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Of Lies and Deceipt, Honor and Integrity – A Comparison Study of Joan Wheeler and The Three Sippel Sisters June 28, 2011

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Due to my extremely busy life lately, and the threat of a labor strike looming over my head, (which fortunately was averted this morning) I have not had the time to post this week. But I wanted to share an observation I had made during an email conversation I just had.


Readers of our blog and readers of Joan’s statements are comparing notes. As well they should. Back in early to mid 2010, I left a couple of messages on the adoptee discussion forum that Joan belongs to. I told them to copy, paste, date and save what Joan writes about The Three Sippel Sisters and the rest of her birth family. Because Joan contradicts herself left and right. And while she says she doens’t “cyber-bully” us, she has a whole hate-filled blog via blogspot that not only is full of hate and lies about us, but gives out our names and in my case, my employer. And she has the nerve to title this crap page “cyber bullying!” That is a contradiction in itself!  On the page, she is ranting about THIS blog –  “Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family” and saying that she is a victim because of what we write here. What nonsense. The purpose of this blog is regain OUR sullied reputations because of what Joan wrote in her book. The lies that were so blatant and so against the facts that they fell under the legal terms of slander and libel, and because they were so defined, her book got pulled from publication.

So who is the victim? The person who found out a lie was told about them, exposed both the lie and the liar, or the person who told the lie in the first place and had that lie publicized via this blog? In a previous post of mine, Who Harasses Whom? I address this question. And when Joan made up that hate-filled “cyber-bullying” blog, she made it clear to the whole world what a hateful, lying harassing bully she is.

We Three Sippel Sisters (a term coined by Joan herself as if we were all one entity) have never bothered her when she persues her sole purpose in life – adoption reform. We may have noted that she has a very shallow life if she has only ONE thing in her life, because we have questions about her mental health – our father even said she was mentally ill. – And she herself chronicles her “hypersensitivity”, her “sensing” people talking about herself in a large wedding reception, her rants and rages, her burning of journals, diaries, other papers in the middle of her living room, her alcholism, her being in a state of depression (not washing her hair, not fixing dinner for her children, just sitting around all day), her YEARS of therapy (and not getting anywhere), her going from one abusive relationship to another. YES, this is all in her book.  I don’t know if her state of mind was caused by her adoption or not – I don’t care. All I know is that I have suffered at the hands of Joan – harassments over a 30 year time frame. Money stolen from me, lies told about me, stalking, having my personal life details being sent in letters to elected officials, lies told to my employer about me, phone calls made to my employer by Joan telling them to terminate my employment. This is anti-social behavior and I have said it before on this blog and I’ll say it again – I don’t give a DAMN about Joan having been adopted and she has problems – why should I have to suffer through HER anti-social behaviors?

And my other sisters have suffered as well as other people, family members, and non-family members. The final straw was that book, which attacked everyone in one fell swoop. And Joan discovered the internet and beginning in September of 2008, began using it as a new tool to continue her harassments of The Three Sippel Sisters. Both Gert and I had been on the internet for quite some time prior to September 2008. The third sister, Kathy, only began to be on the internet in late 2009. Gert had absolutely NO involvement via the internet with Joan. I had a brief involvement from September 2003 to March 2004 with Joan when I had begun building a website designed to post and share family photographs. Everything was going fairly smooth, until January 2004, when I, as the site’s owner, moved one of the photos that Joan had posted from one file to another. Joan got all upset and fired off a ridiculous ranting email to me. One that I didn’t see until April – because I was sick in January, and her email got buried. We had a brief email exchange, then I booted her off the website and that was the end of any internet connection I had with her (and in real life). See the post an email exchange of March 31, 2004.

All of a sudden, in September 2008, out of the clear blue sky, Joan gets on the blog that she had at the time, and ATTACKED us! This was one  she first coined the term The Three Sippel Sisters and she attacked our religion, and “warned” us to stay away from her. WHERE were we by her? In real life or cyber-life? NOWHERE! I am not sure if Gert saw this crap at the time, but I did – and yeah, I googled MY name, and JOAN’S name. Because I know from experience that Joan cannot be trusted. And I was right – there it was – six months after she put crap about me on the internet – I found it! Talk about cyber bullying! But as I said above – Joan contradicts herself left and right.

