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Joan Wheeler “social worker” (yeah, right), adoptee rights activist says she wants to blow up buildings. what an ass April 16, 2013

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This post is not going to be a pretty one – so you have fair warning right now.  

see end of post for UPDATE INFO

First off – I am disgusted and disturbed and angry over the bombings yesterday in Boston.  I hope whoever is responsible fries in an electric chair. 

Okay, now I want to turn attention back towards Joan Wheeler’s tweet the other night about her and other adoptees “fantasizing about blowing up vital statistics offices.” 

I wrote about this in my blog post “Joan Wheeler is now fantasizing/threatening to blow up government buildings. Is she looking for a pair of handcuffs?April 14, 2013”  I included a screen shot of Joan’s actual tweet. and here it is again:

joan-wheeler-tweet-03 Joan Wheeler’s tweet on April 14, 2013

Okay Joan – and all you stupid adoptees who want to blow up buildings – take a cold hard look at your televisions and see the damage done by bombs in Boston – no wait – photographers on the scene showed that they are human beings and did not photograph the gruesomeness of what happened. 

Want to hear about it? Let’s see – blown up body parts laying in the street. One woman had most of her jaw blown off. And an 8 year old child was killed! A child for god’s sake! 

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT BLOWING UP A BUILDING MEANS JOAN WHEELER? My god, you heartless bitch. Even if the building is closed for business there are probably other workers in there – cleaning personell – other workers. Innocent bystanders walking on the sidewalk next to the building. Innocent bystanders that may include children. And when a building is blown up – that means the people who work there are out of a job. This is what you stand for Joan? If it is, I’ll say it again – you’re a cold heartless bitch. 

And you call yourself a social worker? Who the hell do you think you are fooling? You have the picture of an abused child on your twitter page, yet advocate BLOWING UP BUILDINGS? You are a two faced lying hypocrite! You are evil.

Do you advocate terrorism Joan? Because your tweet says that you do.

 But then yes, you and all the other “angry militant adoptees” ARE fucking idiots and dangerous ones at that. I hope the FBI is watching your crazy little asses. 

Now I’m not saying that Joan or some other angry adoptee had anything to do with the bombing in Boston – but if they did – they are in a shitload of trouble. And even if they didn’t – to want to do something like that shows the whole world what rotten people they are. No respect for the sanctity of life. To want to destroy life and property. Sick little bastards – as they are proud to call themselves. 

Oh and Joan – just how do you think your fucking little tweet is going to look in court tomorrow? You can drop your poor little meek and mild down-trodden little act right now. The first day you had to report to court – you came in, looking down at the floor, walking oh-so-slowly, like you had the weight of the world on you! The little act you were trying to portray yourself as just a little old beaten down thing. The whole world is beating you up, and you’re so sad, so tired of the whole thing, oh, look at me, just taking slow little steps, cos I’m so pitiful. I’m so meek and mild, and sweet, and I wouldn’t hurt a fly. 

BULLSHIT! Your own tweet says the truth about you. And I will make damn sure the judge sees that stupid tweet of yours. 

And don’t forget stupid – making terrorist threats is a federal offense – I hope they put you away for a long long time sweetie. 

godzilla smashe building

is this your problem Joan – well you will have plenty of time to think about when you are sitting in a jail cell.

For myself – I will be heading over to the Red Cross tomorrow to donate blood to help the victims of the Boston bombing.

gertmcqueen – April 16, 2013

Excellent post Ruth!

Totally disgusting what happened in Boston…it’s looking more and more like a deed of DOMESTIC violence…terror by any name is still terror. And yes of course, NO ONE KNOWS who did that deed, but the anti-terrorist people are very good at their jobs and the doer will be found!

At this point in the history of the USA it is disgusting that anyone, let alone a SOCIAL-WORKER would put on a social NETWORKING site…for the entire globe to see…that she and other ADOPTEES want to blow up government OFFICES because they are MAD. Hey if you are mad sign yourself up in an institution and let the rest of the country be free from your assholeNESS.

I don’t care what side of the adoption issue anyone is on …but it’s past time for EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER HEARD OF JOAN WHEELER to silence the bitch! Do you people think that the government is going to GIVE YOU YOUR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES just because Joan Wheeler and friends think that blowing up the offices of VITAL STATICS will do the trick?

