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Bellowing the Truth – We Sippel Sisters are damn good at it! June 30, 2011

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by Ruth Sippel Pace

Bellowing the Truth

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” — Charles Peguy

On the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change discussion forum is a member who calls herself Daizy. The above quotation by Charles Pequy is Daizy’s “signature,” which gets added to the bottom of every one of her posts.

Now I can’t be 100% sure that this Daizy is the Daisy who left that recent stupid comment here on this blog, daring to lecture me and my sisters about this blog. Daisy says that we should just chalk Joan’s LIES up to being Joan’s “opinion,” and ignore her.

No Way! We Sippel Sisters are BELLOWING the truth!

Now if Daizy on the forum and Daisy who left the comment here are the same, she’s got a lot of dam nerve to come here and condemn us for bellowing the truth of OUR LIVES after Joan has LIED about them. Even if Daisy is not Daizy – she still has a lot of nerve telling me that I can’t tell the truth about MY life. Why can’t I Daisy? If Joan can tell a lie about me, I don’t have the right to tell the truth about me? It don’t work that way – and neither Joan nor Daisy is the boss of me.

But I’ve noticed something about Joan and the other adoptees, they want the TRUTH exposed about their birth certificates, their birth families, the circumstances of their conception, their relinquishment to adoption, they DEMAND the truth! However, I see that they only want TRUTH exposed when it suits them. They don’t want anyone else to tell the truth. Sorry guys, just because you got shafted, doesn’t give you the right to turn around and shaft somebody else. Because when you do that – you’re just as bad as the ones who shafted you. You don’t have the right to run roughshod over anybody else in this world – and if you do – be prepared for the consequences of your actions. This blog is the consequence of an adoptee’s action –  because   Joan Wheeler, decided that  SHE got shafted when she was adopted, she would now shove the shaft through her birth sisters. No way baby!

This whole blog has been condemned by the adoptees! Why? Because we dare to tell the truth about something we know very well about – our own dam lives! But it’s okay for Joan to tell LIES about our lives? Hey – adoptees – I’m talking to YOU guys – why is it okay in your (ahem) book for Joan Wheeler to tell lies, but it’s NOT okay for US to tell the truth?? Not that I give a dam about you guys – I don’t NEED your permission to write about MY own life!

This blog is about us sisters standing up to a lying bully – and shedding light on her lies and misdeeds. And if Joan or anyone else don’t like that – well that’s just too dam bad.

We Sippel Sisters are BELLOWING OUR TRUTH.

1. Gert McQueen – June 30, 2011
To paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s character in the movie “A Few Good Men”…
‘you want the truth?…you CAN’T handle the truth! because it scares you to KNOW the truth…

Mahatma Gandhi said:

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

A ancient Anglo-Teutonic wisdom says:

You are your Deeds, the only thing that will remain,
when you die, is your reputation.

think about it!

That is why we sisters tell the truth!


How to get your message out…not! Joan Wheeler really needs to rein in her anger! December 9, 2010

