973 or 1974. And I’ve had the privilege the past couple of years to have him as a facebook buddy. David is the inventor of those fuzzy little creatures called Tribbles, and he has written other things too. You can see his stuff at his home page at www.gerrold.com

David is always writing interesting things to get his readers to think about political issues, personal growth, human and civil rights. He passes himself off as a grumpy old man, but I’m not sure that’s the case at all. I think that he, like me and Gert, has a low tolerance for bullshit and stupidity. I’m constantly learning from him.

I’m not a paid professional writer, but I do like to write. I’ve got my blogs, and I do write for the newsletter for my local Star Trek group, the USS Ari. A couple of things that I learned from David about writing: get your science right and do your research. If you don’t have your science right and your facts straight, you may as well chuck your piece in the garbage. David recently posted that 90% of what he does as a writer is RESEARCH.

And this is what we’ve been saying all along – and especially in my post about Joan writing about my childhood neighborhood and indeed, about Buffalo’s East Side. click here. What she saw in the 1970’s was NOT the way it was in the 1950’s! And her silly friend Brian, who trashed my father for relinquishing Joan for adoption in 1956, while he didn’t do the same for his children in 1994 made the same mistake. To compare American society of 1956 to American society of 1994 is a fatal mistake.  And the ages of the children were completely different. Brian’s youngest child was 10 years old, while Joan was a newborn.

Brian made the mistake of not doing his research. Were there daycare centers in 1956? No. What was the welfare system back then? Not much help. Did my father have relatives able to help out with the raising of his children? No.

Most of Joan’s supporters also failed to do their research. In 2006, when her buddy Rene Hoksbergen wrote the foreword to her slanderous book, he failed to get all the facts from her. She showed him a manuscript that was NOT the final product. The final product contained a huge lie about me and him. Now, this adoption expert and author has egg on his face. He was told way back in 1993 to keep his nose out of our family business. He didn’t listen.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if Joan has the freedom of speech to write a lie about me, then I have the freedom of speech to correct that lie and tell the truth about me. That is what this blog is all about. As well as Gert’s blog.

Joan tells her readers of her now dead book and on her website and various internet forums all these horror stories about her birth sisters – but never backs up her stories with any documented proof. This blog has been in existence since late November 2009 and I have provided actual court documents and letters to prove that what I say is the truth.

If people don’t like what I write on my blog about MY OWN CHILDHOOD and post court documents from the City Court of Buffalo they can just leave and don’t come back. Because as David said on facebook today: “As I have said more than once, my postings are an invitation to understand, not an invitation to argue.”

This blog is an invitation to know the truth behind a libelous book, and not an invitation to argue with me.  

– gratitude extended to David, who graciously gave me permission to use his quote. I owe him hugs, kisses, and a big box of chocolate!

1. gertmcqueenSeptember 7, 2012

Ruth…you did it again!! excellent observations!

When people refuse to let go of their ‘pet theories’ and ‘get with the program’ they are doomed! I’ve seen this time and time again, over the years..I have had far more formidable opponents than Joan Wheeler and Brian Maloney and they, like Joan and Brian didNOT do their homework and therefore lost.

I suggest that every adoptee out there that feels that Ruth and Gert are causing trouble for poor misunderstood adoptee called Joan Wheeler, they really ought to read each and every post on our blogs; there are years worth. Sure such a venture would require some patience because many posts are hard to get through because of our own frustations of having  to deal with an mental nut case who speaks without engaging the brain and many who believe her to be the second coming of the savior and, as in the case of Brian, who must be getting far more out of his association with Joan than what she has to offer…anyone, seems to be totally misinformed about anything!

I am not interested in arguments, been there done that. I am interested in getting Joan Wheeler mouth CLOSED. You don’t like that…tough shit!

What in the world is Blue Plague? August 30, 2012

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There is a website out there called The Blue Plague. I haven’t looked at everything there. I couldn’t get past the first page. Such dribble. And with glaring mistakes! Give a lookee:

  The Blue Plague is a devastating illness attacking children. Some say it is being deliberately spread by The U, S, Gov.

Perhaps a possibility, or perhaps it may be accidental.

People in all states have been involved in its spreading

This website is to inform, stop the plague, and save children.


Inbreeding with close blood relatives causes mental problems in children going down blood lines

Inbreeding Egyptian Pharos kept power in their families. Egypt collapsed from within do to mental handicaps in Dynasty families. The knowledge of it all “Was Hidden.”

Roman Rulers copied Egyptian inbreeding to keep control within their families. The Roman rulers became damaged, Roam Fell, Knowledge “Was Hidden.”

European Monarchs copied the Roman inbreeding practices. Children were born dead blue. Which is where the term “Blue Blood” came from. The knowledge “Was Hidden.”

Collapsing governments caused the Dark Ages. Lords, “Bestowed Their Gifts” into peasant brides. Resulting children went by peasant names, that did not match their true blood lines. Inbreeding ran ramped, hence the term, “Mad Dogs and Englishmen.”

The Blue Plague is coming to America. Southern Plantation Masters copied the Lords Sport. The Plague was contained within slave quarters, as in European Places, and “Hidden.”

The Civil War freed the slaves, and The Blue Plague spread throughout America.

Mormon’s fathered towns, The Plague spread through children’s limited mating choices

The Orphan Train changed children’s names, causing unknown interbreeding.

Using The Orphan Train as the example, The U. S. Gov. created The Uniform Adoption Act mandating adoptee’s birth records be sealed. The Blue Plague spread.

I see no conspiracy, just ignorance from “Hiding Knowledge” to avoid embarrassment, leading to nearly two hundred years of entrapping all on a path to destruction.  

So I left this comment: Knowledge should be exposed. yes – so I am sharing knowledge with you – “do” to? – that should be “due” Rome is not spelled Roam – U, S, – use periods, not commas. When the Southern plantation owners bred with the slaves, they actually introduced NEW (African) genes into the white gene pool – so that blows your theory away.  your last sentance contradicts your entire post – “two hundred years” – when you previously stated it happened thousands of years ago. If you want to be taken seriously, write your essay seriously. By the way, Blue Babies are blue because their lungs are not developed and they are lacking oxygen. It has nothing to do with their mental capabilites. It is called hypoxic.

Honestly, if people want to be taken seriously, they really should present their material in a serious way. Perhaps he was watching the Smurf’s episode “The Blue Plague.” – Ever notice that there is only ONE female Smurf? ONE FEMALE TO DO ALL THE BREEDING! Talk about inbreeding!  


a revised (slightly) version of my poem about Isabella August 29, 2012

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In my post candle light vigil for a little girl held in Cheektowaga, Tuesday night, August 28, 2012 – a report on the vigil I attended for the 5 year old girl beaten to death by a 16 year old punk, I included a poem I wrote. I want to change my poem a little bit here’s the original:

Isabella, Isabella, an angel now you are. I’ve given you a magical unicorn to take you near and far.

Chocolate chip cookies will be your daily fare with stardust and fairydust trailing from your hair.  

Up in heaven you now live, to be with you, all that Crystal has, she would give.

It was Bella’s time you see, A lesson to be learned by our whole community.  

Children are killing children, by guns, by hands. Reverence for Life is what we all must understand.

Okay, here is my revision, and I think the cadence is a bit better.


Isabella, Isabella, an angel now you are. I’ve given you a magic unicorn to take you near and far.

Chocolate chip cookies will be your daily fare with stardust and fairydust trailing from your hair.  

Up in heaven you now live, to be with you, all that Crystal has, she would gladly give.

It was Bella’s time you see, A lesson to be learned by our whole community.  

Children are killing children, by guns, by hands. Reverence for Life is what we all must now understand.