Hey, I worked for the military and I know just HOW SERIOUS the government is about terror and those that do it, talk about it, advocate it, etc. Joan Wheeler calls herself a MILITANT ACTIVIST and will work till the day she DIES for EVERYONE to get an OBC…and the hell with anyone else.

these types of idiots are disgusting


UPDATE OCTOBER 2016; as older posts are being seen I, Gert, am updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism‘ was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and rewrote and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!


this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.




Keep up on fast breaking news… July 6, 2012

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see these posts on Gert’s blog…

Joan Wheeler is at it again, browbeating an adoptive mother (the actress Edie Falco) using a FACEBOOK account! – new post by Gert McQueen on her blog! April 18, 2012

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you guys really need to check this out!

Joan Wheeler is at it again, browbeating an adoptive mother (the actress Edie Falco) using a FACEBOOK account!

and not only does Joan show us for the HYPOCRITE that she is – another sicko adoptee from the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change forum shows what a sick brain she has – she says someone should soak a sock in gasoline, stuff it in Edie Falco’s mouth and set it on fire! – what the hell is wrong with these people? They need to be locked up!


Why is Joan Wheeler’s book Forbidden Family dead? Because she killed it herself! June 20, 2011

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Introduction by Ruth Pace

 In this new post by Gert McQueen, we see the elaborate scam that Joan Wheeler tried to pull. A scam she presented to her friends and supporters in the adoption reform arena, publishers, fellow adoptees,  and even her own blood kin. Here we go:

Joan Wheeler has so MUCH to answer for and not just to the family but to many many other people. All I can hope for is that people WAKE UP AND SPEAK UP to Joan for the damage she has done. She has left a long long trail of destruction and untruths that it DOES take time for some to come to surface, but, in this age of Internet archives…EVERYTHING comes to the surface!

 In Joan Wheeler’s, now pulled (dead), book she ‘acknowledges’ many people, among them was a Robert Rich from Australia. He is a ‘psychologist, non-adoptee and a content editor’. I wrote him in Dec 2010 about his involvement with the book, how we, the family, see the book and therefore his work on it. I never received a reply from him…no matter I informed him about Joan using his ‘service’.

 After the book was pulled I wrote another letter to him…in part it reads:

Robert Rich; The purpose of this note is to inform you that the book, Forbidden Family, has been pulled by the publisher. It has been proven that the author did indeed lie, slandered and grossly misrepresent many people and situations. My recommendation to you would be to inform Joan Wheeler of your displeasure at being placed in a book that has been found to be slanderous and libelous. Furthermore, I suggest that you seek damages from the author for putting you in this awkward position. (Ruth’s note,  the page that Mr. Rich had out on the internet promoting Joan’s book, was visible a couple of months ago, today, I checked, the page is GONE! – wonder why?)

 Furthermore, there are many people she has named, that ‘support’ her and web sites she has given where she has gone out on and slandered the family, that I may not be able to make any contact with, but, that is NOT going to stop me for showing the world just what kind of double-crosser she is…so hang on to your hats because WE are not done, not by a long shot. Over time I shall be contacting as many people and web sites, named in the book of lies, as I possibly can…to spread the word that Joan Wheeler is a liar, a slanderer and her book is no longer available.

 Some time ago I came across the following… found it to be very very interesting…such a con-artist that Joan is…attempting to tell others how to write a book!!! See my comments at the end…

 The All-White World of Children’s Publishing « sarahpark.com

Aug 14, 2009 My name is Joan M Wheeler, author of : Forbidden Family: A Half-Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism,

 This is what Joan posted to a question about where to publish…

October 6, 2009 at 3:29 pm


A good place to try is Trafford Publishings at:
Yes, it is a pay-your-own package and pay for extras, but he advantage is that this publisher is willing to publish well-written controversy. They won’t publish the usual problem-causers such aas porn or hate books, but they are interested in a book that can hold an audiance.
They are working with me as I complete the final stages of my book’s 3rd proof. This has been a very exciting 5 years! I contacted song publishers and purchased copyrights, and for each problem area I brought to Trafford’s attention, they were accepting. Controversy, no problem! Memoir, expose, history, aslong as you are truthful and aren’t out to hurt anyone, Trafford willmore than likely accept your contract. Yes, you have to pay for the publsihing contract and it is expensive, but mainstream publishers are not as willing to publish activist material.
If you do write to Trafford, please tell them that I sent you over! My name is Joan M Wheeler, author of : Forbidden Family: A Half-Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism, due to be published in the next two months!
Good Luck! Let’s get out there and send them some decent manuscripts that tell adoption stories as you would like our stories to be told! Peace, Joan Wheeler***

