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Joan Mary Wheeler, aka Doris Michol Sippel gets two of her clueless friends to put new reviews of her book on amazon January 21, 2017

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Joan Mary Wheeler, aka Doris Michol Sippel gets two of her clueless friends to put new reviews of her book on amazon 

On September 22, 2016, Joan Mary Wheeler aka Doris Michol Sippel published a 4th version/edition of her “Forbidden Family” book. This time it’s called “Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity,” published in 2015 as “Forbidden Family Duped by Adoption, and published in 2009 as “Forbidden Family.” Each time she published it with a different title, the content was 99% the same, with some chapters taken out, other nonsense added in. In 2015, she actually put out TWO version of the book, the second one slightly different from the first.

WHY all the changes and revisions to a TRUTH-filled and FACT-filled book? answer – because she DOESN’T tell the truth in ANY version she puts out of this ridiculous book. 

On April 18th, 2016, Joan Mary Wheeler appeared in the Surrogate’s Court of Erie County New York and legally had her name changed to her birth name of Doris Michol Sippel. She then set about re-publishing her book “Forbidden Family,” “Forbidden Family Duped by Adoption,” again, presumably to reflect her name change, and this time changed the book’s title again (“Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity.” 

I posted the following review on amazon: 

BAIT AND SWITCH – CON-ARTISTRY By Ruth Pace on September 23, 2016

this is classic bait and switch – I purchased previously the kindle edition of Forbidden Family Duped by Adoption by Joan Mary Wheeler a year ago – Ms. Wheeler had her name legally changed to Doris Michol Sippel in June 2016 (Ruth’s note, January 21, 2017: error – it was in April 2016) – and then changed the title of the book to Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity. But this is the SAME EXACT BOOK AS THE PREVIOUS BOOK.

If the author wanted her book to reflect her name change, she should have made clear on the cover and on the selling site that this book “was previously published in its entirety as “Forbidden Family Duped by Adoption” under my adopted name Joan Mary Wheeler.” 

On January 11 2017, one of Joan/Doris’ friends, Fred Tomasello Jr, wrote a review, and then on January 14, 2017, another one of Joan/Doris’ friends, Michael Euler also published a review. Fred repeated his previous review of the version “Forbidden Family Duped by Adoption” but added a new paragraph in the beginning. He starts with this sentance: “This book has been updated by the author, has a new cover and the author’s name is now accurate.”

Michael Euler’s first sentance says just about the same thing: “The author of Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity has recently changed her name from Joan Wheeler to Doris Michol Sippel reclaiming her birth name, bringing additional healing to the ongoing process she continues to experience. The new book cover and updating of the book is also part of the process of truth telling.” 

Both reviews, and my comments and Gert’s comments in their entirety are at the end of this blog post – I only wish to address these two sentances, both expressing the need for TRUTH and ACCURACY. I, also am for TRUTH AND ACCURACY, and that’s what I said in my review in September 2016 when I showed that Joan/Doris was playing the classic bait and switch with amazon customers? WHERE WAS THE TRUTH AND ACCURACY FOR POTENTIAL BOOK BUYERS? 

Fred and Michael are championing for TRUTH and ACCURACY – but only when it comes to ADOPTEES. And that’s NOT the issue here.The issue is Joan/Doris did NOT make it clear to the buying public that “Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity” is essentially the same book/product as the book/product called “Forbidden Family Duped by Adoption” — further, there was NO explanation that Doris Michol Sippel was formerly known as Joan Mary Wheeler. 

Joan Mary Wheeler legally changing her name to her birth name of Doris Michol Sippel may reflect TRUTH AND ACCURACY for adoptees/adoption issues/adoption reform, but it is NOT TRUTH AND ACCURACY FOR THE BUYING PUBLIC. Fred and Michael need to learn more about consumerism, false advertising, bait and switch, and other scams. And while I have your attention, I have come to see that for many adoptees, TRUTH and ACCURACY applies ONLY to them – the rest of us can have lies told about us, and that’s just fine with them. 