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by Gert McQueen
There are, on the adult adoptee forum, many people who are very active in ‘going after’ any one who adopts. Joan befriended Mara somewhere and was invited to go over to this forum and these people feed off each other’s hate, anger, self-pity and are very hostile to the world of adoption. So be it, you are the company you keep. Joan herself in her book, told about her beginnings in the ‘movement’ and how ‘militant’ she was. I know because she was hostile and militant to me and my husband when we were ‘adopting’ my son. It was her militant hostile angry attitudes that caused her to interfer in my family’s business and cause us serious problems. I have written about it here already. Joan also states in her book that she moved away from those militant ways…but as I continued to read on in the book I found that she really never did. The point is that Joan’s basic angry hostile nature draws the same to her and she can’t help herself. She really ought to try a different approach because Joan doesn’t have the stomach for the real fight, but she doesn’t know it, yet.
In my efforts in refuting the lies that Joan continues to state, I prepared a statement, which follows, and which is what I placed on a recent comment line regarding an adoption issue, in which Joan lied about my family. What actually prompted me in commenting was Joan’s own words about what she did…to the author of an article. Her words are following my statement here.
Readers here, on our blog, can make up their own minds as to whether Joan is using good judgement or if she has learned anything at all in how to ‘get her agenda’ out there. Joan not only uses people, as we have been pointing out, but Joan CAN BE used by others, because she is weak by nature.
here’s my statement and what prompted me to post it:
My name is Gert Mcqueen I’m a birth sister to halforphan 56 Joan Wheeler, who wrote the book, Forbidden Family. Two other sisters and myself have a blog wherein we are refuting this book @ ruthsippelpace.wordpress.com    Our purpose behind our blog is truth telling. You may also want to check out our review of the book on Amazon.com
Her book is billed as a true story and a help for adoption reform, it is no such thing. The truth is that the book is an extremely long painful account of the author’s own perceptions of her reality where in she fabricates, exaggerates and boldly lies about people and events. She describes her own character flaws presenting them as reasons for why she believes she has been traumatized by adoption and in that process doesn’t realize the harm she has done to herself. She portrays both the birth and adoptive families is very negative ways and claims to be harassed by us birth sisters. She does not tell of her own negative actions towards the birth sisters or many other people.
There is very little in the book that could possible be of help to the adoption reform movement or for anyone interested in any aspect of adoption, period. It is purely a opportunity and venue for the author to vent her extreme angry at the very fact that she had been adopted and she hates everyone. The author is not truly interested in helping people, she wants people to purchase the book. She has spend over 35 years writing about her inner projection of her life, instead of living a genuine life.
The reason for my posting this statement here is to invite all interested in a balanced story to come to our blog and make up your own mind as to the validness of  her book and purposes behind her activist agenda. My sisters and I are not hiding anything we say or do about refuting her book or other actions she has said or done to us; we put everything we do on our blog for it is a truth-telling blog. It is the birth sisters’ position that the fact of a publication of a book of lies and misrepresentation is an grave dishonor to our parents, ourselves and other members of our family and the adoptive family. 
Please take a look at our blog…and be warned…it is not pretty…for we do tell the truth.
So on the adult adoptee forum I read:
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2010, 09:06:36 PM »
What kind of a magazine is this, anyway?  His mother owes the world an apology.  I can’t believe anyone would print garbage like this.
and then Joan responds:
« Reply #18 on: December 06, 2010, 05:16:06 PM »

I blasted him several times. 
and again Joan responds:
« Reply #24 on: December 06, 2010, 08:23:46 PM »

I just sent Mikey all 5 of my posts! I’ll let you know if he emails back. How much you wanna bet he’s never heard from a real half orphan before? Not one single instance of unmarried parents to complain about, but a hell of alot of lying! Grab the baby and run! Ohh, boy, I am having fun with this one tonight! 
And Gert asks again….all this helps adoption reform how?
And Gert asks again…why does Joan allows herself to be in the company of and be used by hostile angry militant people instead of being around kind loving people who want to do good? Only she knows.
Ruth’s note:
First, before anyone blasts us for quoting Joan from a forum, she has done the same thing. She has come to this blog, copied and pasted stuff from here, and put it (out of context) on The Adult Adoptee forum. And as the Puppet Master she is, she used my words to garner sympathy from the members there. Then further instructed them in February 2010 and again in May 2010 to come to this blog and harass us. She instructed them to complain “en masse” to  WordPress to have this blog shut down. (but whines on her cyberbullying page that WE are responsible for shutting down her 2 previous blogs, which we did not). THEN she instructs the puppets to visit the page, NOT from their forum, but from various sites. These sites like ebonito.com, and various loan blogs, a “beautiful woman” blog, tv episode viewing sites. lol. BUT Joan whines and accuses me of using different wireless networks to view her blog. Puppet Master and the Puppets can slueth and disguse themselves, but get don’t want anyone else  to slueth and disguise themselves!  What lousy hypocrites! And the  Puppets use obscene language on forums, show their anger, yet condemn me when I show anger at the crap that Joan is pulling. Again, they are lousy hypocrites, useless little Puppets, with no brains.
But Puppet Master Joan and The Puppets have an excuse – they were ADOPTED! And they are ANGRY Adoptees. Oh my! So that give them the right to trample on other people? To hurt other people? Because THEY were hurt when they were kids? They demand their Constitutional Rights, but want to deny others their constitutional rights! That’s right – THEY can go to any internet forum and spew their anti-adoption stuff, but when someone visits the same forum – oh no! That’s not allowed! WHY?   ~~~~ I got news for you angry adoptees – I don’t care if you are angry – I GOT THE SAME RIGHTS AS YOU DO! And I’m an ANGRY BIRTH SIBLING who is ANGRY because of the lousy disgusting treatment I have suffered at the hands of Joan Wheeler!  ~~~ Go ahead, do those adoption reforms you want so much – BUT DON’T DO IT BY DISRESPECTING ME OR MY FAMILY!
But getting back to what Gert is saying – that Joan should surround herself with loving people – instead of wallowing in the misery and anger that is her life and the lives of th Puppets.
Well, she WAS surrounded by loving people! but she blew it! Even loving people do not like getting preached at, told they are raising their kids wrong, have items and money stolen from them, lied to, used, falsely accused of things, having false police reports filed on them, having a stranger, a “professional” college professor write them a letter and tell them HOW to live their life (at the request of Joan), having their domestic partner receive letters urging them to break  up with them, receiving a harassing letter – falsely saying that their domestic partner got the next-door neighbor pregnant – yes, all these things are things that Joan did to her birth sisters, all 3 of us – who loved her, who TRIED to continue to love her, but in the end, had their love destroyed by Joan herself.
Because we Sippel Sisters are no fools. We TRIED to love Joan. Joan KILLED our love for her. So now Joan has her puppets, who act just like her. If they act on their own, that is, without prompting by Joan, and doing what she orders them to do. But Gert is right – Joan is weak minded. She not only leads other weak-minded fools around, but also is led by them.
“Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows?” — Obi Wan Kenobi
1. gert – December 9, 2010
Okay here’s another espisode of nonsense from Joan who doesn’t get it that it’s not about stalking, it about honesty and telling the truth. If someone is talking trash and lies about me and my family you better damn well know I’ll be watching and reporting about it. You don’t like it, then shut up.

