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Brian T. Maloney LION of Williamsville NY is a liar and harasses people again August 27, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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Brian T. Maloney now says that he never attacked nurses aides and says that I have maligned an innocent person, his ex-wife.

Brian is a liar – I did not mention his wife’s name in connection with the liquor store – I got my information from BRIAN’S  resume that HE put up on LinkedIn – BRIAN’S OWN WORDS HAVE CONDEMNED HIM – Brian says today that Rieki healer is NOT his job – yet he says on his resume on LinkedIN “self-employed as Reiki Master and healer.” – so one of his statements is a lie. He says “as sole owner and operator of Kenwin Liquor store, I did all that entailed – inventory, etc.” – – not an exact quote , but he DID exactly say he was the sole owner and employee of the store. – I did not mention his wife at all in conjunction with the store. – to clarify – Brian’s resume did list the last year he worked the store as 2006 and the review was written in 2008 – BUT the store is the same – the same little teeny-tiny rinky-dink hole in the wall. So nice job Brian – put the blame on your ex-wife for the mess that place was in. So in essence Brian – YOU are the one who dissed poor J. – YOU brought her into this conversation, NOT ME. I never said a word about J. YOU brought her up. – But like Teflon Reagan – you want to slime and sleaze your way out of it. Not a chance buddy, not a chance.  Why didn’t I mention the different years (2006 and 2008) before? – Because I was KEEPING HIS EX-WIFE OUT OF THIS DISCUSSION!  But Brian, abuser of women, dragged her into this. Nice going Brian, instead of being the bigger person, and assuming responsibilty for the store’s rotten review, you say “it ain’t my fault – it’s my ex-wife’s!” To keep her OUT of this discussion, YOU couldn’t be a “knight in shining armor? A HEALER? A PROTECTOR OF YOUR EX-WIFE’S REPUTATION? – remember Brian – YOU brought her up – nowhere in my post about that store and its review did I mention her. YOU did.  I see why she divorced you.  You know idiot, all you had to do was say, “oh, well, I sold the business to someone else in 2006.” You didn’t have to mention your ex-wife. Because I sure didn’t. (by the way J. A. M. – wise move on your part – getting out of your marriage to this abuser, liar, con-artist). Hugs sweetie!

It was BRIAN that said that “only Joan” (in our family) “educated herself” while the rest of us worked in “menial jobs.” He didn’t say nurses’ aides specifically – but then what was he referring to? Joan’s family members have worked as:’

fatther – civil engineer in Buffalo City Hall – educated himself by going to night school

Gert – dental hygienist after attending Erie Community College

Kathy – music teacher in Liverpool Public schools, educated as musician and teacher.

Leonard Jr. – nurse aide, mental health counselor, educated as nurse aide, counselor

Ruth – nurse aide, educated as such

Joan’s adoptive father – worked at Dunlop Tires as an electrician – had to be educated for that.

various members of Joan’s extended birth family – have worked in bank offices, registered nurses, many varied occupations and degrees of education.

so what is BRIAN’S basis to say that Joan is the only person in our family who is educated and just WHO is working at a menial job –

Brian – SHUT YOUR MOUTH – because you are only making an ass of yourself. It was YOU Brian that brought up the term “menial jobs.” And who the hell are YOU to say that anyway? Even a sewer worker has worth buddy – even a sewer worker. And for you to say ANYbody is a “menial” is disgusting. EVERY person on this planet has worth and dignity – whether they are president of the United States, or a homeless, jobless person that never made it to even the first grade. Millions of people in Third World countries don’t even get to first grade – so BRIAN condemns them for not having an education. They don’t have jobs. They work at “menial” jobs. And Brian, mister hoity-toity “reiki master” puts down people who toil at menial jobs. Yes you did Brian – you went out of your way to mention “menial jobs.” whether you meant nurses aides or not. – I defended my career – for you to take my defense as such in such a manner to get all bent out of shape, shows me and the rest of the world that that is exactly what you meant. DARVO again. Keep on talking your bullshit Brian – because you’re doing a much better job at showing the world what a liar you are than I could ever do. I see why you and Joan like each other so much – two peas in a pod – two delusional idiots who every time they open their moujths they contradict themselves. And either don’t realilze it, or don’t care.