By M. Euler on January 14, 2017

The author of Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity has recently changed her name from Joan Wheeler to Doris Michol Sippel reclaiming her birth name, bringing additional healing to the ongoing process she continues to experience. The new book cover and updating of the book is also part of the process of truth telling. 

Doris’ memoir describes the pain of having been a “victim” of a closed adoption. She highlights an experience that shaped the lives of many adoptees as they were funneled into the adoption system that was in place during that period of time in our society when it common for all records to be sealed, and those involved sworn to secrecy. 

Being “found” by her birth family introduced Doris to a very emotional period. She experienced many ups and downs as she tried to come to terms with the secrecy and dishonesty that played into all her familial relationships. 

Joan’s need to understand the rules she’d been forced to live under provided the impetus for her to speak out against the system, and write about her experience. She became active in the American Adoptees Congress, finding encouragement and support from other adoptees and a community of professionals where her experiences were understood and validated. 

Today she continues to speak out and write, finding areas where she can make a difference and to ensure the future of open adoptions.  

Fred Tomasello Jr. Jan 11

This book has been updated by the author, has a new cover and the author’s name is now accurate. For most of us, discovering one’s past is a lot of fun and is taken for granted but for an adopted child, this search presents a difficult challenge. The bond between a child and their biological parents is never broken and Doris Michol Sippel’s search for truth has not been easy. 

 If a birth certificate lists only the adoptive parents as mother and father, how does one find their biological parents and reunite with the rest of their family? Every case is different and Doris details how she found her truth. 

“Nobody thought about it. We just wanted a child.” The “it” is adoption. These are the words Joan Wheeler’s adoptive mother told her years later and they equal the preconceived ideas millions of us have about adoption. 

 A phone call at age 18 started the “reunion” and carries the reader on an emotional roller-coaster lasting decades. The raw, descriptive language connects as secrets and family nuances are revealed, Every page is riveting and the candid details are gut-wrenching. Years of discovery, rejection, introspection, research, maturity and courage merge in Doris’s memoir to become a laser light focused on the importance of truth. 

 Doesn’t everyone want to know their father, mother, brothers and sisters? The desire to find family never goes away and attempts to do so are often met with accusations of ingratitude. While undergoing years of severe emotional stress, I am amazed that the author was able to write cogently about her families making a strong case for accuracy and truthfulness starting with the birth certificate and for staying in contact with one’s family. An exciting and riveting read, this book is well ahead of it’s time and deeply enhances my understanding of adoption.


gert mcqueen says: Jan 12 

If you want truth, it’s not here

Since I first saw this review the reviewer has edited the first draft of his review, fixing certain mistakes and recycling sentences from his original review of the second incarnation of this piece of garbage! Nothing much new can be said about the book now is there?  

The author should have informed the buying public of her CHANGE of name before presenting a revision that LOOKS LIKE a NEW book. The author’s name WAS correct and accurate as an adoptee. Changing her name legally back to her birth name, is her right, but does NOT change accuracy but leads to confusion for she is NOT on any family tree of the birth family.  

Most of this book, told now three times, is about OTHER people, based on biases of and misrepresentations by the author, for the sole purpose to promote a political agenda; reform of birth certificates. Birth and adopted parents and families should not have their ENTIRE lives exposed, exploited and misrepresented by someone who is discontented with the life they have.

This reviewer’s position, that this book is ‘a strong case for accuracy and truthfulness’ obviously shows that he hasn’t objectively used the art of ‘critical thinking’ while reading and/or comparing the opinions and words of others in their reviews, comments, discussions, not only in this book but the last two versions.  

For the author and friends who seem to think that the tragedies that happened to two families will change the course of adoption reform and is riveting and exciting, is not only laughable but shows signs of delusions of grandeur and self-absorption. No one in the great wide world gives a hoot about what this author think or believes. Actually, the overwhelming majority of opinions on this author are quite negative. But hey, if you can’t deal with reality, then by all means, make things up to fit your fantasy; knock yourselves out.  