The newest from Joan…
Re: The Daily Reporter Spews Adoption Kool-Aid, Comments Needed
« Reply #34 on: Today at 02:20:44 PM »

Thanks, K, for seeing that they are, indeed, stalking again. They’ve stalked me my entgire life: during my childhood by asking an aunt wehre i lived, and then calling me on the phone when I was 18. Sure, I get it. They were looiking for their missing sister. My point has always been we should never have been separated in the first place. That separation has caused us all great pain. Finding me caused me and my adoptive parents great pain. It is even now very diffficult for me to carry on with the task of enjoying adoption reform with the three of them pestering and stalking around they do.

Your support — folks who are adoptees and supporters on this forum — mean the world to me. Thank you for your udnerstand ing in seeing that i am trying to escape their petty nonsense. do you see that they are causing the trouble? Calling me a HO even! Shit, I just wish they’d crawl back into the whole they came from. They are dysfunctional, mean-spirited and sad. And they read our board and follow what we do just to keep track of me to keep me “in line”.

I’m sorry all of you must be sunject to their BS.

From Gert,

Sorry Joan you still don’t get it do you? Can’t you think straight?

Number one HO is short for half orphan…isn’t that what you call yourself?

Number two, it’s not about keeping you ‘in line’, it’s about keeping you honest! You could easily escape by telling the truth or answer to all the dirty deeds you have done to us and to all the lies you wrote about. Get off your sorry story! No one is stalking you, we never did, we are not now. Have you not read the posts, on this blog, about what I think about your cyberbullying and stalking nonsense? Get real.

Stop lying…I did NOT know where you lived, let alone your name until you were 18 years old…that’s legal age, deal with it and stop using it as a pity issue. Pain! accept it and deal with it already! Everyone else has why can’t you? Because you are a victim you like to be a victim and you can’t stand it when someone calls you on it…you are a weak minded person.

And when are you going to grow up and take responsibility for your own dirty deeds against others, like myself? You had nothing to do with causing me and my family any pain? You never hurt me, Ruth, Kathy or anyone else? You are so innocent! You can’t stand it that we will not go away from telling about your lies. We will continue to refut every word you say that is not the truth, be in in that book of lies, or elsewhere. Get use to it, because we are not going away. Deal with it

2. Ruth – December 9, 2010
Joan says to her puppets: I’m sorry all of you must be sunject to their BS.
Well, just WHO is subjecting them to our “BS?” it is JOAN! What the hell is the matter with her?
As for stalking her her entire life? My god! I was THREE YEARS OLD – HOW THE HELL DOES A TODDLER STALK SOMEONE?
As for Joan’s pyschobabble about our “separation anxiety? (being separated from HER – who the hell does she think she is? My deity?
Joan, you just showed EVERYONE what an asshole you are – you go on forums pretending to be a psychologist and talk psychobabble about MY brain, yet condemn me for what you diagnose me with!!!!
Yes, I missed you to a degree, and yes, when you were about 16 (NOT your f’ing entire life) was when Gert got your last name from Aunt Catherine. THAT’S ALL WE DID! Just before you turned 18, it was ME who called on the phone to Wheelers in the phone book and discovered you. THEN Gert called you. IT WAS NOT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE SO STOP YOUR F’ING LYING!
Do you people see how Joan exagerates everything?
And how she contradicts herself from one forum to another and what she writes on her own website and in her own book?
My go people are you that blind and stupid? In her book, she says she was indeed a teen when we siblings found her. On her byberbullying page in October 2010, she says she was TEN YEARS OLD. NOW, it’s her ENTIRE LIFE!
Are you that f’ing stupid Joan? And you friends of hers – do you not see this? Are you as stupid as her?
And if she is reading what WE write, then SHE is stalking us!!!!