Now…I, Gert, did post this comment on the site, if it gets on it gets on…at least it is here on THIS blog: 

regarding Joan Wheeler, and her screen names of halforphan56 and 1adoptee and the book Forbidden Family:

 It needs to be pointed out that the book Forbidden Family, written by Joan Wheeler, published by Trafford Publications has been pulled from their selling markets. The book is unavailable and no further copies of it in it’s present form will be printed. The book was pulled by the publisher after several months of investigating the documented proof sent to them by the birth family.

The pulling of the book proves that what the birth sisters have been saying, that the book is full of lies and hate, is correct. For further details see:  ruthsippelpace.wordpress.com/


 Now, my comments about Joan’s posting …Joan NEVER paid for those extras…she paid for a ‘print ready’ package and no one in that publishing house ever saw the ENTIRE manuscript before they printed it. She is basically bullshitting as she speaks. She got various people to ‘content edit’ certain subject materials such as with Robert Rich named above. She told the editing staff, of Trafford, that she had the manuscript edited and she DID NOT pay for that service and therefore they NEVER saw the complete manuscript when they printed it.

 She continues here saying, ‘They won’t publish the usual problem-causers such as porn or hate books’.

 What does Joan think was IN HER BOOK? talk about porn and a hate book! I gave, as part of my evidence to Trafford, a total of about 8 pages that contained porn language…that in itself was CAUSE for the termination of the contract that Joan signed! And as far as hate goes…if the editing staff of Trafford EVER SAW the pages, before the formatting stages, they would have seen all the hate speech within the narrative of Joan’s ‘story’. But, they never saw the content…all Trafford did was to format the manuscript, make the pages and print the book. (Ruth’s note: I also submitted several pages of proof of Joan’s LIES [engineered to slander and libel me]. It was these proofs that Gert and I sent to Trafford in December 2010 that caused them to have their lawyers look over the book, and they determined that the porn, hate, and LIES violated the Terms of Conditions contract that Joan herself signed. Yes, she signed a contract that stated the book did NOT contain porn, hate language or lies. And it was proven that porn, hate language and lies WERE in the book. Therefore, Trafford pulled the book. She can whine all she wants now, and puff up and say she’s getting a lawyer – but any lawyer is going to tell her – “you blew it kid.” – oh and Gert and I will be putting out on this blog those several pages of proof – because we are honest. We give our blog readers full disclosure of what we write and to whom. We deal in truth. – Not only do we deal in the truth – we deal in the truth to EVERYBODY! – Unlike Joan, who tells one person one thing, another person another thing, and another person a third story. Joan thought she was being slick – she told Trafford one story, Mr. Rich another story, Prof. Rene Hoksbergen another story, she showed one version of her manuscript to our father, while submitting another version to Trafford for publication. The version of her manuscript that she showed Rene Hoksbergen was NOT the same version that was printed. Mr. Rich edited only a section of her manuscript, but she told Trafford that the entire manuscript was edited. – How do I know this? Because I recognized a non-existent event in her book. She relates in the book a tale of a three-month court battle between her and me in the year 1994 over a false child report that didnt’ take place until December 1994.  In the book, she relates how the court broke for lunch, and she and her two children were at a water fountain. I supposedly approached her children and said “do you see what your mother is doing to your poor Auntie?”

The “three months” court battle took place in 1995 when I took HER to court for harassment. There were three court dates – one, where Joan was summoned into court to answer my charges, and the judge scheduled the actual hearing date, the second time, it was adjourned to a third hearing date, where the judge dismissed everything. On the second date, the judge had made a general announcement to the room that no children were to be present. On the third date, Joan did bring her children – but they were outside with a babysitter, although it was a school day. In a letter I sent her, where I was telling her to leave me alone, I asked why did she bring her children – to parade them in front of the court – to show them how Ruth was dragging their mother to court? But we see in the book how she says the three court dates (three DAYS of court) gets exagerrated to THREE MONTHS OF COURT BATTLES! And she tells her children one thing, me another thing, and her book readers another thing! I have previously scanned the actual court documents pertaining this case on this blog. Joan is such a CON-ARTIST – you simply cannot trust her!