In the meanwhile here are links, on Amazon, that will help others to see what is within the pages of this book.  

Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption forum


Joan Mary Wheeler forum


And here is the link to the FIRST book, it has one review and 4 comments  

Ruth first comment Jan 12

Accuracy and truthfulness – the author makes a strong case for them — when it pertains to only her. Everybody else’s life is NOT worthy of accuracy and truthfulness.

However, I have posted on my blog, scans of actual police and court documents that prove that the author lies about me in this book. Copies of those documents were sent to Trafford Publications, which had published the first edition of the book – the documents clearly showed libel and Trafford pulled the book from publication.

Those inaccuracies and UNtruthfulness (aka LIES) are still in later editions of this book.

The reviewer also writes “An exciting and riveting read, this book is well ahead of it’s time and deeply enhances my understanding of adoption.” — I would like to ask HOW — when almost 50% of the book is about ‘Brenda’ – (me) – every other page is Brenda this, and Brenda that. Is this a book about Joan/Doris’ adoption or is it about the life of Brenda? My marriages are discussed, my miscarriage is mocked (the author states it was good thing because I apparently spent more time on collecting horror movies than I would have paid attention to a child) – that is a judgement call on somebody else’s life, and has nothing to do with anybody’s adoption. Let’s see, what else – oh yes, Joan/Doris describes my belly dancing – again – MY life is all over this book – sorry, I was NOT adopted, therefore, WHY is MY life all over the pages? So yes, I object to this book, and my review is that it is NOT a book about adoption per se, but about an ‘adult’ adoptee’s anger over her adoption and lashing out her birthsiblings (me in particular) and anybody else who ever got on her bad side by disagreeing with her.

But yeah, hey – if Joan/Doris wants to get the word out about ME and make ME famous — HA! come visit me at my facebook under Ruth Herr Sippel Pace – and see my belly dancing pictures.  

Ruth second comment Jan 13

This book is nothing but the lunatic ravings of a person who is full of anger and hatred over her adoption.

This reviewer suggests that the book makes for a strong case for accuracy and truthfulness – But he fails to see a falsehood committed by the author. The reveiwer says the writer was able to write cogently about her families. Cogently means appealing forcibly to the mind or reason.

I would like that reviewer to apply that to the passage in which the author describes my father telling her (after the author was reunited with her birthfamily) of her mother’s death. The author describes my mothers body at the time of death – that the bandages holding all the rotted insides of her split and the cancer dripped out of her vagina.


Any person with congitive awareness would see that as a bunch of nonsense.

Does anyone really believe that at the time of death, a patient’s bandages fall apart and the body’s cancer falls out onto the bed? And cancer drips out of the vagina? Somehow, I don’t think my father spread his newly dead wife’s legs apart to see that.

I have worked 43 years as a nurse’s aide in a major metropolitan hospital and have witnessed many deaths, even to the point of holding a patient’s hands while they died. (cancer patients too). AND I have performed post mortem care on their newly dead bodies. This is cleaning up the body and sending them to the hospital’s morgue. Now, yes, at the time of death muscles do relax, SOMETIMES the bladder and rectum releases substances, and yes, SOMETIMES there has been some drainage from a female’s perineum area.

But I point out again – MY FATHER WOULD NOT HAVE SEEN THAT. And at the time of her death, Joan/Doris was only 3 months old. really. come on.

AND bandages do not fall apart at the moment of death. In 43 years, I have never seen that. If a dressing over a patient’s wound had split open, it must have been a bolt of lightning. Did the author think the guaze bandages were split like the curtains in the temples when Jesus died on the cross? Or was there an alien come busting out of the body at the time of her death? Come on people – get real!

But this is how Joan/Doris honors the woman who gave her life – writing such nonsense. 

Only a deranged person would write that nonsense and only an equally deranged person would think that passage constitutes maturity and courage (as he says about the author in the fourth paragraph in his ‘review’ of a garbage book written by a personal friend of his.

I apologize for the graphic content of this comment – but it needed to be brought out into the open exactly what garbage is in this “truthful’ book.

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