Blue plague? smurfs or andorians? August 29, 2012

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Joan Wheeler has a new passion – a website that promotes nonsense called Blue Plague –

I wouldn’t mind blueness from sexy Commander Shran or his alter ego Jeffrey Combs.


candle light vigil for a little girl held in Cheektowaga, Tuesday night, August 28, 2012 August 29, 2012

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tonight, Tuesday, August 27, I took part of sad gathering – a candlelight vigil for a 5 year old girl who was beaten to death by a 16 year old with his bare hands. Then he called a friend to help dispose of the body in a damn garbage can. – I stopped at Dollar General and bought a candle – chocolate chip scented. And I found a little ceramic angel and a little stuffed unicorn that I placed on the table that had pictures of her. What a sweet little child. No, I never met this little girl, Isabella. I never met her mother Crystal. But I am so outraged at the evil. And as a mother who lost her child (thru miscarriage in 1985) – I am a sister-in-grief to Crystal.

After everyone had a chance to sign a remembrance book and get their candles ready – we all lit our candles at exactly 10pm. Crystal wasn’t there, nor was she at the larger vigil that was held in the city of Niagara Falls (where Isabella’s young life was snuffed out) on Monday night. Other family members were there. Prayers were said, Amazing Grace was sung. Then several paper Chinese lanterns were lit and they soared up into the sky, crossing in front of the near full moon. I was struck by the beauty of it. Local television stations were there, WIVB, Channel 4 carried live for their 10pm news. I wasn’t near any of the reporters, so I don’t know what was said. I’ll see it tomorrow either on tv or on Ch 4’s website or their facebook page. – I left a couple of announcements about the vigil on my twitter – @ruthsippelpace and facebook –http://facebook.com/RuthSippelPace

Isabella, Isabella, an angel now you are. I’ve given you a magical unicorn to take you near and far. Chocolate chip cookies will be your daily fare with stardust and fairydust trailing from your hair.

Up in heaven you now live, to be with you, all that Crystal has, she would give. It was Bella’s time you see, A lesson to be learned by our whole community.

Children are killing children, by guns, by hands. Reverence for Life is what we all must understand.

I’ve revised (slightly) my poem. Here it is:

Isabella, Isabella, an angel now you are.
I’ve given you a magic unicorn to take you near and far.
Chocolate chip cookies will be your daily fare
with stardust and fairydust trailing from your hair.

Up in heaven you now live,
to be with you, all that Crystal has, she would gladly give.
It was Bella’s time you see,
A lesson to be learned by our whole community.

Children are killing children, by guns, by hands.
Reverence for Life is what we all must now understand.

Farewell to my hero – Neil Armstrong August 27, 2012

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dedicated to NEIL ARMSTRONG – my hero –
this song came out duirng the Apollo moon landing in 1969
 “tell the world the universe belongs to us today.” –
Tranquility Base out.

A Special Announcement June 27, 2012

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off blog topic:

I want to make a special announcement – this Friday, June 29, 2012, will be the last day my wonderful husband John Pace is going to work. As of 6pm, he will be retired. After enlisting in the Navy and serving six years in Viet Nam as a Navy Seal, John had worked for several companies, including Chess King and Thom McAm. He is now leaving his job at Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Surplus Store.
He has worked hard his entire life and deserves this retirement. I congratulate him.


Last Leaf of Autumn November 3, 2011

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totally off blog topic.

I wanted to blog yesterday, but was done in by errands, shopping, and the need to leave my van at the mechanic’s. hopefully it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to get it fixed. Life really sucks sometimes.

when this stuff happens, there’s nothing you can do but regroup. here’s a beautiful piece of music – The Last Leaf of Autumn by Grant Wilson. – enjoy. the link will take you to a myspace page – I hope the link works – and just click on the play button.

If Grant’s name sound familiar, you’re more used to seeing him as a paranormal investigator on Sci-fi’s Ghosthunters series.

we paranormal investigators are people with many interests and talents. We don’t get ourselves stuck in one little groove of life – why would anyone do that? There is so much out there to learn – to enjoy – to discover! Anyone who has only one interest in life is a very boring person.

I’m Back to Blogging October 15, 2011

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hee hee hee – althought I never really stopped! The last week of September 2011, my doctor cleared me to return to work. The sprain of my right thumb and wrist has healed, although it is still a little weak and I get an ache now and then. My one hand typing had gotten pretty good, and by the middle of September, I was back to two handed typing, but I was still not at the point to do some serious blogging. But ya know, ya can’t ever get me to shut up, so yes, I have been blogging all along, but not as much as usual – but now I’m back to full swing. I’ve mainly been blogging on my sister Gert’s blog  “Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor”

I have already revamped two of the opening pages of this blog.  “A Book of Lies and why it got pulled from publication” and “Why this blog – read before commenting.”  Plans are to revamp the home page as well in the next few days – so bear with me.  I added two entries to my Family Stories blog, “Grandma Genovese” and “My Cousin Mohamed.” 

I’ve also added a Recommended Sources page to my Keys to Life – Learning to live, living to learn blog. AND I’ve even started a new blog! It’s called Midnight and Mythos – this replaces my old Midnight and Mythos site I had on the old MSN groups service. It is dedicated to all things metaphysical and spooky. I will be blogging about my new hobby – ghost hunting! Yes, I am a paranormal investigator in training.

I’m part of the Meetup group called “Quest for the Unknown” (formerly “Western New York Unexplained Paranormal.” We meet at Iron Island Museum on Lovejoy St. – perhaps the most huanted location around. After a meeting, we split off into groups and do a paranormal investigation, ghost hunt if you will. We just had a meeting and investigation last night, October 14. I will be reporting on all my past and future paranormal activity on Midnight and Mythos.  Go on over to Midnight and Mythos to read “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe. – One of my favorite stories.

As if I’m not busy enough – I’m going to have to start ANOTHER blog – where I can post my scans of pictures and clippings from my 45 years of collecting everything about Star Trek!  I found this great blog My Star Trek Scrapbook that the owner Fred has been putting up his pics and clippings. He was missing a page of a 1978 Seventeen magazine article and I found the complete article in my collection. I threw the scan of the missing page up on my Keys to Life blog, cos I didn’t know where else to put it! Now Fred wants me to put up whatever scans I have, so we can collect things from each other’s collection. yes, yes, we Trekkers are true fanatics to our cause – our deep love of Star Trek. After 45 years we Keep on Trekkin’! 

So stay with me while I refute Joan Wheeler’s statements in her book and on the web, learn about life with me, ghost hunt with me, explore the galaxy via my own local Star Trek fan group – the USS Ari (yes, I am the commanding officer of the starship Ari – Captain Ruth Pace), and come visit me on my facebook page!

Change your mind, change your life! Or do you really like being miserable all the time! July 8, 2011

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by Gert McQueen 

It never fails to amaze me just how many people there are that NEED to retell their pathetic versions of their lives, to each other, and the world, INSTEAD of accepting that ‘shit happens’ and move on, from pain to ‘having a life’. Personally, I can’t stand SUFFERING, I refuse to suffer and therefore I DON’T SUFFER. It’s all in your mind and your belief system! Hey…I gave up lent for lent! But there are many people who think that that is what life is about…suffering…and so every minute of their existence is painful and they must tell the entire world.

Joan Wheeler, using one of her nicknames of 1adoptee, is never at a loss of words to describe how terrible her life has been, how people have misused her, and how she can never forget nor forgive. Even after spending 35 years of her precious life writing a book about her pain and anguish and having that book removed from the printing press and public sales because of it’s libelous statements against birth and adoptive families, this person, Joan, just can’t STOP YAKKING ABOUT HER PAIN AND ANGER.