When I saw this ridiculous post, I made a note of it, but DID NOT ANSWER IT NOR DID I ADDRESS IT ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET – until I constructed this blog in November 2009. Also, Joan likes to say that we sisters post on various internet forums and call her an asshole and urge her to commit suicide. I hereby challenge Joan: please copy and paste the url address of  post on the internet where I, or my sisters have done this. I guarantee Joan will not be able to come up with ONE url address where we said this, for we have not. And if there is a post out there – I want to know about it, so that I can contact the webhost that I was impersonated. And if there are any impersonations of me on the internet – I know who did it – Joan herself – because she did it in the past! Not on the internet – but in real life. She called in a false child abuse report on herself, posing as me. That’s right – the caller identified themself as me. Then went on to say that it was MY fiance who was abusing Joan’s children! First, if I’m going to make a prank child abuse call, I’m not going to tell them my real name. Second, why would I name the man I’m engaged to and risk him going to jail? DUH! Joan did this to break me and John up. In fact, one week after the call was made, she wrote him a letter and sent it to his mother’s house – and in it she’s telling him to leave me! This was December 1993. Then in February 1999,  she was trying to break us up again – she sends me a letter saying that he got the next door neighbor pregnant. And the house was vacant. DUH!

So … who can be trusted? Certainly not Joan, because she has consistently shown how she is a bold-faced liar, a bully both in real life and cyber-life. We Three Sippel Sisters are not really interested in the issue of adoption reform and we don’t care what Joan says or does regarding that issue. With The Three Sippel Sisters consistently NOT commenting on the generalities of adoption, NOT commenting when Joan makes a statement purely about adoption and commenting ONLY when she brings up the birth family and says a lie or misrepresentation, we have shown that WE can be trusted. The only time we comment is to give out the NEEDED information that the book has been pulled, or when someone praises Joan (as in the case of the woman who thinks Joan should have political clout), we comment on Joan’s character.

We also never really attacked the adult adoptees that Joan has befriended, except to comment on their anger and hatred – and their blind willingness to be led around by their noses by Joan. And ususally it was because they had come on over to our blog and left hate messages.

I think in the year and a half that we’ve been working on this project we have shown that The Three Sippel Sisters have honor and integrity. Can Joan say the same? She has been caught not only in the Big Lie — The Book – but consistently lies on the adoptee forum and various places on the internet.

Lies – they’ll get you everytime.

Gert adds this:  

and…(in regards to us sisters posting on the internet regarding this situation) where I have been placing notices that the book has been pulled or my statement about what Joan did to me, as an adoptive mother, etc…on book sites, discussion threads and adoption sites where Joan FIRST spoke untruths…are the RIGHT action to bring back our personal and family honor… 
We are our deeds and Joan is now reaping the fruits of her actions!

UPDATE, APRIL 2016, as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. In this ‘version’ called ‘duped by adoption’ she has increased her exploitation by including PICTURES and REAL NAMES and much more personal information violating again the families. Joan has no decency NOR shame. There is NOTHING in this book for adoption reform. She is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…





Evidence sent to Trafford Publications which resulted in the pulling of the book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler – Part 1 June 22, 2011

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In our last post I stated “… Gert and I will be putting out on this blog those several pages of proof – because we are honest. We give our blog readers full disclosure of what we write and to whom. We deal in truth. – Not only do we deal in the truth – we deal in the truth to EVERYBODY! “  This is Gert’s narrative on how we decided to contact Trafford to make a formal complaint about this hideous book. Gert’s complaint to Trafford follows. My own complaint, because it covers so much material, is split into two parts, and will be posted either tomorrow or Friday, June 24, 2011, depending on time allowances.  – Ruth Pace

Gert McQueen:

We blood sisters had found out about the publication of Joan Wheeler’s book Forbidden Family around the end of 2009. I myself did not get a physical copy of the book until late January 2010. As I started to go over it I became quite upset, as were my other two sisters. Initially we three were just picking out certain things in the book and then it dawned on me to attack the book from the beginning. So I started to read it from the outside covers and from page one. It is not an easy book to read and that doesn’t mean just because we sisters are subjects in the book. It is a difficult read because of all the hate, mental disruptions and disturbances and outright lies that the author put out.