It was YOU Brian that brought up JOAN”S education and said that she is the only one interested in educating herself. It wasn’t me.  It was RUTH who showed Brian for the idiot that he is – and now he is backtracking and lying – no wonder he’s divorced, foreclosed on his condo, dresses like po’ white trash.


Brian T. Maloney, (Lion) Reiki Healer (?) from Williamsville NY judges teachers and health care workers as having “menial jobs.” August 12, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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Brian T. Maloney, (Lion) Reiki Healer (?) from Williamsville NY judges teachers and health care workers as having “menial jobs.”

updated material at end of post.

In his latest blogpost from his “Attacking the Sippel Sisters” blog Brian T. Maloney shows us what a low-life he really is. He has the audacity to pass judgments on the professions of me and my sisters.

First, my sister in England had been gainfully employed for many years as a music teacher in the public school system of Liverpool and giving private lessons. To teach children the beauty of music is not a crime – it is a gift from god. As for teaching, your own sister Molly is a teacher – so if I were you Brian, I’d shut the hole in your face.

My sister Gert worked many years as a dental hygienist and dental assistant. Gee Brian, where would your teeth be without your dentist’s assitant or hygienist?

For myself, next month I will be celebrating my 40th anniversary of my employment at Buffalo General Hospital as a nurses’ aide.

I will defend my job because I think Brian’s latest attack on us Sippel Sisters is mostly aimed at me – why? Because his puppet master Joan told him to. Because he (and her) are laboring under the false assumption that all I do is empty bedpans. And they think that emptying bedpans is beneath someone’s dignity. Got news for you ignorant Brian. While working through medical school, the renowed heart surgeon who performed the world’s first heart transplant, Dr. Christaan Barnard was a hospital orderly – the male equivalant of a nurse’s aide. He said in his autobiography that yes, he emptied bedpans, and he was proud to do so, because it was part of patient care.

And I too, am proud to empty bedpans and other drainage tubes. Because it IS a part of patient care. And yes, I wipe the patient’s butt. And I am not ashamed of it. Because providing peri and other hygiene care is important. Dr. Stephen Hawking, the famed physicist has his butt wiped because he cannot. And the late actor Christopher Reeve had his butt wiped too. Any patient with who is paralyzed, whether because of  trauma, a stroke, or a disease such as Multiple Screlosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease cannot do it for themself. Gee, even the baseball great Lou Gehrig had his butt wiped for him. And my favorite singer, Jon Anderson of Yes, when he was near death two years and laid in the Intestive Care Unit had his butt wiped.

One day Brian YOUR MOTHER will be laying in a hospital bed, and needing to go to the bathroom, and will be too frail to get up by herself. And a nurse’s aide, doing her “menial” job will go and help her.

But bedpans and butt wiping is not all I do, sad to bust your judgmental bubble there Brian. I take vital signs. And as the main person taking a patient’s vital signs, we nurse’s aides are usually the first ones to catch the signs that a patient has a fever, is short of breath, has tachycardia, or their blood pressure is rising. – Or bottoming out.  AND we monitor diabetic patients’ blood glucose levels. Too high, or too low, and they go into a diabetic coma. It is the nurse’s aide who during thier rounds catches these things.

AND nurses aides draw bloods! Gee Brian, next time you are admitted to a hospital and your doctor orders blood tests – it’s gonna be a nurse’s aide doing that “menial” job who is drawing it. Yeah, Brian, you might come into the hospital and get admitted for an tick bite, and develop a fever. And it will be a nurse’s aide that will see you sweating profusely, and without being told to, take your temperature, report it to the nurse, who then calls the doctor. Blood cultures and other tests are ordered. And the aide will draw the blood. And with the results come up with a diagnosis of perhaps Lyme disease.

Or gee Brian, you might go in for some surgery, and get up to go to the bathroom, and feel faint and fall on the floor and whack your head. It will be the nurse’s aide who will get your vital signs and most likely with the help of other staff member bodily pick you up and carry you back to bed. But usually, the nurse’s aide will help you out of bed, hold your arm to steady you so that you don’t fall and help you to the bathroom.

