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Cat KIDNAPS pups February 16, 2011

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“What’s going to happen to these pups when they open their eyes and think their mother is a cat? Will it lead to a dysfunctional adult doghood?”
Joan Wheeler and other Angry Adoptees – get over yourselves!


I know what needs to be done now. The cat should made to suffer for her crime of nursing a bunch of unwanted discarded pups. She saved their lives, but that doesn’t matter – she adopted, nay, KIDNAPPED them. She must be made to suffer.

and the birth mother – the dog who turned her back on these poor pups – she is a bitch.

and any older pups she may have whelped in earlier years should also be made to suffer – for their crime of having had suckled from their birth mother’s mammary gland. No, it matters not that they had nothing to do with the cat – they are the birth siblings of the pups – and they are just as guilty as the cat and the birth mother bitch.

As Dr. Smith was quite fond of saying: “The pain, oh the pain.” Robot: “Will Robinson, put him out of his pain.” – Next time cat, leave them to starve. They will be dead, but they will be happy.


who is being a sneak to view my blog? tsk, tsk, using an IP proxy server, why are you hiding? December 7, 2010

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got a hit last evening from this: http:// After googling this, I find that it is an IP proxy server. This means, you go to this website, and it will give you a temporary IP address that is different than your actual IP address.

I have never actually used an IP proxy server, never had the use for one, as I am usually aboveboard and honest in what I do on the internet. (see below for the one time I engaged in some espionage).  But in my research about IP addresses, I have learned about this. 

Now on Joan Wheeler’s cyberbullying page, one of her false and wild accusations against me is that I use multiple IP addresses, or different wireless networks to view her blog. Get over yourself Joan. You and your disgusting blog are just not that important to me that I need to hide myself. I have explained already why my IP address changes, through no action of mine own. HOWEVER, the first two sets of numbers are the same – because I have Verizon, East Side of  Buffalo. I have nothing to hide, Joan my dear.

But a couple of repeat readers/viewers of my blog keep hiding  from various different student loan blogs, ebonito wedding page, tvrizor, and others. Who are you that you have to hide yourself? Is it YOU Joan? roflmao! Or a couple of your adoptee friends?

No matter, the point is, SOMEBODY  is VERRRRY interested in this blog, and are desperate to keep me from finding out who they are. And if it’s Joan or her adoptee buddies, we see how hypocritical they are. Joan, who falsely accuses me/blasts me for using different IP addresses to view her website, and the adoptees who were pissed because I infiltrated their forum. roflmao! I infiltrated their forum to see what Joan was saying about me and my sisters, and yes, I found her lying about us. Because I knew Joan would NEVER tell the truth about us. And when I got on the forum, yepper, there she was – talking trash about us. It’s pretty much a public forum, altho some topics and discussion boards are private for members only. And that’s where I found Joan trashing us, and telling lies, saying things that are harmful to us. but then Joan INSISTS on her cyberbullying page that she is NOT trashing us – but turns around and goes to this forum and most certainly DOES trash us. And lies about us.

As usual, Joan berates me for my espionage, but engages in espionage herself.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting back, quite content. Because whether my regular readers want to be known or remain in the shadows, the end result is the same – this blog is getting read. And whoever is reading this blog, is learning the truth about Joan. So by all means, continue to visit her any which way you want. The only hypocritical “spy” I’m really laughing at is Joan.

Spy vs. Spy. roflmao

Questions about mental health. July 14, 2010

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Just some general questions about mental health. If anybody has any answers to these questions, please let me know.
Could someone ever get addicted to counseling? answer: YES – Joan Wheeler is.
If so, how could you treat them?
How can there be “self help GROUPS”?
If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill herself, is it considered a hostage situation?
If you have an open mind why don’t your brains fall out?

How would someone with mental instablilities possibly think they could be a social worker or a counselor and help other people with their problems, when they can’t even help themselves? Can someone who is deep in “poverty” and can’t get out of poverty (like Joan) advise their clients who are depressed over their financial problems?