At some point in December 2010 as I was reading chapter 38 I said out loud to myself…how did this f…ing book GET published? What kind of an publishing house produced this piece of garbage? It was at that time that I made my first phone call to Trafford, on December 14, 2010. As I spoke with a customer service rep and asked some questions, it became obvious, to both of us, that there were some serious problems with the content of the book. I was told that the author did NOT pay for editing services but had a ‘print ready’ manuscript and UNLESS there is a complaint the editing department DOES NOT look at the manuscript. I was told to send a email with some particulars of my objections to the customer service department. I did that and waited.

During the first week of January 2011, speaking with a customer service manager, I was told to send him a list of the most credible examples of libel and other evidences that we say the author had put in the book. Ruth and I did that. Then our father died and it was not until January 21 when I was able to speak with someone at Trafford, a top level manager, who took charge of our complaint. I spoke with Mr Hopkins many times between Jan 21 and May 6 when he finally told me that the book WAS pulled.

Ruth and I now submit, on this blog, the narratives and credible evidence we gave to Trafford. 

Here is Gert’s complaint:

Evidence related to slanderous lies in the book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler, provided by Gert McQueen.

It is the opinions of Gert McQueen, Kathy Inglis, and Ruth Pace that our personal and family honor has been sullied and damaged by the publication of this book by Joan Wheeler.

Lies pg xv and xvi ‘why I wrote this book’

Fact: author did not do research to verify information nor speak directly to all individuals (speaking here for blood sisters) to provide the facts and their ‘versions of the truth’. At no time did the author discuss anything related to us sisters, with us, before publication of this book. We had no knowledge that this book was being written or that it was published until after the fact.

Fact: this section (why I wrote the book) written in 2006, was indeed written for vengeance, contrary to the author’s statement, ‘I didn’t write this book for vengeance…my intent is not vindictive or malicious’.

Lie: author states, pg 531, ‘each one of my sisters had something to hide, something they did not want me to write about, which I have not written about.’

Fact: This is a warning statement, of the threat of blackmail, from the author to us sisters.

Examples of how and why the author tells the family tales for vengeance and with malice…pg 543, 545, 546, 547

Fact: Chapter 35 pg 429 – 459 were written about events of 2006/07 with malice and for vindictive purposes. Pg 434 author states that her friend said ‘I don’t want people to know my private life’. But author disregards that request and tells all. On pg 452 the author states… ‘Yes, Jimmy earned a place in this book right along with the other examples of prejudice against adoptees – against me- to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Of all the people who hurt me because they didn’t understand or approve of what I’m doing…I expose in my writings.’

Fact: Chapter 38 pg 482 – 566 were written April-July 2009, again with malice and for vindictive purposes to show, pg 484, how the author ‘was the only half-orphan treated differently’. This chapter’s sole purpose is for malice and vindictiveness.

Fact: on two separate occasions, 1992 and 2006, before publication of this book, the author had lied directly to me (Gert) about our relationship, leaving me to believe that she loved me, but then used those 2 occasions to further lie about me in the book.

Lie: the author’s position that this book is about adoption reform when in fact it is violently against adoption.

Fact: chapter 23 pg 238- 242 author’s views about the Catholic church.

Fact: pg 485 author’s statement against the institution of adoption. ‘my conclusion that the concept of adoption is corrupt…pathology lies in adoption itself.’

Fact: pg 566 author’s statements ‘adoption must end in America , I demand restitution for my life as a person duped by adoption.’ 

Fact: pg 473- 476 author’s claims of fraud against Surrogate Courts, Registrar of vital statistics and Catholic Church

Fact: Pages 348 – 356 shows some of the outrage and hate that the author has towards adoption.

Pages 357 –358, 367-368 shows the author’s rage and hate, in front of her children

Fact: Author published, whole or in part, the real names of her birth parents, which are my and my sisters’ and brother’s parents and institutions/city/state locations. The author provides sufficient information, date and place of mother’s death, full names of relations, living and dead, where in a quick search could reveal our names, pg 489 – 492. There are many pages, through out that contain real names of family members.

Pages that show documents of my father and mother’s names, 460, 462, 464, 466,

On page 302 and footnoted as #15 page 634, the author sites her article ‘the Secret is Out’, which contained the real names of birth family, and which was the reason that birth sister Kathy wrote a letter to adoption agencies, around 1992/93, to protest the publication of our real names, which the author then relates falsely as harassments pg 310.