If you think by attacking MY job and calling it menial you are making me feel bad, think again buster. – I suggest you go look at my profile at LinkedIn to see more of what I do and have done in the hospital. I worked 5 years in the hospice unit. I have held the hands of the dying. I have comforted their families. I have sent patients off to open heart surgery and kidney transplant surgeries. I have worked in the Intensive Care Unit, and even in the Emergency Room. I’ve initiated CPR and used the ambu bag and as a team member during many codes – this means I have saved lives. And I have shed tears when a life couldn’t be saved.


As for “menial” – gee Brian, you list on your LinkedIn that you were the sole owner and operator of a frickin’ liquor store. And it was nothing but a hole in the wall – a little rinky-dink corner liquor store. So, as “sole owner and operator” you say that you did all the work entailed in that business. That means you took in inventory, stocked shelves, cashed out customers. Gee, how menial can you get? Lugging around boxes of booze. – yeah and New York Lottery tickets. – don’t try to deny it – I drove by your store – the business is up for sale. What’s wrong? Too menial for you that you couldn’t make a go of that business? oh – by the way – I love your “professional” mug shot. Too poor for a business suit? omyfg! That blue plaid shirt is so low-class. And try ironing it and mending it. ha ha ha ha! – oh did I say your booze store was rinky dink? Well it seems as though someone agrees with me: here is a review of Ken-Win Liquor from 2008: http://www.yelp.com/biz/kenwin-liquor-store-buffalo#hrid:kIhy20_abLZChjQGXfAZrQ – they called it ” a hole in the wall.” ha ha ha ha.

Now we are to believe that you are a Reiki healer. Sorry Brian, that career is going to go bust – just like all your other ones. Let’s see, insurance agent, real estate agent, RV seller, booze seller. What’s wrong? Can’t hold onto a job or a career? Now you’re a Reiki healer – yeah right – but you put down health care workers as “menial” – you’re a joke. You couldn’t heal your way out of a paper bag.

see Gert’s post here…

Oh gods…Brian Maloney, Joan Wheeler’s defender, is ‘back again’…



1. gertmcqueenAugust 12, 2012[Edit]

remote comment by Kathy

Quite apart from JW\s incessant and irrational hatred for all things adoption, and particularly her birth sisters, of whom I am one, I came to suspect, a long time ago, that she was/is a common or garden snob. She bemoans the fact that as an adoptee she was deprived of a shared childhood with her siblings – fair point, you might say. But given the circumstances of our childhood, about which Gert and Ruth have written, I wonder if JW is just a little bit relieved she was actually brought up in a stable environment, whereas we others, through circumstances well beyond anyone’s control, were in fact separated from our remaining parent and ourselves and brought up in different places – this, along with the early deaths of our mother and stepmother, being the ‘trauma’ that JW insists is still haunting our lives – and certainly not our losing her to adoption, because we were barely aware of her existence, let alone bonded with her, for that to cause any emotional stress on us at all.

Yes, trauma can linger and affect a person for many years, but it is how that person deals with the trauma that makes the person whole. How we sisters have dealt with our particular pain is well documented, as is JW’s, over-much in her case, in my humble opinion.

What is sad is that throughout her dealings with us, during the failed re-union, and beyond, and in her writings, JW shows no sign of giving her sisters credit for overcoming those obstacles and leading good, though flawed, lives. We are none of us perfect, but certainly, we deserve a little bit of credit for what we have achieved.

I can’t help but feel that, for all the unhappiness in JW’s relationship with her adoptive parents, they did pamper her, and they did give her solid financial and emotional support. Her writings are full of put-downs regarding our ‘humble’ beginnings. Easy said, when someone is brought up in the leafy suburbs of Williamsville, but we had trees and lawns on Smith Street too. And at various points in our lives, we 3 sisters lived on a city-farm in Cheektowaga- how cool is that?

As to how our individual lives have taken shape, well, I think, we’ve done pretty much all right.

It just seems to me that if JW and her cronies could stop for a moment to consider that a bit of acknowledgement of OUR achievements,menial or not, would go a long way to healing the pain of this situation, which I feel is enhanced and prolonged by JW simply because she feeds on it.

To any and all who wish to look down their pretty little noses at me and my sisters, and our life choices, I say:

Living for approval is just another way of dying.

Long live life.

2. gertmcqueenAugust 12, 2012

well said Kathy

3. RuthAugust 12, 2012

oh absolutely Kathy!
What Brian doesn’ know, because Joan won’t tell hm – is that we three sisters HAVE educated ourselves – even tho we don’t have college degrees.