Why would anyone accept social help or counseling from someone who is an admitted suicide risk? Would they recommend suicide to their clients?

How can someone who is suffering from clinical depression help someone else out of their depression?

How can someone who can’t get their own original birth certificate be a self-confessed “expert” on getting birth certificates for other people?

1. Gert – July 14, 2010 [Edit]

Good points, Ruth,

I have often wondered what would happen if the ancients ever came back, to this time period. What would they find?

Did the ancients need ‘self-help’ groups? Did they have time to worry so much about nothingness? I don’t think so, they had no need nor time for all that talk. They were too busy finding food and surviving. Perhaps if more people did less talk about there troubles, real and in their heads, there wouldn’t be so much garbage flowing around, not just on the planet up in orbit around it! Perhaps if people just got down to learning how to live, go out and grow a flower or a vegetable, and look how to see a sunset or something, instead of needing to talk to others ‘like myself’.

In my town there is a whole page of the Sunday newspaper loaded with all the self-help groups. I feel left out! there is not one that I need!

2. RuthJuly 14, 2010 [Edit]

When I was first writing this post, I was laughing my ass off. Because some of it is funny. But then later on, I was getting some coffee, and started thinking, it’s really not funny at all.
Joan admits she is a suicide risk. Then touts her “social work” degree.
‘scuse me, if I would need help for depression, Joan is one social worker I would run the f*ck away from!
But the public is safe – Joan refuses to get a job anyway.

Gert – July 14, 2010 [Edit]

That’s right, its not funny, its a damn shame.
And for all the years of education that Joan has had, in social work, she ought to have gotten serious help and probably not from those professions that makes loads of $$ from sick people.

Joan can’t help herself let alone anyone else. Her book will not help anyone either, because it is full of the illnesses that are in Joan’s head.

But I still find these questions very funny.
If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill herself, is it considered a hostage situation?
If you have an open mind why don’t your brains fall out?         interesting isn’t it?

– Learning “Joan Wheeler Speak” May 25, 2010

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Sisters Ruth and Gert had an email exchange today. Gert related a “critter story.”

1. Gert:    Here’s a little critter story: we were in the garden when I felt something hit my pant leg and saw a very large frog had leaped over my leg and landed in the weeds near me. There is a creek in back of the garden, that’s why we get the frogs. So wanting to play with it I pulled off a tall grass and tried touching him to get him to move. He stayed put, the grass was too flimsy so I grabbed a piece of tall thicker clive with a flower head on it. The frog started to ‘fight’ the clive that was touching him. He snapped his mouth, reached with one of his front legs at it, not once but several times. D.  said he never saw a frog do that. The frog kept fighting so I turned the piece around and lightly jabbed him with the flower head, it was small, but the frog snapped around it and started to chew! It was amazing! I pulled it out of his mouth and it was obvious that he didn’t like the taste. Finally D, push something at him and pointed him into the direction of the pond. I just love watching critters.

2. Ruth, who loves critters and hates to see them “jabbed” found a nice picture of Kermit the frog to emphasize that point and sent it off to Gert with the following caption:

YO! mcqueen, ya’ll betta stop jabbin’ my homies

3. Gert sends me these 2 insulting emails, blaming ME for her behavior at the library. Like it’s MY fault that she cackles like the Wicked Witch of the West! (sigh, she blames me for everything).  

    1. How many times do I have to tell you I am at the library and they will kick me out for laughing too loud!!!!

    2. Oh… see Ruth what you made me Do!!! I sent it off before I was FINISHED, you are picking on me. I’m gona tell on you…don’t know to whom but I’m gona tell…. That’s my Joan impersonation

4. Ruth sends off this email:    sigh, do I have to teach you EVERYTHING? If you want to do a Joan impersonation, you have to do this:

Ruth, I would appreciate it if you would NOT make fun of my interaction with a frog. The frog had leaped over my leg and violated MY civil rights in sitting in peace on the grass. I jabbed the frog because that was my right.