And do you see us writing about her on forums when she sticks to her adoption work? NO! The only time we sisters speak out is when Joan talks about us on internet forums and LIES about us.
Joan has no business writing about us – we were children – had NOTHING TO DO WITH HER ADOPTION!
simple and easy as that.

3. Ruth – December 9, 2010
I did not call you a HO- I was using YOUR initials of HalfOrphan -H.O. because at first I didn’t see that you did indeed use your real name. I was trying to save myself typing.
shut up. There was a famous Hawaiian singer called Don Ho.
god Joan, you are such a simpleton.
NOW I’m calling you a name.

4. Gert – December 9, 2010
some else on the forum just said to Joan about us:

“Don’t these idiots realize that when they go on public comment boards and give the title and details of your book that they are *publicizing* it for you?”

Gert says, oh indeed we do realize that and we are not worrying…why you ask? Because any thinking person out there will take a look at both blogs, Joan’s and ours and make up there minds BEFORE they spend anywhere between $40 and $50 for a book of lies. We also realize that we are putting in a plug for our web site that has all the evidence against Joan…well not all of it YET, but it will be there!

Joan’s book is garbage, but hey don’t take my word for it, go ahead and spend $50 and see what you get
It is over 600 pages of angry rants. I’m currently working on chapter 38 which says it’s about evidence to prove her case…without the book in front of me…that chapter is about 84 pages long, 17 pages of documents, 62 pages of rants against every person and event that she could think of to rant about and then 5 pages of ‘possible’ adoption reform material. But, don’t take my word for it, go and spend your $50 and buy the dam book and then come and talk to me.

Now on the other hand, Joan is crying again that we nasty sisters are after her…then why does she have OUR WEB SITE ADVERTISED ON HER BLOG?

Can Joan’s friends answer that question? Why does Joan hide it on her web page…look under ‘about the book’ and there you will find the plug for us and our blog…Joan CAN’T HELP HERSELF.

without us sisters Joan DOESN’T have a case, she doesn’t have anyone to continue to blame for her miserable life that she and only she created.

That is our MESSAGE…we are truth tellers. Joan is a liar and a weak person.

5. Ruth – December 9, 2010
On her cyberbullying page Joan wrote the following in October 2010:

“It is unfortunate that serious adoption reformers and the general public who want to learn a new perspective must be subject to the content of this Blog.”
then says further “go to my sister’s blogs” Then she gives their titles and web addresses.

Then whines that WE are subjecting people to our blog! WTF?
Joan is advertising our blog.Joan is directing people to our blog! Joan is “subjecting” people to our blog. roflmao at her ignorance.

6. gert – December 10, 2010
In my comment above I quote this from someone speaking to Joan:

“Don’t these idiots realize that when they go on public comment boards and give the title and details of your book that they are *publicizing* it for you?”

Gert speaking now:
It would really be NICE if people would read and understand BEFORE they open up their mouths.

It was Joan HERSELF who placed the title of her book on that public comment board before I did.

Joan’s friends should not think that we sisters are wrong just because we oppose Joan’s book and her lying of us. We have had a lifetime of knowing Joan being abused by her and hearing her lies. It was Joan herself that made this whole business PUBLIC by publishing a book of lies for the purpose of exposing and exploiting two families.

I would like to know if any, of Joan’s friends on the adult adoptee forum including the puppets, have spent the $40 to $50 for the book and who have actually read it,and I do mean every page of it?

If you have not read the book, or if you are not in the book, then you are NOT QUALIFIED to say anything about what we sisters have to say, period.

And if you have read the book, I challedge you to show me something, anything, in that book where Joan is RIGHT and we are WRONG!

Joan won’t answer our accussations that she lies, how about her puppets, or her friends? Any takers?