We are all self-taught.
Gert was married at age 18 and sadly, divorced young too. But with two toddlers – 3 and 4 – she worked, went to night school Went to Dental School.

How does one become a music teacher? Well obviously, you gotta know music and you instrument. Um, then you need to go to school to train as a teacher!

For myself, at age 17, I was accepted in the Bell Howell University in Ohio or a degree in electrical engineering – I wanted to work for NASA – yep – as a rocket scientist. Then my dad married his third wife, and he told me he could no longer afford my college.

JOAN’S parents sent her to Mercyhurst. My dad left me high and dry. I took my job at the hospital and attended classes at Erie Community College City Campus in chemistry and advanced algebra. If my dad wasn’t going to send me to college – then I would do it myself. But then I hooked up with my first husband. and well, life got in the way.

But that never stopped me from LEARNING AND EDUCATING MYSELF. Just because I’m a little old nurse’s aide, don’t mean shit. I ain’t stupid. In 2003, my present husband John was having some chest pains, I finally got him in to his heart doctor who then ordered an angio – I had told Dr. G. my suspicions. I was in the waiting room and Dr. G. came out and said “You were right. And he needs open heart surgery.”

This doctor is not just a “doctor” he has become a personal friend of John and me. And another renowned cardiac doctor, STILL continues to speak to me professionally and personally when he sees me – even though I haven’t worked in the cardiac department since 1990!

I have more knowledge about nursing than some of the registered nurses! I could easily pass the New York State Board tests right now to become a registered nurse – I choose not to. – and I have my reasons.

I am also interested in the law and political science. In 1999, I attended classes to obtain my New York State Certification as a nurses aide at Millard Fillmore School of Nursing – and was tested for what career I would be best suited for – what came up first was LAWYER.Second was NURSING HOME ADMINISTRATOR.

In1999, I also attended Union Steward classes through my labor union.I eventually declined the position of union steward, but am still proactive in the union and am frequently consulted by my co-workers for advice and interpretation of our contract.

In 2008 I attended classes again at Mllard Fillmore School of Nursing for my current position of Patient Care Associate – nurses aides are now required to do more duties – our job is growing.

In the meantime, I continue my learning on my own – about the law, world history and cultures. – by the way – Did you know Kathy speaks several languages? Of course not Brian – you only know the snobbish lies that Joan puts out there and tells you about us.

So what is this shit that only Joan is interested in “educating herself?” That’s just more lies from that snotty snobbish brat. But even if she lied to you – who the hell are YOU to look down your friggin suburban nose at me and my sisters? YOUR father sent you to Niagara U. And YOU can’t hold down a job for more than a few years? Why don’t you pay attention to your own miserable looking resume and leave mine alone.

gertmcqueenAugust 12, 2012

Gert here… NO ONE paid for my education…well…I was on welfare for 3 years while I went to dental assistanting school, but, unlike others, I got a job and stayed off the welfare rolls for ever!…but after that I paid all the taxes that everyone else does and I did go to college part time after working all day, and I PAID FOR EVERY PENNY OF IT. No grants no nothing. I could NOT PAY for an education for my children and they on their own GOT AN EDUCATION. Joan got her’s paid for my the adoptive parents she condemns and then what’s to paint her birth family as ignorant! Sorry little girl I have FORGOTTEN more than you know.

This bullshit is nothing but a smoke screen of joan and brian, they think they can make us into the imagine they have of us. But, the truth is a very different animal. Joan has no idea what the three siblings have done, accomplished and are doing because we haven’t had any contact with this stupid ass for decades. Only because she wrote a book of lies is why we are in her face and she can’t stand that.

Brian you really must be into some kind of S and M with Joan for any other MAN would have never started this and would certainly have gotten out of this a long long time ago…so as long as you insist so shall we.

Final Notice to Brian T. Maloney (LION) of Williamsville, puppet of Joan Wheeler July 27, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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Final Notice to Brian T. Maloney (LION) of Williamsville, puppet of Joan Wheeler

Brian, the following blog posts are all about you. Until you remove that abusive blog you have against us and offer a public apology to us for sticking your nose where it don’t belong – in MY family’s business and trashing my father after he was dead – these blog posts will remain in existence for all the world to see.