Pages containing a living family member’s name, where is the permission? 466

Back cover of the book contains a family photo of my parents, my brother, my sisters and myself. Living persons in that photo did not give permission for that photo to be used on a book of lies about our family.

Lie, slanderous: pg 95 author states that I, Gert, ‘took a few puffs on a joint to get stoned’. I, Gert, never did that!

Fact, pg 93 author states that she, the author, ‘started smoking pot’

Lie, slanderous: pg 128 author states that I, Gert, got the author drunk, stoned and then made sexual advances to her.

Fact: I, Gert, never did that!

Lies, slanderous: pg 214 and pg 220, author states again that I, Gert, sexually abused the author.

Fact: I, Gert, did not!

Fact: Additional pages containing foul obscene language…pg 214, 360. The other pages as indicated in my original email complaint are, 160, 219, 220, 312, 313, 370.

Lie, slanderous: author states, pg 214, that I, Gert, used those obscene words, plus threaten to kill her, in letters and over a telephone,

Fact: I, Gert, did not! I wrote one letter, as referenced on pg 214, to author’s adoptive mother informing her of the author’s actions of interference to and against my minor children and myself.

Fact: pg 157, the author had a previous history, 1977, of interfering with and causing trouble because over my father’s adoption of his step-daughter

Lies, slanderous: Pg 213- 214 contains much that is an untrue account of the events that the author herself did to my (Gert) immediate family.

Fact: in 1981 my husband and I were in the process of adopting my own birth son, the author recklessly interfered in our parental authority, called me an unfit mother, told me I was doing great harm to my son, told my children they did not have to obey me. I was forced to remove the author from my home and forbid any contact with my children. As part of the adoption process my husband and I were investigated by the courts and were found fit, for adoption. But in retaliation for being forbidden to see my children, the author called in a child abuse report, which was quickly dismissed because we had just completed a adoption investigation. Fact: On pg 301, the author states that she had called in the abuse in 1981.

Fact: In 1982 my husband and I moved our family to another city in part to remove my children from the negative influence of the author. My daughter had behavior problems and after our physical relocation she ran-away, Sept 1982, back to the city we moved from. Again, in retaliation to me, the author used that occasion to call a second child abuse against my husband and me this time claiming sexual abuse.

Fact: In a Family Court hearing I requested, and was granted, that my minor daughter be placed in protective custody of the county and she was placed in a foster home. I then had a hearing about the child abuse against husband and myself. In March 1984 the charges of child abuse and maltreatment was found to be untrue and all records were to be ‘expunged’ from the record. It was as if it never happened, until the author lyingly wrote about it in the book.

Fact: I have scanned the first and last pages of that document to show that the charges against me were false to begin with, were expunged and that this episode should not have been repeated, particularly in print, it is a slanderous lie and misrepresentation purely for malice and vindictiveness. See additional documents

Fact: I, Gert, moved from the same city where the author lived in Sept 1982 and did not speak nor see her again until 1992. I had no knowledge of anything she did, or said, I had no contact with any person with whom I spoke about the author…I divorced myself from the author…for her interference, her alienating my children from me and contributing to the destruction of my marriage and family unit.

Fact: In 1992, at a family gathering the author and I spoke, I attempted a reconciliation, thought that the author was doing the same, until, she used my religion as a means to continue spreading lies that my mental health was in danger because of my religion and other hateful things against me to other family members. I then continued on with my ‘divorce’ and have not seen the author since 1992. Sometime in 2006, when my father was ill, I had a short phone conversation with author to which, she said she loved me and wished me well, knowing full well she was lying and was publishing a book of lies.

Lie, slanderous: author states, pg 243, referring to child abuse calls the author was receiving that I, (Gert) ‘obviously retaliated against me since I was responsible for having her investigated through the same child abuse hotline. The only difference was that (Gert)’s phone calls were based on revenge, not concern. My intervention with my niece came after I pieced together evidence of sexual behavior that threatened her well-being.’