 Back to Gert and the original thrust of this post — How do I know (about book publishing)…well…I am a published author, I was an editor of a full-scale international magazine for seven years, I did writing, research, formatting, editing and real self-publishing of my own and others work…so I know what I am talking about.

 She (Joan) continues saying ‘complete the final stages of my book’s 3rd proof’…

 Knowing Joan’s propensity’s for exaggeration I would really wonder about 3 times…but again, she did write an additional chapter and added much to a manuscript just months before the book was published! So, if Trafford looked at it 3 times they really didn’t do a good job of it OR Joan didn’t GIVE THEM all that she wrote, until the end. I still maintain that she added MUCH after the basic drafts were looked over and completed, because she is devious and that’s why there is SO MUCH hate and libelous material in the book.

 And she says,  ‘as long as you are truthful and aren’t out to hurt anyone’

 What a laugh…sorry I’m not laughing…she wrote a truthful book and wasn’t out to hurt anyone?!! The entire book was to hurt everyone she believed hurt her. The entire book was to expose and exploit people.

 Let this be a lesson to those of you who believe that you have a RIGHT to tell her story…don’t write and publish ANYTHING that is untrue, because sooner or later, someone is going to get you…and we GOT YA…Joan!

 We have given, on this blog, direct quotes of Trafford’s own guidelines, all of which Joan violated. She signed a contract, she violated the contract and we the birth family gave the evidence to Trafford that they needed to pull the book from their selling markets. This book will not longer be available.

 Now, lets take a look at what Joan Wheeler has on her web site Forbidden Family…which she needs to change the title of because the book is defunked and by keeping the site as is and where it is she is continuing on with her hatred toward the birth family and others. She needs to make the site only for her adoption reform and not to slander the birth family…anyway…

 On the Q and A: Where to Buy my book…posted Mar 16, 2010 in part she says:

(Ruth’s note: misspellings are due to the great and wonderful published author JOAN WHEELER! We only copied and pasted what SHE wrote.)

 As an author, I am completely in the dark about how this book is being sold and purchased by worldwide book sellers. (Ruth’s note, June 20, 2011 – why is she “completely in the dark?” Why didn’t she find out? What an ass! She just told her readers she’s ignorant! I’m not a published author, and I figured it out! A vendor, no matter where they are located, will recieve an order, notify the publisher they need x amount of copies, when they receive such, they will fulfill the order. DUH!)

 I chose Trafford because they were the best Publish-On-Demand publishers available. There are pluses and minueses to any publishing contract.  I like that the book is available through Trafford Publishing worldwide. It will be available for sale online at thier bookstore for as long as I choose to keep it available, and as long as Trafford is a publisher. This means it will never go out of print.

 Currently I am doing, all media exposure and bookings for lectures and book signings, on my own as I can not afford to pay for these services at the pay-per-services fees through Trafford.

 I had to sent a signed book to Idaho and to The Hague, at two very different and expensive shipping costs.

 All this tells me that Joan put all her eggs in one basket thinking she could pull off a great con scam on the families but not telling anyone what she was up to and by not being fully honest with Trafford and guess what …. she lost!

On June 20, 2011 I googled the book at Trafford and it is NO LONGER listed on Google…now what does that tell you? The book is DEAD. 

Ruth’s additional comment:

Joan says: “I had to sent a signed book to Idaho and to The Hague, at two very different and expensive shipping costs.”

On amazon.com, there is a listing for two used books for over $180.00 – could it be those two “autographed” copies? Other “used” copies are going for around $30 – $40. And why are there USED copies out there anyway? Seems to me that some people, having spent $45.00 of their hard earned cash, got the book, read it and saw the garbage in it and sent it back to amazon to get a refund. $45.00 is a lot of money to pay for a crap book.