There is a mistaken view/opinion that by telling, in so-called ‘support groups’, one’s own horror story it will prevent the same thing from happening to others. This is so terribly wrong! It actually hurts others. It promotes perversity and gives a ‘badge of honor’ to the mental illness that is portrayed by repeating painful situations and outbursts of rage as well as a continued slander against family members. What possible positive thing can occur, for others, to read over and over again about the horrible trials and tribulations of Joan Wheeler? How does all this help bring about ADOPTION REFORM? Individuals that have the power and position to make real changes DO NOT LISTEN to these angry outbursts.

Is there nothing else in Joan’s life that she can discuss besides the hurt and pain that she feels? Damn! she is like a broken record, it never stops, no wonder no one can stay around for long with her. Joan doesn’t want to get better, she doesn’t want a life, because she doesn’t know how to live any other way. Such a waste! Change your mind, change your life!

So here is Joan’s recent thoughts and my comments.

  Re: What never to say to an adoptee « Reply #51 on: June 30, 2011, 01:22:57 PM »  

When my adoptive father died in 1982, after 8 years of my reunion with my natural father and other natural blood kin, an adoptive cousin came up to me as I was getting out of my car to go to my adoptive father’s funeral at the funeral parlor. She said, “You OPENLY declare you have two fathers, therefore, you must not love THIS father. Your other cousins and I decided we don’t want you here!”

I was 26 years old and stood alone. I was raised an only child. My adoptive mother was driven to the funeral parlor by someone else and was unware of what my cousin said to me.    


Gert here: And look at the icons she adds to SHOW us how she feels!!! Can you feel her anger, her disbelief, her rage?? She sure wants you to, she wants to make sure that everyone continues to feel it, that is the only thing that keeps her alive; her anger and rage! But…how different a life she could have if only she would…change her mind and change her life! Does her man like to listen to her outbursts? How many men has she had that have left her because of her outbursts? How about her children? Have they stayed with her? Are they happy living with her? Those are the questions that Joan and other adoptees ought to be asking!

Sure, some people are idiots, people say and do lots of stupid, heartless things, but at some point a healthy person LETS GO OF IT and MOVES ON. Over my life-time, and I’m sure in times to come, I have had insensitive people say very hurtful things to me. Their words and deeds are not in my mind for long…they are poison and my body, mind and spirit does not want those poisons, so I release those things and release the poisons. I am happy and content, I have changed my mind and have changed my life, many times over.

I have only been speaking out about Joan since she published that lying book. Until Joan removes the two websites that are a source of continued harassment and slander to the birth family I shall continue to speak out about her. I was very happy before Joan was in my life, and after I banished her from my life when she did dirt to me, and I went back to being happy with not having her in my life after 2 unproductive reconciliation attempts with her. I have been very happy until she wrote a lying book and until she stops talking trash about us, I shall continue to expose her.

Joan, you wrote about the nasty adoptive family already, so drop it, what good does it do to you. Are you happy by keeping this anger and rage? Don’t you ever want to be HEALTHY? Guess Not.

Another thing that Joan keeps saying, as if it excuses so many of her faults, is that she was raised an only child. Joan is incapable of ‘standing up for herself’ at the moment of any form of conflict or disagreement. She states here she was 26 and stood alone, because she was raised an only child….and that proves what? I became an ADULT at age 18 when I married and became a mother!

By the age of 26 if a person can’t stand up for themselves, they never will and here Joan is age 55 and she still is reliving this….CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR WORLD.

She continues on…replying to someone else’s comments here in italic.

Re: What never to say to an adoptee

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“Yes, but it took me years to tell her and even then, she didn’t care. She was very close with the aunt and these cousins and beleived their shit over me anyway.”

About two years before my adoptive mother died, I was thinking about this and the fact that this aunt and my adoptive parents knew I had sisters and brothers when I was adopted, and NO ONE from the adoptive family wanted me to know about them,, so I took this up with my therapist. “Does your mother know how you feel?” was the question. I spent a yar and half crying to my mother about these two issues and she finally said, “But I didn’t say that to you!” (about the comment made at my adoptive father’s funeral). My adoptive mother never appologized for keeping me away from my siblings all of my life. BUt my aunt and my cousins definately felt I was wrong to be in a reunion with my natural father and my siblings. My adoptive mother died this past March. The cousin who made that remark was present in the room when my mother was dying, so was her mother and her sisters. Two sisters appologized and tearfully hugged me as my mother lay dying. My aunt never appologized. My natural father died this past January.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I just had to answer the question.

Yes,, it still bothers me after all these years. Just goes to show how deeply ingrained prejudice against adoptees goes when your own family hates the fact that I was found and was in reunion since 1974…I was found… I did not search! Fortunately, not all of my adoptive family felt this way, but many others did…

 Gert here: Again, a regurgitation of the same old sad story, Joan’s life-long series with a therapist! What a racket! The purpose of therapy is to get better and learn how to deal with issues. But if you are always going to a therapist, by Joan’s statements here and elsewhere she is still, in her late 50’s, going to a therapist. That therapist is sure making money off of Joan! And because Joan is on Social Security Disability, the taxpayers of New York State are paying for Joan’s therapy! They are not helping Joan they are keeping her a slave to therapy and keeping NYS in debt!

If Joan has been seeing a therapist why did Joan have to spend a year and a half crying to her adoptive mother for a comment that that woman never said! That is typical of Joan…browbeat someone else that had nothing to do with the original injury! Joan should have gone to the person who spoke the words, not the adoptive mother years later. Joan can not stand up for herself to anyone…she has to find the next weakest person, hide behind others, or write something using big threatening words and make up stories for others to believe her. NOT ONCE has Joan answered any of her sister’s accusations against her. NO Joan goes to many others to do that dirty work, or she acts like she is incapable of acting on her own. (Ruth’s note: yes, I have challenged FOUR times on this blog for her and me to take a lie-detector test to get to the bottom of her “viewpoint” (LIE) that I have an arrest and criminal record. No response from Joan. I have repeatedly on this blog, addressed statements to Joan to come clean, even listed a set of demands from us to her that will, when met, result in the dismantling of this blog. – We know she reads this blog, even though she says she doesn’t. Because she will quote it. But she has NEVER addressed us directly! Instead she goes running to this adoptee forum and gets THEM to address us. And their statements to us is usually hate statements, or stupid comments that show us that instead of doing research, getting to the bottom of the truth, READING this blog, they are like being led around by their noses by Joan).

And this type of person, with this type of disability, that Joan has, will NEVER help adoption reform. She is a liability to reform.  

This is a very telling statement of Joan’s; ‘My adoptive mother never appologized for keeping me away from my siblings all of my life’. What the hell!! Since when does an adoptive mother have to apologize for the act of adoption? The whole point of adoption IS TO KEEP THE CHILD AWAY FROM THE NATURAL FAMILY! Joan and all these adoptees haven’t a clue about the REAL purpose of adoption. Joan wants EVERYONE to apologize to her because she is an adoptee!! Bullshit!!

Joan is certainly NOT sorry for hijacking the thread! (which was about ‘what never to say to an adoptee) because when Joan has the opportunity to open her mouth she must do just that ‘hijack’ the conversation. Using her own words, ‘it still bothers me after all these years. Just goes to show how deeply ingrained prejudice against adoptees’ proves the Joan is not HEALTHY. Her identity is an adoptee that has been abused by prejudice. Of course that is false, but to Joan, it is truth and so she will never be healthy.

Continuing on with answering yet another comment.

Re: What never to say to an adoptee « Reply #59 on: Today at 11:04:45 AM »  


Btw Iadoptee, what your afamily did was horrible.

Thanks,… They are such backward thinking people.

Now that both adoptive parents are dead, it seems I don’t have to associate with the rest of the family anymore so they don’t bother me.

It was a life of hell, though.