Guess not! I’m waiting!!
 7. Ruth – December 10, 2010
And I may add:
That it was JOAN herself who in September 2008, out of the clear blue sky – who went on the internet with a warning to “The Three Sippel Sisters.” Even though myself had been on the internet since the year 2000, with no contact with Joan, until 2004 when I started a Family Photo site, and Joan threw a hissy fit when I corrected the date of a picture that she had scanned – a picture that was from GERT’s childhood, NOT Joan’s – and because she NEVER cares to get the FACTS of OUR childhood correct, had the wrong date on it. I booted her off the site – and had no further contact with her – THEN in October 2009 – it was JOAN again, who used the internet as a tool against us. Gert had been on the internet since the 90′s, and there was NO problem.
As I said, I had been on the internet since 2000 with only that one problem. And Kathy, was BRAND NEW to the internet as of October 2009.
So why was there the need to WARN us in Sept. 2008, AND Joan attacked our religious paths. (bigot).
JOAN also first mentioned our names, partial addresses and named my employer on her website – what does where I work have to do with adoption reform?
But you people have blinders on. You seem to think that if one is adopted, there is no wrong doing on that person’s part.
YOU people do not know Joan in person. WE do. YOU people have not seen her in action. WE have.
But the evidence is right here – but you refuse to take a look. JOAN lies in her book and says on her website that I have been placed on probation. I have provided the actual court document that PROVES she is a liar. If you idiots ignore that fact – and take Joan Wheeler’s word as gospel truth – well, all I can say is what I’ve said before: YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS AND HAVE SAWDUST FOR BRAINS. AND YOU ARE WORTHLESS HUMANS

Why is Joan Wheeler scared to have her sisters see her cyber-bullying page? Joan, you’re not afraid of the truth, are you? oh – just afraid of us seeing more of your lies. October 9, 2010

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addendum – October 15, 2010 – Joan apparently has either taken the cyberbullying page OFF her website, or has hidden it inside of other pages – so you can’t find it. the true taletell signs of a cut and run bully – put something for the victim to see, and before the victim can get others to see it and believe what the victim says – the bully removes the evidence – then spouts their innocence – “what? me? little ol’ ME? write things? Well if I wrote them, where are they?

right here, Joan, right here:

and if this page looks different than what you see today on her website – that’s because she just last week revamped it. Doesn’t matter Joan – you can erase it all you want – but it’s still right here! The internet don’t lie –  Joan is the one who lies. Foolish trolls with no brains who cannot logically figure this out even when faced with photographical evidence make me laugh.  If it is password protected or removed, of course you can’t find it. Ninny. Because I know how Joan Wheeler operates – YOU don’t. This is why I provided the screenshot of her insulting her sisters! Because I knew she would remove it after awhile – try to remove the evidence. Think logically you ninny – in the meantime, I made a copy of the evidence so she can’t squirm her way out of it. And have Foolish Wormy Trolls named Rus respond when she pulls his strings. what a joke – a squirmer and wormer!        So here is this original post, dated October 9, 2010.

Joan Wheeler’s cyber bullying page is NOW PASSWORD PROTECTED.

Why is that? What are you scared of Joan? Scared for us to see what you write about us? roflmao! What a cowardly bully! The post and run tactics of a true cyber-bully! Yes, Joan, if you want to see a real cyber-bully – all you need to do is look in the mirror.
Yeah, post crap about your sisters, then hide it. roflmao! — That’s quite all right dear, we have plenty of your printed word to take apart as lies – all contained in that silly book of yours – and we got some good stuff coming up in a few days. Besides Joan, you’re a little late – I already showed MY readers what a lying little snot you are – posting such honorable stuff on your front page, but on the same day, post garbage about your sisters on another page. – Do you really think people can’t see what a FOOL you are making of YOURSELF?

Joan’s hypocrisy shows true –
On our mom’s birthday last week, she shows another Academy Award Performance – such a loving daughter!  Oh – I have a tale to tell – about when Joan stole beadwork off a dead woman’s wedding gown – and that dead woman was our mom. Yeah- that’s what I said – she stole the beadwork off my dead mother’s wedding gown – and it was in 1983 NOT 1978 like she says in the book. And that’s how Joan honored our mom in 1983. What Joan put up on her website had nothing to do with honoring our mom on her birthday – she posted that for the benefit of her readers – but her actions belie her words – as the old saying goes ‘ Actions speak louder than words.

And I got proof positive that Joan Wheeler is a liar about another event she relates in her lying book – an actual photocopy of a newspaper published in June 1978, which shows that Joan is a complete fabricator of things.

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