Joan, face it – if your book was so damn good, there wouldn’t be any USED copies, and your book would have been flying off the presses! You can sit and whine and say that it is because of OUR blog people didn’t buy it. That may be partly true – HOWEVER, how do you account for the many USED copies available?  Apparently people don’t want that garbage in their house. The book that I purchased isn’t even in my house – it’s at a friend’s house. I don’t want that shit in my house! And apparently, other people don’t either!

and what does she mean ” two very different and expensive shipping costs.” – ok, the Hague – is overseas in The Netherlands, but Idaho? How much does it cost to ship a book to Idaho? About 10 bucks? again, we see how Joan EXAGGERATES things. She is just incapable of telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Anything she says is always colored with her interpretation of it, her exagerration of it, her embellishing of it. This is why in previous blog posts I have said that she has diarrhea of the mouth – she can’t shut up, she can’t stop putting her own spin on things. And then she wonders why nobody likes her, wants anything to do with her, turns their backs on her, shoves her out of their lives. Her own customers don’t even want the book they bought!)

update and reassertion…in case Joan Wheeer or anyone else still believes what she says or prints about her having a step-mother June 7, 2011

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by Gert McQueen

On Monday, May 30, 2011,  I had phone conversations with my stepmother and stepsister in which I told them that the book of lies has been pulled and no more copies will be printed. They both said THANK YOU to us daughters of our father’s first family. They both are very glad that I,  Ruth and Kathy have taken strong action against Joan Wheeler and her book of lies and filth, that has been a source of disgrace and dishonor to the birth family. My step-mother, my father’s recent widow, told me that ‘Dad said that Joan was NOT a member of the Sippel family’. My step-mother told me that she doesn’t want to see nor speak with Joan, ever. The entire birth family wants nothing to do with Joan Wheeler. My step-sister said that if Joan ever showed up at the house, the police will be called.

 So even though Joan insists and still keeps lies on her web site, in this case about having a step-mother…that so-called step-mother refuses any acknowledgement Joan Wheeler’s existence! Joan Wheeler has NO CLAIMS to the Sippel Family!

 Who does Joan Wheeler think she is talking to? Any fool can see that Joan just can not bring herself to alter her reality…by…removing those lies from her site. A fool she is and a fool she remains!

UPDATE, JUNE 2016, as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. In this ‘version’ called ‘duped by adoption’ she has increased her exploitation by including PICTURES and REAL NAMES and much more personal information violating again the families. Joan has no decency NOR shame. There is NOTHING in this book for adoption reform. She is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…



emails from Willem Koops, former colleague of (retired) Professor Rene Hoksbergen (palsie-walsie of Joan Wheeler) May 16, 2011

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Joan M Wheeler has published a new ‘revision’ of the same old hate manifesto and renamed it ‘Duped by Adoption’. I have created a new blog and Facebook page…

Here are the links to my NEW blog and Facebook page



On Amazon, I have reviewed 7 reviews of this ‘new’ garbage book and created a ‘discussion’ on the Forward, by Rene Hoksbergen.

Here’s the link to the DISCUSSION about the FORWARD on Amazon


Here’s the link to a recent blog post Nov 3, 2015 about the contents of the forward


Here are the related links to blog posts that Ruth and I have already written and addressed topics related to Rene Hoksbergen, the author of the Forward.


https://ruthsippelpace.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/gert-mcqueens-review-of-rene-hoksbergens-review-of-forbidden-family-by-joan-wheeler/     this one is about the review in LAVAContact2  2010 English translation






from Gert McQueen to Ruth Pace, via email:
for some reason the prof sent me another email…maybe he didn’t remember he sent me an answer on Saturday…doesn’t matter…put this on the blog
—– Forwarded Message —-
From: “Koops, W. (Willem)” <W.Koops@uu.nl>
To: Gert McQueen
Sent: Mon, May 16, 2011 9:04:42 AM
Subject: Re: about the book Forbidden Family
Dear Gert, congratulations! Indeed I agree with you that this was not Dr Hoksbergen as I would like to see him: a careful scientist. Be sure that I will have conversations with dr Hoksbergen on this issue. But again, since he has been retired, he is not strictly obliged to follow my suggestions. 