Thank god for the few who have brains and treat me fairly…and lovingly…

Gert here: This is Joan’s view/opinion and truth about her adoptive family…that they are backward thinking people! Now nice of her…I’m sure that Joan wins much approval from those adoptive relatives just as she has from the birth family! But now, that the adoptive parents are dead, she is safe because…there is no reason to associate with them any longer and they no longer can bother her. So why does she have to keep talking about them? She tells us in the next breath…her life was a life of hell…oh we can’t forget that Joan’s life has been hell. Too bad she hasn’t been able to change her mind to change her life…if she can maybe her life will not be hell anymore. (Ruth’s note, I said it before – last month on the Buffalo News site where Joan had her editorial on birth certificates published, that Joan was whining that the newspaper didn’t publish her editorial fast enough for her. She went on the forum and said that the city of Buffalo was full of backwards thinking people and she has tried for years to get them to see her point of view. I said then and will say it again: Joan doesn’t know how to talk to people, actually she is two faced – she is all nice and sweet to their face, then TALKS SHIT ABOUT THEM BEHIND THEIR BACKS AND WHEN THEY FIND OUT HOW SHE HAS BADMOUTHED THEM, THEY RUN FAR AWAY FROM HER! Yes, even people who just might be in a position to help her or her cause, because Joan, here is a lesson for you to learn: PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE BEING CALLED BACKWARDS THINKING!)

But isn’t it nice to know that there are a few, just a few, that have brains and treat her fairly and lovingly! Lucky them! They must really enjoy all the rage that Joan gives out.

My god! If I was trying to get healthy and do adoption reform, I’d stay far away from this nut case. All her life she can’t stand up for herself because these people are backward thinking and have treated her horribly. If it isn’t the birth family she is trashing, its the adoptive family. And if you are not a member of either of those families, don’t think you are safe. If you cross Joan Wheeler, you too will feel her wrath and be subjected to slander such as backward thinking people!

Ruth’s additional comment:

Lest people think that Gert and I and Kathy have allowed ourselves to be poisoned by Joan and her backward thinking, let me say this to you – NOT A CHANCE! Yes, we were at a more peaceful place before Joan published that book of lies. Yes, it hurt us to read the garbage in it. It hurt us to see how Joan not only dishonored US, but our dead mother, other family members and our dad, who recently died.

HOWEVER, we do not let that garbage book and Joan poison us. Because we are secure and happy with our lives. We have learned to take the crap that life has flung at us and shrug it off. Sure, there are times, life’s unfairness gets us down, but then we fling the negativity off and rise up shining! Joan has never learned this, despite many many people telling her how to do it.

Some people may think to themselves, “well, if what you are saying is true, how is it that you cannot shrug off this book?” My answer to that is this: the book is full of slander and lies about not just us sisters, but our entire family. If Joan had simply made a stupid putdown of me liking horror movies, (which she actually did in her book), I could simply shrug that off and say, “her opinion of me is not my business.” But she goes much much further – she falsely accuses us of leading criminal lives – this crosses the line into the legal definition of slander, libel, false accusation, harassment, stalking, bullying, cyberbullying. We have suffered through 30 years of harassments by Joan. The courts won’t help. So we stand up to the bully Joan with this blog.

Joan has also accused us of saying to her on this blog and other websites to commit suicide. NO, we have always said to her to GET SOME HELP! And here is a nice meditation for Joan to learn. Gert and I have learned this already. Perhaps not this particular one, but similar ones. But I know Joan, she’ll copy and paste it, read it through once, report she followed it and then report it didn’t work. And the reason she will give for it not working will be to blame us sisters for it. Or her “backwards thinking” adoptive family. Because nothing is ever her fault. She was given instructions 35 years ago by my step-uncle on self-hypnosis, and guided self-meditations. He taught me the same things and set me on a lifetime of spiritual learning. Joan never learned the lessons because SHE DOESN’T WANT ANY HEALING. SHE’S HAPPY IN HER MISERY! She has been going to therapy for more than 30 years and hasn’t learned a dam thing yet!

In 1984, there was an incident in Kitchener, Ontario after a rock concert that Joan attended and did something stupid. She called me the next day and told me about it. She told me that she had already spoken to her therapist on the phone about it. The therapist told her, and Joan repeated it to me. “If this is the lifestyle you want, then accept it. If it isn’t, then don’t repeat the action.” Apparently Joan WANTS the lifestyle she has – because she WON’T CHANGE IT. It is YOU, Joan, ONLY YOU THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Your afamily, your birth family cannot do it for you. ONLY YOU.

Joan has been in therapy for so long because she is addicted to therapy. She can’t live without a therapist telling her what to do. She hasn’t learned to grow up and take responsibility for her own life. She expects the therapist to wave a magic wand and all her problems will disappear. BUT IT JUST DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. You go to therapy to hash out your problems, and then GET TO WORK ON SOLVING THEM. And the therapist cannot do the work for you, you must do the work yourself.


This meditation is based on an ancient Tibetan practice known as Tonglen, and has been used by many generations and traditions to cultivate bodhichitta, or compassion.

Once the steps have been practiced it becomes very simple. It can be used as a way to open and heal one’s own heart, for developing the ability of living from the heart rather than the head, for dissolving feelings of separation and isolation, and for giving unconditionally to others, specifically or globally. This is the true nature of Love Itself.

The outer, emotional heart may give pain as well as pleasure, true, but as one becomes more aware one accepts the pain as a blessing, an opportunity. The quality of the pain naturally starts changing because you are no longer resisting it. Then it is no longer pain; it is a fire that will cleanse and deepen you.

It is a transmutation, a transformation process, in which the old will go and the new will arrive; in which the mind will disappear and the inner, spiritual heart will function wholly. Then your life becomes a blessing.


This gift is from Atisha, a second century Tibetan teacher

When you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in the miseries of the people in the world – all the hardness, all the negativity and abuse, all the non-love that exists anywhere. Breathe it in and let it be absorbed in your Heart.

The so-called positive thinkers of the West say just the opposite but they don’t know what they are saying. They say, when you breathe out throw out all your misery and negativity; and when you breathe in take in joy, positivity, happiness, cheerfulness. Atisha’s powerful method is just the opposite.

When you inhale, breathe in all the misery and suffering of all the beings of the world.
When you exhale, breathe out all the joy you have —
all the unconditional love, all the peace, all the silence.

You will be surprised at what happens. The moment you take in the sufferings of the world they are no longer sufferings. The Inner Heart immediately transforms the energy. The spiritual Heart is a transforming force. Drink in misery and it is transformed into blissfulness… then pour it out.

Breathe out and pour yourself into existence.
This is the method of compassion:
Drink in suffering and pour out blessings.

Compassion is being a transforming force in existence – transforming the ugly into the beautiful, kissing the frog and transforming it into a prince, transforming pain into healing, darkness into light.

If you find any hindrance in the meditation, notice if you are holding on to expectations and release through heart breathing

Once you have learned that your Heart can do this magic, this miracle of giving, you will like to do it more and more.

Begin with yourself.
Breathe your pain, your suffering, your conflicts and knots into your own pure inner Heart.
Then breathe out from your Heart into all parts of yourself.

Keep going… and notice your increasing lightness.

– adapted from Osho, “The Book of Wisdom”


“If you can experience it – this is of tremendous importance – then start absorbing it. Don’t throw it away. It is such a valuable energy; don’t throw it away. Absorb it, drink it, accept it, welcome it, feel grateful to it. And say to yourself, ‘This time I’m not going to avoid it, this time I’m not going to reject it, this time I’m not going to throw it away. This time I will drink it and receive it as a guest. This time I will digest it.’

“It may take a few days for your to be able to digest it, but the day it happens you have stumbled upon a door which will take you really far. A new journey has started in your life, you are moving into a new kind of being…..

“But start with your own self. Make a small experiment with your own pains, sufferings and miseries. The moment you accept the pain with no reject anywhere, its energy and its quality changes. It is no longer pain.

