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another one of Joan Wheeler’s puppets is outed as an asshole – one Heather Cohen June 17, 2015

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 On June 14, 2015, I wrote the blogpost  “Joan Wheeler proves that she simply can NOT stop lying about her sisters and tries to manipulate another person to make trouble for me.“  because I found  a comment by one Heather Cohen to Joan Wheeler on Joan’s facebook page, regarding Rachel Dolezal, the white lady who was passing herself as a black lady. At first, I didn’t have a problem with Miss Cohen’s comment, and my initial blogpost was to point out that even when asked a civilized question, Joan Wheeler simply can NOT stop trashing her birth sisters with lies and trying to instigate a person who doesn’t like me (Laura Heath) into joining her in trashing me.

Well, later on, I was re-reading Heather’s comment and I saw this phrase “your kept sisters and their issues? ” – ‘kept’ sisters, meaning, Joan’s birth sisters who were ‘kept’ by their father and not relinquished to adoption like Joan was.

Well, I am one of Joan’s birth (kept) sisters, and I want to know – how does Heather Cohen ‘know’ that I have issues? And what issues are those? – HEATHER COHEN IS A COMPLETE STRANGER TO ME – so how does she know I have ‘issues?’ – Answer – because she has been listening to Joan’s slanderous gossip and lies about me.

I have been saying for years that Joan is a pathological LIAR. She has put forth all sorts of accusations about me and my sisters all over the internet, yet offers no clear PROOF of it. I, on the other hand, have offered police and court documents that prove JOAN MARY WHEELER is the liar – and even handwritten letters and envelopes by Joan that also prove she is a liar.

Joan loves to smear me – anywhere and anytime she can. Hell, she even contacts my job now and then with lies to get me fired. She lies to any person she gets hold of and those weak-minded fools believe her and refuse to even LOOK at the proof – proof that is all over the pages of this blog.

The last fool Joan wrapped around her little finger was one Brian T. Maloney who made it his mission to champion Joan’s cause – to bring me and my sisters down. He failed miserably – because he threatened me over the internet with emotional blackmail – he threatened to expose my “dark dirty secret.” (still have no idea what he was talking about). This Brian fool NEVER met me, and is a stranger to me. So I answered him via the internet – that if he has something to expose about me – that he should go right ahead. But he had better be prepared to explain to the Buffalo Police and the Erie County District Attorney how he knows secrets about a woman he never met, and why is he threatening her on the internet. That was the end of that. He also appeared in court early 2013 when I had pressed harassment charges on Joan – in one of our initial appearances. But after I threatened him with going to the police, he did not show up in court again. And indeed, has gone the way of most people that Joan gets hold up – after she manipulates, charms, uses them, and when they are no longer any use to her – she drops like a hot potato.

So, I read Heather Cohen’s comment and decide to take her full on – I went to her facebook page. I sent her a friend request. And I left her the following private message:

6/15, 1:57pm

“Miss Cohen – if you wish to know about me and my “issues” please ask me directly – why don’t you try to get to know the real me – instead of relying on third-party gossip.

Because ‘inquiring minds’ who want to know about people they don’t know personally should go to the source. To get accurate information. So – I am here for you – what would you like to know?”

Several hours later, I found that Heather blocked me. She has the right. But why? I thought she wanted to know about me. OH, I see, she only wanted to GOSSIP about me with Joan. She is NOT interested in the truth about people. She is just another little bitch. And I made the following post on my facebook page:

so – Joan Wheeler’s little friend Heather Cohen – the one who is so interested in me denied my friend request and blocked me. Gee, what did I do wrong? I used mouthwash today. I’m clean. All I did was extend a friendly gesture to someone who was wanting information about me – I messaged her and told her that if she wanted to know about me, to ask me directly and not rely on Joan Wheeler’s gossip about me. Guess Heather is NOT interested the truth about someone and wants only garbage gossip about me. Well, I suppose that leaves me and you knowing what kind of person Heather Cohen is – an asshole.

and we see again, as we have seen time and time again, concerning Joan Mary Wheeler’s buddies – they are all sick in the head – what kind of person expresses interest in a person they have never met (me) and their ‘issues’ – yet when given the opportunity to speak directly to me – slinks off with her tail between her legs — this is the case of an internet stalker – putting their nose into MY business and MY life – Heather Cohen – stay the fuck away from me or I will see you in court for stalking, harassment, slander and libel.

