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Is everyone’s truth really the truth? by Gert McQueen March 8, 2011

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Is everyone’s truth really the truth?
by Gert McQueen
It was once believed that the sun rotated around the earth…that was fact! People died if they didn’t believe it.
If someone still believes that the sun rotates around the earth…are they still right? Is their truth…really true?
I have used the famous statement of the second president of the USA, John Adams, in a blog posting, to point out that a personal truth (Joan’s) is not really the truth. John Adams said “Facts are Stubborn Things”.
Joan NEVER provides facts! Her truth is not the truth!
Daniel Patrick Moynihan said “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”
This was said in response to someone who said that President Obama is not a citizen of the USA.
It has been said to me, by a friend, that if someone believes something it is truth to them. Okay!
We all know perfectly acceptable examples of such. But, there are beliefs and opinions and then there are FACTS. And Joan Wheeler does not have the facts. All she can do is scream her hate and venom against the very people, her blood sisters, who are DEFENDING themselves against her continued lying and slanderish statements that she put in a book in the first place.
It is a FACT that Joan wrote a book of lies and we sisters are DEFENDING ourselves, everywhere we can. If Joan doesn’t like that, she knows what she can do about it. Give up the book and all statements against the birth family and/or take us to court!
I for one would really relish seeing the FACTS that Joan has to prove her statements. It’s way past the time for Joan to shit…bring out her facts…or get off the pot…her campaign against us.  
We are not done yet Joan…do you  have the strength to keep up the fight for your truth! We do, we have the facts to support our statements and therefore I say again…Facts are Stubborn Things.
“Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong.”

–Thomas Jefferson


Deep Reading – Why it is a must when dealing with Joan Wheeler, in person, and in print! February 1, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, Lessons in Life.
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by Gert McQueen, with additional commentary by Ruth Pace

I recently READ the following editorial in my local Watertown Times paper and it is well worth reading and I do mean reading, deeply. I have been appalled at the level of ignorance by even so called professionals who have NOT read DEEPLY, things that Joan Wheeler has published not only in a book but on her web site and all the various places where she ‘mouths off’.

I have placed certain parts of the following article in italics because of their importance, not only generally but particularly in regards to anyone who is reading about Joan Wheeler. The reason, you may answer? Because she is very good at twisting the truth, making up dialogue, making herself look like the innocent victim she believes she is…and so much more. But, the truth of the matter is…UNLESS a person takes the time to DEEPLY READ what Joan Wheeler has written, you NEVER get the big picture. Joan counts on the reader NOT looking too close, that is why Joan Wheeler accuses her relatives, both birth and adopted, of harassing her, because we do look closely. Joan is scared and afraid that the truth will come out…and of course it is and will continue to do so; truth always wins.

So, if you are one of those that just blindly follow someone and don’t care to investigate whom you are following, keep following, BUT if you have any kind of intelligence you just might want to begin READING DEEPLY what Joan Wheeler has written. I have and that is why I know Joan Wheeler so well, because I have read her DEEPLY and I know where her fears are!

 Is deep reading in trouble? By Laura Casey Contra Costa Times January 16, 2011

THE OAKLAND apartment of Martha Mueller and her daughter, Nora, teems with books and magazines. Their library consists of fiction and nonfiction books, cookbooks and teen novels. Martha, a librarian, says she’ll read just about anything. “It can be the subject matter that attracts me or that perfectly written first sentence,” she says.

She comprehends what she reads, too. Ask for her thoughts on the Millennium Trilogy by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, for example, and she’ll weave a tale about how the books, while interesting reads, seem overly violent. The main character is a victim, she says, and a sad one at that.

While Mueller loves sitting down with a good book, she may represent a vanishing breed. There is some concern in literary circles that, even though electronic readers grow increasingly popular and book sales are still strong, many people are finding it difficult to sit alone with one book and simply read to comprehend.

“Deep reading,” or slow reading, is a sophisticated process in which people can critically think, reflect and understand the words they are looking at. With most, that means slowing down — even stopping and rereading a page or paragraph if it doesn’t sink in — to really capture what the author is trying to say. Experts warn that without reading and really understanding what’s being said, it is impossible to be an educated citizen of the world, a knowledgeable voter or even an imaginative thinker.

The concern that deep reading is going by the wayside is a phenomenon that author Nicholas Carr says in his book, “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains,” may have something to do with our use of technology and our habits while browsing the Web. Just last summer, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said he was concerned about what he sees as a decline in slow reading. Instant messages and 140-character tweets appear to be taking over our ability to concentrate on a single idea or theme in a book, he told Foreign Policy Magazine. It’s easy to forget the benefits of deep reading in an age where anything worth doing is done fast, Canadian author John Miedema says. We surf the Internet, gather snippets of information and click hyperlinks that bring us to different topics and authors, he says. In less than a second, we can go from reading about Beethoven the composer to watching a clip about Beethoven the St. Bernard online.