Fact: as I had just stated, I had no contact with the author during this time-period (1984), I didn’t even know that the author had a child! I did not call any abuse on to the author. This lie is a continued accusation against me for alleged sexual abuse, in this case against my own child that was found to be untrue and was expunged from the record!  It does show the fact that the author did indeed call in a false child abuse report upon me, Gert, in 1982, but here she lies about the actual truth of the circumstances.

Fact: pg 301, author states that she ‘reported fears to child protection authorities in 1981’. By the author’s own admission she called two false child abuse reports against me.

Lies, slanderous: chapter 27, pg 295-313, is a complete fabrication of the event.

Fact: it was a very brief family gathering, at a local park, with pleasant conversations, hugs, and a separate visit with author, myself and Ruth, at which time I shared with them my religious affiliations and activities. At no time did the author say anything negative to me about my religion, only to say that her husband had been part of SCA and she thought that was ‘my religion’; it is not. I thought and was lead to believe by the author, that perhaps a reconciliation could occur between us, as had occurred between myself and Ruth which ended the then 10 year silence and mistrust.

Fact: the next day, the author went to my father’s home, saying ‘Gert’s mental health must be in danger because there is something wrong with Gert’s religion’. (religious intolerance).  My father told her that he knew of my religion and my mental health, that the author was not welcome in his home if she continued to spread lies and cause trouble. The author continued to argue, my father threw her out of his home.

Fact: It was my father who told me about the confrontation that he had with the author, at his home and what the author said about me, (Gert). I have not seen the author since that event of July 1992 and I have had one short phone conversation, again pleasant, in 2006!

Lies, slanderous: pg 301, author states that I, Gert, ‘got pregnant at age 17, married the 16 year old father to get out of living in a foster home and dealing with our father and stepmother.’

Fact: I was out of the foster home, my step-mother had died and both myself and my husband were of legal age and married because we wanted to.

Lies, slanderous: pg 308 –313, author states that we sisters did harassing letters and phone calls.

Fact: I, Gert, did not write letters or make phone calls.

Lies: pg 316 – 318 pertain to events about getting personal properties of Kathy’s back from the author that the author did not do in a timely matter.

Fact: Under pressures, from family members, the author enlisted the help of Doctor Hoksbergen. My sister Kathy wrote a letter to Doctor Hoksbergen after she received a very intrusive and intimidating letter from him.

See my email that contains my assessment of Hoksbergen’s letter as well as letter the author wrote to my aged foster mother attempting to gain information from her.

Lies, slanderous: pg 310 author states that she had spoken with a Joe Soll, adoption specialist, who had received letters from the author’s sisters.

Fact: see my email with copy of an email exchange that I, Gert, had with Mr. Soll, who denies everything the author had stated on pg 310/311.

Lies, slanderous: pg309, the author states ‘my sisters would do anything to prevent me from publishing my life story, they ganged together to destroy my soul so I wouldn’t be a threat to them, this surely was sibling rivalry and jealousy at its best.’

Lies, slanderous: pg 314-318, the author states that we sisters made many harassing phones and she enlisted the help from the police and they had some sort of recordings of what was said and can make identifications. She has a police officer saying this about me, (Gert)… ‘this one in ‘P’…what’s her name, oh here it is I’ve got her right here, ‘I’ she says she’s gonna bring the entire House of Thor to bring evil upon you, honestly, I wish these two were in Buffalo, I’d fry them like hotcakes.’

Fact: I, Gert, never made phone calls, there is no proof from any police dept. or phone company.

Fact: The statement about me bringing a god (Thor) is an insult to one of my Gods! To state that I would ‘bring evil’ is beyond slander it is hate speech towards my religion and my religious practices. The author only knows SCA activities from her husband’s association with reenactments.

Fact: I, Gert, am a well-respected innovator of the reawakening of certain ancient folk religions. I am a lore-teacher and writer in my religion of Anglo-Saxon Theodish Belief. Some of my writings and activities can be seen on the web just by googling my name. I take great offense having my religion and my religious practices misjudged and discussed so disrespectfully.

Fact: The author has also been very vocal and disrespectful about my sister Ruth’s pagan religion and my sister Kathy’s Jewish religion. These things are reported on our refuting blog. (religious intolerance – hate language).

Lie: page 359 author states that in 1999 she wrote a letter to our brother and ‘a similar letter to my sisters, that whatever they had against me needed to be talked out, resolved, so we could be a family again.’