Again thank you for informing me. All the best to you and your family, Willem KoopsSent from my iPhone

from Ruth:

I thank Professor Koops for his kind email here. To see his email from Saturday, May 14, click on this link:  Our Second Success in recovering our lives from the many lies told by Joan M. Wheeler in her trashy book Forbidden Family – college professors are now agreeing with us!

a note to any international readers of this blog, who may not understand American slang – the term PALSIE-WALSIE, is a sarcastic rendering of “good friend.” the word “pal” is slang for friend, as in buddy, chum, bro.

Deep Reading – Why it is a must when dealing with Joan Wheeler, in person, and in print! February 1, 2011

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by Gert McQueen, with additional commentary by Ruth Pace

I recently READ the following editorial in my local Watertown Times paper and it is well worth reading and I do mean reading, deeply. I have been appalled at the level of ignorance by even so called professionals who have NOT read DEEPLY, things that Joan Wheeler has published not only in a book but on her web site and all the various places where she ‘mouths off’.

I have placed certain parts of the following article in italics because of their importance, not only generally but particularly in regards to anyone who is reading about Joan Wheeler. The reason, you may answer? Because she is very good at twisting the truth, making up dialogue, making herself look like the innocent victim she believes she is…and so much more. But, the truth of the matter is…UNLESS a person takes the time to DEEPLY READ what Joan Wheeler has written, you NEVER get the big picture. Joan counts on the reader NOT looking too close, that is why Joan Wheeler accuses her relatives, both birth and adopted, of harassing her, because we do look closely. Joan is scared and afraid that the truth will come out…and of course it is and will continue to do so; truth always wins.

So, if you are one of those that just blindly follow someone and don’t care to investigate whom you are following, keep following, BUT if you have any kind of intelligence you just might want to begin READING DEEPLY what Joan Wheeler has written. I have and that is why I know Joan Wheeler so well, because I have read her DEEPLY and I know where her fears are!

 Is deep reading in trouble? By Laura Casey Contra Costa Times January 16, 2011

THE OAKLAND apartment of Martha Mueller and her daughter, Nora, teems with books and magazines. Their library consists of fiction and nonfiction books, cookbooks and teen novels. Martha, a librarian, says she’ll read just about anything. “It can be the subject matter that attracts me or that perfectly written first sentence,” she says.

She comprehends what she reads, too. Ask for her thoughts on the Millennium Trilogy by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, for example, and she’ll weave a tale about how the books, while interesting reads, seem overly violent. The main character is a victim, she says, and a sad one at that.

While Mueller loves sitting down with a good book, she may represent a vanishing breed. There is some concern in literary circles that, even though electronic readers grow increasingly popular and book sales are still strong, many people are finding it difficult to sit alone with one book and simply read to comprehend.

“Deep reading,” or slow reading, is a sophisticated process in which people can critically think, reflect and understand the words they are looking at. With most, that means slowing down — even stopping and rereading a page or paragraph if it doesn’t sink in — to really capture what the author is trying to say. Experts warn that without reading and really understanding what’s being said, it is impossible to be an educated citizen of the world, a knowledgeable voter or even an imaginative thinker.

The concern that deep reading is going by the wayside is a phenomenon that author Nicholas Carr says in his book, “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains,” may have something to do with our use of technology and our habits while browsing the Web. Just last summer, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said he was concerned about what he sees as a decline in slow reading. Instant messages and 140-character tweets appear to be taking over our ability to concentrate on a single idea or theme in a book, he told Foreign Policy Magazine. It’s easy to forget the benefits of deep reading in an age where anything worth doing is done fast, Canadian author John Miedema says. We surf the Internet, gather snippets of information and click hyperlinks that bring us to different topics and authors, he says. In less than a second, we can go from reading about Beethoven the composer to watching a clip about Beethoven the St. Bernard online.

“The Web is essentially a distraction machine,” Miedema says. “Hyperlinks are meant to take you away from where you are.”

In his book “Slow Reading,” Miedema argues that deep reading is like the slow food movement — it takes time, care and effort to read quietly and concentrate. “I can appreciate people’s desire to read faster,” Miedema says. “But if you want to have a deep relationship with a text and understand a complex idea, then slow reading is a preferred style. It’s good for pleasure, too. It’s not a rushed experience and you can lose yourself in a text.”