“And once you have found the key, then you can share it with the whole existence. Then you can take all the suffering of all the world, or all the worlds.

“Ride on the incoming breath and your small heart becomes bigger than the whole universe, then you know what miracles it can do. And pour out your blessings. It is the same energy passing through your heart that becomes bliss, that becomes blessing. Then let blessings go riding on the outgoing breath to all the nooks and corners of existence.”

– from Osho, quoted in “Relaxing Into Clear Seeing” by Arjuna Nick Ardagh

Can’t Joan Wheeler EVER find Joy in her Life? – Motherhood, Baby Bracelets, and Remembrances July 6, 2011

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Introduction by Ruth Sippel Pace

On June 28, 2011, Joan writes a piece on her blog about her finding her baby bracelet. Now yes, I can understand under the circumstances that this event would evoke some strong emotions in her. This was the first time in her 55 years of life that she EVER saw that bracelet. And yes, it would bring to surface feelings of loss of her birth mother and questions of why her adoptive mother never gave her the bracelet, considering that Joan was reunited in 1974 with her birth family.

In Joan’s book Forbidden Family, Joan takes the liberty of editorializing about my life and my sisters’ lives. Which has nothing whatever to do with adoption, adoption reunion or adoption reform. Since Joan can editorialize on our lives, we do the same to her life.  This is our commentary on that blog post.

We start out with Gert McQueen’s thoughts.

Why does Joan Wheeler feel the constant need to tell the entire world about her ‘loss’? Is Joan Wheeler the only one who ever lost a mother to illness and death? Is she the only one who ever was adopted?

Joan is not the only person who has the right to mourn and remember a baby bracelet, a adoptive mother and a dying natural mother! That dying mother had 4 other children who had also worn baby bracelets and who KNEW the adoptive mother and father who RAISED their blood sibling. So, yes before anyone starts to complain about my speaking on this issue…I have a vested interested in ANYTHING that is said by JOAN about MY MOTHER.

Scary…you don’t know what scary is…

Truth…you don’t want to know the truth, for the truth scares you…

If a person does not have any kind of a life…who lives in their own inner world of their own making…who has a history of subjectifying everything, making everyone fit into their own inner world and puts words and thoughts into other people’s mouths to make them fit their own view of life…the truth can be very very scary. To make matters worst, a person who doesn’t have a life and who does all this…is a very scary person because they WANT and NEED others to know that they are a NOTHING. They are looking for sympathy, they are not looking to get a life but only to sustain the fantasies they have and to continue to place the blame on others and are always looking for proof that it is because of others that they have a miserable life.

On June 28 Joan Wheeler wrote: (her statements in purple):

….My adoptive mother died a few months ago. I have been slowly going through her belongings. Deciding what to keep and what to give away is a very difficult task.

Gert says: and Joan is the only person that has ever had this difficult task to do…duh!!! its bloody obvious! Instead why doesn’t Joan write a memory boast for the adoptive mother who gave much to Joan.

….I had already generally gone through a box of my mother’s old jewelry and set it aside for the ‘give away’ pile. But a relative who was with me took a second look. She found a small plastic bag with a string of beads. She pulled it out and said, ‘This looks like a baby bracelet.’

Gert says: treasures are always found upon a death…but… this may be the beginning of another book that Joan is writing…let’s see, she spend about 35 years of her life writing that first book of lies and it’s been pulled for libelous materials so she had better start composing another book of her views and opinions.

….I immediately swung around as my relative placed the beaded bracelet in my hands. I recognized the initials and last name as that of my natural mother. The beads were pink, this was my baby bracelet worn in the hospital after my birth.

Gert says: And here we see the first signs of drama…she ‘immediately swung around’…boy isn’t that something…the drama the sense of shock and awe that someone said ”This looks like a baby bracelet”!   Okay, sure happening upon such a find can be a bit jarring, but does it have to have so much melodrama? And, why is this find something that the world NEEDS to know about?

….How could I have missed this when going through the box the first time?

Gert says: Is this important somehow? No, it’s for dramatic emphasis.

 ….More importantly, why was this the first time I had seen this bracelet? My adoptive mother kept it in her jewelry box since bringing me home on April 22, 1956, four months after my birth. My natural father had given her this bracelet, along with my clothes and birth certificate and baptismal certificate. Why did my adoptive mother keep this bracelet all these years? She surely could have given it to me during the course of my reunion with my natural family from 1974 onward. But I discovered it and reclaimed it a few months after her death.

 Gert says: This is a total buildup and a continuation of the same of rap/storyline that Joan has against the adoptive mother. ‘More importantly’ means that this is Joan’s EVIDENCE against the adoptive mother…she kept this item away from Joan all of Joan’s life…it is an indictment against the adoptive mother. And she wants everyone to GET IT that the adoptive mother kept the bracelet from Joan ‘all these years’. And she wants everyone to know that the adoptive mother had ample time to give it to her…since 1974. But only upon death does Joan get it and Joan is pissed! That is why she has to write this…

 Gosh perhaps the poor woman, the adoptive mother, had her own reasons. A parent does NOT have to explain everything to the child. This is basically Joan’s beef…that the adoptive parents lied to her, kept secrets from her…well maybe they had reasons…it is NOT up to the child to know every atom of the parents’ mind. (Ruth’s note: I know for a FACT that there were things that Joan herself did NOT share with her own daughter – things that she SHOULD have – for all of Joan’s whining that adoptees should know their complete medical background, and Joan was going around for years to various family gatherings (of her birth family and extended birth family) and collecting this information, SHE NEVER SHARED IT WITH HER DAUGHTER! I got an email via myspace and my niece was asking me questions about MY medical background, and my sisters’! So don’t be throwing stones at your amother Joan, because YOU have withheld things from your own birth daughter!)

 Any way, Joan now has the bracelet…she ought to be glad…but…she isn’t.

 ….This is yet another reminder that for all I know about my birth and my adoption I shall never really know my life. I was a baby born to a dying mother. I was dying at birth. The conditions and events that surrounded the people who took care of  me, especially my natural father, were tense. My future hung in the balance until my mother died. Nearly a month later, my father handed me to another couple to raise as their daughter. I grew up the only child of this couple. My former life ceased to exist.

 Gert says: what Joan sees is just a reminder that she ‘shall never really know my life’ (her life). Here’s a news flash…I DON’T KNOW ALL OF MY LIFE and neither does anyone else. What part of Joan’s life does she not know that she didn’t know before she finds a baby bracelet? I didn’t have items of my infancy until I was an adult…neither did my children. Some people NEVER get those items. Joan ought to be glad to have the bracelet, NOW and give THANKS to the adoptive mother who kept it for her.

Joan’s sense of drama is scary!! She was born to a dying mother and Joan was dying at birth!! What bullshit! Here’s the TRUTH…Joan was born 7 weeks premature and was placed in an incubator! Our mother had been very sick in late Dec of 1955 and was in the hospital for complete bed rest. On Jan 7, 1956 mother went into premature labor. After having had four kids she knew the labor pains, rang for the nurse, but by the time the nurse got there, the baby had come. They cut the cord and placed the baby in the incubator. Joan was there for 6 weeks. Mother’s ovarian and uterine cancer wasn’t discovered until after the baby was born, nothing could be done for her and she died 3 months later.

 But, Joan has to tell everything in great melodramatic terms and as she does so, she alters things, she puts conditions upon the players in her story…but the TRUTH is…she has NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED because she was an infant and is relying on hearsay and conjuncture. No one KNEW her mother was dying at the time of Joan’s birth! Joan herself was NOT DYING AT BIRTH. So conditions around the event were tense…does that make Joan unique? And what about ME AND MY BROTHER AND SISTERS…were we NOT AFFECTED?