 Heather Cohen’s original questions.

After discovering this controversy, I read the article, finding that there is an adoption link. This woman had a Haitian and African American siblings who were adopted. She is 100% white. What lessons did she learn from her parents who adopted her siblings. If they were “white” and she was “black” and the adoption insanity and identity problems are a big mess. Joan Mary Wheeler What do you think of this? Especially with regards to your kept sisters and their issues? Inquiring minds want to know.

Lesson for Heather Cohen to learn, because she is just a jackass as bad as Joan is. Hey – I did give her a chance before I passed judgment on her!

jackass gossip



new development we know who he is July 5, 2012

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yep I found him and we are just beginning to find out more about him and expose him


We know who Champ is!! His name is Brian Maloney and he has left his mark; I found him and now I expose him too.


Big Bad Russ speaks – (Joan Wheeler sics her boyfriend on us) – too bad we found it a year and a half later – well, better late than never.- repost from Gert’s blog March 13, 2012

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March 13, 2012 Big Bad Russ speaks – (Joan Wheeler sics her boyfriend on us) – too bad we found it a year and a half later – well, better late than never.

reposting from Gert’s blog “Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor   – – original post here.

it took us awhile, but we found this gem! Actually Gert found it. Back in the fall of 2010, my blog started receiving some nasty comments from a guy called Russ. He would routinely call me a bitch. I finally labeled his comments as spam so they would automatically go into the spam folder, then be automatically deleted. After a few months, we found out that Russ was Joan’s boyfriend. I had contacted him once via email, asking him to stop leaving obscene comments on my blog, and to not bother answering my email, as I did not wish to have contact with him but he answered me. I don’t remember what he said, but I just ignored him. About a month later he emailed me again. I notified him, via my blog that I do not want him to contact me, and since he contacted me via my private email after I told him not to do, he was now guilty of harassment. I threatened to call the police. We never heard from him again.

This was February 2011. BUT in January 2011, at the funeral home, in the same room that my father lay in his casket, an eyewitness stood behind Russ to await her turn to sign the funeral book. She witnessed the man write a long message at the bottom of a page, turn to another page and sign. She signed after him – and flipped the pages back to read a hate message directed at my father and signed by the names of 4 dead men and one living man, who at the time was in Florida. These 5 men, the brothers of my late mother, who made no bones about not getting along with my father certainly did NOT sign the register. The message was to my father to “rot in hell.”  The eyewitness, signing after Russ, noted his name and described him to us.  Russ did not know our family, the only way he knew to write this disgusting hateful message was at the request of Joan, who wanted to strike back at everyone in fell swoop – the birth father who gave her up for adoption – her birth sisters who would read it and get upset – the brothers of my mother who didn’t stop her adoption – my father’s new family – my stepmother, her daughters and their families, who, along with myself and my husband in my father’s hospital room made the decision that Joan be excluded from the wake and funeral (due to her troublemaking). We did agree to tell Joan to come to pay her respects at 4:30pm, AFTER the family had left – and she came at 4 – her daughter came in as we were leaving,  and she wrote me via facebook that she was with Joan and Russ. They must have been in the car. When someone tells you to come at 4:30 – you come at 4:30 – not 4:00. Catherine also says she didn’t see Russ write it. The eyewitness said that Catherine and her mother Joan were at the casket – with their backs turned away from the book. So of course she didn’t see it. Look, the writing was NOT there when I left at 4pm, the eyewitness and Joan and her boyfriend and daughter were the ONLY ones there between 4pm and 7pm (according to the funeral director) when we returned. The eyewitness also described Joan mouthing off  to the funeral director.