What you need to do is delete ALL posts from your blog – and leave ONE post up recanting all the abuse you heaped on me and Gert – particularly where you called us dogs. And don’t try to squirm your way out of it by saying you were quoting an old adage – “if you lay down with dogs, expect to catch fleas.” – This was directed to a person who supports our blogs and left a comment on your blog. So, no, you didn’t come right out and SAY Gert and me were dogs – but by telling Paula that she was associating with us, she would catch fleas – in essence you WERE calling us dogs. And that doubles your mistake – you not only called women you never met – dogs – but then tried to twist your words and tried to LIE your way out of it. – That doesn’t go very well with your Reiki healing.

Also, you need to change the name of your blog from “Defending Joan Wheeler” to “No longer defending Joan Wheeler.” And in that one post you keep up on your blog you tell WHY you no longer are defending her – because once she found out in November 2011 just who your father was and how your father was the lawyer who handled my father’s adoption of his stepdaughter, Joan kept that from you and whined at you and got you to do her dirty work. She played you for a fool – as a revenge at that dirty lawyer who handled my stepsister’s adoption.

Admit your mistake Brian. But I know you won’t. Because it takes a big man, a big person to admit when they’re wrong. And you are no man. You are a wimp, a coward and a creep.

So here are some blog posts about Brian T. Maloney. and before anybody takes me to task for writing so much about this creep – remember – I knew his father, his father was a long time attorney and friend of my father and stepmother. In representing my family, I left a condolence message on an online memorial guest book when Brian’s father, Arthur J. Maloney died on November 16, 2011. I never met Brian. I don’t know him. But one month after his father died, Brian started cyber stalking and cyber-harassing and cyber-bullying me and Gert. He should have minded his own business. He brought this on himself.

Hey Champ!! (Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville, NY) Where’s your response to our rebuttals, to your defense of Joan Wheeler, on the Buffalo News web site?

How Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville, NY trashed my LATE father on the internet – what he said about a dead man that he never met

Champ, the so called defender of Joan Wheeler, is slacking on the job!! …

Brian Maloney and Joan Wheeler think they are in the right…okay they can have their delusion

I’m putting the brat Brian to bed and ignoring his temper tantrums – because that’s how you deal with brats – give them NO more attention.

Charlatans can be found everywhere and in every field of healing Brian isn’t the only one.

Brian T. Maloney has been exposed in a new comment that I placed on that Buffalo News article by Joan Wheeler (with a screenshot of his blog – proving how he abused and bullied us)

Brian T. Maloney is concerned for my health. aw gee. (my rebuttal after Brian insinuates that I am on psych meds – which I am not, never have been and don’t need to. Another example of his abuse of me.

Brian T. Maloney can’t do any Reiki healing on anyone – because he’s a damaged individual in need of healing himself. – with graphics from Linkedin where Joan and Brian recomended each other on November 11, 2011.

rampaging on facebook – funny? – not so funny when you find out you’ve been trashed by the son of someone you honored – Brian T. Maloney is no healer – he’s a menace! 

Fun and games on Facebook – re: The Nameless One (aka Joan Wheeler) and Brian “Chimp” Maloney (full of baloney) 

What did Joan Wheeler know of the connection of Brian T. Maloney’s father to my father, when did she know it, and I expose another lie in her libelous book 

Brian T. Maloney abuses someone who HONORED his father, Arthur J. Maloney – because Joan Wheeler told him to. (with screenshot of Arthur’s obit and my name from the guest book)

the dangers of writing shit about someone if you don’t know them – a lesson to be learned by Brian T. Maloney 

Ruth admits to a big oopsey! 

Guest post from Gert’s daughter Karen with update from Gert – Karen lets Brian have it for calling her mom and aunt dogs.

Chimp aka Brian T. Maloney continues to show the world what a disgusting moron he is – with graphics proving that he listened to lying gossip from Joan about someone I didn’t get along with back in the late 1970’s. – And she sent me a get well card in 1985. I post the card in this post.

Well Champ/Brian, on his HOW ELOQUENT! post has acknowledged SOME of the comments placed on that post/blog!

Just in case Brian Champ Thomas Maloney tries to deny who he is. 

We know who Champ is!! His name is Brian Maloney and he has left his mark; I found him and now I expose him too.

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