 We have as much right to state OUR TRUTH, OUR VERSION AND OUR OPINIONS when it comes to anyone talking about OUR MOTHER!

 But Joan is only concerned about ‘her future…that hung in the balance’…she doesn’t give a damn about her siblings and how THEIR future also hung in the balance.

 She ‘grew up the only child of this couple. My former life ceased to exist’…yep…it’s all about Joan!

 ….I hold this bracelet now as a mere portion of my life before adoption. Those six weeks I lay in an incubator, clinging to life, this is what this bracelet symbolizes for me. It’s not my name on the bracelet, it’s my mother’s name, for I am my mother’s daughter and this is the way the hospital knew I belonged to her. My birth and those first few weeks of my life were not happy moments.

 Gert says: Just because a baby is in an incubator does not mean they are clinging to life. My second child was in an incubator, my half-brother was in an incubator…many children have been in incubators…that’s normal procedure for early births…there was NOTHING unusual about Joan’s early birth…its only in Joan’s mind. No, the illness and death of our mother is not a happy occasion but that’s the way it was and is and we learn to accept those circumstances of our own birth and the dying of our parents. If us siblings have learned to live with that loss why can’t Joan? Because she HATES THE FACT THAT SHE WAS ADOPTED.

 ….As I clear thorough the belongings of one mother recently deceased, I am reminded of another mother who died long ago. Her death changed the course of my life.

 Gert says:

Joan ought to give thanks and memory to the woman who just died and to the woman who died long ago…but she hasn’t done so. All she can say is HOW those events changed the course of HER LIFE. Joan is so self-centered that she can’t give one second, one word of thanks to these two women, who gave her life and subsistence

 ….My baby bracelet brought me, not a moment of happiness, but a day of mourning of loss.

  Gert says:

Joan can not find one moment of happiness that Mother gave her life. All Joan can see is mourning and loss.

When I think of my mother, who died when I was nine, I don’t always feel sad for myself. I feel sad for the woman who died and about how much life SHE DID NOT get to live! (Ruth’s note: EXACTLY! When we lose a loved one, yes, we grieve them. Our tears are shed for us, because of the empty hole in our lives, and how we will miss them. Because grief is the price we pay for having loved someone. But then we need to think about the person who just died – are they in a better place? Or, in the case of Genevieve Herr Sippel – she never got to experience the joy of seeing her daughters get married. She never got to celebrate first womanhood with Gert, Kathy and me. She never got to see her son be a proud altar boy at Sacred Heart Church, or experience pride in seeing him graduate from boot camp and become a Marine! Genevieve never got to hold her grandchildren!  Because in the long run – the death is about THEM, not about US.)

Joan ought to give thanks for the life she was given and start to live that life before she finds herself on her own deathbed…alone…because there will be no one there for her because of all the lies she has told and all the misery she had heaped upon those that are blood.

 So I close this by giving thanks…to Dorothy Wheeler, who recently died, who adoptive my blood sister and took care of her. I also give thanks to Genevieve Herr Sippel, my mother, who also gave birth to Joan, and who is REPRESENTED by that baby bracelet.


That’s the truth and it’s scary!

 Ruth’s additional comments:

 Yes, we other children of Genevieve also lost our mother. Where was MY mother on MY wedding day? Was she there to pin the tiny silk roses in my hair? Gert’s granddaughter did my hair for me and pinned roses in my hair. My mother did not.

 Where was Gert’s mother when she got married? Where was Kathy’s and Len’s mom when they got married. Our father’s second wife also died, leaving behind two sons – where was THEIR mother when they got married?

As to motherhood – little Saied Ali never got a chance to even wear a baby bracelet. His mother never got a chance to even see him – because she miscarried him. But his mother still remembers him – from June 5, 1985. Saied is always in my heart. Because I am his mother.

But – do you see us whine about our losses? Yes, we still feel the pain. But we do NOT wallow in it. It took me two years of mourning my son to be able to walk through a department store and not break down when I passed through the infant department.  It doesn’t bother me anymore. Just a few years ago, when my nephew in Chicago and his wife had a baby girl – I ran right to JC Penney’s and got the cutest damned little denim playset. When a girl I used to babysit had her daughter two years ago – again I ran to JC Penney’s (yes, my favorite store) and got her a beautiful little ballerina outfit. And by the way, I don’t quite remember what I bought Joan’s daughter – who was born just 16 months after her cousin Saied died – but I know I bought her something. And I was the one who drove Joan and her home from the hospital and held her in my arms. I mourned the loss of my son – but celebrated the birth of my niece.

And that’s what life is all about – mourn your losses, yes – honor those who left you.  But life goes on. My mother in law is sitting on a shelf in a bookcase in my living room. Well, her ashes, actually. – Only two feet from my husband’s easy chair. We have her picture up. Along with the picture of my mother, and my brother and cousin who died just weeks after my mother in law. We even have a picture of my first husband who died a week and a half before my brother. I haven’t gotten around to putting up a picture of my father yet – I’m still a bit raw yet.

Both my husband and I honor these people. And yet, there are times in my busy life, that I am just going about my life and don’t even think about them. Because life goes on. I got things to do. Like going to my job, and other things. I don’t sit and wallow and think about my mother every dam day of my life. Hey – I got a real rotten shaft in life you know – I lost my f’ing mother when I was three and a half years old. Because my stepmother was sick, I got stuck in an children’s home for a year, then in a foster home. Then my father bought a house and got us kids together – but he worked two jobs. I never saw him. We teenagers had assigned jobs to do – Gert had married already, but Kathy did the cooking, I did the laundry, the boys did the outdoor work – and we all chipped in to do dishes, vacuuming, dusting etc.

Then I grew up and found a wonderful man – but geez, I couldn’t get pregnant! After several years of trying I finally did get pregnant, but what happens? I lose him! WTF? – AND on top of that – this was just at the time my ex and I broke up! And he had gone back to his home country overseas. I didn’t even have the father of my child to help me through my loss. I did it all on my own. And then I found love in a man who had already been a good friend of mine for 9 years. We moved in together in 1987 and have been together ever since. And I could never get pregnant again.

So what do I do every May on Mother’s Day? Through my whole life I never had a MOM to buy cards for. Now, I don’t a have CHILD to buy cards for me. Oh boo, hoo, poor Ruth. BULLSHIT!  I just get on with life. Because I am enriched in my life. I get cards from other people. I get calls from Gert’s daughter all the time on Mother’s Day and my birthday. My nephew – well, as a member of the male gender – this kind of stuff goes over his head. But I’ve gotten some nice messages of love from him – when his male genes let down their guard and he remembers he has an aunt that he’d better f’ing call!

The point is of this whole long piece here is this: Joan – get the hell off your ass and LIVE!  Stop the damn whining already. Stop obsessing with DEATH and get out and enjoy the sunshine! Good Lord! Even Helen Keller said “Look towards the sun and not the shadows.” And she was BLIND and DEAF!

The fact that Joan at the age of 55 is still WHINING about herself being in an incubator as a baby shows us that she is a very very scary person. As Gert points out – her daughter was in an incubator too. I have NEVER heard my niece WHINE about it. NEVER!

 For someone at the age of 55 years old to be still whining about it, or even whining at all about is truly scary.

Endeavour (our shuttle) – or as Yoda says, “Do, or do not…there is no try.” June 12, 2011

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 by Ruth Pace

I was experimenting, and now I know how to embed videos directly into posts. You learn something new everyday. And if you’re not, you’re stagnating. Dr. Wayne Dyer calls it inerita caused by depression. Where you sit and do NOTHING. Or you sit and whine and whine and whine. Whining is NOT a solution. Panic is where you’re treading water and don’t know what to do. This is Joan. Panic and Whining about her sorry life. And instead of taking up her bootstraps and making a life for herself, she writes a 600 plus page book that BLAMES everyone in her life of how sorry her sad life is.  She doesn’t take one ounce of self-responsibility for her own life! WTF?