We blogged about all this and after I threatened to call the police on Russ – we never heard from him again. But before all that – in October 2010 – Big Bad Russ started his own blog. “Russ’s World.” Gert found it this morning. this is such a joke – Big Bad Russ only had one entry – a clear attack on us – oh wow – we’re scared. But it shows everyone what a hypocrite he is. I also found out that in December 2010, he joined Badoo – a dating service. Apparently, he clicked on Badoo’s request to access the “contacts” he had in his email. So I got a sent an invitation, seemingly from Russ to join Badoo. I did. Under a disquised name and email. And I read his profile – he’s interested in sailing and sex.  lol – that’s class!

Here is Big Bad Russ’ one and only blog post, followed the comment that I submitted, but which he will not have the guts to approve and publish.

Posted on October 29, 2010 by rus623 at http://rus623.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/hello-world/

I decided to start this blog after reading so many mean-spirited and slanderous blogs.  That, really, is not the way to get your point across.  Say what you want to say but don’t attack, demean, or cast aspersions on anyone.  I want to publicly apologize here if I have done any of these to anyone.  Now to comment specifically on a certain blog here at WordPress.  It is posted by Ruth Sipple Pace.  In it she attacks her youngest sister most vilely, saying she wanted to remove her sister’s teeth with her fist.  This is extremely barbaric.  I would like to think this was not a common way for her to act.  I do however have doubts about that.  The other two sisters, Gert and Kathy, also have disagreements with Joan, but do not sink to quite this level.  They all call Joan a liar.  I think this might be a collective denial of sins past.  So be it.  I can’t say I have any proof of what is true.  Some one is fabricating but who is left for readers and God to figure out.  I tend to believe Joan because I know her.  I only know her sisters through their writing, and I am not expecting to meet any of them soon.

I invite everyone to hit both Joan Wheeler’s blog(Cyberbullies) and Ruth’s(Forbidden Family:Lies) blog if you want to see what is going on.  I do know that Joan doesn’t want any contact with her sisters.  I challenge them to honor that.  Comment all you want on her book. Don’t comment on her.

my comment (which is awaiting moderation):

of course, Russ, you won’t dare to print THIS comment – because I shall tell everyone right here and now how MEAN-SPIRITED you are.

Yes, you first come on my blog and call me a bitch. Not once, but twice. Then you emailed me via my private email. And called me a bitch. When I told NOT to email me again, you did. You claimed you were only “trying to help.” Riiggghhttt. you try to help someone by calling them a bitch.
After you were seen by an eyewitness writing a hate message in the funeral book of my father in January 2011, and I blogged about and threatened to call the police – you acted like the cowardly little cur that you are – that is – you hid your tail and ran away. From me, from my blog, AND from your “relationship” with Joan. Oh, you are such a big man. And not very mean-spirited? HA! – well, thanks for the laugh Russ, even if it’s a over a year later.

And I will comment on her – especially because in her book she says that I have an arrest record – which is completely false and I have provided court documentation that disproves it. Joan is a liar – you are a liar – and you are both lying cowards and troublemakers.

When Joan decided to write a slanderous book, she opened herself up to full disclosure of both her book and her personality. that’s the way Freedom of Speech works Russ. If Joan has the Freedom of Speech to say what she wants about me, then surely, I have the same Freedome of Speech to say what I want about her. The only difference is: Joan tells lies. I speak the truth. Apparently, Big Russ couldn’t handle the truth and ran away. Ain’t nobody missing him!

comment by Michelle Herr Rupert (to this blog post)
Russ better hope I never find him, He has NO RIGHT to sign my dead father’s name or bad mouth my family in any way! Michael Herr was my father and I Loved him very much! He might of had his faults but so does everyone, That doesn’t make him a bad man or too have his name forged! Ruth thank you for sharing this.

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