“The Web is essentially a distraction machine,” Miedema says. “Hyperlinks are meant to take you away from where you are.”

In his book “Slow Reading,” Miedema argues that deep reading is like the slow food movement — it takes time, care and effort to read quietly and concentrate. “I can appreciate people’s desire to read faster,” Miedema says. “But if you want to have a deep relationship with a text and understand a complex idea, then slow reading is a preferred style. It’s good for pleasure, too. It’s not a rushed experience and you can lose yourself in a text.”

Young minds Mirit Barzillai, a child-development doctoral candidate at Tufts University of Boston, focuses on literacy and says researchers are just starting to study how people process what they read on websites. “There are so many different and new places to read these days — online, with electronic readers, on the phone — that there isn’t a lot of research looking at the processes of reading and how technology affects it,” Barzillai says.

Barzillai is interested in the way children read and if they will learn how to read deeply as they grow up in the digital age.

“Reading isn’t something we’re born with,” she says. “Your brain has to form that reading circuit. And that circuit is shaped by what you’re reading. When (adults) came to the Internet, we came with those skills and experiences that were already developed. If children learn to read primarily online and through digital media, I wonder if we are encouraging or growing a different kind of reading process.”

Nora Mueller, 17, notices that when she has to do a paper for school and researches it on the Internet, she rarely reads a whole page. She primarily clicks links and scans. “I read so little about what’s actually there. I don’t feel like I absorb everything,” Mueller says. “I’ll read the beginning of a paragraph and then I’ll skip the rest.” She can remember what she reads when she’s engaged in a book, she says, but retains little from the Internet.

Back to books

Ohlone College English professor Cynthia Lee Katona wrote “Book Savvy” specifically to help people who have stopped reading get back into it.

Katona was late in picking up her first book — she didn’t start reading novels until she was 14 — but she’s a voracious reader today. She says reading is a highly social activity that builds the mind and social connections. If you read, she says, you simply know more and have more to talk about with friends, partners and acquaintances.

Deep reading also can take readers on trips around the world even if they are sitting in a living room armchair, Katona says. Also, it helps readers understand themselves and others and develop thinking, writing and conversational skills. “If you like beautiful things, authors put words together that are really beautiful and expressive,” she says. “If you want to write well — and there are lots of reasons to be articulate and to express yourself clearly — you should read.”

Ruth’s note – not only do Joan Wheeler’s readers don’t do Deep Reading of her book and her blog, but they also do not PAY ATTENTION to graphics that I have posted here. Actual court documents, handwritten letters by Joan herself, envelopes addressed to me from Joan, that show her for the LIAR that she is! It is not only appalling to me, that a PROFESSIONAL psychotherapist actually thinks Joan’s book is good, but one of Joan’s own friends/supporters/puppets is a POLICE OFFICER! These two so-called “professional” women, who JOBS are supposed to be upholding the LAW and unveiling the TRUTH, actually have allowed themselves to be CONNED by Joan, because they didn’t do any DEEP READING!

Thank goodness I know these women’s names, because if I have ever find myself on trial (highly unlikely, because I do not break the law), I would be able to object to them being on my jury, because they don’t seem to comprehend a LIE told by Joan and an ACTUAL COURT DOCUMENT that shows Joan LIED.  I really have to question their comprehension skills.

I find both these women to be woefully lacking in their career skills. If I were to get a traffic ticket from the one police officer, I could challenge her in court on the grounds that she is a poor police officer, one who can’t detect shit when spoken by/written by Joan Wheeler. If she can’t figure out that a court document that I post here proves Joan Wheeler is a liar, she obviously can’t read her radar scanner – and law breakers can give her any line of bullshit, and she’d believe it. Trinidad, California needs to upgrade it’s hiring standards for police officers.

The other bimbo looks through Joan’s book and doesn’t DEEP READ and see contradictions from one page to another, and even in one sentance! And she calls herself a “professional” therapist? HA!  I feel sorry for her clients – they probably come away from her more screwed up than when they started, all because she doesn’t DEEP READ and READ BETWEEN THE LINES and see the TRUTH behind Joan Wheeler’s LIES!

Feb 2, 2011, 2:23pm -hi adoptees! welcome, welcome! Hi Joan!  lol – Stalking me? Hiding again behind wierd websites – like I can’t tell it ain’t you guys? Because the stats counter keeps going up from the website about getting rich, using your computer as an ATM, and the stats from THIS post goes up the same time. You aren’t fooling anyone. but if you want to be cowards, and keep coming here to read, while disguising yourself, that’s A-OK! The point is- you are reading it.

And I’m glad that I have regular readers – yes, regular readers, I see the same websites over and over. Well, that’s quite ok with me – because there is a lot more to put up here on this blog. A hell of a lot more.  And you won’t want to miss what is coming! 

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