I’m pissed because of changes in my job – we may be going on  strike in a week. Like a good fighting AMERICAN, I’m doing something about it, not whining. I didn’t like the way Joan lied about me and my family in her book Forbidden Family, so I started this blog to get the truth out. And it took us several months of talks with the publisher, but we accomplished our goal: WE GOT THAT TRASHY BOOK PULLED OFF THE MARKET!

What’s Joan done? Nothing but go on an  adoptee forum and whine about how tough her life is, and ask others to come over to this blog and give us hell. Why? Why can’t Joan speak for herself? Because she’s a LOSER! She’s wallowing in poverty because she never would get off her ass and get a  job. Now she’s too old to work. She says she’s disabled now. She has allergies and IBS. So do I. AND I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) – I was born with it. Yet I have a job that requires heavy lifting. AND now I have arthritis in my spine. BUT I’m still at my job and doing it, despite the same physical ailments that Joan has, PLUS chronic back pain. what a wuss Joan is! (translation: LAZY!)

In writing about the birth of the American space program, Tom Wolfe  showed us great American determination. In 1982 a movie was made of that book. It’s called The Right Stuff. I believe I have the right stuff. I know my sisters Gert and Kathy have it. I know that Joan does NOT have it. Teddy Roosevelt is puking in his grave to see an American act the way Joan does – whine, whine, whine.

What are the names of the shuttles? The prototype, named after the ship of Star Trek, Enterprise. Which means an act. Others are called Challenger, Discovery, Endeavour. All names of getting off your butt and doing what would make Teddy Roosevelt proud – being a person of action, no whine, but action! 

I honor those of  our early NASA days, from Chuck Yeager on down to the present – oh gods, how Yeager would PUKE if he saw the whining and hate on that forum! Go read his autobiography for an autobiography of an American who ACTED, not whined.

To our Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle astronauts I say: a job well done! To those on the Hubble program I say also, a job well done! Onwards! – my first video – opening credits of Star Trek Enterprise. sung by Russell Watson. Good stuff in there – from Amelia Earhart, to the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Alan Shepherd (Mercury astronaut) is in there, the pullout of the shuttle Enterprise, and other exciting inspirational events! The second video is of shuttle Endeavour. The 3rd video is a clip from the movie The Right Stuff – actor Sam Shepher plays Gen. Chuck Yeager – the old man behind the bar is the real Chuck Yeager – who first broke the sound barrier in 1947! Enjoy!

off topic – Prayers offered for Japan March 11, 2011

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Offer up your prayers and candles for Japan

Victims of the earthquake and tsunami

and for Mother Gaia

Japanese for “blessings” – wishing shukufuku for the Japanese people. One of my longtime dreams is to learn Japanese. This is a start.

a painting of Japanese chrysantemums, the symbol of the Imperial family of Japan

Drama Button – to highlight Joan Wheeler’s obviously sick rantings March 7, 2011

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Drama Button.

the following didn’t show up as I had hoped. but it’s a cute little game. Perhaps Joan should play it and get her f’ing frustrations of  life out in a healthy way instead of putting slanderous and filthy lies about her birth sisters all over the internet

<table border=”2″ cellpadding=”5″ cellspacing=”45″ bordercolor=”#8FB2CE” background=”http://virtual-bubblewrap.com/images/bubblebadgebg.jpg” bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”><tr> <td valign=”middle” bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”><p align=”center”><font color=”#FF0000″><b>I pop bubble wrap at 1.80 bubbles per second!</b></font></p> <p align=”center”><font color=”#0033CC”>I popped 196 bubbles in 1 minute and 48.8 seconds<br /> at <a href=”www.Virtual-Bubblewrap.com!http://www.virtual-bubblewrap.com”><b>www.Virtual-Bubblewrap.com</b></a&gt;!<br />Can you beat my score?</font></p></td></tr></table>

The Power of Words by Dick Sutphen; submitted by Ruth Pace February 18, 2011

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by Dick Sutphen

Funny how a few words can change your life. I am writing this in a restaurant, a couple hours before conducting a workshop. Looking at the menu, I contemplate the cheeseburger, a chicken pasta plate and broiled fish with fresh vegetables.

Words ring through my mind: “Every time you decide what to eat, you are choosing life or death.”

The cheeseburger is hormones and red meat. Pasta is white flour. Fish and veggies win.

Because I am eating alone and have nothing better to do, I start to think about other words that have changed my life.

Whenever you are upset with anyone else, you are seeking approval or control. (You desired the other person to approve of your actions, or you were trying to control their actions or reactions. When you didn’t get what you wanted, you got upset. Your expectations were in conflict with what is.)

Everything you say, with the exception of some statements of fact, and some legitimate questions, is an attempt to make yourself more important or to obtain sympathy.

It is your resistance to what is that causes your suffering.

Argue for your limitations and they shall be yours. (Richard Bach)

Where do your words not match your deeds?

Your body believes everything you say, so watch your words. (Patti Conklin)

When you act with intention you create karma.

Wisdom erases karma.

There is nothing that cannot be healed by love.

One of the prices of freedom is to give up boredom.

Thoughts are things and they create.

Your suffering is also the source of your awakening.

Don’t get to be right and lose the game.

Blame is an expression of self-pity.

Wake Up!


Cat KIDNAPS pups February 16, 2011

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“What’s going to happen to these pups when they open their eyes and think their mother is a cat? Will it lead to a dysfunctional adult doghood?”
Joan Wheeler and other Angry Adoptees – get over yourselves!


I know what needs to be done now. The cat should made to suffer for her crime of nursing a bunch of unwanted discarded pups. She saved their lives, but that doesn’t matter – she adopted, nay, KIDNAPPED them. She must be made to suffer.

and the birth mother – the dog who turned her back on these poor pups – she is a bitch.

and any older pups she may have whelped in earlier years should also be made to suffer – for their crime of having had suckled from their birth mother’s mammary gland. No, it matters not that they had nothing to do with the cat – they are the birth siblings of the pups – and they are just as guilty as the cat and the birth mother bitch.

As Dr. Smith was quite fond of saying: “The pain, oh the pain.” Robot: “Will Robinson, put him out of his pain.” – Next time cat, leave them to starve. They will be dead, but they will be happy.

Sunbeams – what a shame Joan Wheeler doesn’t notice sunbeams January 20, 2011

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Sunbeam by Gert McQueen –
written November 2010

Sitting in the sun or wasting your time?

During a walk in the woods, on this November morning, I sat down to soak up the sun; it isn’t often in the middle of November that a person has that opportunity when you live in ‘snow’ country. We have been blessed with lovely weather, recently, and one does have to take advantage.

I’ve often wondered why it is that some people can’t get out and sit in a sun-beam. Even when the land is covered with snow and ice and unable to get out; you can still catch that sun-beam sitting near or under a window just as well! It doesn’t have to be the sun-beam, it could be the birds at your feeder, or a squirrel on the street corner, it could be November or July, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you notice something; the sky, the sliver of moon, a leaf bud, the ever-green, all the various colors over the year…there is just so much…to notice and to help clear one’s mind.

Time…you just don’t know how much you have…why waste it…without noticing what is going on around you, you lose what time is left to you. And how will you be remembered after your time is up? We are our deeds, you know! The only things that remains is what people remember about you.

Every life contains times when you must take a stand for or against something…sometimes it’s done quietly, sometimes more loudly and sometimes you learn to have ‘no comment’…and hopefully you learn more wisdom about people and causes and yourself.

In my life I have been an activist; I had a cause…spoke and wrote about it…taught and fought…cheered and cried…had fans and supporters as well as detractors and haters….and learned that I was only, after all, speaking my ‘opinion’, even with all the research behind it, it still was only my opinion. You know what they say about opinions? They are like a…holes, everyone has one!