Fact: I (Gert) never received such a letter. I attempted in early 1982 mediation with the author but the author said ‘go to hell’. After the betrayal by the author in 1992 I wanted nothing to do with the author. I attempted another reconciliation by phone in 2006 only to be betrayed again, by author.

Lie: pg 359 author states ‘my sisters retaliated with yet more hate mail and vicious phone calls’

Fact: I (Gert) never did.

Again, I must state that, it is the opinions of Gert McQueen, Kathy Inglis, and Ruth Pace that our personal and family honor has been sullied and damaged by the publication of this book by Joan Wheeler. For honor sake we ask that Trafford Publication look at the content of the material in this book and remove it from your selling markets.

Thank you.

My comment, concerning Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler, on the Daily Bastardette May 21, 2011

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by Ruth Sippel Pace

A year and a half ago, I left a comment on the blog Daily Bastardette. I didn’t copy and paste what I wrote, and I don’t remember what I wrote. But it was my rebuttal to Joan’s lying statements on a CBS internet article “Adoptees Face Sting of Discrimination.” Joan distorted facts of MY childhood in it. So I tried to correct the facts. My comments were not published on that site. I had then gone to the Daily Bastardette and was reading the blog owner’s praise for Joan’s statements on the CBS article. So I left my comment, again, trying to straighten out Joan’s lies. The blog owner did not see fit to publish my comment. That is her right. But I wanted the truth to get out. I reasoned, “if Joan get her lies out, how can I get the truth out?” So I started this blog. Yes, Marley, it was YOUR rejection of my comment that was the impetus of this blog. Thank you. As you yourself quote Cesar Chavez on your blog “You cannot oppress the people that are not afraid anymore.” I was never afraid, just feeling oppressed.

Anyway, today, Saturday, May 21, 2011, I left another comment on the Daily Bastardette. We’ll see if Ms. Greiner publishes it. She probably won’t. It doesn’t conform to her way of thinking. That won’t shut me up though. Because I got my own blog to get my truth out. And it is getting out. And so, here is what I submitted to the Daily Bastardette. Notice, that not once in it, do I call Joan an asshole, or urge her to commit suicide. Never left comments on the internet that said that. That is just another lie told by Joan Wheeler.

Dear Ms. Greiner,

I want to give you an update.

A year and a half ago, I left a comment on this blog, the post “Joan Wheeler is a baaad girl,” November 23, 2009. You didn’t see fit to publish it. That was your right. I was only trying to get out my opinion. Well, seeing as how my opinion didn’t conform to your thinking, I started my own blog.

 In your blogpost about Joan, you mention her forthcoming book, “Forbidden Family.”  It might interest you to know that on May 9, 2011, Joan’s book was pulled from publication, by the publisher, due to the book’s slanderous and libelous nature, the inclusion of hate and obscene language, and the use of a certain photograph on the back cover that Ms. Wheeler did not have copyrights to. These are all violations of the terms and conditions set forth by the publisher, and not ME.

Yes, I am one of Joan’s “horrible” birth sisters. Our cause is not to undermine YOUR cause in any way. Frankly, we don’t care about it. You must do what YOU feel is right for yourself. And so does Joan. HOWEVER, when a cause distorts the truth or outright lies are told, something must done.

In her book, on her website, and on various forums on the internet, Joan has distorted the facts of her adoption, her birth family’s lives, and the aftermath of our reunion. She has told outright LIES about me and other members of my family.

You give this advice on your blog: “Hit your blogs, Bastards never shut up.”

Well, wronged individuals never shut up either. Joan has done wrong to her birth family since 1980, then self-publishes a book full of hate directed at every person in her life that ever disagreed with her.

You may approve this comment for admission to your blog or not. Suppression of the truth does not diminish the validity of the truth.

end of comment

addendum: Comments are closed to this blog, because Joan had her buddies come here and leave hate messages. Joan herself has never left a comment here because she is too much of a coward to speak to us directly and answer our charges of why she lied about us. Instead, Joan, the Master Manipulator, ;manipulated weak minded individuals to do her dirty work. We Sippel Sisters have never gone to her website, or any other website and left hate messages. We deal in the Truth, Joan deals in falsehoods, fact twisting, manipulations, whining, threats of suicide to garner sympathy. She is a con-artist.

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