Young minds Mirit Barzillai, a child-development doctoral candidate at Tufts University of Boston, focuses on literacy and says researchers are just starting to study how people process what they read on websites. “There are so many different and new places to read these days — online, with electronic readers, on the phone — that there isn’t a lot of research looking at the processes of reading and how technology affects it,” Barzillai says.

Barzillai is interested in the way children read and if they will learn how to read deeply as they grow up in the digital age.

“Reading isn’t something we’re born with,” she says. “Your brain has to form that reading circuit. And that circuit is shaped by what you’re reading. When (adults) came to the Internet, we came with those skills and experiences that were already developed. If children learn to read primarily online and through digital media, I wonder if we are encouraging or growing a different kind of reading process.”

Nora Mueller, 17, notices that when she has to do a paper for school and researches it on the Internet, she rarely reads a whole page. She primarily clicks links and scans. “I read so little about what’s actually there. I don’t feel like I absorb everything,” Mueller says. “I’ll read the beginning of a paragraph and then I’ll skip the rest.” She can remember what she reads when she’s engaged in a book, she says, but retains little from the Internet.

Back to books

Ohlone College English professor Cynthia Lee Katona wrote “Book Savvy” specifically to help people who have stopped reading get back into it.

Katona was late in picking up her first book — she didn’t start reading novels until she was 14 — but she’s a voracious reader today. She says reading is a highly social activity that builds the mind and social connections. If you read, she says, you simply know more and have more to talk about with friends, partners and acquaintances.

Deep reading also can take readers on trips around the world even if they are sitting in a living room armchair, Katona says. Also, it helps readers understand themselves and others and develop thinking, writing and conversational skills. “If you like beautiful things, authors put words together that are really beautiful and expressive,” she says. “If you want to write well — and there are lots of reasons to be articulate and to express yourself clearly — you should read.”

Ruth’s note – not only do Joan Wheeler’s readers don’t do Deep Reading of her book and her blog, but they also do not PAY ATTENTION to graphics that I have posted here. Actual court documents, handwritten letters by Joan herself, envelopes addressed to me from Joan, that show her for the LIAR that she is! It is not only appalling to me, that a PROFESSIONAL psychotherapist actually thinks Joan’s book is good, but one of Joan’s own friends/supporters/puppets is a POLICE OFFICER! These two so-called “professional” women, who JOBS are supposed to be upholding the LAW and unveiling the TRUTH, actually have allowed themselves to be CONNED by Joan, because they didn’t do any DEEP READING!

Thank goodness I know these women’s names, because if I have ever find myself on trial (highly unlikely, because I do not break the law), I would be able to object to them being on my jury, because they don’t seem to comprehend a LIE told by Joan and an ACTUAL COURT DOCUMENT that shows Joan LIED.  I really have to question their comprehension skills.

I find both these women to be woefully lacking in their career skills. If I were to get a traffic ticket from the one police officer, I could challenge her in court on the grounds that she is a poor police officer, one who can’t detect shit when spoken by/written by Joan Wheeler. If she can’t figure out that a court document that I post here proves Joan Wheeler is a liar, she obviously can’t read her radar scanner – and law breakers can give her any line of bullshit, and she’d believe it. Trinidad, California needs to upgrade it’s hiring standards for police officers.

The other bimbo looks through Joan’s book and doesn’t DEEP READ and see contradictions from one page to another, and even in one sentance! And she calls herself a “professional” therapist? HA!  I feel sorry for her clients – they probably come away from her more screwed up than when they started, all because she doesn’t DEEP READ and READ BETWEEN THE LINES and see the TRUTH behind Joan Wheeler’s LIES!

Feb 2, 2011, 2:23pm -hi adoptees! welcome, welcome! Hi Joan!  lol – Stalking me? Hiding again behind wierd websites – like I can’t tell it ain’t you guys? Because the stats counter keeps going up from the website about getting rich, using your computer as an ATM, and the stats from THIS post goes up the same time. You aren’t fooling anyone. but if you want to be cowards, and keep coming here to read, while disguising yourself, that’s A-OK! The point is- you are reading it.

And I’m glad that I have regular readers – yes, regular readers, I see the same websites over and over. Well, that’s quite ok with me – because there is a lot more to put up here on this blog. A hell of a lot more.  And you won’t want to miss what is coming! 

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