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Joan Mary Wheeler and Brian T. Maloney – get out of my life before I have the authorities MAKE YOU LEAVE. August 2, 2016

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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I HAVE NOT HAD TIME TO FUCK WITH JOAN MARY WHEELER AND/OR HER FUCKING PUPPET BRIAN T. MALONEY – and yet, these two mother fuckers have decided the end of June 2016 to begin checking me out – by stalking my LinkedIN page.  

So if Joan Mary Wheeler begins saying that I, Ruth, have been harassing her, bothering her, or any other shit – fuck that – she needs to shut her fuck lying mouth. I am not obligated to take her shit year after year.  

The past 10 months, since I have been retired, I have had little time for shenanigans. From the first day I retired, I’ve had to scramble to apply for social security, my pension, health care coverage for me, prescription coverage for my husband, dental coverage for both of us, get our life insurance policies straightened out (transistion from employer plan to private plan). It took 3 months to get all that in place. And things are still in a state of flux, since all this is temporary, as I have one more year until I turn 65 and will apply for Medicare. And get the various coverages in place AGAIN. 

From the time back in 2010 that I was switched (against my consent) from 8 hour work shifts to 12 hour work shifts) I have been too tired to keep up with housework. My wonderful husband John had stepped up to that role, but – and I hate to say it – he don’t clean right. But I was too exhausted to really step in. Now that I’m retired, I’ve been tackling the housework. First step – I totally cleaned out and organized my utility/laundry room.  

For the past two months, I’ve been going thru my wardrobe, seeing what fits, tossing what doesn’t fit – good enough for donation to thrift store? – laundered first, then sent off. Not good enough? cut up into rags. And all this during the hottest summer I’ve ever known. My second floor bedroom most times is hotter than the planet Vulcan. Very difficult to work in and try on clothes. So that project has been slow going. Still, I’ve emptied out one whole clothes dresser – cleaned the drawers, tightened the knobs, lined them with clean pretty wrapping paper, placed cedar blocks in to prevent insects. AND emptied out, cleaned, lined with tissue paper, added cedar blocks – 5 plastic storage boxes – 2 of sweaters – pullovers in one, cardigans in the other. Other storage boxes: 1 of my belly dancing veils and scarves, 1 of my belly dancing costume parts (bras, belts, headpieces, bracelets. 1 of dance/workout clothes (leotards, etc). 1 of slacks that are still good, but too small, but want to keep for when I lose weight. 

I’ve also started a project that has taken far longer than it should have – cleaning and staining the damaged hardwood floor of my living room. Section by section. Even though it will covered by a rug – the wood needed attention to prevent further damage. I’ve still got two small sections to do, then put down the rug, put the furniture back. The damn humidity prevents the stain from drying in a timely manner. 

THIS IS MY BUSY LIFE – JOAN AND BRIAN NEED TO STAY THE FUCK OUT OF IT. But I’m not too busy that I can’t march downtown and file harassment charges against the both of them if they don’t fucking leave me alone.


things I’ve also done the past several months: Acquired on CD – the complete run of Lois Lane comic books, (and read them), done more digitizing of my music collection, – got many cassette tapes and many vinyl record done. Acquired and watched certain DVDs and gotten rid of the VHS tapes of such. And read several books.

AND bought a free-standing air conditioning unit that gets vented to the outside – and the window vent kit is a piece of shit that needed much modulation. Took me 3 days to adapt that damn thing for a double-hung casement window with separate storm windows.  

I’m a busy woman and I don’t waste my precious time on losers like Brian or Joan. they can fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned.

two comments from my facebook page:

Gert Mcqueen I retired in 2007 and had a wonderful time BEFORE that bitch wrote that first book…while my time and life is still so WONDERFUL…I have devoted enough time to debunk her BS and expose her for what she is. In the meanwhile, the very ACT of writing blogs has given me NEW skills in my retirement, learning more computer stuff, keeping my writing thinking brain active…so after all SHE has contributed to my WONDERFUL RETIREMENT and the best part is is that I’M IN CONTROL AND SHE IS NOT 

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace exactly. WE are in control of OUR lives. WE have had successful careers, have wonderful husbands/partners, are financially secure, and are happy and content in our lives. Joan certainly is not. And by the looks of Brian’s shriveled face (more drawn in from pictures of him from a couple of years ago), and considering he’s had one failed business attempt after another, one failed job after another, goes to a social event (Millard Fillmore’s Birthday Bash) in an old sweater with a moth-eaten frayed collar (despite his being the son of a prominnet and well-to-do attorney) AND foreclosed on his mortgage, – it appears as Brian also is not very content with his life.

They are both obviously jealous losers.

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