Now I have told you before that I am in the public library where silence is maintained. If you must send me emails, I demand that they NOT contain material that may make my laugh. If I get kicked out of the library, it will be YOUR fault.

When I get through this letter, I will be contacting my anti-frog friends and tell them that you are harassing me and interfering with my life. This will not be tolerated. Don’t pick on me because of who I am.


5. Gert then fires off the following email, in Joan Wheeler-speak:     You don’t know everything! Just because I’m the oldest doesn’t mean you have the right to pick on me. don’t you know that I’m the authority figure besides I didn’t have the time, I couldn’t think, and no one listens to me and I didn’t what the library staff to get mad at me because then I’d go back into my inner life and get so depressed and I’m so confused as it is that didn’t know how to impersonate just right and you know how hard things are for me and the frog was the only friend I had that day and so I could do what ever I wanted to do to him and besides….

My friend, yes I have A friend!, my friend said and I quote ‘Loved the frog story.’ And I didn’t get that quote illegally, its the true, I don’t lie! so stop harassing me about my frog. Oh and I’m not going to tell the whole story to my friend, yes the one friend I have, I’m not going to tell her how you didn’t like my frog story and that you said mean horrible things to me and sent me a nasty picture of Kermit too!

***** ******* ********* ******* ********

do you see what reading the book Forbidden Family has done to us? We can now speak Joan Wheeler Speak! And do you see how a little story of a frog getting jabbed with a piece of grass can get turned around into a huge ridiculous whine if Joan got hold of it.

unhinged persons, throwing conniption fits on internet, should learn how to read March 18, 2010

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so Sweet Mara got into a conniption fit because she thought that Joan had “usurped” her census rant? When I first read the rant I was confused. What do you mean Joan doesn’t know what race she is? But then I read that it was Mara who wrote it the rant and Joan had merely posted it as a guest post. Only took me a few seconds to figure it out. oh oh, fighting amongst the adoptees. Again we see Joan getting into another fight.

But this time, it wasn’t her fault. This time, the person with the short temper was Sweet Mara, the one who sent me a filthy potty-mouthed, obscenity-laden comment telling me go f myself. lol. I see another “unhinged” person! lol.

Please, take the time to read something. ‘cos obviously potty-mouth hasn’t taken the time to read this blog. or else she would see just who is lying and who is telling the truth. As I said, it took me only a couple of seconds to figure out who wrote the rant.  If you guys would learn to chew on some Twizzlers and THINK, maybe you would not have so many rants, connipition fits or hissy fits. Again, I say, “settle down Potsie.”

Also good job with the internet 101 lesson Joan, about the cautious and wise use of screennames. HOWEVER they are called SCREEN NAMES not aliases. And aka (also known as) is not exclusively used by law enforcement. AKA is used in all sorts of situations when someone has two names, such as a nickname. My husband is known in his family by his family nickname Butch. But outside of the family, everyone knows him as John.  and Joan, your own adoptive mother uses two first names. And don’t try to lie about it, like you did when you wrote that letter to Child Abuses Services in December 1994, claiming that your mother’s name was wrong. She is listed under both names on deeds and mortgage records (public records) in Erie County Hall and it quite legally archived as Dor. AKA Dol.  Is she a criminal?

and by the way, nice brown nosing job there. Keep that up. You never know when you might want to use her again.

Other events: I followed a link that showed up here and as a “guest” came across Joan’s whine and pleas for help. A couple days later I see that someone named Cinnamon had been here too and copied some of my stuff. It’s the internet. oh well. but, sorry to disappoint you guys, the only cinnamon I know is the stuff I sprinkle on my applesauce.  It’s really a rather nice name. Next time I get a brown cat, and if it fits their personality, I think I might use that name. Or, when we get a new husky or malamute I might use it then.


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