Along the way I did learn some important things; an activist does not get the ’cause’ mixed up with one’s personal feelings and agenda, that just kills your message. You will not affect real change in your chosen cause if you are full of self-righteous indignation and allow not the opposing opinion. The powers that be will turn a deaf ear to rants and fit of anger and hate; even friends will shy away after awhile. Real people are not stupid, they can see sane and insane presentations with or without some ‘heated’ words. It is better to keep your mouth shut, less open it and remove all doubt. Self-flattering and immitation of your opponent is seen by all; who do you think you are kidding? No one…. but yourself.

I am highly regarded, by those that matter, in my chosen cause, because I did affect a change. I still am consulted and hold a place in the historical record of the ’cause’. My reputation is established.

And so I sit in the sun and muse while I notice life around me and ponder this dishonorable business that a blood relative has done and how I must address it and her…yes, am still an activist…I shall speak out for I must…for her ’cause’ and her way of presenting it, crossed a line…a line of decendency, honor and respectfulness. I must set the record right, for honor sake, for my family’s honor.

Time…moves on…what have you noticed today?

I want to say thanks to Joan for giving me the opportunities for keeping my mind active. We all know how important it is to keep mentally, physically and spiritually engaged as we age. For the most part, being curious, I have a wide variety of interests, so I don’t normally lack anything to get mentally engaged with. But this business, of refuting Joan’s book, has allowed me to get back into researching and writing and for that I’m glad to have that creative activity to keep my mind strong and health…

so thank you Joan for giving me SO much material to work with. I have written so much, about you and your book, that I just might publish a book myself…after all ….I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. And unlike you Joan, I know how to physically make a book and have the monetary means to do so. ..and I don’t need the money from sales…I can GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE.

My mother as my spiritual benefactor by Gert McQueen October 5, 2010

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Over the past 10 years or so I’ve studied various self-healing techniques including Reiki, a hands-on transmission of universal healing energy. In June 2006 I attended a Reiki 1 session, where I learned the basics of what reiki is, the basic hand positions and to receive an ‘attunement’ that ‘connects’ me with the universal ‘love’ energy. During all my research and putting into practice many techniques I have always been a bit shy of this ‘love’ energy because basically it sounds too much like various forms of christian love. Nonetheless I’ve remained open to the fact that christianity doesn’t have a monopoly on any love energy and I know there are other gods, goddesses and spiritual guides that I could call upon for help and guidance.

 So at this attunement, in 2006, I am remaining open to receiving some guidance and love from a spiritual benefactor who would help me in learning and using reiki energy. I had no particular vision or impression of anyone or anything. So here I am in a semi-meditative state of awareness as the Reiki Master is ‘attuning’ me with Universal Reiki. All of a sudden I have this immense and intense sense of being ‘held and rocked’ in great arms of love and then ‘knowing’ that I am being held by my mother, who is in spirit form. Tears fell from my eyes for what seemed like a long time as I rocked back and forth, physically, as my mother, rocked me spiritually. It was a very profound experience. That was the first time I have ever experienced that and I knew that she was now guiding me with the reiki energy. I no longer felt uneasy when others expressed reiki in christian terms, for I now know differently.

I also have been studying and practicing various forms of Hindi and Buddhist meditations techniques for many years. Again, while I understand and can appreciate ‘loving kindness’, ‘forgiveness’ and ‘compassion’ and actually practice forms of these practices I still am shy and reluctant to go the full measure of extending the ‘love’ to certain people, including a particular family member. The practices are difficult, they take lots of time to understand and even with much practice they are not easy to do for they do require you to ‘see’ everything as it really is, not the illusions that we believe them to be. In just coming to terms with forgiving those that have harmed me I’m still working on it. Forgiving doesn’t means forgetting nor does it mean allowing negative or harmful behaviors to continue.

 On June 5, 2010 I attended a Buddhist discussion and meditation workshop that focused on meditations of being open, being more aware, loving kindness to self, accepting that loving kindness and then sending that love to others. These practices are not easy and it is helpful to have a teacher to help you in the practices. It is not always easy for you to ‘accept’ the ‘love’ for yourself, let alone send it to others. I’m trying to get there.

 Then it happened, again. I was in a state of calm, relaxed, deep meditation, floating in colors that went from red, red/orange, orange and going into orange/yellow, when suddenly there is this immense and intense sense that my benefactor was there, my mother was there. After a physical shutter my body reacted with a steady flow of tears, my breathing got deeper as my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies took in the loving kindness that my mother was showing me and giving me. That unconditional universal love/healing energy that has many names was flowing from my mother to me. I was still connected with all of this while I reached for my tissues and settled the body back down as the teacher was giving more instructions. Once I had made the connection of accepting the love from my benefactor, my mother, I was being asked to send that love to others I loved. That wasn’t so difficult, my daughter Karen and my sisters Kathy and Ruth. Then I heard ‘and Joan too’. I took a deep breath and said ‘yes to Joan too’ and send her love. After a few minutes more I was out of the meditative state still crying for a minute or so.

 What I’m learning is that yes it is very hard and difficult to give love to someone who has harmed you. I can and for the most part, do separate the person from the behavior. Just because I love Joan doesn’t mean that I will sit back quietly and let her words and deeds go without comment. I only person I can fix is myself, and my mother is helping me in this and more. Thank you, Mom.

From Ruth:

Thank you Gert for sharing this with us. I also had a similar experience when I attended a workshop at Lilydale, NY. in 2004. The guided meditation I attended was conducted by Tara Sutphen, wife of Dick Sutphen. The Sutphens have had their own self-help, self-hypnosis, guided meditation company for years. I have many of their CDs and tapes. I’m not going to get into all that here – if you are interesed in the Sutphens, just google them.

I also am not going to get into the whole meditation that I attended, just want to share that during the meditation, I felt my mother’s spirit surrounding me. I also wept, and was rocking back and forth. It was very profound. At the close of the meditation, several of the participants shared their experiences, I could not. It was deeply personal. I could see concern on Tara’s face, because I had been crying. But she did not pry.

Our sister-in-law Marty posted on our Family Stories site that something occured shortly after our brother died in 2003. She was in contact with his spirit and she asked him who had come for him. He told her “my mother.”

We have known for years that our mother’s spirit has not left the earthly plane. She has been with us all along. Many different psychic readings to not just us, but to cousins, all have come with the same thing – that a “Jenny” is watching over you.

This is why I said last month, and I said again yesterday, to Joan – that she can lie to herself, and she can lie to her friends, but she can’t lie to our mother’s spirit. And for shame Joan, for what you put on your blog – and I’m not talking about the front page – but that little slur against us on your cyber-bullying page – calling your sisters fools in the same sentence as professing your love for our mother. How do you think she feels about that Joan? And for you to attack us yet again, and stooping so low as to invoke our mother – for shame. And that is emotional abuse to us. But we are far stronger than you know. For we have spiritual help and guidance.

Writing this blog is our way of standing up to a bully – the bully named Joan Wheeler. She has gone in public with our private lives. We have the right to talk about OUR lives, do we not? If Joan can publish a lie about us, we have the right to tell the truth about us. Joan and her bully friends will not intimidate us.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2017; as older posts are being seen I, Gert, am updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism’ published in 2009, was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011 due to libelous material in it. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’, being her own editor and owner. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and reedited and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!


https://gertmcqueen2.wordpress.com/     this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.


in addition…

This author, whether she goes by Joan M Wheeler or Doris M Sippel, has three books, all the same but for title and author name. There are two ‘discussion’ forums, on Amazon, for two of the books. The first book has one review and several comments related. The buying public has the right to view and comment on those forums and comments.

Here are those links…

Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption forum


Joan Mary Wheeler forum




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